Get water via DEW CONTAINERS!!

Saturday, 7th May,  2,005.

A741 Re-entered as BB65.

More on Dew Containers.
Or Convert your septic tank into a Dew Tank!!


     In drought regions, like Australia, we need to know how to make them! I have already written on Dew Ponds.(Idea obtained  from Nexus Magazine.) But these are mucky and complex. So I prefer Metallic Dew Tanks.

            Three more years without rain(In Australia, where I live.) will be disastrous without them.

            What is the use of having septic rainwater tanks, IF NO RAIN FALLS where you are??!!

            Why has it been assumed that the drought is only in catchment areas??

             The drought can be anywhere. So householders NEED Dew Tanks!! Convert your Septic Rainwater Tank into a Dew Container Tank!!

             You need to have sloping metal sheets  running into their tops. Many layers of these.(Glasshouses,etc. can serve to convert moisture water vapour in the air into dew.(Dew forms overnight usually when moisture(usually some around)condenses upon cool surfaces, and changes into water.)(So arrange collection devices.)(Visualize a glass house with many layers of glass. But use metal!!)

             You will need a cover by day to prevent it evaporating away. At night,too. If you have your sloping metal sheets running into the edge of the tank, underneath the cover.

             I suggest insulate around the tank with straw or some-such, to keep it cool.

            Have tap or taps at bottom of tanks. Draw off as desired.  Pump away to storage tanks if you wish.

           The larger your catchment metal sheets(keep glasshouses in mind)(but use metal, as high conduction materials are best))(to get the coolest surfaces).

           Boil and/or filter the water!! (Dew will be  like rainwater, about the best water you can get.)

          However, dirt will get in. Which needs removing.

          Filter it first, and then boil it. Suggested.

          It will be a dry night when dew does not collect!

          But with rain catchment, you would have to be very optimistic IN A DROUGHT!! Which, with El Nino starting up probably, could  go on for years. Three or even more.

         So don’t rely on your septic tank for rain catchment!! It might not fall much where you live!!

        There are many ways to obtain water. Dew is I think the best.

        Cheap enough, too.

         You should get enough water for essential purposes for yourself, family(if any), etc.

         Water is worth as much as petrol!!

         The way things are going, we will soon be PAYING for it!!

         So prepare now. Take precautions!!

            Good idea to also make your own  auxiliary electric power unit!!





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