Astronomy: Virgo Cluster and TRUE distances.


Saturday, December 26th, 1998.





I have written a bit on Virgo before. But not to this depth!!


This supersedes all previous articles upon the subject!!!!



Here is the key to the key.


The gem of gems!!!! I mean an individual one.



This article opens up the great anomaly.


Via it, I hope to get astronomers to improve!!


The astronomers LAMENT the lack of a good distance finder. I hear some would give their right arms for one. Well. I shall not be that pricey!!!!



You keep your right arms. You will need them!!!!(Yes. TO RE-WRITE THE BOOKS!!!! Insert wave angle not velocities!!!!)



Cosmologists made time the cosmic radial, to dodge The Geocentricity Trap. That is, the fact that we are hardly like to be at the centre of the expansion!!!!


Trial and error has been the method. But we need to remember THE PROVISIONALITY bit!!!!



I say study ALL lines at the same time. LEAVING NO STONE UNTURNED!!!!(Because the new orthodox tell us that they cannot study more than one line at a time!!!!)(I suggest that they learn how.(FAST!!!!)



Now Hubble’s Law is a good distance finder. Out of the ordinary!!!! Some-thing strange about it!!!! TOO good for them!!!!


At first it was found that the universe was younger than The Earth. Which was a bit akward!! So they went back to their drawing boards, and did frantically seek a reason to increase the cosmic size!!!!


Now it was noticed that Hubble’s Law distances were TWICE those found by other methods. Via radial velocities being double magnitudes!!!!(It was called The 2:1 Discrepancy.)



No reason could be found for it.


If you double magnitudes, you get a par.


Magnitudes provided the original distances. Now if they are wrong, and Hubble’s Law is so reliable, then we need to double all distances.


So they doubled the cosmic size.


And even added some more. For sundry reasons.


Now its age could be acceptable!! No longer younger than Sol, Earth,etc!!!!



They did this because if they didn’t, then The Big Bang would GO DOWN THE DRAIN. And since Expansion was IN, this couldn’t be allowed.


ALL was gambled upon The Big Bang.


And,so,EVERYTHING had to fit it.


I prefer to fit truth.



Fit the truth,first. And then all these other things will fall into place.



However. Not knowing the truth in the first place, one needs a starting point. And Cosmological Evolution(Big Bang plus expansion.)was chosen.



We are trying to find out the truth. And improve.


When the truth loses its essentiality, IT IS TIME TO STOP, AND THINK!!!!



They made the universe 2x larger, plus; TO PROTECT THE BIG BANG.


Maybe it was magnitudes that is wrong!!!!


In which case, we need to divide Hubble’s Law by two(not multiply mags by two)!!!! But that would knock out Cosmological Evolution. Which is taboo!!!!



I use truth as my guiding light. And consider all possible lines, SIMULTANEOUSLY. And I leave no stone unturned. This is all good proper Scientific Method of course. Unfortunately, MANY do not subscribe to it!!!!



When you want some-thing badly enough, then you will sacrifice even truth to it. And that some-thing is THE EXPANSION!!!!



Expansions need big bangs. To get them going.


THEY CANNOT FIND IT!!!! The Big Bang. WHERE IS IT????!!!!!!



And why look IN space, for an explosion OF space!!!!


Is it gravity or the explosion that has bent space????


Note that the new(CORRECT!!) plasma and ambi plasma universe IS NOT the answer to big bang,etc!!!!


Both??(Gravity and explosion!!)


What force??(Greater than gravity’s rebound!!)


AND FROM WHAT!!!! Nothing??!!



What is expanding?? Space or Space Time!!!!



Nasty questions. But those seeking THE TRUTH need not fear!!!!



This article is not on the philosophical genera. I have done that very extensively elsewhere.



It is The Virgo Cluster,etc. I want to take a look at!!



They observed the 2:1 velocities to magnitudes discrepancy. But could find no reason for it. So they finally ignored it. And pretended that it wasn’t there!!!!


DESPITE the fact of errors up to a factor of about two!!!!



It shouldn’t be there!! So let us not notice(ha ha)!!!!



Anyway, they got their excuse to double(plus)the cosmic size. And did save The Big Bang.



There is no problem once you have swept the dust under the carpet!!!!


It is just that you don’t sleep so easily!!!!



It was noticed that the distant galactic clusters were only half the size of Virgo!!!! Or, Virgo Cluster is double the normal size!!!!



That 2:1, again!!!!


It just won’t go away!!!!



Now there are very many clusters of galaxies. Why is Virgo odd man out????



And why OUR cluster!!!!



Virgo is the cluster THAT WE ARE IN!!!!



Virgo, The Virgin.



How far away is The Virgo Cluster?? It’s centre, of course.(Being IN it, we can only go by its CENTRE!!!!)


Some say 40, and some say 80.(Thousand light years.)About.


It is hard to decide!!!!



Which is a bit sad!!!!


Now The Virgo Cluster is naturally our base line for Hubble’s Law!! It is rather hard when you don’t even know how far away the starting post is!!!! Not for sure.



Hubble’s Law is concerned with Galactic Clusters. Because only at that range and size is H.L. of appreciable value!!!!


So it is CRITICAL to know Virgo’s distance!!!!






For if Virgo be out, then the WHOLE LOT is out!!!!



Hubble’s Law starts at Virgo’s Centre(or us). But Magnitudes(of course)DO NOT!!!!



On the H.L. scale, Virgo is ZERO.



Yet H.L. must start from the observer.


And the magnitudes,etc.found distances,too!!!! AND THESE SHOULD AGREE.



Hubble’s Law is necessarily concerned with the big distances(naturally of the big boys).



Magnitudes(apparent)is just concerned with DISTANCES.



Doubling,etc. the size of the universe of course did not get rid of the 2:1!!



Except in THE MINDS of astronomers!!!!





And, as with asteroids that do not exist, what is not there, cannot have any effect!!!!


If no asteroids, HOW CAN THEY FALL!!!!


If no 2:1, how can it show up? Only answer: IGNORE IT!!!! Pretend it is not there. However, it shows up now with the distant clusters’s sizes. AND WITH THE ERROR FACTOR OF UP TO TWO,ABOUT. It is annoying!!!!



Why doesn’t TRUTH conform??(To my wishes!!!!)


So presumably Virgo is just a large cluster we happen to inhabit.


And those error factors up to two, are just error anomalies!!!!



All now breathe again!!!!



We must save that Big Bang!!!! Even if we have to boot TRUTH out of the window!!!!



DELUSIONS!!!! Of course.


But since truth is not known in advance, we have to abide by them!!!!


The trouble starts when PROVISIONALITY is so conveniently ignored. Particularly when so many have such difficulty checking out more than one line at a time. THEIR FAVOURITE line, I notice!!!!



Of course if some-one can come up with a DEFINITE pointer, then we shall change course. But who is going to define that DEFINITE POINTER????!!!!!! Not funny, is it.



Personally I think it odd that Virgo does not conform.


Let us forget that Holy of HOLIES for a while(Cosmological Evolution.(Big Bang followed by expansion.), and try to save Astronomy!!!!


The point is, in a field which should be so simple, easy and PRECISE; WHY can’t they get better results!!!!


They are only getting chaos. WHY??!! No patterns.(But I get PATTERNS of startling MEANING!!!!)



Should be getting some-where by NOW!!!!






Radically wrong.


But(aside from replacing truth with Big Bang!!)WHAT??!!



Of all my articles, propagate THIS ONE.


It opens up the lot!!!!



Why so dog matic?? WHY is Big Bang rammed down our throats so STRENUOUSLY.


Can it be A BIG LIE!!!!



Only lies need enforcing!!!!


It is not like scientists to be quite so VICIOUS!!!!



Of course, Einstein set a precedent. And now every lunacy is rammed home!!!!(And postpone the confirmation!!!!)



How explain the 2:1. AND HOW GET VIRGO CLUSTER RIGHT????


Both stick out like sore thumbs!!



Get the both in one??



Now a possible explanation(and a good one)for the 2 vels to 1 mag discrepancy is as follows:-



I am into Astronomy. And then Cosmology.





The cosmos is round. Space is its circumference. The New Orthodox tell us this.


They say time is the cosmic radial. But an INTANGIBLE one!!!!(There, but not, sort of thing.)



But time is mysterious anyway!!!! So no prob lem!!!!



Hedge all your bets. And just push on.



It is very simple:-(And also wrong(note this bit).)



We view out around the circumference. It being our space!!!!


Down along(collectively!!)a closing spiral of incoming light, because the cosmos is expanding.



So it is a moving circumference.


Now because viewer and viewed are always relatively the same IN THEIR RELATION TO ONE ANOTHER, we can forget the expanding bit(to avoid the complication).



Just for the purpose of my analysis. Of course.



In other words, we view RIGHT AROUND the circumference!!!!



But magnitudinal,etc.VALUES only rise ONE HALF of a circumference!!!! Of course!!!! Because after half way, the objects are getting nearer again!!!!



This may be more easily understood if we use the analogy of a transparent Earth.


Let us pretend that light,etc.travels around the surface. You have a telescope, and you are trying to assess distances. Put yourself anywhere.



Now note this: You view out AROUND THE CIRCUMFERENTIAL SURFACE. Let us suppose you live at The North Pole. Now after getting past the South Pole, the places are of course CLOSER AGAIN!!!! Viewing through the transparent Earth, places beyond your anti-podal point MUST BE NEARER TO YOU!!!!



In other words, all distances viewed AROUND THE SURFACE, are up to ONE FULL CIRC UMFERENCE!!!!


But all VALUES are only up to one HALF of a circumference!!!!


Do you see what I mean????



There is a 2:1!!!! And one that MUST be!!!!


But I say it is wrong!!!!




You must follow in very closely here.



One C to half C is of course 2:1.


Which WOULD explain it.



It would APPEAR(!!)that the reason for the 2:1 is VERY SIMPLY that VALUES only rise HALF A CIRC UMFERENCE, whilst DISTANCES go ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!!



Your distances around the Earth, seen out, just keep on going.


But the VALUES of those distances STOP at half way!!!! Since beyond the south pole, the places ARE CLOSER AGAIN!!!!



Yes. It is a problem!!


How CAN the distances increase IF THEIR VALUES DECREASE after half way!!!!(Which they do, of course!!!!)



The answer is of course: TWO DIFFERENT WAYS OF MEASURING.


Around, and THROUGH!!!!



Hubble’s Law measures AROUND.





All methods non Hubble,then, come out only HALF Hubble!!!!



Why should be clear!!!!



The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.


Hubble’s Law is measuring ALL THE WAY AROUND.



But the values can only go half way!!!!


Why don’t mags,etc. measure all the way around,too????





The Hubble Law values GO ALL OF THE WAY AROUND.


ALL other values DO NOT!!!!



So the issue is not values!!!!(Which is why rejected.)


It is(obviously)THE ROUTE of measure!!!!



Only when I view THROUGH the transparent Earth, are my values HALVED!!!!(Against the circumferential route.)



In other words, arc rates(yes) come out twice chord rates!!!!



Hubble’s Law is measuring arcs.


ALL other methods measure the chords to those arcs!!!!



This is nuts??



No. It is not. That is just it.


Yet. It is wrong!!!!(Because we view not C to C2!!!!)



HOW can mags measure straight??


My question is this: HOW CAN THEY NOT!!!!



Light,etc.travels straight. Of course!!


But you need a method of 1. Measuring arcs. And 2. A method of measuring their chords!!!!


Hubble’s Law measures arcs!!


Magnitudes,etc. measure CHORDS(the chords to those arcs!!)!!!!



Now this is rejected. Of course. Because according to the new orthodox light,etc. travels AROUND the space circumference, not across it!!!!



The only way THIS 2:1 can show up, IS FOR LIGHT TO TRAVEL STRAIGHT!!!!


No. Space is not straight. That is just it!!!!



And the only way for light, travel straight, is for the universe to be at least relatively static!!!!


But of course, the expansion is God, so that is out!!!!



If the universe is expanding as fast as the observer is, then we have relative statica. Now light can travel straight!!!! BUT ONLY IF TIME IS NOT THE COSMIC RADIAL!!!! Otherwise we shall have light travelling across time. Which is out.



I simply wanted to show you a possible explanation for the 2:1.


I know another one,too!! The astronomers(and definitely the cosmologists)DON’T KNOW ANY!!!! Yet there must be a reason. FOR WHAT IS SO PALPABLY THERE.



Now in a static(relatively or absolutely)universe, then light SHOULD travel straight across!!!!




Do I need two??


What is the other one??


The wrong method of measuring spectroscopic “shifts”. I have mentioned this before.(See earlier articles on distances.)



All spectroscopic shifts are being read 2x what they should be. A Man error.(My other 2:1 explanation is from Nature.)



Now does one or both or none apply????



Well. We certainly have a 2:1. Even if the new orthodox deny it.(They quietly dropped it!!)


And very definitely Virgo is twice as big as it should be!!!!



If both 2:1’s apply, why not a four to one????



According to me both should AND DO apply!!!!



Yes. Why not a 4:1!!!!



It is noticed that the ratio of circumference to diameter is pi. Not 2!!


The two arises ONLY if both H.L. and mags,etc. measure around(but of course mag values decrease again after half way).



I point out that ONLY if we view mags,etc.STRAIGHT ACROSS(chord-wise), does the ratio become pi:1.


Some might accept the C to C/2 2:1. But why do non-H.L. methods NOT go right around??


The point is: Values can only descend again(after half circumferential point)IF we measure CHORD WISE!!!! Which,of course, requires straight travelling light,etc.


But light,etc. DOES travel straight!!!!


That is just it!! WHY SHOULD IT DO ANYTHING ELSE!!!!



There has to be some-thing very peculiar about the way Hubble’s Law measures. In other words, that Cosmological Red “Shift” has some-thing SPECIAL about it!!!!



So we can forget the C to C/2 2:1!!!!



No 4:1. At least, not that way!!!!



Now,then: It is pi:1 GIVEN straight travelling light!!!!


And just which other way can light go????(Remember the relative statica.)



Now does light,etc;etcs. bend in bent space????



Is space bent, or is light’s path through it.?? OR BOTH!!!!



HOW CAN LIGHT TRAVEL BENT??(Even in mirrors we see STRAIGHT. INTO THE MIRROR!!!!)(We simply cannot see bent!!)(Even if the path BE bent!!!!)



Yes. I am asking how it is that light can travel AROUND the circumference of space!!!!



You think it bends, following the warp contours PLUS The General Positive Curvature!!!!



Are you SURE about that????



Light WAVES have no mass!!!!



Mass cannot affect them!!!!


How CAN light bend????



Light MUST travel STRAIGHT ACROSS. Yes!! The Universe!!!!



By definition we must see straight.


But it is more than that. By NECESSITY, light WAVES must travel STRAIGHT!!!!




Space is bent,yes. But not the path of electro-magnetic radiation,etc.etcs!!!!



Photons have mass, but this is ANOTHER ASPECT.


Two aspects, you see. One is in our material world of illusion.


The other is the higher geometric!!!!


That is the world of light.(Light,etc. is not of our universe!!!!)


It is MULTI dimensional.


Even multi GROUP dimensional.



We see DOWN HERE photons,etc. But we VIEW radionically. By waves!!!! THESE travel straight.(I know photonic paths are bent!!)



And here is the root of THE DUALISM. RIGHT THROUGH!!!! EVERYTHING!!!!



Yes. I need a 4:1. I failed the first way.


Pi plus sundries is my 4:1!!!!



H.L. is Pi times mags,etc.


Plus sundries is 4:1. About.



It all drops into place now. Once we get Big Bang off from AROUND OUR NECKS!!!!



Let truth guide. Not wish!! Or fear. Or anything else!!!!



Notice that mags rise per log e 2.5. But Hubble’s Law at 2. So we need to multiply mags by 0.8.


Pi is 3.14. Plus 0.8 is 3.94. Plus extras. Is about my 4:1.


I am saying that Hubble’s Law is not twice mags, BUT FOUR TIMES MAGS!!!! About.




The pi is due of course to the arc rate.(Circumference to the diameter.)


The secret of the universe. Yes.



What is normal?? Straight, of course!!


So. We do not need to multiply mags by four. But to divide Hubble’s Law by four!!!!



It is awfully difficult. And tricky. Especially when overlaid by new orthodox COMPLICATION!!!!





No!! We need to divide it by four!!!!



AND to divide H.L. BY ANOTHER TWO.(Due to the REAL 2:1 discrepancy. The Spectroscopic Reading Error. Man made!!!!)


Got it??


Pi plus 0.8., plus extras is about 4:1.(H.L. is reading four times mags,etc.)


But H.L. is ALSO reading 2x up – due to the spectroscopic discrepancy.



It looks like 8:1 all told.


And it is!!!!



This seems to be crazy. It certainly looks it.





Look: All distances need dividing by four!!!! Because mags was the original base. Even for H.L!!!!(Since H.L. is 4x mags. And we know why,now. It is because H.L. measures around the circumference, whilst mags,etc.measure ACROSS!!!!)



Everything was fitted to Hubble’s Law, you see. Using The Virgo base line!!!!


Mags provided the original distances. But once H.L. from Virgo base line, THEN Hubble’s Law distances TOOK OVER!!!!



Clearly we need to divide ALL distances by four. And then divide Hubble’s Law distances(ONLY)by another TWO!!!! Making eight in all in respect to THEM.



They went the wrong way.


Trying to save The Big Bang!!!!



The Universe is supposed to be 2 x 10 to the power of ten light years ACROSS(diameter). Which is 6.4 x 10 to the power of ten AROUND.



So!! Reduce 0.5 across!! And,thus, 1.6 around!!!!



Now divide Hubble’s Law by that 2:1 error. And you are down to 0.8 around!!!!


Now if the big bang occurred ten to twenty(say fifteen average expectancy!!)thousand million years ago, there is a problem AFTER the eight fold reduction!!!! The universe is only five to ten thousand million years old. Say around seven and a half!! Which is too young.


Not five to ten, BUT FIVE. Which is definitely too young. For The Big Bang TO HAVE OCC URRED!!!!



That has got them!!!!



Why only five? Because four into 20 is five(new diameter)!!!! Or eight into 64 is 8(new circumference)!!!!



TOO YOUNG. For their hypothesis to be right!!!!



Yes. It means that all the so called scientific ABSTRACT balderdash since about 1850, when colonialism(bar Africa)was running out, since MATERIALISTIC science struck at Society.


Well,now,Society is striking back. To save the lot. And even the barmy like to save their necks!!!!


Two ways of measuring, you see. Arcs AND chords!!!!


Chords is the shortest. But arcs is practical. And what is usually sought!!!!



But how does my 8:1 correction solve for The Distant Galaxies, AND THE VIRGO BASE LINE!!!!



Very simply and very easily:-



Mags need dividing by four. Hubble’s Law needs dividing by eight!! But H.L. is simply the arcs. Which we MAY need. So use BOTH distances!!!!


Anyway, mags,etc.need coming down FOUR TIMES!!!!(Note not H.L. needs multiplying 4x. Because chords is normal!!)(They only INCREASED the universe’s size as a solution BECAUSE wanting to KEEP The Big Bang,etc!!!!)



If you divide mags by four, Virgo Cluster then becomes HALF the normal galactic cluster size!!!!


Yes!! Even that is not right!!!!


But it is when you apply THE ARC distance!!!!



Hubble’s Law is 2x over-stated. Due to the spectroscopic reading method error!!!!



I have reversed the 2:1!!!!(Of course. Equals 4x.)



Why is Virgo half normal??


Because its distance is(necessarily)MAG,ETC. obtained. Whilst the galactic clusters(and,so,sizes)are Hubble Law obtained.


The distant galactic clusters’ sizes are thus two times over-stated.


Which then equalizes for Virgo!!!!




One thing remains:-



How far away is Virgo(Cluster)??


It was thought 40 by mags, and 80 by Hubble’s Law.


Now divide by 4, so 10 by mags, and 20 by H.L!!!!



Virgo is 10(thousand light years)away by chord.





Nothing is wrong.


It is simply that BOTH chords AND arcs exist!!!!



GOT IT????!!!!!!



It will change the course of history.


And alter our future.



It will save THE WORLD!!!!



Of course!!


Big Bang is killing us!! And its creation EX NIHILO.


Materialistic Science is to blame. And so is materialistic religion!!!!



Materialistic Science is False Religion’s hand-maiden!!!!




Now I am pointing out the Virgo Cluster anomaly.


How can you ignore that.



Now Astronomy,etc.can become the exact science it actually is!!!!



The mistake was to force EVERYTHING into Expansion’s MOULD!!!!(Now called Big Bang.)



I am of course offering a view. I have given my logic.


If you prefer the old garbage, that is up to you!!!!




No expansion(or big bang)!!!!





The whole thing, along with all else of the new orthodox materialistic science since around 1850, is hypothetical abstract TWADDLE. Good probes. If only to find out that you were facing A BRICK WALL!!!! Going nowhere!!!!



The public INTUITIVELY and INSTINCTIVELY know!!!! They did reject the new orthodoxy.



They tried to wrap the universe around THIS BUNK!!!!


Well it can’t work. It doesn’t work. And we should now be able to see why.






Get it out. TO THE WORLD. By chain communications. And by Pyramid Clubs!!!!



There is no time to lose. We are perish ing. And not just materially!!!! You will see!!!!



There is only STATICA. I return you all to a sane, stable, secure, sure and safe UNIVERSE.


Einstein was right. But they dragged him down!!!!



Pure steady state,yes.



One big long con job. How many were going to Saint IVES????



They went wrong first when they rejected God,etc.along with wrong religion.(They threw out the baby along with the bath-water!!!!)


Then when they dumped THE INFINITE.






Similarly with The Vicarious Atonement. (The other Big Lie.)


From the pernicious(Augustine,etc. based)doctrine that all men are UNDUE sinners!!!!



Ignorance and superstition are the big enemies.



Yes. STV universe!!!!(With the vibration,etc.cosmic radial!!!!)


Why?? Because with a static universe(the only one that now makes sense!!), time CANNOT be the cosmic radial. So it must be vibration. THE ONLY OTHER ALTERNATIVE.


Optical Doppler Effect is bunk.(See my articles on the cosmological red “shift”.)



Hubble’s Law is not a velocity system!!!! That is just it. It is merely the cosmic horizon!!!!



You need to THINK!!!!


Logic is the only thing that can save us now!!!!



Hubble’s Law(all the spectroscopic displacements)is simply my wave angle from STV(V)!!!!



We are simply measuring WARPS!!!!



But the big warp, the general positive curvature HAS NO MEANING REFERENCE BACK DROP GEODESIC!!!! Otherwise we could see velocities,TOO!!!!(Which we do. Except cosmologically!!!!)



The ENTIRE new orthodox fabrication IS FALSE. IT IS PHONEY!!!!



Just dump the lot.


Start again!!!!



If any will not comply, then leave them on the beach. High and dry!!!!


That is their problem!!!!




Don’t waste time arguing with them. THEY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW(the truth). Because their game is power,etc. NOT helping the public!!!!



Now you can get good distances. Study my new accurate distance,etc.finder articles. MY FORMULAE. Also for mass,etc.



It will come to you.



Yes. It explains everything.


Including The Spirit World,etc. Re-incarnation,etc.


And The Coming Earth Changes,etc.





If distances are 8x out(4x and 2x), why only an error of up to 2x seen? Because the other 4x is assumed right. And thus not noticed. BECAUSE NOT KNOWN ABOUT!!!!







Any questions????








Mr. Victor Conway.


































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