Astronomy: A979. Etc. Virgo Cluster. More.

Thursday, 27th October, 2,005.


Virgo and the distant galactic clusters, continued.

I have given the correct answer in A978. But improved herein.

I can now give the correct ins and outs,too!!

Cosmologists calculated the size of the universe to be 1 x 10 to the power of ten thousand million light-years, in diameter.

They meant cosmos. As universe is cosmos plus all the mental,etc.components.

However, they only had the size of our local meta-galaxy!! 1 x 10 to the power of ten, in diameter.(I know, because I plotted it, and got its size! Using my new EXACT astronomical distances FINDER.)

They also have the bad habit of saying universe, when they mean OMNIVERSE!! Universe simply means System. But they obviously mean THE ALL. Our Meta-galaxy is a system. But not the all!!!!

Later, they doubled this size to 2 x 10 to the power of ten thousand million light-years in diameter.

I can only assume that they did this on account of the 2 – 1 “velocities” to magnitudes discrepancy. Not from the discrepancy itself!(Which they deny the existence of!) But from the strange fact that all H.L. distances were double magnitudinal ones!!

They worshipped H.L. – Hubble’s Law. So rejecting magnitudes, they chose Hubble’s Law!! As being the best distance finder.
Now, there are TWO 2-1 discrepancies.(Orthodoxy won’t even buy one!!) One is in the spectroscopic device, by way of an anomaly inside of the spectroscopes themselves. The other is the fact that Hubble’s Law distances are TWICE magnitudinal distances, via seeing right(in prospect) around the cosmos by H.L. But only half way via magnitudes!!

So why isn’t there a 4 – 1 evident?! On account of BOTH discrepancies!!

2 x 2.

The answer is astonishing. While reds are twice blacks(H.L. is double magnitudes.), yielding one 2 – 1 discrepancy.(“vels” against magnitudes), the other is a PURE anomaly inside of the spectroscope! At first I thought ONE INSIDE OF THE OTHER(One 2-1 inside of the other 2-1. Which would yield a total 4-1 discrepancy!!). But though the mags only go half way around the cosmos 2-1 was external(to the celestial workings), the inside of the spectroscopic device anomaly was internal.

Not only internal, but a PURE doubling of Hubble’s Law!!

Later, Orthodoxy doubled again. I imagine on account of this other mysterious 2-1!!

But why didn’t the two 2-1’s add up to 4-1?!

The answer is quite simple: The orthodox astronomers HAD ALREADY TAKEN IT INTO ACCOUNT!!(When they doubled distances again.)

It is not really a 2-1 discrepancy, but a simple DOUBLING of the values. Built into the nature of spectroscopic devices!!!!

It isn’t against ANYTHING!!

And thus does not show up, other than in the further doubling.(Actually, it was the first doubling, that was the spectroscopic one. The SECOND orthodox doubling of distances was born of the 2-1 “vels” on mags discrepancy!! But they deny both.(They only know of one claimant. And reject it!!)(The other they simply transferred into their EARLY doubling of the distances!!))

They TWICE doubled distances. But reject any 2-1’s!!

In other words, they got rid of them THAT way!!
What is my simplified Virgo and distant galactic clusters’ anomaly solution, now?

Very simple!! If distances are doubled twice, then the sizes of the galactic clusters are doubled twice. So though Virgo was originally twice the average size of galactic clusters, it now finds itself HALF the average size of them!!(But the orthodox astronomers don’t USE this fact!!)

Magnitudes are HALF what they appear to be! I mean when we calculate transversely across the sky. Because the halving of magnitudes against “velocities” applies TRANSVERSELY as well as DEPTH wise!!!!

So Virgo is now twice the(linear) size they thought it was! And thus is now the average size of galactic clusters in general!!(By simply applying the magnitudes rule of halving! TO THE DISTANT GALACTIC CLUSTERS. So now they finally come down from twice Virgo’s size to equalling it!!)
How far away is Virgo? 160 by reds. 80 by blacks!! Twice the figures of 40 and 80(million light years) respectively!! But why not 160 and 320? Because the spectroscopic doubling is internal and has no external meaning!!(It is not double anything, other than its own self!!) Otherwise it would be 160 and 320!!

So the answer is Virgo is 80,000,000 million light years away by chord distance via mags. And 160,000,000 light years away by arc distance via Hubble’s Law!!

The orthodox astronomers doubled distances WRONGLY.(So the discrepancy Virgo to average galactic clusters was only in their MINDS!!)

They have mistaken our local metagalaxy FOR THE COSMOS!! Grandiose thinking!! They love that!!!!

We(The Local Group Cluster of which The Milky Way Galaxy(ours) is but one galaxy, is near the outer edge of The Virgo Cluster. And is also(Virgo is, with us) near to the edge of The Meta Galaxy.) are part of The Virgo Cluster near to the edge of The Meta-Galaxy!!

Where does all this get us?


Well, it solves The Virgo mystery. It also solves Cosmology!!

Cosmology is simply our local meta galaxy! A disk 1,000,000,000 light years in diameter!! It is a three dimensional field, flattened by spin. No big deal AT ALL!!!!

We are back to 1 x 10 to the power of ten for the radius of this largest field(ASTRONOMICALLY SEEN!!). It is simply one system in an infinite cosmos!!

Evidently we see through gaps in it, out to other meta-galaxies and even meta-galactic groups. Wrongly called “hot spots”,etc!!
What does this make me? No thing. I am just an average guy. Quite stupid, really!! Very ordinary.

Note: My calculations are most elementary. Anybody could do them!!

King of the world!! Because I know the innermost secrets!!

But I shall be king of no thing, if no one brings me to the attention of the idiots now ruling this world!! Villains, actually. Because they are really VERY smart!! Out for their lower selves, of course.

We see now WHY this world is in the horrid mess that it is!!

And will continue so, unless AND UNTIL, you folk out there who appreciate what I am saying, BRING IT TO WORLD NOTICE!!!!

I want publicity for MY FIND, not me!!

Because it would save the world!!!!

I finally simplified The Virgo mystery.

And NOW, all Cosmology!!!!

Don’t forget to read,too, Mark McCutcheon’s book The Final Theory!! He is only partly right. But I think if you put my work and his together, you will just about crack the lot!!!!

Remember how complicated Cosmology was? How now??

And thus it is of all orthodox things!!!!

THEY want to keep us in their power. To milk us of everything!!

They call people like me cranks and crackpots. In their hatred of the truth. Though bar me and a few others, they happen to be right!!

How unfortunate Astronomy seems to have gone out of fashion. Largely, I think, because the orthodox rogues(mostly sub-conciously) have made Cosmology SO COMPLICATED!!!!

It has put so many off!!

However, it is the key to our salvation!!

Gain what I have learned!! Or lose the lot!!!!

There is no expansion, nor Big Bang. Not of space time!! There is a small expansion-contraction, pulsation of all fields. That is all!! It has inflations. But not Guth’s kind!!

And black holes, orthodoxy has AROUND ITS NECK!!

Along with all else!!!!

How come I am the only person to solve it?!

It is not mentally all that hard. Though it is EMOTIONALLY difficult, via resistance to APPARENT absurdities!!

What Copernicus was to Ptolemy, I am to Einstein,et al!!!!

And very much more!!!!

But of course this world HATES The Truth,etc. And GOD. And people like me!! Because we spoil their attempts to keep the world DOWN in the mire!!!!

So they can indulge their low tastes!!

I can only hope that SOME PARTY will promote my finds!!

As I am on my way out!!!!

Ah, no, we must not blow our own trumpets, must we!! But HOW ELSE can I bring to readers’ attention??!!

ANY of you out there SEE ANYTHING????

Don’t tell me I came here for NO THING!!!!

Orthodox Cosmology is not just hard. It is about IMPOSSIBLE!!

Mine could hardly be SIMPLER!!!!

Victor Conway.


Wednesday, 26th October, 2,005.


Virgo and the distant galactic clusters, continued.

I am still not happy with this.(A977) It must be the hardest riddle of them all!! So I am seeing if I can put it even simpler. I can try!!

First, I want to explain how it is that reds are twice blacks. That is the Hubble’s Law arc distances are exactly twice the magnitudinal v distances along the corresponding chords.

Circumference is Pi x d.(Diameter). Chords correspond because it is geometry and rates we are dealing with. For each and every distance.

C to C/2 is of course 2-1. All the corresponding chords are pi/2th of the arcs. Each and every individual arc.

C is the distance around the largest arc, which is the circumference.

C/2 is the distance out AROUND along the arc to Far Point. Which is half way around.

To convert chords to arcs per distances, you have to multiply them by pi. However, since the maximum chord distance is the diameter, we need to divide by 2, or pi/2, all told. Which is approximately 1.57. That is the same as dividing by 3.14, and then by 2.

This for each and every chord. Because we are dealing with geometry. And RATES.

So to get any chord distance, simply divide the ARC value by 1.57. And to get any arc distance, simply multiply the CHORD value by 1.57.

This explains my use of the pi/2 or 1.57.

Now coming to the main thing: What is Virgo’s distance from us?(The galactic cluster’s CENTRE distance from us.) And why is Virgo twice as big as the distant galactic clusters.(Why is it twice the average size?)

The answer is, IT ISN’T!! But explaining WHY is quite a task!!

Were we different, it would be geocentric. Egocentric!! But we aren’t.

What the orthodox astronomers don’t know – is WHY!!

As for the distance to Virgo(as defined above)(from us), they cannot decide whether it is 40 or 80 million light years distant!!

The reason for this is(unbeknown to them) that arc distances are EXACTLY TWICE chord distances! If you measure by apparent magnitudes, you get a value x. If you measure by Hubble’s Law, the value is 2x!(A fact which is true for ALL astronomical distances!! But THEY deny this!! And have gotten rid of the 2-1 discrepancy. Which is NUTS!!!!(It EXISTS!!!!) And they KNOW that astronomical distances are be-devilled by a 2-1 discrepancy. (“Velocities” are twice apparent magnitudes!!))

With such reasoning, we can expect very little, but loss, by accepting the big ORTHODOX finds!! But this fact applies to ALL orthodox statements re: the big issues of any field, in any area of knowledge!!

I don’t know how they get The Hubble Law distance to Virgo. Because they have made The Virgo Cluster’s CENTRE, the base line for Hubble’s Law.(Thus, in effect, zero!)

Perhaps they assume it from the fact that all other Hubble Law distances are twice the apparent magnitudes’ distance.

Using magnitudes(of light), apparent mags, v., they get a distance of 40 million light years. So if H.L. is double mags, it must be 80 million light years from that!! The orthodox riddle is WHY??

And WHICH is correct?(40 or 80??)

The answer is NEITHER are correct! The TRUE distance to Virgo is 80 by mags,v. And 160 by Hubble’s Law. Because mags light travels along chords to us, but we measure Hubble’s Law AROUND. Thus arc wise!! Very simple. This is simply HOW IT IS!!!!

I get these correct distances by using MY EXACT distance,ETC.FINDER. I know they are right.

I don’t go by ifs and buts. I go straight to the pith of things. I am not concerned with what MIGHT be. I am concerned with what IS(SO)!!!! I go by PROBABILITIES, not possibilities!!

The outstanding question is why is The Virgo Cluster of galaxies(our local cluster, we are in it) TWICE the size of the distant galactic clusters?

The answer is – it is NOT!! But explaining WHY is the main reason for this further article!! Virgo is about the same size as all of the other galactic clusters!!(As it should be!!)

I found out why(which was hard). Explaining why is VERY difficult!!

I now try again:-

The bottom line is that the distance to Virgo is obtained by magnitudes. The distance to the far distant galactic clusters is found by Hubble’s Law!! In other words, we get the distance to Virgo CHORD wise. But the distances to the other galactic clusters, ARC wise. Now, I have explained how arcs are exactly TWICE chords. So that should take care of that bit!!

With arcs twice chords, it follows that they are double Virgo’s distance on that account!! Which thus makes their sizes twice as big. (If you halve distances, you halve sizes. If you double distances, you will double sizes!!)And so Virgo is no longer double the average!!

Are you happy with that? Because the inner workings, which I have tried to explain are FAR more complex!!

Ah, but which is the distance to use?(Chord, or arc??!!) The answer is: It depends upon whether you want the distance THROUGH space, or AROUND space!!(They are NOT the same thing!!) Through is a(chord) short cut through hyperspace! Around is simply following the space arcs AROUND.

What the distance from New York to London? Is it the distance around THE SURFACE of The Earth? Or, is it the distance THROUGH the Earth? Usually our concern is with the distance AROUND the surface. The PRACTICAL distance. And so it is celestially!!

Usually, we want the ARC distance. Which is AROUND(or ALONG) space!!

The shortest distance is of course the chord one.

Do you clearly see now the reason astronomers are getting TWO sets of distances. One twice the other??!!

No big deal, is it!!

Not once you grasp that Hubble’s Law(IT applies to ALL fields!!!!) is a scale of ANGLES, not velocities!!(Same as if you used the view angle out to the curvature of Earth’s horizon to measure its rate of expansion(due to debris infall)!! It would be MAD. (THEY, the orthodox, WANT HUBBLE LAW expansion(Note: An expansion DOES exist, but it is small, not per H.L; and ONLY of the FIELD of objects, NOT of space-time ITSELF!!!! The five inflations(Guth) exist, but are of THE FIELD OF OBJECTS, in ALL the astronomical fields. Not just the galactic one!!)(Contractions DO follow. And we have on-going PULSATIONS!!!!) But that is PRECISELY what they(the orthodox) DO astronomically!!) Got it. Simple?? No problem? No sweat!! Good!!!! ALL is not lost then!!!!

What I have been doing in my earlier expositions is attempt to give you the answer via all the ins and outs. Only utterly confusing you. And too hard even for me myself to swallow in ONE GO!!

Now we see all at a glance. Or should do!!

There is an awful lot more to it. The OTHER 2-1(the spectroscopic anomaly), and all the adjustments I have to make to the orthodox data TO GET THE CORRECT ANSWERS!!!!

However, you don’t need to know how a clock works to tell the time, do you??

I will leave it at that!

And break out in a cold sweat!!!!

All the other stuff(Lots and lots of it.) MUST be self-compensating. As is everything else in my finds and formulae!!s

Forgive me??


Have some more porridge!!(But it is very nice porridge!!) Sorry!! Have some more PI, then!!!!

Thank you.

Victor Conway.


Wednesday, 26th October, 2,005.


The Virgo Solution simplified!

Also explaining why Virgo looks only half the size of the distant galaxies!!

In A703 and A706(just a few paragraphs there-in, marked in large font), I tried to explain why Virgo looks to be only half the size of the distant galaxies. I shall attempt to simplify that lot here:-

Astronomers cannot decide whether Virgo(its centre!) Cluster is 40 or 80 million light years’ distant from us.

They also cannot explain why The Virgo Cluster of galaxies seems to be only half that of the distant ones, in size.

It would be very odd if our particular cluster of galaxies(which we are on the edge of) were twice as big as the average size of galactic clusters! Rather geocentric, you see!!

I know the correct answer to these puzzles. But it is awfully hard to PUT INTO WORDS that the average person could understand!! Not so much because of any lack of eloquence on my part. But because OF THE NATURE OF THE BEAST!!!!

Orthodox Astronomy distances, and all else of Astro-Physics is VERY wrong!!

Now note the following points which I have established(And which Orthodoxy knows NO THING about, nor do they wish to!!):-

1. The reason for this is basically because it is in the nature of spectroscopic devices to SHOW all Hubble Law distances at TWICE their actual value!!(Just the way it is.)(THIS is The 2-1 “velocities” to magnitudes’ discrepancy. Now disowned by the orthodox!)

However! 2. To compound things, there is A SECOND 2-1 “velocities” to magnitudes’ discrepancy! Which is due to the fact that we see RIGHT AROUND the field concerned(in this case, the galactic clusters,etc.) by Hubble’s Law. BUT ONLY HALF WAY by apparent magnitudes(v)!!(Hubble’s Law exists with ALL fields, stellar, stellar cluster, galactic, etc.)

3. We see TWO kinds of distances: a. AROUND arcs of the field concerned. b. ACROSS space by CHORDS. Which is the way that light,etc.travels(all em radiation), and is the way we SEE magnitudes(apparent)!!

Hubble’s Law is NOT a scale of velocities, but of WAVE ANGLES. Angles of VIEW out. To the horizon concerned!!(The CRS, Cosmological Red Shift is due to HORIZONS, not velocities!!)

Thus, via measuring view angles to the tangent to the arc of the circumference, we are actually MEASURING around the field, NOT ACROSS it!!(We see across magnitudinally, but around by Hubble’s Law!!)(Two completely different kinds of distance!)(Though across is the shortest distance, AROUND is the practical one!)(Much the same as there are two kinds of distance with The Earth. Around the surface, and straight through the interior rock,etc!! That would be the shortest distance, but not the practical distance. And so it is celestially!!)(And likewise with horizons. We see the horizon, but are not so stupid as to confuse such horizon with the expansion of The Earth(due to debris infall from space)!!)(HOWEVER!! Orthodox IS that stupid when it comes to The CRS, Cosmological Red Shift!(Which is measured by Hubble’s Law.))(But NO WAY can you tell them! THEY prefer Big Bang and ITS expansion to The TRUTH, you see! At least, I hope that you see this!!)

4. Now note this very carefully: We see by incoming light,etc. DEPTH wise. But we also see CHORD wise, ACROSS our field of view!! Which makes up the other two dimensions. Up-down, and transverse!!(This is the key clue to the sizes of the distant galactic clusters! BECAUSE, we are sizing them up MAGNITUDINALLY(Because size gets seen ACROSS the field of view!!). THOUGH measuring their distances H.L. Hubble’s Law wise, which is AROUND space!!

5. Now we measure Virgo Cluster’s CENTRE’S distance from us via MAGNITUDES(CHORD distances)!! BUT, we measure the distances to the distant galactic clusters by RED SHIFT arcs!! Yes!!!!

Thus using one kind of distance for the distant galactic clusters. And ANOTHER kind for Virgo!!

We measure Virgo Cluster’s size MAGITUDINALLY,too!! Transverse to our field of view.(Of course.)(Same way that we measure the sizes of the distant galactic clusters.)

Note,too, that because we measure the distances to the distant galactic clusters along Hubble Law ARCS, this gives us size values different to the magnitudinally transverse ones!!

6. The basic thing to keep in mind is that H.L. distances are twice magnitudinal ones(On account of seeing out RIGHT AROUND the field, as against ONLY HALF WAY with the average chords!!). AND twice again on account of the fact that spectroscopic devices are showing DOUBLE the true value of H.L. distance concerned!! NOW THAT IS FOUR TIMES(x2 x2), all together, the MAGNITUDINAL CHORD distance.(Correction. The spectroscopic anomaly 2-1 is NOT inside of the magnitudes seeing only HALF WAY around the field one.(Which I earlier stated.))

7. We measure distances out to the distant galactic clusters by Hubble’s Law’s ARCS, AROUND the circumference of the field concerned!

But we measure the distance to The Virgo Cluster’s CENTRE(from us), MAGNITUDINALLY!!!!

THUS giving us FOUR(x2x2) TIMES the MAGNITUDINALLY OBTAINED distance to Virgo!!

But Virgo Cluster only seems DOUBLE that of distant galaxies!!(According to Orthodoxy.)

Whereas in actual fact, Virgo should only look HALF that of the sizes of the distant clusters!! (Because they are FOUR times distantly seen!)(As against Virgo considered by orthodoxy to be TWICE the size of the distant clusters!!)

The real question is WHY is Virgo apparently only half the size it should be? (Since it is hardly likely(REVERSED geocentric view!) that Virgo ACTUALLY is HALF the normal size of galactic clusters!!

8. And the answer is simple(in principle(though complex in the detail!!)): We measure the SIZES of the distant galactic clusters MAGNITUDINALLY TRANSVERSELY!!(Because, REMEMBER, magnitudes at a quarter of Red Shift sizes work TRANSVERSELY, as well as DEPTH wise!!) But the size of The Virgo cluster is UNKNOWN!!!! (So has not entered the equation!!)Simply because being inside of it, WE ARE UNABLE TO GET A MAGNITUDINAL TRANSVERSE view of it!!(It is like trying to measure the size of a painting on the wall, when we are INSIDE of such painting!! Giving us no relationship bearing as to the size of Virgo!!)

So how can they say that the distant galactic clusters are only half Virgo’s size, if they do not know Virgo’s size??!!

Because sizes have been DEDUCED via DISTANCES, not magnitudes, TRANSVERSELY!!(The size of The Virgo Cluster being an estimate based on THE MAGNITUDINALLY obtained distance away from us!!)

Although we are INSIDE OF the picture re: Red Shift distances, we CAN see Virgo Cluster’s size when viewing out to a larger back drop!! But lacking a method of COMPARISON, Orthodoxy has wrongly used MAGNITUDINALLY obtained distances to Virgo AGAINST Hubble Law obtained distances to the distant galactic clusters!!(Although we CAN see Virgo’s size when viewing out into a broader field, Orthodoxy is measuring such size optically NOT KNOWING that magnitudinal sizes are (ALSO TRANSVERSELY) two times too small seen!!)

Thus overstating Virgo’s size by a factor of two!!

It IS complex. Very!!

Because although THIS apparently explains why Virgo gets seen twice as big as it should be, that is only SUPERFICIALLY!!

For, in actual FACT, we need to INCREASE(two times) Virgo’s size. Which then makes it commensurate with the distant galactic clusters SIZES being TWICE(not half!!) Virgo’s!!

We do that automatically when we allow for the oddity that magnitudinal sizes are being assessed WRONGLY. At a quarter of their true sizes!!(Because red shift values are FOUR TIMES magnitudinal ones!)

And, since this applies to TRANSVERSE view,TOO, we are ending up with Virgo looking TWICE average galactic cluster size, INSTEAD OF, half of it!!
When the orthodox try to work out Virgo’s size, they are working optically against a larger back drop. Which, in effect, is using the MAGNITUDINAL TRANSVERSE measure WITHOUT KNOWING THE FACT!! Thus getting a size result four times what it should be!!

Which cancels out the seeing distant galactic clusters sizes at four times what they should be via H.L. distances being seen four times magnitudinal ones!!

However, though distant galactic actual sizes are being seen via Magnitudinal TRANSVERSE views, they are orthodoxically being assessed as at four times larger!!

The second x2 too high is thus THEN cancelled out by Virgo’s WRONG 2x too small that I worked out in stage one!!!!

This should give you the clue to the true situation. Which is VERY complex!!

The point is though we can assess Virgo’s size against the back drop, we have no relation between such back drop and the distant galactic cluster sizes! Because, with Virgo you are measuring via MAGNITUDINALLY obtained distances, but with the distant galactic clusters, we are measuring via Hubble’s Law!!!!

But I KNOW about the fact that even the magnitudinally calculated TRANSVERSE sizes are four times higher than sizes deduced via Red Shift distances!!!!

However, Orthodoxy DOES NOT!!!!(Know that magnitudinal distances AND SIZES are four times smaller than red shift obtained ones.)

With Virgo, it is as if WE DID NOT KNOW ITS SIZE.

But with the distant galactic clusters, we(using my new found correct methods) DO KNOW distant galactic cluster sizes!!

Orthodoxy lacks the correct comparison!! I provide it!!

And,so, I CAN and DO work out correctly both distances and sizes of Virgo Cluster’s Centre from us, AND the distances and sizes of the distant galactic clusters!!

Remember,too, that it is all RELATIVE!!

Internally relative. Not external! But it is the internal relative THAT APPLIES.

We are measuring values against each other!

Not any ABSOLUTE standard!!!!

They(The Orthodox) have WRONGLY calculated the distant galactic clusters’ SIZES to be IN LINE with their DISTANCES!(Obtained via Hubble’s Law.) Which they have WRONGLY found to be HALF the true distance! And thus have HALVED the size accordingly!!

And, so, instead of Virgo being MY DETERMINED half the size of galactic clusters in general, it is ACTUALLY the same size(as it should be!!), ONCE you CORRECT for their(orthodox) wrong size assessment of being double what it actually is!!

I am sorry, I knew the general picture, but had awful difficulty in expressing it to you IN SIMPLER TERMS!!(Thus both A703 and A706 are far too indigestible!! Hence this simpler article A977!!!!)

Well, that is my story, and I am sticking to it!!(Seriously. I think I have put it correctly,now. Even if I have even now put it rather less well than I should do!! I sort of know the answer, but find great difficulty in expressing it. Especially to you! How much harder to the orthodox WHO DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!!

You should be able to reach the truth, now!!!!

Even if I have waffled a bit….(I sort of know the answer subconciously. But even I am having difficulty putting it across to you CONCIOUSLY!!!!)(I think I have got it myself. But it is SO complex, that even I am having great difficulty explaining it to you!!)(It is just too much for even me to keep in mind, as I try to put it so that you can understand it!!)

Anyway, still a lot simpler than it was!! ISN’T IT?? !!

It is VERY hard to explain!!!! TO YOU.

And even to MYSELF!!!!

It takes so long to put it across, that I get lost too!!!!(Yet I think I know it(the details of it).)

Victor Conway.






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