A959. My New Astronomy,etc. TRUE Distance and Mass,etc.finding.

Friday, 14th October, 2,005.

Article A959

My New Astronomy.  ETC.


            I forgot to mention one very important item. Mapping my results in R.A. and Decl. (R.A. is Right Ascension. Decl. is Declination. Astronomy terms.  One is distance around, in hours and minutes and seconds. The other(Declination) is elevation ABOVE the horizon.) using my EXACT astronomical distance finder, I noticed filamentation. Filaments are everywhere. (They hit you in the eye with naked eye viewing, or telescopes and binoculars,etc. THEY ARE NOT chance line ups(Though SOME chance line-ups do occur!!))Strings of stars, anyway. I mean strings far beyond chance expectation!! One may at first think it is just a matter of joining up the dots. Well, it isn’t! No. It is too much of a co-incidence to have such neat strings all the time, and everywhere.
     The cause is Electro-Magnetic.

     The result of a combination of electro-magnetism and space plasma(Re: Alfven.)

     A spin-off production from the complex series of events in Electro-Magnetism(in this Electric Universe of ours(Gravity,too,is basically ELECTRIC!!)which Eric.J. Lerner describes so well, ex Alfven. In his book “The Big Bang Never Happened.”.

     You  will(if you go into this far enough!) notice certain shapes resulting on the maps: 1. Vortices. 2. Pairs(both close and separate)that are identical in all respects. (Ex bi-frucations!!) 3. S formations(or backward S’s).  4.  The filaments. I am not saying that other distinct characters do not appear, but the four mentioned are prominent!!

     I expect these phenomena in all classes of astronomical object.(Many amazing things turn up. To which you should add the amazing finds of Lerner and Alfven. As well as Azimov and Arp.(Not that there aren’t others from other top scorers.(I refer to the real scorers, not the orthodox hyped up ones.)

     My EXACT astronomical distance,etc. finder is my most important contribution.

     Reflect, not just think!!

     I find levels of truth,though. And at each level, many wonders and marvels do turn up.(You need to remember WHICH level you are working on!  Let me put it this way: There are levels of truth. And there are levels of APPEARANCES.(Which are “true” for those at that level!!)

     Emotionally unbelievable things. Yet mentally(if you take the trouble to check!) undeniable!!

     I realized that my initial New Astronomy Course was far too hard for the average person. So I did a much simpler and briefer short course. On My Exact Astronomical Distance,Etc.Finder and other amazing items.

     Hardly anyone believes me!

     And fewer still take the trouble to try to find out!!

     Yet, it is without doubt the most important discovery in Science EVER. And, I imagine, ever to come,too!!

     It opens up everything.

     In addition to that, because it is so radical, anyone who studies this finds their self getting closer and closer to GOD. And also becoming more and more successful in life!!

     I put this down to being so in tune with the pulse of The Universe!!

     Actually, the less Astronomy you know, the better. (Then there is that much less to UNLEARN.(The difficult lies less in my discovery, than in REMOVING ALL THE ORTHODOX CRAP!! Especially that of the last about 80 years!!!! A complicated overlay of BALONEY done to keep THE PEOPLE from THE TRUTH!!!! Theory of everything, my foot!! You will find that the conventional orthodox set- ups(Yes, all of them!!), are deliberate GET-UPS to throw us off scent. Away from THE REAL TRUE TRAIL!!!! Yes!!  The Mathematics you need to know is elementary. And the required LOGIC, is simple. (The Physics and Philosophy is basic.) Otherwise all you need is INTEREST, – and TIME.  Plus the freedom to tackle these things.(Which so few have!!)

      I, an ordinary man, simply took the trouble(a pleasure!!) TO FIND OUT all important true knowledge!!

      A daunting task ONLY if you don’t enjoy the search!!

      Otherwise, it is the supreme pleasure.(Mental pleasure.)

      The obvious path lies through finding out THE TRUTH about the important things of life and the world.  THAT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS!!!!

       Even knowledge about LOVE, and beauty and loveliness,ETC. depend upon finding out THE TRUTH!!!!(I put Truth above Love. And Liberty above Marriage.)

      I was told it couldn’t be done. I know now that that is rubbish.

      Don’t live in your mind, I was told. But ALL is MIND.  I know nowhere else to live. It kept me sane,too!!

      What I don’t understand is why so few others take up the trail!!

      The world is pathetically and tragically so UN-INTERESTED in things which should be PARAMOUNT in their lives!!!!

      I rant and rave, I know. But YOU WILL, TOO, once you see what I see!!

      It is the most important thing going!! My EXACT Astronomical Distance and Mass Finder!!

     Everything springs from that!!

     Search for the truth cry the few. I will go one step further: Teach it!!(ONCE you have found it!!)


     Some may say or ask: What good does it do? How will it help Mankind? 

     You will be astounded. By going to the heart of true knowledge, it gets the real set- up of life, and the truth about the universe. Armed with these two, you can live a successful life!! But you have to remove all the nonsense taught by the orthodox down the ages!! And then build properly. 

     In other words, you have to strip the engine right down, to find out what was wrong, and then re-assemble it, CORRECTLY(which it most definitely is not at present!!)!!!!

     I went through stages. 1. I obtained a good basic General Knowledge foundation. 2. I then found out what orthodoxy and conventionalism were teaching the world. The important things and issues.(Note: I divide into two compartments. a. The knowledge of the true facts about the universe. b. The application of the true knowledge, to enable anyone to live successfully and happily!!)

     3.  I then sought the truth.

     4.  I now teach it.

     Four very bad things: 1. Television,etc.(Unless very selective!!). 2. (Bad) Politics.(Note: There is a good kind.(So hard to find in this world.))  3. Economics. 4. Education beyong Primary School!! Not that there aren’t others, like Political Correctness,ETC.(Living by the book is fine IN THEORY.  In practice, it has VERY definite limitations!!!!)

     A very bad (handed down) habit: Equating mind and brain,etc!!

     Another very bad thing: Putting the body and material things before the soul and THE GOOD SPIRIT in Life!!


      It took a long life time.

      Expect no quick-fix.(Far too many of those around. But of what use, if you have to pay even more dearly LATER??!!)

      (Four VERY important things humans overlook: 1. GOD. 2. Survival of bodily death. 3. (Usually) Re-birth. 4.(Usually) Re-incarnation.(Note: 3 and 4, are not the same thing!!)

      However, IF you are interested, then you will enjoy following in my footsteps, and eventually go past where I reached, and refine!!

      So many people want things easy and INSTANT, these days. Well, you won’t get that from me!!


      No pain, no gain. WORK is the secret of success!! Also apply COMMON sense, and HORSE sense!!  Do useful and productive things. Mental work is the best. And the hardest!!(Most exhausting.)

      Mind you, if you let GOD in to your life, you will find that the hard SEEMS easy!!

      There it is.

      All the talking in the world WILL NOT repace THE WORK.

      It is God’s allotted task for me.(I believe!!) Etc.

      What yours is, I do not know. But if you lack one, try this!!

      Good hunting!!

       It is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness.


       By the way, another great boon, but taken up by so few, is Urine Therapy.  It usually adds about an average 20 years to one’s life. And healthy years!!  You need to start before too far gone towards senility though!!  Not everyone’s cup of tea, or glass of wine, if it PAYS(and it USUALLY does), why not try it?  It won’t make you younger, but you can expect it to slow down the ageing process. And boost your immune system greatly.(Handy probably against Bird Flu!!)(It even fights cancer, and is successful against SOME kinds.) Side effects DO sometimes occur.(Like nausea, insomnia, vomiting, migraine, depression…) If you can stick it out, and ride through those, then you may win through. One’s OWN urine is beneficial because you are returning a day later what the body has temporarily rejected by way of excess. Urine is NOT waste, though it does contain SOME. Not too much for the body’s defences. Also ureaic acid does exist. Again not too much for the body’s defences.(Plants, for example, die fast, if urinated upon!!)(But we are not plants.) Build up intake gradually from 50 mls to 500, and even more ONCE USED TO IT. But DO NOT exceed 750.(As then the waste and ureaic  acid WILL start to have a deleterious effect!!)(It kills GANGRENE in a few days(if you liberally apply your OWN urine about four times a day, to it.).) I am talking about the usual average expectancy.(Exceptions will always exist. So no guarantees!!)(Not MY discovery. But so good, am just passing on the pith of it.) There are a few things it will NOT cure. But they are very few.  Supposed to work on warts. However, it did not work on mine!!

       So many strange things in life are wise. But the world of course(the powers that be), naturally run down these things.(However, they are promoting(basically)things that are good for the body, but bad for the soul!! Whilst resisting(all out) those things that are good for the soul. You may have noticed!!

       It(applying one’s own urine(not just drinking it!!)) is neither dirty, nor foolish!!(As with sex,etc.(The basic idea is to LOVE out of sheer gratitude and appreciation!!))All things God has made, including through Nature, are beneficial. They have a good reason!!(Trying to give up sex,etc.(Before you are ready.) can and often does RE-BOUND. Making you more an addict than ever!! That is what happened to me. Sex,etc. are things that need to die natural deaths(IF they are going to. Otherwise, by trying to force the pace, you may find yourself deeper in than ever!!)(You have to be READY for such advances. VERY few are!!)(Male or female.)(Many mental ills spring from taking self denial TOO FAR. You may go neurotic,etc.(Or psychotic, paranoid, neurasthenic…)  Also one of the GROUNDS for cancer IS self denial taken to excess!(It has to come out somewhere!)(And cancer is the way for it to come out against one own’s body!!)

       In The Christian Bible, it says(somewhere): “Drink out of the living waters of your own cistern!!”. That is one for the literalists!! Materially, that can only mean one’s OWN urine. It MUST be your OWN!! Fresh. Best time is 3.30 a.m.

       Spread out the intake, and SIP it. As it is a drink NOT exactly enjoyable!! You have to steel yourself to drink it. But USUALLY it pays off!!!!

       Prudery is worse than sex. Because it is hypocritical. Inasmuch as you become more concious than ever of this lower function. But try to make out you are not thinking about it!!(Whereas you are ALL OF THE TIME,then!!)

      ENJOY all that God and Nature have provided. God is not called Providence, for no thing!!

      Your own inner nature, and gut feelings will tell you when to do this, or NOT to do that!!

      There should be no shame or guilt in natural functions. Alas, there too often is!!

      God made a PERFECT Universe. Even if many humans do not see it that way!!

      So many confuse the affairs of men with our OFF ANGLE views of The  APPARENT Universe!!!!

      I have tried to speak on all things. As all things have their place!!

      The time to rise above Nature, is when it comes NATURALLY!!!!

       Thank you.




       Victor Conway.

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