A958. More on my astronomical exact distance finder, and sundry matters.


Wednesday, 12th October,  2,005.

Article A958

Still more on My EXACT Distance Finder. Also Pyramids and Mind DIRECTLY over Matter!!

Part of My New Astronomy. ETC.


          The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, IT IS STRANGER THAN WE CAN  IMAGINE!!!!


     Be incisive, that is the way. To get the truth!!

     We are upon a sinking SUPER TITANIC!!!!

     The Titanic had two problems: Ice and fire. Ice through the hull of the bows. Plus coal on fire(which it had since leaving Liverpool)(Usual in steam ships, but only through stupidity!!).

     The Earth has two main problems. Ice and fire.  Fire from the sun in the form of solar winds of electrons increasing per HARMONIC PROGRESSION!!!! ETC.  Downloading excess charges to the planets. Including The Earth!!

     Ice in the form of Antarctica and Little Antarctica. Which is UNBALANCING The Earth, aided by its pear shaped BUMPS,ETC. NOT via the weight of the two to thrre mile ice, SO MUCH, BUT THE UN-STABILIZING Earth, EX the SUN CHARGING UP OUR EARTH’S CORE!!!! Causing via wider and wider GYRATIONS, the SPECIFIC GRAVITY CENTRE to move too far off centre. LEADING TO AXIAL TILTS!!!!(Like a bouy on the sea!!)(If you change its centre of gravity enough, you will then change its angle of vector ON that sea.(In The Earth’s case this is SPACE, and the plane of the planets and their satellites,etc. IN that SPACE!!!!)

     The dangers with ELECTRONIC fire from the sun is that it is heating up The Earth FROM BELOW!!!! Per Harmonic Progression!!  Hotter magma and lava. Hotter rocks. THEN hotter sea. FINALLY hotter troposphere!!  Plus increasing the WHIRL (which is destabilizing The Earth’s CENTRE OF  GRAVITY, leading to axial TILTS and speed(of spin AND WHIRL(gyration) AND ELECTRIC CHARGE through anode and cathode magnetosphere and core.(The Earth(all of the heavenly bodies are!!) is a ROTATING ELECTRO MAGNET!!!!) Global warming(which will lead AFTER melt down!) to a STOPPED Gulf Stream(Freezing Western Europe!!), an ICE AGE(!!!!)(VIA at least eleven different causes!), plus harmonically increasing downfall from ABOVE(DUST AND DEBRIS!!),  PLUS the brains of animals and humans experiencing harmonically growing BRAIN STORMS(From the electron flow through brains(and everything else) ex the sun ELECTRONICALLY!!!!) AND last but not least(but greatest!!) CRUSTAL DISPLACMENTS for thousands of miles, first over a thousand miles northwards, and then four to five thousand miles southwards. (THIS happens EVERY 6,392 YEARS!!!!)TERMINATING IN THE EARTH INVERTING COMPLETELY!!!!(Geographically!! Which CAUSES the magnetic inversion!!) ETC!!!!(This is a periodic cyclic event every 6,392 years, caused by the cyclic peaking of explosions at the centres of galaxies,ETC. pushing huge energy charges DOWN all the spiral arms(Not just of The Milky Way, but of our local closed stellar cluster!!!!). When?? About THIRTEEN YEARS hence IT PEAKS!!!!(Yes, it is ALREADY ON, and has been since about 1998!!(The true YEAR is 2,002(or even 2,001), NOT 2,005.A.D!!)(You check with Little Pebble through The Internet!)(A Roman Catholic Organization.))))))


       Our current WORSENING(per harmonic progression!!(as is everything else!!)) weathers(metereological AND seismic, AND volcanic,ETC.) is caused by Global Warming(Greenhouse gases warming is NEGLIBLE!!!! INSIGNIFICANT!!!!   By both Man, AND Surface Nature(Forest fires and volcanic eruptions.)!!!! A drop in the ocean!!!!

       Now if that wasn’t enough, THIS TIME, we shall ALSO get The rogue(Missing Planet!!) planet Nibiru passing us very closely TWICE!!!! It ALONE will cause a disaster(catastrophe) about equal to that of the fast approaching EARTH INVERSION(and THREE crustal displacemens)(AND three axial tilts!!!)!!!! The “Comet of Nostradamus”(He also forecast the NOW upon us Great Islamic Uprising(Terrorism? This is THE TENTH ARAB uprising!! Dedicated to THE DEATH (by suicide) by ALL Muslims, to the DESTRUCTION of ALL infidels. Not just Christian, but ALL other religions and philosophies, or NONE!!!!))(Bah!! Earthmen.  You make me SICK.  With your SELF stopped up EARS!!!!)

       It is NO GOOD going into DENIAL, and trying to pretend that all this not happening!! IT IS!!  As we enter THE WORST TIME EVER KNOWN(AND EVER TO BE KNOWN ON EARTH)!!!!

      What we are currently suffering, tsunami, earthquakes, droughts, floods in other places, more and bigger hurricanes,etc. Mankind increasingly disturbed. AND the animals. And so on AND SO ON…  all of this is but FLEA BITES compared with WHAT IS TO COME!!!!(Peaking in just THIRTEEN YEARS!!!!)(Oh, yes, O comrades!!!!)

       And still we have IDIOTS who refuse to see that the cause of Global Warming IS NOT Man!! But THE SUN, ELECTRONICLLY!!!! Wakee, WAKEE!!!!

      To HELL with The Kyoto Protocol – WHERE IT BELONGS!! We NEED all the fossil fuels,ETC.(Carbon dioxide is what plants THRIVE on. Greenhouse Effect is needed too. Without it we would perish, and be like Mars!! WAKE UP!! ) U.S. and Australia,etc. ARE RIGHT. To defy the world call to Kyoto Protocol.(The main threat is from Methane. Ex animal and human gastro orifices!! Especially via FARM animals!!!! Yes, it is adding up. PLUS industrial methane!!!!)(This is the main greenhouse gas!  CO2 EXCESS is PEA NUTS!!!!)

      By the way, it is not something that happens within 100 years, BUT TEN!!!! 10 years!!

      Yes, AN ICE AGE!! Ironically caused by Global Warming. That warming up FROM BELOW caused by The Sun, NOT MAN!!!!

      Elementary Physics. AND BASIC LOGIC!!  GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!!

      You (Humanity) are being CONNED by fact distorting villains and FOOLS, who have vested interests, along with the trade unions and other ACTIVISTS in causing all the woes they can, TO STOP THE INCOMING GOOD changes NOW COMING IN FROM THE SUN,ETC!!!!(Yes!! What is happening is A GOOD THING!! Without it, there would be a CATASTROPHE(a cataclysm is NOT a disaster, but a CLEANSING and RENEWING agent of Nature and Earth.(Species ARE NOT dying out!!(Other than Man!! Who is facing material and spiritual DESTRUCTION!!!!)(Because of his life-style, yes!!)  (He has made God non-existent, his self God, and The Devil OVER ALL!!!!)  Huge spiritual and divine and religious revivals, and secular, will occur!!  And the strangest but most wonderful new things!!!!Plus what some call The Rapture!!!! As GOD intervenes to save The Earth.  NOW BEING TAKING OVER BY HUMANOID ALIENS, for handing over to The INVADING (Currently invading ORION(We are part of ORION!! YES!!!! I know via my distance finder and maps,charts,graphs,tables,ETC!! HEAR ME!!!!))(There is also a SUPER ORION. You know Orion’s Belt(Three stars in a straight line!(Well we form a T junction(from centre!!) from the centre star WITH THAT!!)(Plus in and with The SUPER ORION, too.(The Abo’s are right!! Arcturus is the nearest star! Just two light years away(Astronomical ETC data is all wrong!!). It is Sol’s twin. And Andromed galaxy is Milky Way Galaxy’s TWIN!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!))))))


     The Reptilean aliens(Like in the films Independence Day,ETC.) are devouring us body AND SOUL!! Plus using our women’s WOMBS as incubators for fresh reptilians. Yes!!!! We are CATTLE on this Earth farm!! Being handed over to The Reptilians WHO BROKE THROUGH FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE, via an explosion(by a gigantic mistake), from ANOTHER GALAXY in a PARALLEL universe!!!! Yes.(Information coming via channelling from good aliens!!)


     We have NO time to lose. Our only hope is reach The Pleades AND BEYOND. This can be done from The Spirit World!!

     Superstitious religiEUSE bilge has got it wrong and distorted now. After many hand downs. Not God. – GODS!! (There is no Supreme Being. But there is an HIERARCHY of THE GODS!!!!(And The Devils(DEMONS).)  Especially not the tribal monster of The ancient Hebrews!!

     The Elohim are huge space beings, balls of brilliant blue light. The Jehova are some of the gods who inspired the humanoid aliens to create humans by melding with THEIR SELVES!!(This sort of thing is creating human and human like races THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE.(Locally,we are a ONE OFF.  But some of us went to The Pleiades MILLIONS of years ago, to escape the growing tyranny of FALLING MAN!!!! And the best went beyond The Pleiades!!)(We are being visited by OURSELVES from The Future!!)(The aliens do this too, and are using time LOOPS to traps us in TIME!!(Time TWO exists,too!!)(Milne’s Second Time!!)(And Space,ETC.)(So they can best devour us!!)(The point is:  That the last time around, we made terrible mistakes(Atlantis,etc.), and are returning FROM THE FUTURE(many of us are), TO TRY TO CORRECT OUR AWFUL ERRORS!!!! Yes.)


    The Nephelim is another name for The Annukai(The aliens who created us, and who are NOW riding the rogue planet Nibiru(The former Missing planet from between Jupiter and Mars(Where the asteroid belt now is.(I wonder why the asteroids are there? Fools! (DON’T listen to the orthodox and conventional tools of The Illuminati,etc. who are BRAINWASHING and CONDITIONING US with THE OPPOSITE to the truth. LIES!!!!)(To keep us down in their power. We are SUPER CATTLE!!!!)It is because THEIR surface blew off in a SUPER thermo-nuclear war between two states. Using in desperation UNTESTED super thermo nuclear weapons. (They ignited(Nuclearly, via deuterium!)(In circumstances of DENSE neutrons, this IS POSSIBLE!!)  Our moon is a chip off the old block(a part of Earth), created when Nibiru SIDE SWIPED us as it shot past the orbit of Mars!  NOW on a 3,600 year periodic very eccentric cycle.(Not to be confused with Tenth Planet, WHICH ALSO EXISTS(in a very distant orbit around the sun), and has a moon.)))))(The Nephelim(Niburu is still their home, ex the days when it was between Jupiter and Mars.) are coming to visit us(by hopping off for a while), to see how their cattle are getting on!! THEY WANT us to be warned(presumably why I am allowed to tell you!!), SO THEY CAN KEEP THE CATTLE IN GOOD SHAPE, FOR EATING AND DEVOURING by their masters, The Reptilians(who can disguise their selves in any shape)(they themselves being so horrible!!)!!!! I am telling you all this so that you will wake up from your very STUPID DREAM, and SAVE YOURSELVES.  Because I CARE, not because I am a scaremongering LUNATIC!!!!  STOP seeing things in terms of the lowest common denominator!! COME ON!!!!


     I am sounding the alarm for Mankind, whistleblowing and beating Drake’s Drum(Drake of Britain sounded a drum when The Spanish Armada was sighted!!) like MAD!!!! HEAR ME!!!!

         Please excuse the odd typographical errors.(Correct number of brackets,etc!!) As I concentrate on getting the true facts OUT TO YOU ALL.


        Earth men, you understand SO LITTLE!!

        You have it ALL WRONG!!!!

        Superstitious religieuse BILGE has, down the ages,  DISTORTED the truth so badly. Almost out of all recognition now!!

        I myself am an ordinary human being. Average. Ordinary. But a channel and a medium!! For aliens and spirits, respectively. The gods are behind it all. Trying to save Earth. Especially THE ELECT in it!! – The VERY brave noble few GOOD SOULS. Whom the rest of humanity are so gleefully mistakenly killing(whilst they idiotically elevate the evil doers!!)!!!!(Crucifying Jesus. Burning Bruno ALIVE. And so on…AND SO ON……….)(Jesus’ sin? He tried to help Humanity! And he whipped the money lenders in The Temple built to worship GOD!!!!(That was too much for The Ancient Hebrew PRIESTS!!!! So they horribly and most cruelly murdered Jesus, but free the MURDERER Barrabas!! Yes!!)

        I get inspired by GOD(understand), and THEN work out scientifically the details of the GEMS I am receiving!!!!

       Bar a very few web sites, I LEAD THE PACK!!!!

       I HAVE the basic truths of what all the others are telling you. The VERY FEW other esoteric parties!!!!(Because I WORKED IT ALL OUT SCIENTIFICALLY!!!!)


       I have lost track of my main thread, now.

       I will edit, and get it back.(I have done so, NOW.)

       No. This is not a mad invention of mine, but the BASIC TRUE FACTS of what is happening to us all!!!!

       I am under such pressure and pace, that I am obliged to condense all worked out inspirations under this one article!!

       I continue, leaving the current subject for now:-


       Pyramid Power!!

       Do pyramids have some mysterious power? I will tell you: The BIG pyramids have. (ANY shape would do!! But pyramid shape was a good ancient idea for simple buildings!!)  The secret of the power of the pyramids IS NOT IN THEIR SHAPE, NOR THEIR SIZE, BUT THE SIMPLE FACT OF THEIR ALIGNMENTS with THE CENTRES OF THE CELESTIAL FIELDS!!!! Where GOD is! (Via viewing tubes INSIDE OF The Great Pyramid. To Orion(ORIGINALLY!!(It was built about 12,000 years ago. The stellar constellations have moved in The Zodiac round a lot SINCE THEN!!!!))  Hence all THE POWER!!!!(GOD CANNOT HELP US MUCH SO LONG AS WE KEEP WORSHIPPING THE DEVIL!!!!))(Why doesn’t God help us. Well God IS DOING HIS BEST. (Are WE??)  No. We are doing OUR WORST!!!! With deliberate MOST WILFUL GLEE!!!! Aye!!)(God HAD TO put The Devil over us, BECAUSE WE ARE SO INIQUITOUS!!!! That’s right!!)(Our problem is not Material desires(which are bad enough!!), BUT the fact that we think we have NO SOULS!!!!


       What about the little pyramids some believe can sharpen razor blades, freshen milk and fruit,etc?  They DO have a slight but SIGNIFICANT effect, yes.  Born of THE PYRAMID SHAPE, which via GEOMETRY increases via RETENTION the energy charges that are around!!

      I am being guided!!

      So there are TWO different good influences at work: 1. Via Alignment with The Celestial Centre of our local Meta Galaxy!! (And all points BEYOND.)2.  Via the geometric SHAPE, of pyramids. Utilizing via retention of the electric energy charges around.(Stonehenge,etc. similarly. They are ELECTRIC BATTERIES!! Charged by the sun at sunrise!! They NEED renewing!!)(Also the power leys, the special VIA VIBRATION HAMMERING SET UP ones!!!!)

      Size matters pro rata, of course. But basically makes no difference.  The big pyramids are big because of practical convenience necessity!!


      We have heard of mind over matter INDIRECTLY. But I do not mean that!!(Where THINKING is extolled to overcome some difficult situations.)

       (Mind is that which is in our field of VIEW!! Mental and/or material!!!!)

       In my hypothetical(but possible) case of looking at one’s OWN BRAIN(See my earlier articles.)  Where a man, via mirror or mirrors views his own exposed(during surgery) BRAIN.  My question to you is: Is mind in brain, OR IS BRAIN IN MIND??!! Hardly both.

      My argument is that if the brain IS IN THE MIND, how can it also be that the mind is in the brain??!!

       The brain, even all of it, can be viewed this way VIA one’s OWN BRAIN!!

        I say via because brain cannot view brain, but MIND(yours or anyone’s) CAN!! Via one’s brain, out through the eyes, AND THE OTHER SENSES, of course!!

       Therefore I am saying that MIND is the superior factor! THOUGH brain,too, be necessary. Despite it only being a sort of telephone exchange(wiring set up!).(The MATERIAL heart is MERELY a pump!!(The physical heart is. The emotional heart is in THE EMOTIONS, along with THE MIND. In a SUPER material world, where such high things are far above mere material entities!!)(Therefore Materialism is only sound SO FAR AS IT GOES!! But that MIND RULES DIRECTLY!!  Not brain!!   (Therefore we survive death, as do all creatures, AND FOR EVER!!!!),)))

        Materialists will of course close the eyes WHICH THEY HAVE PUT OUT, and GO INTO DENIAL!!!!  Which they are obliged to do when faced with UNBEARABLE(to them) facts!!!!

        Time Mankind GREW UP!!!!

         Especially now as Earth is leaping upwards(In JUMP – UPS), both in Good Spirit, and in Energy!!


         Both good and evil are infinite. We go according to where we WISH and WILL!!

         Good and evil are perpetually at war.

         Chaos exists only in the affairs of Men. It does not(except APPARENTLY, so often) in Nature!!


         Note: Corpse + Ghost = The original Being.(As does feotus plus entering SPIRIT.)

         Yes, corpses CAN be made to dance. Via possession by spirits.(Or aliens!!) Either the original spirit, OR others!!


         Yin and Yan. The Chinese idea. That Good and Evil,etc. are eternally locked one within the other, in constant battle. What is important is that YOU win that battle!!

         Picture a circle with an S shape running diagonally. One side is The Yin, the other The Yan. These are black and white. And constantly fight each other!!!!


         I struggle to read my illegible notes!

         As Earth and Mankind’s struggle to survive materially and spiritually intensifies and as harmonically increasing energy from the sun ELECTRONICALLY arrives, we all intensify our efforts.  Hence my growing efforts!! 

         Did you think GOD was joking(GOD equals The Good Hierarchy!)?

         Did you think I was a lunatic OUTRAGEOUS liar, HELL bent on kicks via your worries born of my attempt to save you all??!!

         Don’t you think you should have A RE-THINK?? And THINK AGAIN??!!

         You are all so STUPIDLY MESMERIZED by those low souls with vested interest IN STOPPING GOD HELPING US ALL!!!!

         They are in the dominating group majority, because Earth is so backward. SO UNEVOLVED!!!! So devoted to INIQUITY, especially of the body.  BECAUSE IT SO FIRMLY BELIEVES THAT Matter rules mind!! IDIOTS!!!!  It really thinks there is no survival after death, nor life before it,etc!!  When such things should be OBVIOUS to those with even HALF AN EYE!!!! Aye!!


         I tell you the truth. As far as I can get it!!  And tell it!!  AS FAR AS I CAN SEE IT, of course!! WHO CAN DO MORE????

         As disasters increase HARMONICALLY(!!), I increase my efforts. And the world keeps on questioning(OR NOT!!)why God ill treats us, and why the weather is so bad, and why we cannot do what our LOWER selves like(!!!!), AND OF COURSE THE POWERS THAT BE, keep palming you off with PLAY DOWN, and REVERSE THE ACCUSATION moves!!!! How so enchanted and STUFFED UP with CRAP you get!!!!

        I could be wrong??  I COULD BE RIGHT,TOO!!!!(I rate chances of my being wrong at about .0001 recurring. Which is 99.9999 recurring RIGHT!!!!

        In practice, I am probably about 98.5% right!!

        How comforting to keep on DREAMING that we are AWAKE!! When we are actually FAST ASLEEP in a house almost now burned to the ground. As even our bed CATCHES FIRE!!!!


        If you are an IDIOT, who is blind to the fact that the longer you leave it, THE WORSE IT WILL BE FOR YOU, LATER!!!!


       These are not my words. But the words of those speaking through me!!

        Though no doubt I do influence what is being said, a bit!!

        I am human!!  And I make the odd mistake NOW AND AGAIN!!!!

        Though many now on Earth, ARE NOT!!!!(Human!!)

         Animals? What a discredit to the dear poor animals!! Who are oft times kinder than we are!! No, so many are becoming BEASTS, to survive.  Judge NOT. That YOU BE NOT JUDGED!!!!


         WAKE UP!!!!

        BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!

       I am simply TRYING to save you from the middle of a busy road!! To prevent you getting KNOCKED DOWN!!!!


        At The Judgement, ALL men shall be called upon to give ACCOUNT. Of their actions.(I include thoughts, and OMISSIONS!!!!)

        AND THEIR WORDS!!!!



       AND GRASP THE SIMPLE FACT THAT ALL ARE OUT FOR THEIR SELVES!!!! Including our leaders. Evil for the evil. Good for THE GOOD!!!!

       Which side am I on??


      NOW is the time, not next week, nor month… nor tomorrow. BUT NOW!!!!

      Or does your soul in HELL.

      AND the falling boulders TO COME…

     Mean so little to you??!!

     YOUR CALL!!!!





       Victor CONWAY.


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