A932 and A957. My New Astronomy. Distance and mass,etc. finder,etc.






Friday, 7th October,  2,005.

Article A957

My EXACT Astronomical Distance,etc.FINDER. SIMPLIFIED. CONDENSED. Continued.


     I forgot many important things!(But all written down somewhere!!)(I mean in my articles.)

           One I haven’t forgotten: Wave form Light,etc.(EM, Electro-Magnetic Radiation) travels in STRAIGHT LINES!!

        Light,etc. travels in straight lines! It has no reason to do anything else!!

       When people say that light bends, they mean PHOTONIC light bends when passing large enough masses!!(In that non-existent mental construct we call space, with what YOU THINK is mystum time PASSAGE!!)(Neither space, nor time, exist!!  Except in our world of phoney appearances. Ah,yes. There are LEVELS of truth, you see!!  But I fear I speak to a brick wall!!)

       Straight light, the two 2-1’s, knowing that only one fifth of quasar,etc. red shift z’s was due to distance(My wave angle, H.L. The old CRS, Cosmological Red Shift!!!!), realizing that vels equal mags in the warpages!! The correspondences of all factors!  (I am trying to recall what I have forgotten!!) The Wave Form on the 100 fold magnified vels co-ordinated.(Was a zig zag before!!). Some strange significance there! The planetary shape of ALL fields!!  YES!!!!    The VAD(sorry, not VDA), The View Angle to The Field Centre.  Flat galaxies due to vibration dimension showing!!(Taking the place of the third spatial dimension!! YES!!)  Small expansions of all fields. NOT of space and time per se!!  The instantaneous velocity of light,etc. And gravitation!!  The existence of Hyperforce, a sort of close in gravity! EM and electric everything!! No big bang. Orthodoxy has black and white holes reversed!! In a BI-FURCATING universe, not a colliding one. You got violence on the brain!!)(Too much wrong television,ETC!!!!) Milne’s Second Time. Is my T2, Time Two!! Etc.  Heterogeneous universe, not homo!!  Photonic light,etc.travels at c/pi. Wave form light REGISTERED at c!(Because that is the maximum velocity we CAN register!!)  Eintstein nearly completely wrong. Friedman,et al, far worse!! G = R, basically. Cosmological Constant(Cosmic Factor).  Hubble’s Constant is 50(But check 55).  Quasars 100(Check 200!) x closer than thought!!  Arp right(so far as he goes!).  Azimov right. Hawkins wrong!! Hoyle often right! Lerner, right. Alfven,  right!!  Hubble’s Law applies to ALL fields! We only see out to limits of our own meta-galaxy, not cosmos!  By universe they meant OMNIVERSE. Why not say so?!  I confirm Guth’s five inflations!! My expansion-contraction pulsations IN all fields has NO THING to do with the orthodox expansion notion! NO ode! (No OPTICAL doppler effect!). Blue displacemnet not red shift!!  The internal structure of spectroscopes NECESSITATES a doubling of “vels”. That needs halving!   All fields are round 4d disks. We only see out half way, chord wise.(ALL of the way arc wise!!). TWO kinds of distance, arc and chord!!(Around, and through!!)  Orthodoxy and conventionalism completely STUFFED!!!! Theory of no thing but CRAP!!!!  No Big Bang.  CRS, Red Shift is our view of fields’ HORIZONS, not an expansion!  (Earth too is expanding via dust,etc.infall!! But nobody is stupid enough to confuse the horizon curvature WITH AN EX PANSION!!!!(Similarly in parallel celestially. Hey ho!!  Come on you guys, you are UP THE WALL!!!! RIGHT up it!!  All because you prefer expansion and BIG BANG(Boom! WHOOSH!! Mentality!!!!) to The TRUTH!!!!  You are all BARMY!!  No recompense is worth selling your souls to!! IDIOTS!!!!  Stay with God and Truth, Love,etcs!!!!)

              Anyway, I saw that mags travel chordwise via straight lined light,etc!!!!

      Will THEY ever  LEARN??!!

        But they DON’T WANT to learn, you see!!

        Prefer their very stupid ideas!!

        I am referring to the orthodox and conventional(who be all).

        So you see how it is, chaps, a bit, I HOPE!!!!

       We see the stars AND EVERYTHING up there in the night sky WHERE THEY ARE, not where they were!!

       You will need to re-write Astronomy,etc. But just change the terms!!

       You worshippers of hyped prestige BALONEY!!!! Spawn of universities,etc. As a side line to very destructive ACTIVISM, et al!!!! What is the matter with you all?? The way to Heaven, is by good works, not destruction!!  You are taking matter TOO SERIOUSLY!!(It is only low grade MIND!!!!)

       Anyway, get it RIGHT,now. While we still have a planet LEFT!!!!

       We are SO ruled by LIES, that we see the truth as FALSE!!!!

       The Reptilian aliens through the humanoid little greys and the mutants rule us, and are devouring us soul, AND BODY(as they slowly conquer us(Mars already gone(I mean The Martians)); via The Illuminati and The Freemasons,etc.ETC. via The Faceless evil monsters who manipulate, exploit, and DRAIN us, at every turn. And none worse than the religieus monsters!!!! Aye!  Meanwhile VERY materialistic so called science holds the EVIL fort!!!!


      Alone in the universe, MY BIG TOE!!

      Spirits exist all right. SO DO SPRITES. Fairies and all that!! Yes.

      Man does not know so little. He knows nothing but HORSE MANURE!! About which he knows practically everything!!!! But that is about ALL he does know!!!!  Cuckoo, cuckoo!!!!!

        Of course I am brassed with you all!!

       You ignore me. Think I am a big very sick joke!!!! So you will learn in Hell(sic). While I weep from even lower down. As God holds me by the ankle!!

       Yet see not your OWN faults!!!!

       GOD is so big, that we CANNOT see IT!!!!  Aye.

       I waste my breath as usual?!

       You crucified Jesus. You burned Bruno ALIVE.

       Get a LIFE, for God’s sake!!

       Yet you think you are so wonderful!!!!

       I don’t want your praise. I JUST WANT YOU TO MAKE SOME REAL PROGRESS!!!!

      Your idea of progress is to go down as deep as possible into idiocy and HELL!!!!

      Yes, readers I note you are just beginning to look at the real issues!!

      Like Earth Changes,etc.  ARE you??  Man is not to blame at all for global warming(Not even Surface Nature is!!(Volcanic eruptions and forest fires(Mostly by lightning, ARSON and carelessly left camp fires and cigarette butts!!!!). THE SUN is!! (Ahoy, there!!) ELECTRONICALLY!!!!

      A cyclic super winter that comes every few thousand years. Beginning with massive heat FROM THE SUN, electronically, warming us up FROM BELOW. Not above, you silly people!! Lava, magma, rock, sea, atmospheres. THAT is the sequence. Not the reverse you so worship!!

     The ground is warming up.

     And our brains are undergoing increasing storms!! Thanks to electrons etc. coming in harmonically growing masses FROM THE SUN!!!!



     That is why the whales, the dolphins, the seals,etc. are beaching their selves!! Dis-orientated, not suicides!!

     Aided by Man’s sonics under water!!

     But of course, we believe what we like, not the truth!!  Well, the rest of you do. Bar very few exceptions!!!!


     AHOY THERE!!!!

     Got any chum, gum??!!

     Victor Conway.(You swallow lies wholesale! But reject the truth with the most VICIOUS CONTEMPT!! Come along, Earthmen!!  OR PERISH!!!! And MOST horribly!!!!…)








Saturday, 1st October,  2,005.

Article A932

My EXACT Distance Finder,etc. SIMPLIFIED!!!!


            Allow for VAD, View Angle Distortion!! Either way!! Sun Centre to Field Centre. Or Field Centre to Sun Centred maps.


     What is the advantage with doing the mean of both reds(arcs) by my wave angles, your Hubble’s Law  and chords(blacks), magnitudes??

     I thought to get the best result by taking the mean!

            Infinitesmally better, maybe.

            However, singles are about as good!!

             The TRUE REAL velocities are very small.(Distant H.L. of candidate LESSNear H.L. of candidate.)(In other words the old velocity variations!!)

            Colour(the SMALL velocity allowed)(and less obscuring matter, g.e., u.g. And even mass!!)is the best.

            The small velocities will be poor on account of various and varying VECTORS!!

            Adjust v, Apparent Magnitude!! Obviously it is compounded by Intrinsic luminosity(Unless already allowed for!! Watch for that!!). And TAKE OFF gravitation effect, universal gravity, etc.

            (Olber: The curvature of space AND TIME, will also dim the light!!)

            There are FOUR good factors. Even used as singles!!

            W.A.(My Wave Angle.)(Orthodox Hubble’s Law is ALMOST as good!!)

            ADJUSTED v, Apparent Magnitude.(See above.)

            T4.  This is the fact that the spin rate of fields is Mass of the candidate to the power of four!!!!(Something like this.(I may not have it quite right. But it should easily be found out!!j)


             Vels are poor!!(I mean the real, true small velocities!(Hubble’s Law, or My Wave Angle, are ANGLES of VIEW out, NOT velocities!!(Wave Angle(The old “vels”) equals Mass via the fact that all works through bubbles half way  through the field surface! And that mass and “velocity” are simply equal angles of view through these bubbles!!!!))))

            Correction: I said that to get chord distances you divide by 2(or vice versa). No! You divide by Pi/2!!(Just the once.)(This for general warp(circumferential(of field concerned)curvature or geodesic. It is only for LOCAL warps that you cast out Pi/2’s repeatedly, until too little is left to cast out!!)

            This is because the ratio of circ to diameter chord is Pi. But since my chord distance are at maxium  ONLY  HALF WAY AROUND(Out To Far Point)(After that we are getting nearer home again!!) You also need to divide that Pi by 2!!

            Do NOT take short cuts.

            And listen to ALL that I say!!(However absurd looking. However trivial!!)

            I have been right through this thing.

            You have’t!! Or you would be half out of your mind by now!!!!(Because of the INCREDIBLE results!!)

            The evidence is consistent. The theory is coherent. And both fit perfectly!!!!

            USE The Homer Guide!!(EVERY time!!)(To get the MATHEMATICAL ORDER of the result.)(The number of decimal places. The number of 0’s before the decimal point.)

            Remember to BLOCK CONVERT the reds, the old “velocities”!! To get the average. In order to GROUP EQUALIZE each and ever individual value!!

            Use 40 candidates each time. Not too many(‘lest you confuse the result). Not too few, ‘lest you have to scant a picture!!

            Astronomy Catalogue TWO,etc.

            Use TWO digits each time!!

            06, for example, where necessary.

            Don’t worry about e logs.

            Log(Napierian) the graph per the old “vels” though!!

            I have made it as easy as Pi,now!(DIVIDED BY TWO!!)

            Pi is almost the secret of the universe!!

            Phi is about the rest.

            I have reduced the thing to its simplest terms now. And should be VERY easy. The difficult part will be overcoming the old emotional resistances. Sheer disbelief,etc!!!!

            Believe me or PERISH!!!! Spiritually first. Then materially!!!!

            All values, bar mass and derivatives will be View Angle distorted of course!!

            Though we see from Sol(more or less), the actual view is from The Field Centre!!

            The angle between plotted Sol and Field Centre is The View Angle!!

            ALL factors discerned from the observer will be View Angle distorted, because derived mainly from Sun and not Field Centre!!

           You must allow for this!!

            Remember I have ALREADY allowed for the queer anomalies, and the self cancelling pairs!! Take my word for it. I have reduced it to this!!!!

            The fact that I get such EXACT results tells me that I have missed no thing!!

            Why, and how, did Orthodox Astronomy go wrong? 1. They want lies,not the truth!!(To retain power,etc.) 2.  They THOUGHT they had allowed for space and time curvature, WHEN THEY HAD NOT!!!! 3. They think that they have removed extinction effect(obscuring matter), BUT THEY HAVE NOT!!!! 4. They cannot BEAR to have the quasars (those seen, for the most part) CLOSE BY!! Because this sinks Big Bang!! And THEY prefer B.B. to Truth!!!!(Because they simply refuse to grasp the obvious fact that white hole(and black hole) quasar(and blassar) GRAVITATIONS are enormous!! FOUR FIFTHS of RED SHIFT!!!! All fields. YES!!!! 5. Though results repeatedly disclosed a 2-1 discrepancy(Due to the spectroscopic device ANOMALY!!), they preferred to ignore this, and make The Hubble Diagram a square graph!!) 6. They cannot grasp that fields are round. We see reds(H.L.etc.) AROUND the arcs. But magnitudes’ wise ACROSS Hyperspace,etc!!  7.  They will NOT realize that neither space nor time ACTUALLY EXIST!!!!  8.  Nor that em (light,etc. AND GRAVITY) travel INSTANTANEOUSLY, NOT at c.(Note photons travel at c/pi)(But relevantly these only exist at the eye!!)(waves travel at c)(ACROSS(not around!!) the field concerned. 9. Hubble’s Law applies to ALL fields!! Not just the galactic,etc. 10.  We live in an open stellar cluster!! 11.  Einstein et al was almost completely wrong. 12. Friedman,et al, far FAR worse!! 12. No GENERAL Unified Field!! 13. Vibration exists as a Dimension GROUP!!!! 14. They cannot bear Group Law!! 15. Time two, etc.(Milne saw it!) of Level Two(Not Einstein’s Relativity!!) EXIST!!!! 16.  We see the backsides of everything out there. And even our own selves AS WE ARE NOW, out there!!!! 17.  4d rotation produces 3d spread.(They won’t have 4d!)(To produce the denied Radiation(Einstein twigged it.) Force!!)  18.  Vibration NOT TIME, is The Cosmic Radial. In ALL fields!!  19.  They wrongly trust Trigonometric Parallax!! 20. They wrongly trust The Distance Modulus,etc!!!! 21.  They are stupid MATERIALISTS!!!! 22.  They reject Arp, Milne, Hoyle and Azimov! But embrace Sagan, Eddington, Jeans,etc. 23. They reject Lerner. 24. They reject Alfven!! 25. They are obsessed with Gravitation.(The wrong one of four kinds!!!!) 26.  They reject Plasma. 27. They reject Vortices!  28. They reject an Electric Universe. 29. They reject me. 30. They reject Truth. ETC. 31.  They won’t have GOD.(But they’ll have The Devil!! Unawares!!) 32.  They think all non professionals and their stooge amateurs are sacroscant and that all the rest are cranks and crackpots!!!! 33.  They think we live in a colliding universe. No! It is bifurcating,etc. 34.  They think black holes are white holes,and vicky verky. 35. They think the universe is CHAOTIC!!!! 36.  They are A CLOSED SHOP. 37. With permanently SHUT minds!! 38.  They think we see out about TEN TIMES further than we actually do!! 39.  They think our local Meta Galaxy IS The Universe. 40. They think our cosmos IS THE ALL. But The Omniverse IS INFINITE!!!! 41.  They think the universe is closed. 42. And finite. 43.  They see their own faults IN those they reject!! 44.  They don’t THINK. Not deeply enough!! 45.  They,ETC. are the morons who have seized power, rather than face their DEFICIENCIES!!! 46. They believe in chance coincidence, instead of law and order!! 47.  They have confused Man’s affairs chaos with Universal disorder!! 48.  They think sense is born in universities and the like!!!!(When it is idiocy that is born there!!)

       Ya see, comrades??!!

       My old man’s a dustbin, he wears a dustman’s ‘at. He wears O’Crikey trousers.  And he lives in a Council Flat! (An old ditty.)

      All together now!!






      Victor Conway.


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