A930. My Exact Astronomical Distance and mass,etc. finder and other subjects.


Friday, 30th September,  2,005.

Article A930

My EXACT Distance,etc.Finder. I continue.


     For those hardy souls who have fought their way this far, I go on:-


     I am starting at Point 1,000, as I have lost track of what point number I am on!!

     Of course, I’m human.  I THINK.

     1,000.  If you plot(on a graph) 1.6mag against “vels”, you should get a surprise! You should a rather neat diagonal!!(For ADJUSTED v, apparent magnitudes.(I mean adusted for Mv, absolute magnitude!(Of course.)  And velocities AND obscuring matter, plus g.e. and u.g!!!!))

     In the case of absolute magnitudes, these being virtually masses, intrinsic luminosities, or inherent brightnesses,  you should again find a close correspondence!!

     1,001.  Humanity is at The Technological Crisis.  That point where the inhabitants of a planet or some such, take a wrong turning and get destroyed.(They destroy them selves.) This occurs very often out of the multitudes of planetary civilizations because obsession with the material exceeds the spiritual too much!!

     At such a cross roads, this planet, Earth, now finds itself!!

     The odds are very much against us!!

     However, this notion of many planetary(or some such)civilizations destroying their selves is not exactly true!!  Reason being, that SOME humans usually survive. And that these fight their way back up again, multiply, and they are on their way again!! So this TOTAL destruction business is not true(Only in exceptional cases.). Materially, anyway.

     1,002.  Now here is a point I find very interesting:  Termite mounds in Australia point south. Even though the sun is to the north!! Why??(Termite mounds elsewhere(if any) should also have a similar anomaly. Even if it is the reverse case!!)


     Even termites like sunshine. So why are they turning their backs on the sun?!

     THEY DON’T!!

      But every few thousand years, The Earth inverts!!

      This bears it out. There are many other things that bear out the periodic cyclic inversions,too!!

       1,003.  NATURAL equals spiritual.

       Though natural equals instinctive!!

       I mean that often doing the what comes naturally is more mental than instinctive!!


      1,003. Men(and women) all speak false to some extent or other. To speak the truth all the time, is about impossible. We all(or the vast majority) bow to some fear or other some times!! 

      Tell the truth(all the time), and you won’t live six months!  I doubt you would last that long!!

      We tend to protect our IMAGE. The pretentious face that we turn to the world!!

      This necessitates at least a little dishonesty.

      Of course, there is no need to go overboard. If only because the resulting Hell is that much greater!!!!


      1,004.  Did you know that you can die, and not know it?!(Note: If you “die”, and still live, then you didn’t die!!  I do not agree with those who think they died and returned to life. Though I am highly aware of a hereafter(actually therethen).)

      I do not mean because you are no longer concious! I mean DESPITE being STILL concious!!

      This is because both the spiritistic world(the inbetween world) and the spirit world can be so much like this one IN APPEARANCE, that many get fooled. For quite some time, sometimes!!

     1,005.  We are all in a great PLAY, acting out various roles!!!!

     1,006.   Have I reached the end?  What?! In a world without end!!!!

     1,007.   This is the road I chose. Because God chose it for me. And being of God, was best for me. Which I saw.

     1,008.    It is not my wish to force my views upon anyone. But I will think of those who wish to climb higher!!


          I will conclude with a riddle:-

          Are we on the outside looking in(or out?)? Or on the inside looking out(or in?)!!

          1. Personally. 2. Globally.

          I will take 2, first. Are we on the inside of the planet looking OUT. Or on the inside looking in??

          You say we are on the outside looking out. If only because we see the stars,etc. And the moon.  I think you are right.

          What about those on the inside looking in(Since they can hardly look out.)?  Then those down there(and there are many), will see the central small red sun. In a permanently lit sky. Though not always blue!!(As with the surface viewers.)(By inside here, I mean those WITHIN.(Not to be confused with those INSIDE of The Earth!!))  

          Those on the inside sometimes find it lit up. By luminescent rocks,etc.

          WITHIN The Earth, and all the heavenly bodies(AND GROUPS THEREOF!!), with few exceptions, if any, unless collapsed; then The Within is outside, not inside!! Because still part of the outside surface.  That is that all geodes, or bolides, are double reverse helixes.

          The inside is of course INSIDE. Though The Within has its own inside!! You dig?!


          2. Personally.

               Do we see outside of our bodies?

          Or inside of our brains??


          OR INSIDE OF OUR MINDS!!!!

          We see outside of our bodies. But inside of our minds.

          We do not see inside of our brains. Unless skull removed and we use a mirror or mirrors, and someone pokes around!!


          Our bodies, plus heads, with brain,etc. contents. Are inside of our minds!!

          Our brains are inside of our minds.

          But our minds are not inside of our brains.

          I will leave it there. And wish you all The Greetings of The Seasons. I refer to Christmas and The New Year.

         DON’T EAT BIRDS!!(Danger of bird ‘flu.)


         NOW perhaps you will believe me!! Ho HO!!(Santa’s coming!!)

         Now save this planet!!




        Victor Conway.









Friday, 30th September,  2,005.

Article A929

I continue The See Upside Down O’Scope.


               Did you read the earlier article? Did you understand it?

      Well, there is more to come. We go deeper!!

      The SUDO (See Upside Down O’Scope) device inverts ALL that we see!(Not the face, which it hides.) Against what(does it invert everything)?  Against your gravity feel, and your inner body orientation feel. In other words against the outside and inside gravities!!

      How can it do that? If optical inversions leave all as before!(Since there is no OPTICAL reference point not inverted!)  To be honest, I don’t know!!)

      All I know is that if you wear a SUDO, you will see everything upside down!!(And later, after take the SUDO off, you will AGAIN see everything upside down!!)

      How the….????

      It simply turns the view image UPSIDE DOWN!!!!(I don’t know its principles.)(But it should not be hard to work out.)

      Which results in an inversion NOT against any optical reference(as you cannot see your face!), but against your outer and inner senses of GRAVITY!!

      Presumably it inverts the view against the device’s frame seen through!! But as the frame looks the same, inverted or not, you simply see THE SCENE inverted!! Subtle!!

      Very clever.

       You feel the right way up, via outside and inside gravities(of body). But SEE upside down!!  So it feels as if gravity is coming from above! The sky! This confuses your mind. Which tries to make sense of this. And takes an average 20 minutes to do so!! Meanwhile you feel and act MAD(in that respect)!! As you cannot reconcile seeing with gravity orientation!!  You try to go under stiles visually, as you feel your way over them!(Things like this.)  The result is naturally CHAOS!!!!

       Finally, the view out matches the gravity vectors’ feel!!

        And you are normal again. DESPITE wearing the SUDO!!

        Naturally, when you finally remove it, you will see upside down again. You will see and feel gravity vector exactly as you did WHEN WEARING THE SUDO!!!!

        It passes off after about twenty minutes.

        There IS NO SUCH THING AS UPSIDE DOWN!! NOR RIGHT WAY UP!!!! They both look the same!! As there is no external reference. (Except the device’s FRAME. So your mind got fooled donning the SUDO, AND WHEN TAKING IT OFF!!!!)


        Please explain to me how THE BRAIN could get in on the act!!

        Basically a wiring device(The heart is merely A PUMP.(It is the spiritual heart that does the loving,etc!!))  No camera or camera obscura there! NOR does the brain invert! Since you (your body) don’t invert!!

      Supposing you argue(as a materialist, who thinks brain and mind are the same thing) that the brain inverts the view of the eyes. (Tell me HOW!!)Otherwise, the outer world IS upside down, which does not make sense!! (On the other hand if right way up and upside down look the same(because no reference point IN THE FIELD OF VIEW), then when eyes invert view, they see as before!!(Or, rather, THE MIND sees or interprets,  AS BEFORE!!!!   No need to invoke brain! BUT WE MUST INVOKE MIND, because SOMETHING has to be PROVIDING the MENTAL CONSTRUCTS of right way up, and upside-down!!)))(Keep count of those brackets,now!!)(Note that the mental constructs are different, being opposite ideas in the mind. But the optical views of right way up and upside down, are THE SAME.  Therefore view and interpretation differ.)

      It is amazing how even the simplest things become complex in the EXPLAINING!!(Not just a words’ problem, but an IDEAS’ one!!)


      It simply means that the brain is not the mind! And that MIND DIRECTLY(as well as INDIRECTLY) RULES Matter!! And, since, then therefore mind must rule body, we survive death. And for ever. AND ALREADY HAVE(FOR EVER)!!!!

      There is no way out, other than to separate mind from brain!! There is no need for brain(other than to transmit messages, both motor and sensory) IN THE INVERSION ASPECT!!!!

      So what’s the answer?  The answer is(No, it is not a trick via words! NOR ideas!!) that Materialism is Bunk!!  And yet, though Mind and Spirit,etc.exist, ALL is SUPER material!! All is matter, but there are MANY grades of matter!! Dense, fine, and so on!!  You understand?? If not, WHY NOT????


     In other words matter IS MIND.  And MIND IS MATTER!!

     If the brain can do what I claim the mind HAS TO BE doing, you need to explain to me(and to everyone else) HOW a (basically) mere set of wiring can both invert AND INTERPRET what the eyes see!!(And the body feels!! ETC.)

      Which raises another very interesting item:-

      Mind and brain are two different entities. Now, is the mind in the brain, or the brain in the mind??  (Humans have over simplified everything you see!! For convenience.  AND FOR comfort. Comfort to those who  CANNOT BEAR for Materialism(The Non Super kind!!) TO BE WRONG!!!! And Spiritualism,ETC. to be right!!!!)

      The brain is in the mind!(Only matter is in the brain!)  (Consider Joe’s brain!!  An article of mine. If you open up a brain, while the patient is concious, you can via mirror or mirrors get him to see his own brain! Ah,yes, he exclaims, MY OWN BRAIN!!  Now if as materialists argue the mind is in the brain, OR that there is NO mind!!, they have a problem.   WHERE is this man seeing his brain?  In his eyes? Or in his brain??  OR IN HIS MIND????  Naturally his eyes see it(via a mirror(or mirrors)). Ah, but WHAT is seeing through eyes??  Eyes alone are merely camera obscuras. We need A VIEWER!!  Brain or mind. Or both????  If brain, then this is odd! That brain sees itself!!

     Does brain see brain in brain, or in MIND??

     Tricky, isn’t it!!


     If he somehow sees his brain inside of his brain(!!!!), then we have A PROBLEM!! WHAT are his eyes doing outside of his brain?  If his VIEW is in his brain?!  Eyes in brain??  Absurd!!   I think brain inside of SAME brain is even more absurd!!!!  So we have to invoke MIND!!!!  And a mind that is distinct from the brain!! Furthermore, though the brain(and eyes) is in the mind, THE MIND IS NOT IN THE BRAIN. Nor in the eyes!!

     When Joe(or whoever) sees a view( I have heard from materialists(who else?!) that Joe IS his brain!(So what is the rest of his body?), WHERE DOES HE SEE IT? According to Materialism, it is inside of his brain!!  (As the eyes are merely camera obscuras!!)(Not even cameras.)  Let us grant this for a moment. Then somewhere inside of the brain, sits a man viewing the outside world.(Through HIS eyes, of course. Another set of eyes.)(And inside of the second man inside of the brain of the original man, sits a third man. All Joes!!!   And so on, ad infinitum!! You see what I mean??!!

      And, furthermore, the Joe(or who ever) that is doing the FIRST viewing of the infinite regress series IS HIS SELF INSIDE OF A LARGER BRAIN!!!! And so on, AD INFINITUM!!!!


      You see the problem better now??


      On the other hand if we can place brains(and everything else) inside of minds, then the problem resolves WITHOUT invoking infinite regresses!! BOTH ways,too, to boot!!!!

      The brain, AND EVERYTHING ELSE,  is in THE MIND!  In the mind of The Viewer. Even and including indirectly as when he views his own brain via a mirror or mirrors!!

     Though ALL is in GOD’S MIND, all other views are only inside of the minds of the viewers concerned.


     Cake, anyone??

     How about Tennis??



     And on this happy note, I must leave you!!(Albeit happy only for Mentalists and Spiritualists,ETC.)

     My old man used to ask me how long a piece of string was. And how many beans make five!! But I know now why the chicken crossed the road. It was to speak to his wife.  Still can’t work out that one about Jack and The Beans talk.  I keep visualizing Jack talking to some beans, and the beans talking back.




     Victor Conway.

















Thursday, 29th September,  2,005.

Article A928

The Metamorphosis of some insects.

A parallel to what happens to humans!!


          I am thinking of butterflies, flies and moths,etc. in particular.

     Now let me try to get this right. The four stages in their life cycle: 1. Cell in egg. 2. Grub.  3. Larva. 4. Imago.  With butterflies(they are prettier), this is caterpillar and butterfly for the last two stages. Any critics?? 3 goes to 4 via the chrysalid stage. How does 1 go to 3?   Anyway, I have put down grub. A sort of(guessing) earlier chrysalid stage. Yes, I expect I have it wrong. But it is an attempt.

     With humans, we go 1. Cell in the uterus. 2. Embryo(various stages)(Foeutus in later stages.) 3. Human in the body. 4. Human spirit.(Out of the body. Permanently!!)(It is seldom permanent. We re-incarnate, unless so advanced that we move on via consummation with God to a higher stage of development!!

         My main concern here is stages 3 and 4. We are well familiar with what we are in life. But the materialist thinks stage 4 is permanent( as a corpse, then a skeleton).

        Stage four is(I say, again.) a spirit in The Spirit World!!

        So now we are larvae, caterpillars,etc. After death, we become butterflies(I mean spirits).

        Remember the words of Confuscious?  I had a dream last night. I dreamt I was a butterfly.  Now I do not know whether I am a a butterfly dreaming that it is a human, or a human who dreamt that he was a butterfly!!

        Dreams reflect The Spirit World very often. But seldom ARE it!!

        So get clued up you materialists!!

        Glad I got that off my chest!!

        Notice how truth is becoming fashionable.(Well, with some!!)

        Heard of the story of the honest man and the liar? One always told the truth, the other always told lies.  How can one tell which is which?? Listen:-

        Says the honest man: I never lie! Says the liar: I always tell the truth!!

        The trick is to question them: First, ask one(we do not know in advance which is which!): Are you telling the truth?  He will say Yes. They both will say yes!! Give one of them a cake. (In full view of the other.) Ask A(one of them): Is that a cake B has in his  hand?  Not the  one you gave the cake to.). He will answer No.(As he cannot tell the truth!!)  Now ask B the same question.  He will answer Yes, being honest!!(Note THEY MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!!!!)  To confirm, ask A (who has no cake) is that a cake you have in your hand? He will answer yes, of course. B will answer when asked if A has a cake in his hand, No.   The honest man is B. We have found out.  What other way is there to find out which is which?? Now the person we relate this unlikely tale to will not have seen the cake, but will only know that ONE, not two cakes,   were issued(because you tell them so). Therefore two cakes cannot be out, when only was issued. Therefore one is a liar. Which clearly is A.




        Victor Conway.








Wednesday, July 29th, 1998.

Article A927



Our eyes are cameras(two, so stereo-scopic). So they invert their images.

Why,then, do we see things the right way up??

Is the world upside-down?? That we see things the right way up!!!!


     See my earlier article/s,too.

     The orthodox explanation is that the brain re-inverts!!

     I didn’t know brains were cameras!!!!

     I reject this. Besides, it is the mind, not the brain that does it!!!!


     Is the brain a sort of digital, that not only repeats the image, BUT REVERSES IT??!!


     Now to understand the question(and the answer), it is necessary to understand inversion!!

     Draw a square ABCD. Inside it, concentrically, and symmetically, place a second square, EFGH. Have side E below side A. This shall be our definition of upright.

     Obviously if you don’t have an external reference, then up-right has no meaning!!


     When we view the world, we describe the view as UP-RIGHT. But what is the external reference?? You wouldn’t call it(the view) upside-down, would you!!

     WHAT is the view the right way up against??

     Your view of your face??


     If the world inverted, but not your face, then you should get worried!!

    But supposing your face inverted,too. How would you know the difference??(Between the right way up AND UP-SIDE DOWN????)(!!!!)


    You look out through your eyes. You see your face(nose,cheeks….). And you see the world of non-(your)body!!!! Is the external reference then your face??!!


     Apparently so. For if EVERYTHING inverted(including your face), you would notice NO DIFFERENCE. NO CHANGE!!!!

    Wrong!!(Though not optically!!)


    We can test this. By inverting EVERYTHING!!!!

    No. I do not mean stand upon your head. In any case, your face,too,would then be upside-down.


    Use an “upside-down o’scope”!!

    This is an optical device which inverts the viewed scene. Face AND ALL!!!!(Either that or it cannot see the face. The  result is the same!!!!)


    This has been done!!

    What happens?? We see EVERYTHING upside-down!!



    It cannot be the face!!!! This is the point.


    Is it from FEELING our body’s orientation??

    No. Because it is not strong enough and/or not connected enough!!

    Memory?? Against WHAT????


     If you continue to wear the device, a strange thing occurs. You ADAPT to the view. AND DO CONSIDER IT UPRIGHT!!!!(Against what??!!)


    However!! You have inverted everything. So how can it again be up-right!!!!


     And what changed, that your view has changed??!!


     It cannot be anything material. So it must be mental.

    The mind has put everything up-right again!!!!


    THERE IS NO WAY(Brain and/or mind!!!!)!!!!


     So what is going on??

     Now remove the ‘scope!!

     Once again EVERYTHING will seem upside-down!!(The face does not enter it!!)

     Later on, the mind will AGAIN adapt, and you will consider everything up-right!!


     Now whilst wearing the scope you will attempt to go under fences, and over birds,etc!!(In flight!!)Naturally!! Because you view(if only mentally)EVERYTHING as upside-down!!!!

     You go mad!!


     What is the answer??


     In other words upside-down and right way up are MENTAL PERCEPTIONS, not material ones!!!! NEITHER OF WHICH CAN BE  TRUE. BECAUSE THERE IS NO ORIENTATION.(BECAUSE THERE IS NO EXTERNAL REFERENCE!!!!)

    It is all in the mind. BUT NOT THE  BRAIN!!!! And the mind can change over!!

    The mind simply makes us feel comfortable.

    If things get inverted materially, it will MAKE the view(mental)upright!!!!


    It is an idea or notion IN THE MIND.

    Which we can feel comfortable with!!!!

    When trying to go under fences, and over birds,etc. in flight, we are going by memory,then!!


    Relating to the new MENTAL orientation. Which is wrong,of course!!!!


    There simply is no right way up and upside down!!!!

    It is an idea in our minds. And right-way-up idea provides comfort.

    Similarly with left-right!!(But not re versal!!!!)


    Mirror images would seem normal eventually(IF YOU KEPT LOOKING INTO THEM. HENCE THE DANGER!!)!!!! But you would go mad.

     Thursday, September 29th,  2,005:-


     This proves mind over matter. And therefore life after death!! For ever,too.

    Did you understand?(I have lost my earlier articles, unless they are part of a different article!!) So I must go over parts again.

    Let me start again: The eyes(both) are camera obscuras(as they take no photographs!). Therefore what we SEE must be an inversion. But! This implies that the world is upside down. Which is nuts. How unlikely!!

    The world has to be upright. IF ONLY BY DEFINITION!! But the eyes MUST invert. Therefore WHAT has re-inverted the scene? The brain? But the brain is NOT a  camera obscura! The MIND,  a very different thing, is the cause!!  Yes!!

    However, it is even more complex than this!!

    The world is the right way up, or all is mad!! The eyes invert. The mind RE-INVERTS. Not the brain.(The brain, in any case, is simply a sort of telephone exchange, motor and sensory.(The heart is merely a pump.))(It is the MIND, not the brain that does all the stuff!! The brain is basically only WIRING!!!!)

      We CALL our normal view upright. To give it a name.  We call any inversions upside down!!  If you stand upon your head(I mean of course do a head stand, not put your feet upon your head!!), then the world will LOOK upside down. And people may grin at you. However, the reason for the inversion is that you are using your face as A REFERENCE!! Because everything else has inverted IN REFERENCE to your face(you see your nose,etc.). But NOT your face, of course! So the world is upside down!!

      What is needed is a device that CONCEALS your face from your eyes’ view. Such a device exists. It is called a “See Upside Down O’Scope”. Sounds good. Put one on, and go out for a walk!!  Everything looks upside down. Despite the fact that you cnnnot see your face!  Yes, it is strange!!  You now try to walk OVER the flying birds,etc!! And of course you feel AND LOOK(to any onlookers), – MAD!!

     If any onlookers do not understand the purpose of the queer device you are wearing!!

    Bear with this!!

    (My logic seems lame with simple things like the liar and the honest man, and Mirrors. But it demonstrates how it works!! It also works with more complex riddles.)

    Keep on wearing the device, and after a while a very peculiar thing happens. Everything suddenly seems normal!! That is, – upright, again. THOUGH YOU ARE STILL WEARING THE UPSIDE DOWN O’SCOPE.  Now isn’t that odd!!(Be honest now!!)(It is right. It has been tried!!)

    Finally, highly amused(perhaps), you go home, and take the thing off!! AND NOW EVERYTHING LOOKS UPSIDE DOWN!!!! Even though you have gone back to normal. And are no longer wearing The Scope!! For about twenty minutes you will go crazy again. And any onlookers will be convinced that you are mad!! Poking the mantlepiece instead of any fire. And so on!! Kissing your wife’s feet, instead of her head!!

    It eventually wears off, and once more all looks normal: Upright.


    So what happened?!  The answer is NO THING!!!!  You see, upright and upside down BOTH look the same!! BECAUSE!! If you invert EVERYTHING, including your face, you have NO REFERENCE POINT. And upside down has NO MEANING!! Likewise with right way up, incidentally!!

    In other words, right way up, and upside down are MENTAL CONSTRUCTS we utilize, to avoid going INSANE!!!!(In this respect.)

    There is no such thing as upside down. Nor of right way up. EXCEPT in reference to SOMETHING else IN YOUR FIELD OF VISION!!!! It’s right!!

    The question is: WHAT provides the mental construct?! The answer is NOT the brain. It is THE MIND(yours) that does all the behind the scenes’ stuff.(All that brains do(being essentially wiring) is send messages(motor and sensory))! Which proves mind over matter(directly, I mean, not indirectly!!). And life after death,etc Magic, miracles, and so on!!!!

      Now See Upside Down O’Scopes may be a little hard to come by! So visualize these things!!

      There is no such thing as up or down, you see. Except as a mental construct, against some reference! Take away that reference, and you are lost. And can go mad!!

      For instance, if you are under water in the pitch dark, and turn over and over until you don’t know which way up you are(assuming you cannot detect your air bubbles!), then you will NOT know(Unless perhaps by gravity! And/Or inner orientation!) This is dangerous, and you could drown!!!

     Now imagine that you are way out in space, far from Earth AND SUN, AND MOON,ETC.  Spin around(we will assume that you can breathe, and be warm(so in a suit,then)), until you don’t know which way up you are. Which star is the sun?(We are so far away that it looks like a star!)(And which way is up??)

     Think about it!!

     You won’t know. Unless through gravity and/or inner body orientation.

     The point is: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS UPRIGHT AND UPSIDE DOWN!! Except via a reference in your field of vision!!

     However, you have inner body feeling. And you can feel gravity. Either or both of those might tell you.

     But optically, there is no way, WITHOUT A VISUAL REFERENCE IN YOUR FIELD OF VISION!! (To distinguish!!)

     You see the moral??




    Victor Conway.


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