A817. MY Geometricization.

Wednesday, April 01, 1998.


Geometry is concerned with shapes. 2d, 3d, – whatever.

I am speaking here in relation to Cosmological Evolution. Which is Big Bang, followed by expansion. This is the dynamical aspect of “the universe”.(Universe is thought to mean THE ALL. However, there is no all!!(Or none.)In practice it means the largest field found(or partly found!!). This is always changing, – of course. It was Earth, Solar System, Local Stars,etc. Then it became The Milky Way Galaxy. Now it is “The Universe”(Not THE ALL, but simply the largest found field.(I do not think we shall find a larger!! But that is another matter!!!!))Always define terms. And state CONTEXTS. Also terms and units. Be plain, clear, definite and positive. Any fool can hide behind confusion. After mixing you up. Speak simply, in English, and in an easy lay style. Be intelligible. Don’t be too lengthy. Or verbose. SHUN universities and research establishments!!!!

When they say universe, they MEAN The All. But in practice, this is merely the largest field currently found.(I say that there is no end to things getting larger.)(Or smaller.) Universe simply means A SYSTEM. They SHOULD say OMNI-VERSE if they mean the all. But then you cannot hide behind vagueness, darkness, insanity and non-commital!!!!

You can go on dividing ANYTHING up into ever smaller parts, AND NEVER FINISH!!!! You can also multiply anything up into ever larger multiples, AND NEVER FINISH. We tend to think in terms of finite sizes, simply because we are familiar with those.(It is in our experience!!) Infinite sizes are beyond our ability to conceive. And, I say, are beyond Nature’s KNOWN Fact. By that I mean that only ENDLESSNESS exists. Whether we can conceive it or not!! Endlessness not only exists. But we cannot conceive it EVEN!!!!

Note the distinction THERE.

For example: I cannot imagine the unimaginable. But it exists, TOO!!!!

In other words I cannot imagine the unimaginable BUT IT DOES EXIST!!!!

ALSO, I cannot visualize the last in an infinite series. IT ALSO DOES NOT EXIST!!!! I fail to imagine it not because it does not exist, but because my conceptive powers are lacking. Even if I had them I STILL COULD NOT IMAGINE THE LAST POINT. BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ONE!!!!

InfiniteNESS exists(an endless series), but not INFINITY(the last of an infinite series!!!!). The Infinite exists,then. But not IN FINITY!!!!

I can think of a high number, and you can go better. But neither of us can think of THE HIGHEST NUMBER. Not MERELY because I haven’t the capacity, but because THERE IS NOT ONE!!!!(So that is two reasons!! Both exist!!!!)

THAT is what I am trying to get across to you.

Men incline to think that IT IS THEIR FAULT that they cannot picture INFINITY(the final number or whatever). But it is MORE than that. THERE IS NO INFINITY!!!! Do not misunderstand. I am not saying that there is no INFINITUDE(and endless series(both ends,TOO)). ONLY that THERE IS NO LAST TERM!!!! Men tend to think that Infinity is the last in a long series. No!! Infinity IS ENDLESSNESS!!!! So when we say that n is the highest number, we need to understand that it is not merely unreachable by us, BUT THAT THERE IS NO SUCH NUMBER!!!! It exists in mathematics,etc. ONLY as an abstract symbol, which BECOMES AS a finite concrete symbol, and can then be managed and manipulated AS IF it was a mere finite concrete thing!!!! However. This is only A DEVICE for handling abstracts, symbols and “infinities”. So we can have INFINITIES. And an infinite number of them. But only in the abstract. Infinity does not exist. So how can a series of them!!!!

You can always add on, or multiply, – EVEN INFINITY(did it exist!!). But it does not exist!!!! Nor could we conceive it even if it did!!!!(Except as an abstract SYMBOL!!)(If we cannot visualize Infinity(which can not exist!!), how much less INFINITUDE which is infinity TO INFINITY!!!!(You get my meaning.)

What is the dynamic of the universe(or whatever)is an intereresting question. It is also a stupid one!!

Is the universe(or whatever)expanding, contracting, pulsating, vibrating or static, OR WHAT???? Just what is it doing(if anything). Maybe it RELATIVELY static. I find it so.

Get a toy balloon, and blow it up. Have it rotating. Paint upon the surface with white paint, lines, – orthogonal co-ordinates, space and time. Let the depth(the air)be Vibration(of pure energy)(or spirit). Visualize minute creatures living INSIDE OF the skin of the balloon. Now TO THEM, motion is simply fixed(relatively to them)squiggly lines being seen through their Hinton Slits. As time gets rotated across space, and they watch the interplay.(A faint adumbration of the idea is time zones upon The Earth!!)(As The Earth rotates, the sun appears to move across the sky, and time changes around. You are upon some particular longitude of course.)

Let me do it this way. Get a nice big clean white global shell. Now draw, in black, squiggly lines all over it.(Give it to your son to play with!!)(Along with a black writing thin felt pen.) Now get a second(a bit smaller)global SHELL, with a narrow slit in it. Fit this inside of the white(it was!!)globe.Now get inside of the first globe. Peer out through the slit(which goes right around, so all the creatures can see out). The surface of the inner global shell shall be space, the outer, time.(Dimensional!!)(There is no other kind!! What we CALL time is simply The Passage of Time(Actually of time through us!!).) Now as the outer globe of time rotates over the inner fixed globe of space, you will get the illusion of motion seen in the slit, as moving black dots. In all directions, and at varying speeds and accelerations,etc.

If you get two pieces of paper. Draw squiggly lines upon one, and cut a straight narrow slit in the other. (The basic idea. Now transfer back to the two global shells,concentric.)Place the slitted paper exactly(same size)over the squiggled paper, and draw(slide) it across the lines. Watch in the slit!!

It is an illusion of course. If you draw little drawings(each slightly advanced upon its predecessor)on the corners of book pages, and then flick through, you will get the illusion of motion. A moving cartoon. Cinema is of course a sophistication of this idea!!!!

This is precisely WHY we see motion!! There is no such thing as MOTION(as such). It is an illusion, born of time rotating across space, as we look out!!

All that exists is STATIC(relatively or not!!)space time WARPS!! Seen moving across a slit, this produces the illusion of MOTION!!!!

The minute balloon creatures in the skin see motion this way. We can smile as we watch the balloon, but a much bigger chap may be grinning down at us!!!!

Now if you draw an accelerating curve, and draw your slit across it, you will get Hubble’s Law!! But of course, there is no NEED to draw a circumference, IT ALREADY EXISTS. It is the surface of the balloon!! So the minute creatures watch all the velocities. Suddenly one among them notices this long curve. And shrieks(frothing at the mouth): Expansion!! EXPANSION!!!!(It is called HYSTERIA.)(Probably born of a frustrated desire in young childhood for fire-works!!)

So all the other goons around take up THE CHANT!! Sweeping all before them. Beserk!!!!

Humans have this mad urge for an expansion. It compensates for a feeling of failure and inadequacy!!!!(Psychology.)

Relax!! There is an expansion(from a sort of big bang). BUT IT IS IN TIME TWO!!!!(Not in our time AT ALL. Or our space!!!!)

Go back to the balloon. Shout at them: DAFT!!!!

This is with a static balloon. Now have the balloon expanding. Their space and time co-ordinates now grow equally. They now cannot be held down, because(of course)COSMOLOGICAL EVOLUTION DOES EXIST. But what THEY are looking at is simply the curvature of their balloon.(It is like looking at the horizon upon The Earth’s Surface, and doing your nut, shouting Expansion, EXPANSION!!!!)(We are doing PRECISELY the same thing cosmically, UP ONE DIMENSION!!!!)


Do you see that IT DOES NOT MATTER whether the balloon is actually expanding or not, to them, it is RELATIVELY STATIC, since their space and time(one)co-ordinates expand IN PROPORTIONATE PLACE. In other words, they stay relatively equally proportionate, and still register what they did before it was expanded. So we have the curious situation of a real expansion(on world level two(the world of you playing with a toy balloon))from a “a sort of big bang”, OVERLAID by an illusory one!!

For example: Visualize The Earth expanding(or even contracting). You now look into space. Ah,yes,expanding, because they are confusing THE HORIZON for the real expansion!!!! You cannot SEE the REAL expansion. Of course not. Because 1. You(bodily!!) are in the skin, and not in the air. And 2. Because YOUR space and time(one)are both growing equally!!(Relative STATICA!!)

The balloon’s skin represents our space(one). Which they see piece-meal as they gaze further and further out. They experience time piece-meal,too, as they INFER the moving now from the mysterious rotation of the balloon!!!!

The expansion we “see”(The Recession of the galaxies.)IS NOT the expansion that exists(probably)!!!!

THIS is why you have been unable to defeat Big Bang. BECAUSE THERE WAS ONE(sort of big bang)BUT IN TIME TWO!!!!

Your error is to have the Cosmological Evolution in the WRONG space and time!!!! Boo!!
Milne was right with his second time!!
De Sitter tried to wake you up with his Static Expansion. But he made two big mistakes: 1. He had time as the cosmic radial(when it is vibration,a GROUP DIMENSION!!). And 2. He had his universe static!!!!

Mine is expanding(at the HIGHER level ONLY). And has vibration as the group dimension of DEPTH!!!!

Actually the universe is an hyperbole(negative curvature)(a double reverse helix). Thus it is HOLLOW!!(Yes. Just like The Earth(and all bolides(bolides are original stones(before breakage(they have a hollow inside, with another smaller stone inside of that)))).)

Hubble’s Law is accelerating(not just increasing).

Because the surface is an hyperbola!!

Understand: We are aware of three dimensions of space. Length,breadth, and thickness.(Actually there are four.(I have proved this.))Now these(four)are PLIED ORTHOGONALLY together to form ONE GROUP DIMENSION called SPACE.

You see. To the minute creatures in the skin, their world is of three dimensions. (Because they are INSIDE OF space!!)But to YOU it is just one GROUP DIMENSION.(And time is another GROUP dimension.)(Which YOU are OUTSIDE OF!!)

Hyper-space is simply the outside view mentally of what our bodies view materially!!!!

Otherwise known as GEOMETRY!!!!

The geometry(space,time,vibration,etc.)exists in a higher world. World TWO. Our bodies live in world one.(Yes,levels.)What is confusing us is the fact that materially we are IN space’s three dimensions(actually four)(don’t get confused). But MENTALLY, we are OUTSIDE not only space, but hyper-space(STV!!).So like those poor minute creatures in the balloon skin, we are on the inside looking out, when our MINDS are on the outside LOOKING IN!!!! But not just outside of space, but outside of HYPER-SPACE, Space,Time,Vibration!!!! It is the same thing you see viewed from inside and RIGHT outside. And then compared.

It is like a man inside of a room, trying to understand his view of THE HOUSE – from THE OUTSIDE. (Not just outside of his room!!)

He clearly observes the interior of his room. And he can dimly perceive “time”. But baulks at Vibration,etc!!!!

Now the house HAPPENS to be expanding(Nothing to do with Einstein. OR Freidman!!).(And the man,of course.(Forget that!!)(Paul Dirac is right, but he only has part of the truth!!)). Time is expanding too, such that the man is unable to detect the expansion(of the house), because space and time are both expanding equally. NOT ONLY THAT, he cannot detect the expansion of the house FROM INSIDE OF HIS ROOM!!!!

If he went outside(geometry,mind)he would see the expansion of the house. Then he could understand his ability not to perceive this materially!! 1. Because inside of his room(which is inside of the house!!)both space and time equally expand, thus creating a relative statica!! 2. Being inside of the house(and his room within that)HE CANNOT SEE THE EXPANSION!!!!(Because he is not EXTERIOR to the house!!!!)(So!! He is not only interior to the expansion(seeing it as relatively static!!), but is interior TO THE HOUSE!!!!(So he has nothing to compare it with!!!!)

To complicate things further, he has confused the curvature of his room with an expansion he has invented!!!!(The expansion which does exist has nothing to do with the expansion HE WANTS!!)(Because it exists at the higher level ONLY.)

The length,breadth and thickness forms space. THE WORLD of the minute creatures!! Time, they only know as PASSAGE(of itself). And vibration,etc. is beneath mention!!!!

We,gods,as we peer down grinning at the fools in the skin(that is us by the way DOWN HERE), KNOW that they are the victims of a great ILLUSION. There is no motion!! Not just there is no expansion.(I mean in their time one.)We know that the undulations(the hills and the valleys)are the local velocities, and that the curved surface is only AN APPARENT motion!!!!(There IS NO recession of the galaxies.Bah!!)

The fools(IDIOTS!!)are actually trying to explain THE HORIZON(Imagine on The Earth.)by some big bang at far point!! They THINK that the horizon is the expansion!! And that the big bang is(was)at FAR POINT!!!! Of course they cannot find it. The Cosmos IS expanding(but at the geometric level!!).(World LEVEL Two!!) And the big bang(such as it was!!)is at THE CENTRE(Of The Earth, so to speak). In time TWO!!!!(Not our time!!!!)

Now stand some-where on Earth(you’re THERE!!), and gaze out across a vast smooth plain, or placid sea. Observe THE HORIZON. Does it make YOU think that The Earth is expanding?? And do you look to the ends of The Earth for the big bang!!!!

At the cosmic level, THAT is PRECISELY what these MADMEN who are for ever belching forth Big Bang, are MAKING us SWALLOW!!!! Yes. They are VILLAINS all right!!!! Power mad!!!!

I know what I call them. And where I wish them!!!!

I am AMAZED that the rest of you can SWALLOW this SHIT. How can you do it!!

Just WORK IT OUT. Follow my guide.

Don’t listen to THEM. Or you’ll be in a strait-jacket(or a coffin)(Both!!). That’s RIGHT!!!!

There is no big bang there(where they are looking),you see.(Read The Big Bang Never Happened!! And study The Plasmic Ionic Universe, too!!!!(Alfven))

Most of the world doesn’t know(not interested)what Cosmology is all about. Another large section have intuitively DUMPED the orthodox version, but do not know what the truth is. Another lot think that it is a 3d big bang IN space. Or OF space.(3d space shells are tricky, aren’t they!!)(Laugh?? I could SCREAM.)

Hardly ANY body has ANY idea of the truth!!

WHY do you think this world is perishing(it is!!)?? It is because(largely)of The WRONG big bang,etc. ETCS.(SO depressing us all via its STUPID implications!!!!)

For seven decades(so far)they have bamboozled and conned you all!!!!

And don’t they get angry if you question what they say!!!!(Yes. It is the church you see. Trying to preserve Creation from Nothing!!(Two points: 1. Creation is from Eternity(Time TWO).(Time one creations are only local affairs(Including The Earth’s!!).) 2. The ETERNAL CREATION is from THE VOID(not nothing!!(and there is a VAST difference!!).)

It is due to propaganda stuffed GOONS(and villains)who are MINDLESS. DICKHEADS!!!!

There are four classes of people: The bad(and the evil). The low.(Those who live like pigs.)(Enjoying the flesh,etc.)The good(Those misguided folk who think that Man’s Law is EVERYTHING!!!!).And there are THE HIGH. Those who TRY to obey GOD.(And I don’t mean any religious notions!!!!)(I mean they live from their hearts. They are spiritual,etc.)

These four categories have four outlooks:-(Starting at the bottom, as before.)

1. The Irrational(bad)”religious”. 2. Those who RATIONALIZE, the low, the “scientific”. 3. The logical, the sensible GOOD. 4. And the SUPER-logical spirituals. THE HIGH.

The religious think that God is lawless.(GOD is above his own laws of course. But his creatures are not!!)(Though they act like they are!!)

The scientific think that rationalization is the way.(It is NOT!!)(Rationalization is inventing APPARENTLY good mechanisms to explain what YOU want to believe in!!!!)

The Universe is logical.

But it is not merely logical, but SUPER-logical!!!! In other words its nature only WEARS logic’s FACE!!!!(And this FOOLS the irrationals, who then think that God must be MAD. Lawless,etc.)
You are holding this expanding toy balloon in your arms.

You laugh outrageously at the minute creatures. WE ARE THOSE MINUTE CREATURES!!!!

They so stupidly have confused the horizon for an expansion, and an hyperbola for positive curvature, and Far Point for some explosion!!!! MAD!!!!

Which they try to justify through Continental Drift!!(OF COURSE fields external to us can be seen expanding(if they are)!!)

I am using the analogue.

Balloon and Earth make good parallels to illustrate my points.
The POINT is this: The RELEVANT stand-point is our physical body. But the ACTUAL scene is geometric. Our MIND’S view!!!!

The hardest riddle in the world is not Cosmology(That is the simplest.)Try my Mirror World for the hardest!!!! (It isn’t really.) What IS hard is unravelling THE MESS these MORONS have made!!!!

I have digressed far from Geometricization. I had to.

Geometricization is THE MENTAL view. But we need to keep in mind that THAT is not the material view!! And this is what is back of all the confusion!!!!

All that the orthodox have done is REPEAT the MATERIAL scene. No!! We want AN EXPLANATION OF the material scene. Not its repetition!!!!

They show us an expanding 3d space shell IN TIME ONE. But the truth is an expanding 3 GROUP GLOBE in WORLD TWO(LEVEL)!!!!

Can you visualize those minute creatures peering out(as they THINK)around the skin of the balloon, looking for some big bang that doesn’t exist!!(To explain THE HORIZON!!!!)Out at Far Point(Which is themselves again!!!!). And now they have turned up The Hyperbola(again), – which they attribute to Anti-Gravity. YE GODS!!!!

Exasperation is not the word!!

They are showing us a REPETITION, which they call Geometry!! When the whole point of the exercise of geometry is to EXPLAIN motion via static warp!!!!

(The same way as you explain ANY velocities!!!!)

Our space has these four dimensions. Plied orthogonally becomes at the geometric level, A GROUP DIMENSION called SPACE!!!!

Time is another(group)dimension.

Vibration is a third. And so on.

Now the geometric level is NECESSARILY HYPERSPATIAL(that is GROUP DIMENSIONAL)!!

It isn’t that there are two worlds!! The material and the higher. But that there are TWO LEVELS of the one world!!!! We are dealing with two VIEWS, not two worlds!! Two views of the one world. One view is from our bodies. (With their instruments which gather the evidence we seek to explain!!) The other view is from our MINDS!!!!

THEY have banged their two views into ONE!!!!(But their view is an evil imitation of the truth!!!!)
They ARE one, of course. But they are merely giving a REPEAT VIEW(of the first(body view))for THE SECOND(MENTAL)VIEW!!!!(They have so cunningly exteriorized their twisted view to LOOK like the truth. WHEN IT COULD NOT BE FARTHER FROM IT!!!!)

DISGUISING this fact by showing space as one(the circumference)dimension! AND concealing their non-hyperspatialization of time BEHIND its OWN PASSAGE!!!! OOYA!!!!

I don’t mind THEM going mad, but count me out!!

Can YOU see the difference between the BLOWN balloon, and the skin’s INSIDE!!!!

All they have done is show the inside of the skin EXTERIORLY!!

That is not geometricization. THAT IS HOOD WINKING!!!!

Hyper-spatialization, geometricization, and groupifying(the dimensions in their separate lots) is one thing. But they have not done this. They are simply REPEATING!!!!

A most CUNNING mock up of the truth under the RE-PRESENTATION of space as the circumference!!!!

WHO invented this??

Was he born upside down or some-thing??!!

It is the cook-up of a group of course. Long since dead.(What did they die of??)

Anyway. CAN YOU SEE!!!!

There is one world.
We see it(or visualize it)from TWO points of view!!
The body, with the instruments, sees(etc.)the MATERIAL aspect.
The mind(real or not!!)sees the geometric aspect.

The mind is trying to understand what the body is perceiving!!!!
If you merely (as the orthodox conventionals do!!) REPEAT the material scene(they are simply showing us an expanding universe(I thought we were supposed to know that!!)(NO!! We NEED AN EXPLANATION, not a repeat of the same!!!!))

They invented some-thing THAT HAPPENS to EXIST!!!! But they have it AT THE WRONG LEVEL!!!! Their swelling heads do not explain the static bodies!!!! And their expanding HYBRID GEOMETRY does not explain their own invention. THOUGH IT EXIST IN FACT at the higher level WHICH THEY ONLY MAKE OUT to explain!!!!
They have caught a static toad ON EARTH, when the expanding frog is on Mars!!

The wrong expansion(and big bang)is ONLY IN THEIR MINDS.
The real one IS BEYOND the perceptions of our BODIES(and their instruments).

Note that this is not an argument about whether mind is real or not(Though I know it is, and survival, and re-incarnation,etc.are, from my astronomical almost exact distance,etc.finder derived from my cosmological model.), my argument stands EITHER way!!!!

The Spectroscopic Device is the only instrument that can actually see the curvature of space time!!!!

The Geometric(not theirs!!)Level is the actual. The material world we live in is only Reality!!(Reality is simply our relative view from THE BODY!!)(It is THE MIND(of God)that is THE ACTUAL.)

Their illusion(the supposed recession)that is real to us(bodies)not only does not exist, but does not exist even as an illusion!!

An illusion that is real to us, is like taking a shadow, and calling it the stick!! And then claiming that THE STICK does not exist!!!!

My point is that ONLY the stick exists!! But it does not matter(TO SHADOWS)if you stand upon your head and view the shadow of the stick!!!!


The only thing that DOES exist IS the stick!!!!

Illusions see illusions as real, you see. But THEIR recession illusion does not even exist AS an illusion in this world of Mayic illusions.

Do you get my point?? If the illusion is real to us, WHAT WAS THE ACTUALITY!!!!

Do not confuse the illusion of Maya, with their(not even illusion squared!!)MOTION illusion.(They mean that it is a geometric illusion, but real in matter.)(But I am saying that even matter is an illusion(not just motion)(which is illusion squared)(but their horizon expansion is not even that!!!!(It just does not exist AT ALL!!!!)). And Geometry IS THE ACTUALITY. AND THE ONLY ONE!!!!

Forget Maya!! Forget whether geometry is the actuality or not(both of these are irrelevant to my main argument!!). Their recession does not exist!! Because it is only the cosmic horizon!!!! I know what they mean. Even if they don’t(know the real truth!!)!! They are trying to sell us the horizon as the expansion. When the TRUE expansion is of THE EARTH itself(analogue)!!!!

They are trying to sell us some big bang, when they are looking at their own back-sides!!!!(Far Point is necessarily ourselves again, right around!!!!)

The reason for the horizon is because the centre of The Earth is in THE MIDDLE!!!!(Of The Earth. NOT ITS SURFACE!!!!)

The minute creatures are themselves static!!!!

They are MAD you see(and are VILLAINS), but cannot face up to the fact(having spent their lives upon this(too bad!!)that they are off track.(They were never on it!!)Because too small to bend their prides,etc. I’ll bend their prides for them!!!!

Collectives are no good. You need INDIVIDUALS!!!!

Instead of all having to wait for each one!!!!

Hard luck!! Freidman misunderstood(deliberately!!)Einstein. And Einstein did not know his own mind!!!! But,anyway,they all think they know God’s mind!!!!(Not even knowing their own!!!!)

Dupes and suckers.

Returning again and again to their own dung and spew!!!!

THEIR illusion WOULD BE real to us WERE THEIR HYPOTHESIS CORRECT. But it is not!!!!

Their illusion is not even an illusion squared!!!!

They postulated an hypothesis. Then forgot the provisionality bit!!!!

Just hold a mirror up to them. And they’ll wipe their own selves out!!!!

Fascinating in its complication. But don’t buy it!!!!

Time radialled models are mad because WRONG. That is evil fascination.

The simple truth APPEARS dull you see.

So bored satiates are not interested.

Examination digs out even greater fascination.

They wanted an expansion. But not the real one!!!!

The evil twin!!

You takes your pick. And you places your money.

Leave them!! START AGAIN!!!!

They got lost.

It will be interesting to watch their embarressment.

Put simply: There is an expanding stick. So its shadow is expanding too. Now to parts of the shadow in the big shadow, all is relatively static. However, THEY are saying that the shadow ITSELF is expanding. But that the stick is not!! And even that there is no stick!!!!

Their claim is that though the expansion of the shadow(their deluded expansion(derived from the shadow’s curvature!!))is unreal(because of the stick world(their sick stick world!!), which of course is MERE GEOMETRY(!!)(It is in their case!!!!)), it is real to us shadow parts of the big shadow, because we are more than geometry!!!!

This is what I call SCREWBALL.

Seeing everything backwards,etc.

All I am doing is leading you through the SCREW to get at the REAL ball!!!! The ball is simple!!!! It is their SCREW which is not!!!!
They think (mere geometric device, and all that) that Geometry is imaginary stuff. Not like real material!!! So they are having the tail wag the dog!!!!

A most cunning ploy.

We have to have The Devil, to overcome him – don’t we!! Complain to self, not Devil. OR GOD!!!!

Curved shadows must expand. Einstein has spoken!! And Friedman held his head in a lock down on the carpet. Believe it or die!!!!

Coming clearer??

It is easy enough,really.

All good elementary stuff.

So we have these two ideas:-

1. The expanding stick.(Probably) From A SORT OF big bang!!!!

2. A curved shadow!!(What else can that mean but expanding. From the curved shadow’s big bang,of course. NOT STUPID ARE YOU!!!! Hee hee.)

THEY say that there is no expanding stick(the orthodox conventionals, the people who put out this ABORTION). Only an expanding shadow!!

Don’t laugh!! YOU are paying them!!!!

Of course the big bang can’t be wrong. Expanding sticks MUST have had some internal cause!!!!

A different big bang!!!!

ONLY my head is blown.

WHY are your ears wiggling????

There ARE two worlds TOO. I am only talking about the balloon. That balloon is IN the actual world. Right?? What world is the skin’s inside’s static minute creatures in?? Another world!! QUITE SO.

THAT is the world that does not exist!!
IT IS our material world!!!!
And we are those static minute creatures living in a different space and time to THE ACTUAL one!!!!
Plato’s Cave EXTENDED!!!! A bit.

We are minds(and spirits)in GOD’S MIND.
This material level exists ONLY as an aspect!!!!

Of course balloon skins have interiors.
With tiny static specks in them.

It is a case of proportion and perspective.
If we don’t get this all right and straight, soon(very soon)we shall have NO WORLD.

No contraction either!!(I defeated Optical Doppler Effect eight times over, and ALL dynamics(expansions,contractions,pulsations)fall!!!!)

They think it is all right to hyper-spatialize space when it does not even exist as space!! How can nothing(matrix)be thing?? It exists as extension. Yes. Space is space apparently. Hyper, or not. They only REPRESENT space of course. And it is all right to lump three dimensions into one.

The error is to suppose that space exists because it has EXTENSION!! Doesn’t time have extension,too??!! Consider: Extended space is still space. But extended time is VERY NAUGHTY!!!!


What IS time. And, for that matter, WHAT IS SPACE!!!!

We experience space PIECE-MEAL.(As the light,etc.reaches us.)We actually call THE EXTENSION space!!(Because space itself does not exist!! Whether it contains matter or not!!!! (Not because it may be empty!!(It is actually full!!!!)) But because extension is not a material thing!! Ha ha.))

Now time does not exist either!! 1. Because it is immaterial. 2. Because(via memory,via retinal retention(!!)) it too is extension.

Now if extension is good with space, why not with time? Which is also viewed PIECE-MEAL!!!!
You see extension IS dimension. Since neither space,nor time exist(not being material),then if you grant one existence on account of extension, why not the other!!!!

They lack view depth.

Though not selfish cunning.

They have RE – PRESENTED space. Nothing wrong with that. But why not do the same with time!!!!

Time is just as much EXTENSION as space is!!!!

Representationality is the key.
Nothing else!!!!

Two different MENTAL worlds. But not imaginary!!
World Two is the world that hyper-space exists in.(The world that the balloon is in!!)
Word One is the world of the static minute creatures(black specks)inside of the skin of the balloon.
In the analogy, of course, it is all one material world. But do not miss the point. It is two DIFFERENT mental worlds!!!!

Even the real mental worlds exist in a larger whole!! So do not get confused!!!!
The orthodox of course deny existence to anything beyond 3D matter. Yet do talk of 26 dimensional matrixes.

Personally I think that there are rather more than twenty-six dimensions!!!!
They have played well.(For the enemy.)
Now they find themselves in a position where they either acknowledge a superior idea, or go mad and die. I don’t mind,myself. But they might!!!!

Get the right cosmological evolution.
Abandon this 3D matter is reality only stupidity!!

If you believe in a twenty-six dimensional matrix, why not spare one or two to save your time!! AND SPACE!!!!

We are not killing you.

Surrender, or die!!
Or, if you prefer it, DIE OR SURRENDER!!!!

Space and time expanding together equally produces Relative Statica despite Currants,etc.

Their case just does not stand up to scrutiny!!!!


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