A758. Further on death.

Saturday, 28th May, 2,005. A758 Further on death. If survival be a true fact(which I maintain), how come it is not generally taught. The answer is very simple. The West has the greatest influence over the world, via The U.S. Christendom overdid it(because important spiritual Biblical statements are taken literally instead of symbolically), and Orthodox Science re-acted, deposing Survival among many other tenets. Materialistic Orthodox Science says of Survival that it is inconclusive, officially. Unofficially it rejects it on the grounds that only the proven facts can be accepted. Orthodox science even rules conventional religion. So even Christendom does not teach survival(in general)now!! Because ONLY 3d Matter,etc. is recognized as being real, due to it being so stark, only the physical is considered of import. And thus it is believed that THE BODY equals THE SELF. One is the other. So it is widely thought. When the body is dead, the corpse is most convincing as to the finality of death. Therefore survival is ruled out!! However, the body DOES NOT equal The Self!! Materialistic Orthodox Science RULES. So the public accept it. The whole world, via U.S. Most great religious teachers taught Survival. But Western religion, the phoney Christendom(Which is NOT Christianity!!), listens to Materialistic Orthodox Science. And so rejects Survival!! As Materialism spreads throughout the world, Survival is become a phoney tenet!!(Along with many others.) Narrow minded people went too far, thought The Bible was meant to be taken LITERALLY, instead of symbolically(Referring to important spiritual truths, not history,etc.). And brought the roof crashing down over them. Thoughtful scientific people objected, and now Science rules, not Religion. Survival,etc. are rejected. The truth of anything does not depend upon people’s beliefs however. Of course not!! I made it my business to find out. And I did. There was life before birth,too.(Before Conception also. In case your raise that one!!) Etc.(Most of us re-incarnate – upon Earth – or some Earthlike world. As humans again. But spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World. During The Interregnum.(The period between lives.) Disbelief in survival is one great reason for a fast(and faster) declining world!! Men so lack the knowledge of greater things!!!! I wish to see the world advance, not fail. So I teach what I do. Read my other articles on Survival, not just this one! Go back and back. Not only do we survive. But we pay for our wrongs, and in many ways! I speak from near certitude after many years of study of the subject,etc. Man’s mistake is to think that Starkness dictates the highest reality. I mean that THE PHYSICAL WORLD is thrust so hard in our faces. Therefore it SEEMS to be the ONLY reality!! This is a very grave mistake. The physical seems so real(and the only reality) because we have down the ages come to IDENTIFY OUR SELVES WITH IT. We THINK that we ARE our bodies. Whereas the body is only a VEHICLE for The Personality in this world. To learn certain lessons that can only be learnt here(or in similar places)!! It is a vicious circle. And it SEEMS so obvious!! Why aren’t dreams considered another reality,then? When we are dreaming, we are convinced that we are IN THE PHYSICAL, when we are not!! The fact is, via identification with the body, our conciousness has become SO focussed on the physical. That with our minds rammed up so hard against it, we get fooled!! It is a good job this does not happen in Dreamland, or WHILST THERE, we might INSIST that only dreams were real. Until we awoke in the physical!! Similarly, so shall it be when we awaken after death!! Into a world FAR more real than this current one. And, as with dreams,now; we shall scorn those who claim after death that the old physical was superior!! It is only AFTER we awaken from sleep and dreams that we see through the illusion!! Similarly, but in a greater way, shall it be after “death”!! How fooled so many are now! And how fooled most are when dreaming. Nearly all are!! We shall all observe this fact after death!! And be amazed that we could be so deceived!! Yet, that is what is going to happen!! Life is a SUPER dream. After death in The Spirit World, we shall be in a SUPER life!!!! Sometimes we enter The Spirit World temporarily whilst still alive. And experience images even more real than the physical. But usually write them off as vivid DREAMS. True, these are rare. But they do happen. AND THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE. Pre-views of the world we enter AFTER WE SO CALLED DIE!!!! They can be beautiful. They can be nightmares. For both scenarios exist depending upon whether you enter Paradise or Hades!! Have you never had an incredibly vivid experience THAT WAS NOT PHYSICAL? During sleep. Though not always in sleep!! You temporarily left your body!! The only difference with death IS THAT IT IS PERMANENT!!!! Most of us write these rare peculiarities off AS DREAMS. When for a short while we have actually entered a higher plane OF MATTER!!!! Even more real than the physical!!!! Sometimes these experiences are in The Spiritistic World. And some times in The Spirit World. The first is more or less a duplicate(original, actually!!)(THIS is the copy!!) of The Physical. The second, The Spirit World PROPER is our true home, from which we are currently in exile!! It is Earth LIKE. But no duplicate!! THAT is where we all go(animals,too) after SO CALLED death. Unbelievable. But so IT IS. Better get used to the idea. However!! Remember that where you go, depends entirely upon how you have behaved in life!!!! If your good deeds exceed your bad, you will be all right. If the bad exceeds the good, you will be up against it TO THAT DEGREE!!!! Aye, it IS so. Better to learn that fact NOW, HERE. Than find yourself in an unpleasant place, but not EASILY be able to escape!! I can assure you all THAT IT IS FACT. Survival itself is no thing! It depends WHERE you survive. Heaven or Hell!! Both are states of mind, conditions of soul. But both have material PLACES(finer, but still can be unpleasant) attached to them!! Albeit PLANES of Matter!! It is SO physical, that many think that they are still IN the physical!! (They think that they are STILL ALIVE!!(They are. But not in their old physical bodies!!)It is relatively PHYSICAL to the person THERE!! Everything that exists here now, exists there,too!! And so very much more!!!! Houses, trees, hills, plains. You name it!! However, things function very differently there. They only LOOK similar!! This is not a treatise on The Spirit World. Descriptions of it can be readily obtained. My subject here now is Death, not The Spirit World. But the only thing that dies IS THE BODY. The present physical vehicle!! W.F.Thomas


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