A721 You can get water from dew!!

Sunday, 23rd January,  2,005.


Drought problem!

You can get water from DEW!!!!



            Australia(and other places) have DROUGHT problems.  Despite the weather change(In Australia.)!!(The weather(not only in Australia) has changed, reversed. Now   

       Seeding clouds, and prayers, seldom work.  Try getting water FROM DEW!!!!

       Also from SEA WATER. ETC.(Via evaporating and condensing!!)

            Hardly nice from re-processed sewage water!!!!(Anti spiritual aspect!!)

            Materialism has a lot to answer for. Man does not live by matter, ALONE!!!!

           How to get water from DEW:-

           You simply provide a cool enough SURFACE for dew to condense on!! There is always SOME water vapour in the air!! No matter how arid.  Nor how long since rain!!!!

            (Also you can contain plants, let sun’s heat evaporate water out of plant, and let condense!!)

            Dew ponds, dew traps,etc. can be created, to provide pure fresh water always.(Provided tasks done carefully enough.)

            For details, see Nexus Magazine article News Science, page 47. In Nexus  New Times, Volume ten, Number one.  Dec.02 to Jan 03.

            Nexus is available from SOME newsagents.



            Victor Conway.

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