A717. The latest on Mad Cow,etc.



Friday, 14th January, 2005.

The latest on Mad Cow,etc.



            My articles on Mad Cow are really re-writes of what Mark Purdey has said. All the information is his.(Usually my articles are my own work. But once a blue moon, I will write on what somebody else has said. This is one of those instances.) Mark Purdey has written superbly.

            Mad Cow(or whatever), or vCJD in humans(Chronic Wasting Disease(CWD) in deer.)(Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy(TSE).), is promoted as an infectious prion disease, able to cross the species, including into humans!!  It is an old disease, now. And many have died.

            In a sense the disease is due to the protein part of prions. When infected.  Going by what is generally said it is APPARENTLY  a biologically infectious disease. However, this is not so! The evidence is overwhelmingly against that!!   It is more chemical than anything.  But it can be infectious IN A SENSE.

            There are a number of factors contributing to this disease. Which has variants.  The dangerous factor is “ferrimagnetic metals”. With Manganese the most well known.  The relevant prion protein usually bonds with copper. However, when copper is deficient, bonding with manganese and other harmful ferrimagnetic metals tends to occur. When it is available.

            Spraying by  headlice OP’s leads to the chelation of copper(Locking it up.). Access to manganese,etc. then provides the deadly combination.

            A mild form of TSE(Transmissible spongiform)(Mad Cow,etc.) can occur when a certain gene is present in the host. When only 2 or 3(instead of the normal 5) components of copper are at work.

            Kuru is another name for what has come to be known as Mad Cow.(Kuru is allegedly due to cannibalism in New Guinea.)

            Mark Purdey is probably the number one protagonist of the truth about Mad Cow. Doctor Brown, second.

            It needs to be remarked that no cases of a TSE occur with Beef Suckler. Nor where organic farming is practised.

           The third most important factor contributing to Mad Cow(I am using the popular term generically for all kinds of TSE.) is Low frequency Sonic Shock ( Low Frequency Infra Sound.)(Also light. Presumably if powerful and plentiful enough.)  Mad Cow is basically due to a ratio of 20 to 1 Manganese to Copper deficiency.  Plus low frequency infra sound. (Also UV, radar, cell phones, etc.  (Any external electro-magnetic fields.)(Initial exposure temporarily magnetizes the bad metal. Further exposures to EMF’s PERMANENTLY charges them!! And the damage is done, via metal bond to metal bond transmission, plus prion to prion transmission, domino style.  Intensive bad EMF’s get generated. In turn generating cluster boms of free-radical-mediated Spongiform Neurodegeneration.  TSE ensues.)

            This is why the hyper-infectious property of the prion  is a misnomer!  The toxic ferrimagnetic metal component of the prion(in the protein)  is the alleged infectious pathogenic agent.(A chemo-physical cause, NOT a biological one!)

            A mild version of the TSE occurs when the sound and light factors are absent. Otherwise the nasty version occurs.(Strontium is another ferrimagnetic metal.  With Stronitum 90 a VERY nasty version occurs.(Or can occur.) (As evidenced by The Russian Chernobyl atomic plant leak out.))

            The current panic is over the disease in deer in North America.

            MGM in animal feed is supposedly bad.(There is no foundation for this.)

            Note that the nasal olfactory intake route leads directly to the brain.

            Silver, Aluminium, Platignum and Bismuth are more magnetoferric metals.(Magnetisable temporarily. The danger is when PERMANENT magnetism can occur.)

            Portals for the disease’ entry are Eye retinas, Eye lids, skin, auditory nerve endings, and optical nerve endings.

            Scrapie is the name of the disease when found in sheep.

            Powdered milk(Manganese has been added. Is given to young calves, and human babies!!) is very bad in the TSE respect. A thousand times worse than ordinary milk!

            Melanin and Acitin are also contributing factors.(Affecting creatures by metabolism through sleep(in the circadium rhythm), sex, behaviour, heartbeat, cell growth, repair and immune response.

            Also Warble Fly spraying.

            The forces for anti investigation vastly outweigh the forces for.(Profit before lives, the motive.)

            Ataxic syndrome is a very mild form of TSE. It attacked aboriginals in The Gulf of Carpentaria.(Caused by low copper combined with high manganese.)(Making some abo’s appear drunk when walking.)

            Manganese ingestion is a common factor in TSE’s.

            Soya beans,etc. are bad.

            Mineral supplements and  Mineral licks for deer are bad.

            Providing manganese.

            Manganese is available many ways.

            Selenium and zinc are good(in this respect).  As are magnesium and calcium.

            Alzheimer’s Disease seems to be another mild form of the disease.

            The young are susceptible to TSE’s because their defences have not fully developed.

            Mutable melanin is very bad.


            The disease can be directly inserted, as by experimental injections into animals. Not transmitted by imbibing(eating and drinking). Nor by contact!(So it is not infectious(in the normal biological sense), nor contagious.  Nor even contractable.(Except by direct entry.)

            Where the triggering agent is in the prion protein, that is manganese or some such. The stage is then set(combined with chelated copper) for bad sound and or even light to convert a temporarily magnetized bad metal TO BE PERMANENTLY MAGNETIZED. Making the bad metal rogue.  This stops the normal transmission of electro-magnetism, thus causing the TSE.  And the brain rots.  With the known symptoms.

            Such is the only infectious sense applicable! Thus a chemical(etc.) infection. The capping bad sound or light being the culprit that sends the bad electro-magnetic field.(With strontium 90, – really bad!!)

            The evidence for biological infection is near zero. The evidence for chemical PLUS  infection is very high!!


            So here we have it. The Establishment is barking up the wrong tree!  The answer lies in avoiding copper chelating agents(Like the OP’s and Warble Fly.), AND manganese,etc!! Plus also avoid bad sounds and/or light(where these are powerful and frequent).   NOT cull animals. Nor stop eating meat!!(Unless red!!)(Red meat can cause rectal and colon cancer!!)

            For fuller version with much more detail, go to the two articles BY MARK PURDY on Mad Cow, in Nexus Magazine(A magazine of the unusual in science,etc.):  April-May, 2003 edition(Australia), Vol.10, No.3. Go to page 25!) Then a follow up article in the June-July 03 version(Vol.10. Number 4.).  Go to page 35.  Nexus Magazine is obtainable from SOME newsagents. Simply write in for the back numbers.

           The statistics are overwhelming. A clear enough case.

            Affected prions develop an unusual deformed shape.

            Doctor David Brown is at Cambridge University.

            MBM is incriminated meat feed and bone meal(for feeding to cattle).

            The more virulent strain of TSE hits younger mammals especially(because so vulnerable).

            Note 1: Melanin and actin are good because they absorb incoming vibro-acoustic

            Note.2.  Foot and mouth Disease is another disease over-rated and over-re-acted to.  Left alone, it USUALLY departs. No need to kill animals. It is no more serious than influenza.

            Note.3.  What to avoid or seek if you want to minimize risk of Mad Cow.(vCJD in humans.) I have listed eleven things:-

            1.  No copper(or selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium) reducing agents.(Like Warble Fly spraying and OP’s head lice.) 

            2.  No manganese(or other ferro-magnetically bad metals). (Also avoid silver, aluminium and platignum.)

            3.  No bad sounds or light. (Low frequency infra sounds and high intensity and strobic light.)

            4.  Genetic disposition of course cannot be avoided.  If you have it, nothing can be done about it.

            5.  No Strontium 90!

            6.  No “infected” prion protein injections.(Especially into brain or spine!!)

            The foregoing six are essential!!

            The next five help, and are adviseable:-

            7.  No infected meat.(WISE not to eat meat. Especially RED meat!!)

            8.  Especially no brain or spine components!!

            9.  Keep OUT of infected areas(animal or human)!!(Not because of infection so much, but because very wise to avoid contaminated sources. Like Manganese!)

            10.  No cannibalism.(Just in case, and for completeness.)

            11.  Avoid Electro-magnetic fields, mobile phones, power lines, etc. (Electro magnetism is necessary to convey healthy agents for metabolism,etc.  However, excessive or repetitive EM sources IN CASES where the main bad ingredients are present, can go bad, exacerbating problems.)

            You are strongly advised to read and study Mark Purdey’s findings on the subject!!(Giving much more detail than I am giving here.)


                 (TSE’s are due to chemically and physically infected prion proteins, not virus, nor bacteria.)

            Note 4.  The false transmission line:-

           Supposedly the route of transmission is mainly through infected (nervous system, – brain or spinal cord)beef eating. Believed to have originated in sheep as Scrapie. Also(kuru) ex cannibalism in New Guinea. Via eating of infected human brains. Now into Deer.(Wasting disease.)  Especially in Canada and U.S. 

          Also transmitted by infected animal feed.

            Crossing species, and humans.

            It can of course be injected into one. Especially brains.

            Thought to be infectious and contagious. Also contractable.




            Victor Conway.


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