A709. Electro-magnetism and psychic phenomena!!


Monday, 30th August,  2,004.


Electro-magnetism and super-physical phenomena.


            An electro-magnetic field can link with super-physical phenomena. Especially conjoint with PSI, esp and pk(or tk).  Genes can assist in this.

            Things are complex, not simple. But complexedly simple!!(Via multiple simplicities!!)

            Electro-magnetic fields(the stronger the better)(electric or magnetic) push outwards(including upwards) via electrons or magnetons. Or both.

            Gravity is a PUSH force. It pushes downwards.  Aetheric pressure ex white holes down black ones.

            EM fields can counter this force via an umbrella effect. Causing objects to lighten.

            It also overcomes the inertia blocking psychic and occult phenomena.

            So both pk(tk) and esp work better in an electro-magnetic field.

            Clairsentience and materialization assist.

            If spirits are present, and are dense enough, they can move matter, especially if lightened!!

            Metal and water greatly assist. Per quantity.

            Because good conductors.

            Assisting any EM fields.

            Electrons and/or magnetons counter the gravitons.

            EM fields would probably assist at seances and circles,etc. Including all forms of automatism. Like Ouija boards and Planchette.

            A form of anti-gravity.

            Associated with this are brains and minds. Note that brains are not minds, and minds are not brains. Minds are super-physical. Brains are physical.

            When minds experience super-physical phenomena, brains follow suit in parallel. Blood indicating activity in the frontal lobes, and less blood in an area of the brain connected to normal living!! Possible connection with epilepsy,etc. here.

            Memories of super-physical events can be recalled via stimulating the frontal lobes! It does not bring the super-physical back. Only its memory.

            The super-physical exists, though is only seldom perceived. It is not abnormal. Nor physical(or merely physical).

            The Philadelphia Experiment, etc.  And The Phoenix Project are major experiment in point.

            So if you do not want super-physical experiences, avoid (also water and metal ) power lines above or below ground, and all kinds of ley lines and nodes!!!! Also keep away from electric apparatus, like electric clocks!!(Do not sleep too close to them!!)

           Physical laws are not broken.

           Scepticism is.

            Also the following lines are of key interest:=

            Electric current.  Magnetic fields.  Radio Waves.   X,etc.rays.  Photonic rays. Laser and Maser rays.  Photography.  Print-outs. Etcs.

            We live in a universe that is mental. Or super-material.  There is no limit to how large, or how small things can get. Or the fact that they GROUP. Group Law.  There are gaps(in interstices), and there are particles. 

            There are bound particles and free particles.  There is the split of matter into electrons and ions. Because of this electrons flow along the ions!!

            Materialists do not like to think that there is anything beyond solid matter, and 3d.  They hate the idea of planes(though height is a sort of plane). And sub planes,etc.  However, planes are simply basically different finenesses or densities!!  A matter of smaller and larger gaps(for my orbital VIBRATION), and particles for MY DENSITY!!!!

            In theory, there is always a smaller, and always a larger. In practice,too!!

            So Materialism is actually untenable. Why should the universe be LIMITED?  Why simplistic?  It is rather that many humans are this, rather than that the universe is!! What materialists are actually(low emotive) saying is that they hate the good,  preferring a mental climate of low things in which they can bask!!  Also to escape the consequences of their sins(not necessarily religious).  Avoided if no after life. So no hell.(This is what they HOPE.)

            In truth, the universe is so complexedly simple and diverse, that one can advance, utilizing these facts!! The most cheaply.

            Like in elections, people get power(so denied them) by bringing about cliff hangers and hung parliaments. Which they THEN can the better control!!!!

            There comes a point when those who cannot bear goodness,etc. MUST do so, for the all round good. Like near the end of cycles, when the next cataclysm is due!! AS NOW!!!! We are about 11 or 12 years from the PEAK of the ALREADY BEGUN cataclysm.  In Man and Nature. God and Devil.  At such times, the good must take over, or we all perish!! THEN the wicked must be sacrificed that the fewest and least worthy suffer!!!!


            Fractals and anti fractals, etc. are interesting.

            Also interesting is the fact that is arithmetic increase and geometrical increase. Additions or subtractions. And multiplications or divisions. Increase, or decrease wise.

            Zero can be approached like Zeno’s Arrow ever closer, but never reached.(With geometric subtractions of sufficiently decreasing value.) Also the infinite can be approached by increasing multiples!!)

            Very interesting subjects are: Physics, chemistry(Especially The Periodic Table and the matching of theory and practice. In actions and re-actions,etc.), geography, history, biology, psychology, mathematics, geometry, art, music, arts, crafts, logic. Etc.








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