A1120. Hell.

Tuesday, 11th July, 2,006. Hell. A1120 I am very concerned about the apparent cessation of all regard for the possibility of going to Hell after death. And for karma in future lives!! Humanity(Western, anyway) goes by what Orthodox Science makes out. Which is ridiculous because it is(re the important subjects) so highly speculative and provisional. Before that we went by Conventional Religion. Which USED TO teach that the wicked went to infinite Hell, and for ever!!!! Whilst I am of the opinion that Conventional Religion has become too stuffed.(Too absurd), we have this position today of a clash between orthodox science and conventional religion, producing much confusion and conflict. I do not believe that the wicked go to an infinite hell for ever. However, I am convinced that there IS a hell – to which the wicked go after death. Also incurring karma,etc. which handicaps you in future lives. The Western attitude is that the priests installed this fear of Hell into us to get us to come to church,etc. And give them big support. There IS a Hell, and the wicked go there after death! It is commensurate with the deeds, and is only until wrongs have been paid for!! Bad karma also accrues to the wicked. And appears in the form of handicaps in future births!! I don’t know WHY humans think thus now. Other than that Orthodox Science has brainwashed and conditioned many into so thinking!! The fact is both Conventional Religion and Orthodox Science are highly wrong!! The spiritualist and occult – psychic views are nearest to the truth!! I suppose a god conspicuous by its absence, the awful things that happen in the world, plus the apparent absurdity of a life beyong death, all conspire to produce overwhelming disbelief in many!! Plus of course the wish NOT to pay for one’s sins!! Let me assure any readers RIGHT NOW, that you are VERY VERY mistaken!! We DO survive death, and the wicked DO go to an awful Hell!! Furthermore, suicide is a waste of time! You only kill your body, and thus add to your sins!! Few things could be worse than finding yourself without a body after death!! With all of the old problems STILL REMAINING!!!! People may ask HOW one can possibly survive death! The answer is that it is ONLY the body that dies. The soul GOES ON!!!! No thing survives its OWN death. Of course not!! However, the point is SIMPLY that though the body does die, and stays dead; the erstwhile occupant GOES ON!!!! Same as if a horse drops dead, its rider GOES ON!!!! We DO survive death. The soul survives the death of its body!! Pure and simple!!!! I know by so many ways, that it would be tedious to list them all!! Far too hard to put into a few words, nevertheless not bull shit, but the genuine result of a COMPLEX universe of many dimensions! In which MIND rules matter. Not the other way about!! I cannot convey to you my certitude, other than to ask you to read my articles!! If you,or anyone, including me, does wrong, then one day, we shall have to pay for it!! IN FULL. There simply is NO ESCAPE from this!! So I am very deeply concerned at the obvious growing lack of care and concern I find growing among my fellow men, who increasingly do worse, instead of the better which they should be doing!! Though Hell after death is not the infinite endless business of the old preachers, it is nevertheless an AWFUL place!! I would save you from that!! No one gets away with ANY THING!!!! Believe me!! So what if everyone else is doing wrong, and seeming to get away with it? That will NOT ALWAYS be the state of affairs!! You pay by what YOU do. We are all responsible and accountable for our own actions!! And no book or church or man or anything else can save us. Only we ourselves CAN!!!! Vic Conway.


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