A1118. Still more on Electro-magnetism, seances and triangles,etc.


Sunday, 9th July, 2,006.

Still more on Electro-magnetism, seances and triangles,etc.


It needs to be understood that space is simply the vertical surface(curved and warped) of a field! And that time is the horizontal surface. Constituting space-time!!

Hyper space is the space(a different one!) WITHIN the field.

Gravity is simply pressure of gravitons,etc.

Hyperforce is a special high form of gravity NEAR objects!!

Orbital vibration is the depth dimension of the spiral field. (Concerning the gap between the atomic nucleus and the electrons around.)

Density is a second depth dimension of the field. (Concerning the gap between the neutrons and the electrons IN the nucleus!!)

These four GROUP dimensional double reverse helix fields(Our Earth is one!), each with four dimensions(!), lie one within another throughout the entire universe!!!!
Travel is possible through a series of LOCKS, accordingly. From one field to the next within(or without)!!!!
The secret of moving objects at seances is PSEUDOPODS. Ectoplasmic and protoplasmic ARMS. Which spirits can manipulate to move objects!!!!

There are any number of so called worm holes from the field’s centre WITHIN, out to ANY point on space and time. Also in orbital vibration and density!!!!

The secret is to be AT the centre of the electro-magnetic field. Tangential force radiates electrons. Umbrella wise, these block of incoming gravitons, photons, radar and sonar, according to the strength of the field. An inward force pushes the operator or group thereof to the field’s centre.(This is a vibrational distance, not a spatial or timeal one!!)

At the field’s centre(In Hyperspace!), the operator can move outwards to ANY point in space or time, past or future!!!! Simply by visualizing place and time, and willing his self and machine THERE!!!! It works!!

He could also will himself to any orbital vibration level, and or density!!

In The Spirit World it is possible to do these things WITHOUT machines!!!!
The electron masses increase the gaps between nucleus and field, and between core and outer nucleus. The former is orbital vibration. The latter is density.(Not ordinary density, but the super density of the group vibration structure!!)

It works best in metals. This permits flesh and blood to penetrate matter. An arm, say. But if the arm is left in, and the field returns to normal, you are left with your arm inside of an iron plate, say!! As happened on The Eldridge destroyer during The Philadelphia Experiment!! Some men died. Others were injured. Many went mad. All were ordered to be silent!!!!

The trouble is that their feet were not insulated!!

Now The Atlanteans knew all this, and much more. So they built special electric power houses. Purpose: To create energy for normal use. And also for supernormal AND supernatural uses!! Seances, etc!!!!

Power houses, pyramids, groups of standing stones, and special temples were built. All were able to create very powerful electro-magnetic fields!!!!

Some of which operate to this day. Crystals were used in conjunction.(Amplifiers? Ray spreaders??) The SUN was the power source!! The idea being that at certain times in certain places, the angle of the sun’s rays would activate the power house concerned.(This explains The Bermuda Triangle,etc.)

Via fields within fields, one could go literally ANYWHERE in space, time, orbital vibration and higher density!!!!

Giant batteries!!

They also made Leyden Jars for small quantities of electricity.

The Ark of The Covenant was one such. Which I understand The Jews stole from The Egyptians!!(Among other things.)

The Pyramids have MANY functions. The secret of raising the huge heavy stone blocks was LEVITATION. Created by force fields!!

Not slaves, – SERVANTS!! And not all that many. Over a long period of time.

Blocks could be floated down The Nile.

Stone age men are able to pass through these PORTALS from thousands of years ago, – INTO our time!! They do!! Temporarily.

The Pyramids,etc. are(amongst other things), space, time, orbital vibration, high density PORTS!!

Flying saucers use these portals a lot!!

ONE of the secrets of their almost infinite speed!!

Our ideas of space, time, orbital vibration and the higher density,etc. are utterly wrong!! Our physics and Astronomy,etc.etc. are WRONG!!!!

We think that space is straight. No!! It is curved and warped!!

Similarly with time!!

The Supernormal AND The Supernatural were nothing to The Atlanteans. Nor are they now to The Aliens.(The ones visiting us.)

Creatures simply leave their body vehicles permanently at the deaths of their bodies. They then continue life at a higher material level!!

Even the dead bodies can resurrect! Via cycling gametes! Which via a new mother, re-create an improved version of the previous body, via The Permanent Atom!! UNLESS moved on to a higher scheme!!!!

As for the corpse, that disintegrates, and returns to The Great Reservoir of Mattere, for re-use in other forms!! No thing is wasted!!

Amongst other things The Great Pyramid is A WATER PUMP. From Nile to special lakes.(It was. It isn’t now.)

Supernormal is travel through “worm holes” in space and time.

Supernatural is travel through orbital vibration and higher density!!

These things are too much to bear by the ordinary man. But THEY EXIST!!!!
Another wonder is the marvellous space time,etc. GRID. On all surfaces.(Earth, local stellar cluster, special field, WHATEVER.)

Mathematically and geometrically PRECISE, perfect and beautiful!!

All superior creatures are gods to us!!

There is no final supreme one, simply because there is NO END to The height(or depth) of The Heirarchy!! Gods upwards, devils and demons, downwards. Others via TWO sideways!!!!

GOD is Community. The ALL.

Who works for ALL will be helped by GOD!!!!

I do not know if ICE acts as a crystal. It MIGHT at the poles!!

Bruce Cathie of New Zealand is well versed in The Cosmic Grid,etc.

The more you know of truth, the more powerful you become.

Work for it, and your life will prosper.

Work against it, and you will PERISH!!!!

I worked it all out.

I am simply trying to tell you the great secrets you NEED to know TO SURVIVE!!!!

But of course, you oppose me, and try to destroy me!!



Vic Conway.

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