A1117 More on Electro-magnetic fields.

Saturday, 8th July, 2,006. A1117 More on Electro-magnetic fields. Levitation and Bermuda Triangle stuff. Inspired from watching “The Bermuda Triangle” on 7 Television, Queensland, a couple of days back. (On top of what I already knew.) There are two levels for electro-magnetic phenomena. Low and high. Even the low has to be high enough! And the high is very high!! At level one, if you create an electro-magnetic field(in a controlled environment), objects will lose weight and float, and even fly!! Thus explaining the basis of seances!(Especially inverted glass on table, ouiji board and planchette,etc.)(Though visiting spirits are an extra, and NOT created by em fields!! They exist. But so does the sub-concious mind of the group involved!!) How does it work? It works because an electro-magnetic field is basically simply an umbrella of electrons shooting out! Because gravity is due to pressure of infalling gravitons,etc., the electron umbrella(IF strong enough!!), will block their passage. This explains the loss of weight, and eventual floating! Flying is due to elemental spirits having fun. More intelligent behaviour is due to group subconcious mind, and any visiting spirits!! Photons, sonar, radar, etc. also fall in, and get blocked, IF field is strong enough, AND at the right frequency to block photons, sonar, radar, gravity,etc!!!! Thus cutting these off! And explaining the amazing results!! At much higher power, we reach Level Two. And this higher level explains The Bermuda Triangle, The Philadelphia Experiment etc. And other astonishing things!!!! At level two, you can permeate matter(take care not to get stuck in there!!), create em vortices, worm holes, enter hyper space, travel instantaneously(almost(in practice) in space, and enter future or past!!!! Amongst other incredible things!!!! The secret of level one em fields is simple. The secret of level two stuff is more complex:- You need to create a big enough and strong enough electro-magnetic field. And place yourself or group bang in the centre!! Necessarily in a controlled environment. Indoors or out. Again. As the fearful mob, as usual, will go all out to destroy it!! Hyperspace gets entered via a hole in space-TIME!! At the centre of the field is the best place. And possibly the only place. From there(hyperspace), worm holes branch off in all directions. Some are space short cuts. And some are time short cuts(past and future). General time.(Personal time is more tricky.) All you do is sit in the centre and concentrate your mind, WILLING for whatever you want TO HAPPEN. And, given the right conditions, it will work!! Think of a place, and you will arrive there almost instantaneously! The entire field will!! And all that is in it. Think of a future, or past, date, and you will go there too!!!! Also higher (orbital) vibrations, AND density vibrations!! There is also a tunnel through to the fourth dimension. Plus another one that takes you to Earth’s surface level TWO!! ETC!!!! Alien craft often use this method, and will use YOUR em field, if they so wish,too!! The structure of the universe, et al, is complex, not simple!!(Simple in principle, complex in detail.) It is Man that complicates and ruins things! Other entities spoil things too. Like bad aliens, bad sprites, and so on. Thus we may enter OTHER PLANES. Via the dimensions of the GROUP dimensions that exist. And these be many!! The Bermuda Triangle and the other(so called evil) vortices, are NATURAL electro-magnetic fields of great power. Enhanced by the Atlanteans 10,000 years, and more, ago!! They built a huge power station near Bimini, where they had a city, in The Caribbean.(NOW under the sea a little. Though originally it was not!!(The sea has risen due to ice melting!!)(Atlantis spanned the entire Earth. They had many cities, and many power houses, and groups of crystals,etc.)(They arranged CRYSTALS!!) They did this partly to create portals to other planes,etc. And partly to power their various affairs. The standing stones, etc. are also em power stations! As are the pyramids, and certain temples,etc!! Many ships and planes in The Bermuda Triangle inadvertently entered some of these holes. Which get created at certain times, by the sun’s rays AT A CERTAIN ANGLE, impinging upon the crystals!!(It still works, even now 10,000 years and more after their creation.) though under the surface of the sea! Flying saucers get seen simply because they are utilizing the power station concerned. The Electro Magnetic Field of the highest level, creates vortices and worm holes,etc. Recognized by a spiral phenomenon visible in the sky(when close enough, and ON). A green light. Plus a mist.(Under water this mist appears as a MURK.) You can CHOOSE to go through one or more of these holes. The problem lies in GETTING BACK!!(If you wish to.) At the entry points things feel queer, and look odd. And similarly FOR A WHILE on the other side of the multi-dimensional door. This is due to concentrated electro-magnetism. It will stop electrical, electronic, mechanical, and other machinery and devices that get close enough. Compasses etc. will spin rapidly. And point in wrong directions(due to this local em field, of course). This also happens at both poles, AND in the about seven other “triangles”. As well as at the ancient power stations, pyramids, standing stones,etc. certain temples, and other strange looking structures.(Easter Island may have been one.) Yes, The Earth(and all the heavenly bodies and fields) has TWO surfaces. AS WELL AS a fourth dimension! We are familiar with the first surface. But when conditions are right, and the necessary hole portal created, the second surface can get entered!! As with the other eight(??) “triangles”. The second surface leads down into The Great Within(which is outside!!)(It appearing if you pass through the necessary hole, which causes the first surface to vanish, and the new one to appear!! On surface one, the pole is normal. On surface two, there is no pole, just a great funnel-tunnel entrance to The Great Within!!(Which is STILL THEN part of the outside surface!!) However mad it may seem, this IS how it IS!!!! Many people choose to ignore these things, and deny them. Because too unevolved to appreciate such things!!!! So though most travels at the poles, are normal, a few ARE NOT!!!! A case of “catching it right”!! Perhaps the ices act as crystals at the poles!!(They may be natural, though power stations may exist(I mean the ancient kind.). Antarctica WAS Atlantis! (NOW inverted.(Because Earth geographically inverts every about 6,500 years!!)At the bottom of the ice may lay an active power station!! Similarly in The Arctic. Man, in general, is too simple minded, and complicated. And so he keeps the truth from his self, and most others!!!! However, the time has come to SAVE and HELP Mankind, ETC. And,so, knowledge like this is increasingly being allowed to public view!! Because we are only a few years from two cataclysms!! Earth GEOGRAPHICAL(and thus magnetic too) INVERSION, and the arrival of comet planet Nibiru!!!! Plus Man versus Man. Devil versus Man. And soon God versus Man. And CHRIST versus Man!!!! Nature is re-acting to Man’s increasing villainy and idiocy. And is getting The Earth to rebel against us! And the animals to attack Man,too; as well as Man against Man!!!! I have worked it out to the last dot. Believe me, it IS coming!! The weather, including SEISMIC(Note: Global Warming not only existed periodically in The Past, but is also NOW happening upon other planets!!)(So don’t so cocksure about Man’s output!(Which is dwarfed by Solar output, and even Surface Nature!!)(I THINK Man’s output is negligible. Though far from certain.) Even surface nature gets dwarfed by the sun ELECTRONICALLY warming our MAGMA!!!! The electric charges are also causing Earth’s core to gyrate(as well as spin) faster and wider, per harmonic progression!! Earth, as are all heavenly bodies, is a magnet! This is why more and more asteroids and comets are being pulled down!! And brains of animals and humans increasingly subject to BRAIN STORMS!!!! The sea will rise of course, as more and more ice melts. Immediately prior to a new ICE AGE!!!! After (and due to!) AWFUL heat!!!! The SUN,ELECTRONICALLY, is the chief contributor!! Surface Nature, a very poor second. And Man almost non existent!! The co-incidences with Industrial Revolution commencement, and the 450,000 cooler years just past, appear to be just CO-INCIDENCES!! Nature is full of them. So DON’T stop using fossil fuels, power stations(modern kind), vehicle fumes,ETC!!!! Kyoto Protocol IS NUTS. Created deliberately for the VESTED INTERESTS of backward GOONS!! You work out what the three great factors are! 1. The Sun, electronically!! 2. Volcanic eruptions and forest fires,etc. 3. Man. Plus 4. Animals and humans, via Methane!! Measure SOMEHOW, and COMPARE!! BEFORE SOUNDING OFF VICIOUSLY!!!! The Political East will of course rise more and more, faster and faster. Kim and Ahmad leadingf!!(The leaders of North Korea and Iran, respectively.) The West is going down, AND OUT. Fast!! Has been since about 1979. When The Iranian Revolution was!! All George Bush can is BLEAT “Return to the six party talks.”. Which OF COURSE will be utterly ignored!! Ahmad will ignore Bush,etc.TOO. Endlessly!! What fools men are!! I refer to The Western optimists. CUCKOO. CUCKOO!!!! The West has about one thousand million people. The Political East has over five,now! And individually are far more rabid than any Westerner is!! I AM a Westerner! But it is to The Political East I AM LOOK ING!!!! Not for salvation,no!(The very opposite!!) No! To strength AND WISDOM!!!! Our leaders are naturally chiefly concerned with feathering their OWN nests. It is all right for them, FOR A WHILE, with their nest eggs!! And convenient exits!! The Political East DOES NOT change its leaders every five minutes!! And is becoming stronger than The West!! What will happen is obvious enough to me. THEY will attack more and more with WMD, including nuclear. The West will FINALLY BE OBLIGED to defend itself(BUT TOO LATE!!). And use WMD itself! Then WW3 starts in EARNEST!!! You listening, the rest of you, OUT THERE??!! WAKE UP, will you!!!! (And so only a few manage to reach these facts.) No good looking to UNO and The Security Council. Hopeless lot!! Nor to U.S. Which has teeth, but is afraid to use them for fear of Russian retaliation(nuclear and thermonuclear). Also afraid of oil reduction. AND above all to lose their cosy easy going life!! The EU, led by Germany, will rise. As will The Vatican,again. And in league!!!! EU and Asia will confront each other. But a number of things prevent much action:- 1. GOD returning. 2. CHRIST returning. 3. Good aliens. 4. EU will wipe out Iran,etc. ISLAM. 5. BUT After Political East wipes out The West!! 6. Worsening weather,etc. 7. Internal faction battles. 8. DESPERATE nuclear counter attacks, etc. by The DYING West. Especially U.S!!!! You DIG, you guys?? Or is it YOUR GRAVES you are so rapidly DIGGING??!! Vic Conway.


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