A1114. UFO’s,Aliens, Alien Abductions and CropCircles.

Thursday, 6th July, 2,006.

UFO’s, Aliens, Alien Abductions and Crop Circles.

I very rarely speak on UFO’s,etc. (Because covered so much more by others.)But I feel a word or two is in order, now.

The authorities have recently denied their existence, yet again!!

It is overwhelmingly plain that UFO’s exist, along with aliens in non scout craft, and that they are intelligences not of Earth(though some might be, and still be alien!).

Alien abductions are clear enough,too.

Crop Circles are VERY clear!! AND very clearly not done by the two men who claim to be responsible for the crop circles!!

If it was not strange for colonialists, in their ships, to visit distant lands and islands, then why is it strange for beings from other planets,etc.to visit us?!

Two obstacles are firmly stuck in the minds of many scientists: 1. That there is no sign of(carbon based!) life anywhere near Earth, because other planets,etc.are too hostile TO LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. And 2. The idea that no thing can travel faster than the speed of light! And that therefore, with possibly inhabited planets,etc. many light years away, we can safely rule out visitations by aliens!!

Regarding 1: Life can be carbon or silicon based, at the very least.

Why must all life be AS WE KNOW IT?!(I suppose all ants think that life forms way out must be ant form in appearance!!)

As for 2: The speed of light is NOT the maximum velocity possible! The maximum velocity possible is infinite!

The Michelson-Morley experiments,etc. established c, 186,000 miles/sec(about 300,000 ks per second), as a limiting factor. What was not made clear is that “c”‘ is only the maximum velocity REGISTERED by us!!(Because “c” is NECESSARILY the highest speed registerable simply BECAUSE it happens to be the resultant diagonal maximum velocity between space and time!!)(Space and time are equal in length in the continuum.)

It is impossible to REGISTER a higher velocity. Which is not the same thing as saying that no higher velocity is POSSIBLE!!!!

I found out these things in the course of disproving the HUBBLE LAW expansion!(Upon which subject I have written VERY extensively.(See back!!))

The highest velocity possible is infinite. The highest in practice is anything below this. BUT APPROACHING IT!!
As for life not existing anywhere, bar on Earth. This is of course geocentric, born of religious,etc. stupid intolerance!!

There is alien life under the surface of the sea, underground, within The Earth, in the polar regions, and elsewhere!! STILL ON EARTH!!!!

There is alien life WITHIN many planets,etc.(All planets,etc. are HOLLOW. Including this Earth!!)(Though conditions are often hostile upon surfaces, this is not the general rule WITHIN planets!!)

EVERYTHING is alive. The whole universe a life form! There is no thing BUT life forms. Many of which are unrecognized by us!!

The fact is the most backward of humans HATE the notion of life existing anywhere else! So they simply propagate their extremely negative and pernicious doctrines, to try to blind the rest of us!! However, life elsewhere remains a fact DESPITE their ridiculous ostacizations and assertions to the contrary!!!! Little people RULE this world!!!! They are mental CHILDREN. And have to be catered for. By allowing them almost completely free reign down here in the physical!!(Or they could not bear it!!)

Cattle mutilations are also numerous.

You may safely regard all space as if it was a new ocean, with planets,etc. being islands! And with life forms being VERY abundant!!

Of course,some nations have secret craft. But this does not rule out the true ufo’s.(The term is misleading. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. Obviously some (flying, and otherwise!) objects are unidentifiable in the main. Only A FEW of which are alien!)

So you first need to DEFINE the term UFO, and not immediately conclude alien craft!(We Earthmen are now capable of building flying saucers,etc!)(If only because taught how to by aliens!!)

There are VERY MANY different aliens species and races!!(Even as there are life forms on Earth.)

Some are intelligent. Most are ahead of us. Sometimes by far.

There are also alien animals, and plants,etc.

People tend to believe ONLY what they want to believe! And to disbelieve in ANYTHING they dislike!(Which they fear and get angry about, all too often.)(Because of not knowing how to handle the unknown!!)

There are alien microbes,etc.TOO.

So why doesn’t ETI function? Because, in part(!), we are obsessed with the idea of radio and hydrogen(22)(I am referring to that band of frequencies that most of our orthodox scientists THINK that aliens might be familiar with!!). However, this is only a HUMAN method and idea. And NOT universal. So we get ignored.(ALSO because “How many people would bother to try to answer a cockroach waving its antenna?!”)(Humans don’t think well enough, you see!!)(They tend to jump all to often to silly conclusions!!)(We may think that because we use speech and writing, that every other creature does!(Even on Earth, not all understand your particular language!) BUT THIS IS NOT SO!!)(ETI uses a certain band of frequencies. Which though very fashionable with us, IS NOT SO universally!!)(Those frantic antenna wavings of a yonder cockroach MAY be attempts to communicate with us!! (To many aliens we ARE cockroaches, and the like!!)(Why would they go out of their way to be tuned in to possible communication attempts from stupid primitives like us!!(THINK ABOUT IT!!!!)) (Two very big reasons then that ETI is such a failure!! 1. Would YOU cock your ear to a cockroach?! 2. Would you expect IT to use best English writing or speech??!!)(Try thinking more deeply and widely!!)(Stop seeing everything in your own terms only!!)

So you see, though WE might be interested in strange radio signals on the commonest frequency WE know of, the fact is that WE ARE ignoring communications along other channels!!(To mention ufo’s and crop circles to name but TWO!!)

We are failing to notice WHALES, when studying SAY plankton for LASER beams!!

Many crop circles are of incredible design and beauty.(Some are messages to us. Some are messages to other aliens. And some are neither.) In general they possess a complexity way beyond the average human!(And certainly beyond the two famous Britons who claim to make them!)(There are far too many for just two men, anyway!)

There are SOME fake circles, of course!(There are also fake coins in existence. But the genuine items ALSO exist!)(Before you imitate something, you need something to imitate!!)

Crops,etc. make very handy blackboards for aliens. Too bad for the farmers,etc!!

They should be grateful to be privileged!!

And honoured with such visitations!!!!

Some aliens come to warn us that our life style is destroying us.

Some treat us as zoos, and circuses!!

What are(SOME OF) these alien races doing? They are examining us much like we examine animals,etc!!

We are in fact CATTLE to them!!

We are being farmed. Because THEY created us!!

Via genetic modifications.

They are(some of them are) after our GENES(to replace their own defunct or dying ones). They are creating a new hybrid race, part human, part humanoid!!(By sex and otherwise. Usually otherwise I think, as they are way beyond sex!)

Even as we examine savages and primitives, and animals,etc. so do they check us out!!

We are food for The Reptileans. Body AND SOUL!! They like our emotions. And feast off them!!

And they like our women!!

If we went into space travel and came across inhabited planets, wouldn’t we examine the life forms there?! And so it is with them!! Curiosity is not solely confined to humans and animals!!

I think it would be AMAZING were there no life elsewhere in the universe!!

To think that we have ALL INFINITY to ourselves is ridiculous, and extremely self centred!!

Yes, it would be an awful waste of space!!

And makes The Creator out to be a most UN-imaginative idiot!!!!

On the other hand we know many humans like to think that they are special!!

Cattle get mutilated. But humans are merely examined(though they have no regard for pain inflicted), and experimented with!!

They need our genes!

And they need us to mate with!!(Even as early humans mated with ANIMALS!!)

Cattle,etc. are dispensable. Humans, are not.

There are DIFFERENT alien species, and races.

Most could not care less about us!!

Any more than we would passing a group of beetles out in the countryside,perhaps!!

Alien abductions are increasingly rife!

They are TAKING US OVER!!!!

The little greys are. To provide food for The Reptileans.

What amazes me is WHY all this should be amazing!!

We are a space farm!!


We are simply one life form among many!

Religion and philosophy,etc. has warped our views, you see!!

We are NOT the highest life form in the universe.

Nor do most other life forms care two hoots about us!!(Why should they??)

Humans are very rare in the universe!!

We love ourselves, so think every other creature SHOULD!!!!

God rules all, but does not ENFORCE any creature to do anything. God allows free will!!

That is how it is!!

We are dogs or pigs, and think that ALL other creatures are OR SHOULD BE likewise!!!!

When you tap on your desk, is that an attempt by you to communicate with a fly buzzing around?!(But the fly might think so!!)(And that might be YOUR best idea of how to communicate with it! Does it surprise you too much that it doesn’t do a complex circular dance on your keyboard??!!)




Vic Conway.


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