A1109. We live in a world of filament and vortices!!


Friday, 23rd June, 2,006.


We live in a world of filaments and vortices!!

Basically, that is all that exists!!

We live in a universe of particles. A universe that is an omniverse!! Endless. Beginningless!!!!

In space, in a plasma. A space plasma is matter divided into electrons and ions.

Re: Alfven.(Refer “The Big Bang Never Happened” by L.J.Lerner.)

Electrons are common particles. Though not basic. Being composed of quarks. There is no final basic building block!!

Free electrons move, tending to in streams.

With the ionic field surrounding them.

Streams tend to bind together.

So we get ropes of ever increasing thickness.

If you read “The Big Bang Never Happened”, pages 232 to about 240, explain things well.

By the way, also read Nexus magazine and Philadelphia Trumpet. They are where I get a lot of my ideas.(Although at first I was original.)

Two sort of cones from from spheres. These two cones join together.

Pinch effect is key.

The cones part, and start to form a vortex.

The vortices form up in filaments.

Such, that we have vortices of filaments, and filaments of vortices, endlessly. AND up and down in size!!

Here we have the basis of The Spiral Galaxies.

Specialists go deeper than I do, in their various fields.

I go for the popular side. And try to appeal to The Man in The Street. Via simplicity of ideas. And an easy conversationsal style!!

I COULD get more literary if I wanted to. But don’t.

Particles bind into plasmoids,etc.

And finally into stars, and then planets. Etc. ETC.

Without getting too precise!!

Big bangs and holes, black and white go a long way to describing things.

But the bangs, and plops, are fictions.

And the holes are the opposite in colour to what orthodoxy thinks they are!!

We have a New Physics.

And a New Astronomy,etc.

Things are not as we thought they were!!

Electro-magnetism(Actually Magneto-electrism!) is the only force!

Gravity is born of pressure!! But two kinds of gravity.

The other is Hyper-force. Which operates close to objects.

Different groups are reaching The New Physics various ways.

One thing is for sure. Orthodox Physics and Astronomy are RIGHT UP THE CHUTE!!!!

They have the OPPOSITE to the truth!!

A New Copernicus Revolution is occurring.

Quantum Mechanics and Relativity are now related.

And Relativity is simply Higher Level physics,etc.
I regret that as I get older, I cannot do this adequate justice!!



Vic Conway.


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