A1105. Some more on Hollow Earth,ETC.



Sunday, 18th June, 2,006.


Some more on Hollow Earth.

I have a correction to make! A VERY interesting point.

I said that one of the two(out of about 500) proofs of Hollow Earth(see back) was the fact that plumb lines dropped into The Earth diverged instead of converging!

This test was carried out by TWO independent firms. One British. One French. Many years back.(Something like half a century ago. If not more.) Plumb lines a mile apart were dropped one mile into the ground. To confirm Round Earth? And/or to see if The Earth was really hollow!! Maybe both!!

The results drove one man to lay off the drink. No further checks were conducted!! No thing further was heard!!!! This is like The Philadelphia Experiment. Tests were carried out. But the results were so contrary to expectation, that they were hushed up on pain of the most dire penalties!! In other words the truth was sacrificed to save the stupid majority from ego hurt!!(Which they SO BADLY need!!)

You see. If the results for ANY experiment prove contrary to public expectation, then those truths are RUTHLESSLY SUPPRESSED!!!! Big or small experiments.

The world’s imposition of FALSEHOODS must not be challenged!! On pain of death if necessary!!!!

With The Philapelphia Experiment, the second in a series of four, it was found that the U.S. destroyer Eldridge(In 1944) was rendered invisible! In an attempt to make her RADAR invisible.(To beat The German U boats attacks on convoys to Britain during World War one.)

The Eldridge VANISHED. Went into Hyperspace. Travelled hundreds of miles instantaneously. (To another naval dock yard!!)AND TWO of its sailors went 40 years into The Future!!!!

Of course items like this JUST ARE NOT ADMITTED!!!! True though they are!!!!

The Phoenix Experiment. The Philapdelphia Experiment. The Army base tangle with the destroyer experiment (to try to separate them!). And The Montouk Experiment still to come. The FOUR Hyperspatial space time travel,etc. experiments!!!!

The RULING public thinks that it is all bunk. But it is solid FACT!!!!

Utterly denied of course by the authorities, even as UFO’s and ghosts, and real dreams,etc. ETC/ are denied today!!!!

The ONLY thing that can save this world, IS BEING MOST STRENUOUSLY rejected by all authorities!!!! I refer to The Truth.

This is why I have opened this web site!! To give those seeking the truth A CHANCE!!!!

Two things are destroying Man, and all life upon this planet. LIES and HATE!!

Plus many other like things.

Like the most vicious VIOLENT anger and THE MOST RUTHLESS denial of the increasingly OBVIOUS FACTS!!!!

What is the matter? Quite simple: The Devil, not God is being worshipped. Lies enthroned. And the most vicious and angry HATRED, is being called LOVE!! Etc. Etc.

WHY?? Because bad aliens took over our planet millions of years ago!(Humans are weak, not wicked, IN GENERAL.) And have NEVER let go!! Both Reptilians and Humanoids. Both Little Greys,etc. AND The Mutants!! A cross breed between humans and humanoids!! By FORCE!!!!

Under The evil Illuminati, via both Materialistic Science AND Conventional religions, Mankind is being MOST systematically DESTROYED!! Christendom(It is NOT what Christ taught!!) is evil!!(It is ROMANISM!!!! Yes, we are still ruled by Caeser, via The Vatican,etc. AND Germany, or whichever STATE protects such religious PERFIDY!!!!) And Islam is FAR FAR worse. Via The ABSURD Wahabee sect!!!! Both Western and Eastern SO CALLED fundamentalisms STINK to the Highest!!!!

Humans are being cattled and penned. To feed The Reptilean aliens. Body AND SOUL!!!! Devoured!!!!

Do I make myself clear??!!

Those who even TRY to disclose the horrible truths, GET MURDERED!!!!

Put away your enforced BRAIN WASHING and CONDITIONING down the ages. And LISTEN to me!!

ALL that we are being taught IS THE MOST LYING RUBBISH!!!!

The Bible is THE WORD OF MAN, not God!!!!

GARDENS, not churches, HOUSE GOD!!!!

The Koran is The Word of The Devil, NOT God!!!! Mohammed was a CRIMINAL of the most heinous water!! The Koran preaches VIOLENCE and HATRED,etc!!!!

The just released BASTARD in Indonesia, the now grinning cleric. WANTS John Howard to CONVERT TO ISLAM!!!!

On pain of what Bashir? HEAD removal??!!(As two Indonesian Christian girls(of ten!!) HAVE ALREADY experienced!!

Go to HELL, Islam. WHERE you came from!!

And BACK out to that distant star you are from. And take The Jews WITH YOU!!!!

Abraham had three sons. Each one begat a great religion. Judaism. Christianity. And Islam!!(Which came via Ishamael!!)

Of course Islam recognizes The Jesus of CHRISTENDOM. That LYING Roman CRAP!!!!

I have digressed a bit in my indignant anger.

O.K. Where was I??!!

The two plumb lines DIVERGED. By about 4.5 inches, my source says. Beyond the mile! Actually, at a depth of one mile, the divergence should be 6.6 FEET!! So I THINK that ACTUALLY they only went down a couple of hundred feet.(Much easier for boring,too!!). Thus accounting for the discrepancy of 4.5 inches against 6.6 FEET.)
Now let us get one thing clear. The Earth is round. A rough sphere shape.(It is Actually a double reverse HELIX!!!!) The further down you go, the smaller the concentric circumferences. Right?!

THEREFORE, one mile down(let us work on a mile), there should be a CONVERGENCE of 6.6 FEET more than the mile at the surface!! Because the further down you go, the shorter the circumferences!!

It should not be 5,280(1,760 yards x 3) feet, but 5,273.4 feet. Or 6.6 feet LESS. Gap. Between the plumb line bobs!!(Plastic to avoid any magnetic fields from iron,etc!!)

That apparency should be obvious!!
HOWEVER, the bobs DIVERGED!! The very amount that they should have CONVERGED!!

It is SEEMINGLY absurd!!

The explanation is SIMPLE!!??

Gravity is towards centre of mass. Which is roughly centre of volume.

Now if we allow for SIDEWAYS gravity, then wouldn’t that account for the divergence(when a convergence was expected!)?!

This is I believe the explanation I gave at first. I wish to CORRECT. It is not so!!

For the very simple reason that sideways gravity ON EACH BOB, would CANCEL OUT!! Of course!!

There CAN BE NO effective SIDEWAYS gravity!!!!


The answer is pathetically simple!

And has NO THING to do with Hollow Earth(Which is true BECAUSE spinning molten mass in space MUST(via the “centrifugal” AND “centripedal” forces hurl its mass to all SIDES. Leaving a small blob in the centre, AND two holes at each end. The VERY shape that The Earth(And all the other bolide heavenly bodies and fields!!!!) HAS!!!! (Which is known by about 500 indicators related by explorers,etc. But of course HUSHED UP!!!! By the TERRIFIED horrified authorities!!!! To propagate the usual LYING PROPAGANDA upon which the masses are CONSTANTLY FED!!!!)))

Now, I, myself, think that it is better to tell the truth, even if the dominant majority cannot BEAR it, in order that in a little while the truth will change the world for the better, the wicked INCLUDED!!!! Thus a profitable arrangement!!!!(Much preferable to ALL of us GOING TO HELL, AND DESTRUCTION!!!!)

However, it is THE WICKED that rule. Not the good!!

And so this ghastly EVIL continues!!!!

Right! WHERE am I:-
So WHY the DIVERGENCE of the bobs?!

Here is the answer: As we go deeper into The Earth(or whatever), the mass component below decreases, while the mass component above, INCREASES!! Right??!! So GRAVITY decreases from below, as it increases from above!!!! Aye!!

In other words, if the upper component begins at x, and the lower at y, we INCREASINGLY get x + 1, and y – 1!!

Consequently, the gravity working upwards INCREASES as fast, and as much, as, the gravity below DECREASES!!!!

Thus, BECAUSE the upward component DIVERGES UPWARDS(Quite SIMPLY and MERELY because concentrica INCREASE in the UPWARDS direction!!!!) the forces creating divergence(NOT CONVERGENCE) naturally INCREASE!!!! AND, so, the bobs grow increasingly APART(not TOGETHER!!), AS WE DESCEND!!!!

NOTE: This would APPLY and WORK whether The Earth were solid OR HOLLOW!!!! And,so, has NO THING to do with THE FACT that it is HOLLOW!!!!

Even I was not only CONVINCED, but REMAINED CONVINCED, right up to YESTERDAY!(That diverging bobs proved Hollow Earth!! THEY DO NOT!!!!)

I was fooled because my source which was invariably right(!!), I FOUND, was WRONG about this ONE thing!! I swallowed with the greatest of ease!!(Because I WANTED The Earth to be hollow!!)(It IS so, DESPITE that!!)(Which reveals a great and common danger: That we must ALWAYS and CONSTANTLY CHECK our views. And NOT just believe them!! The truth is so VERY elusive!!)

LIES are the very first things on the scene. TRUTH enters LAST!!!!

Pandora’s box and all that!!

We get taught from BIRTH, the most OUTRAGEOUS falsehoods!!!!

Of course!! THE DEVIL rules THIS WORLD!!!!

Big lies like: Jesus saves. The Big Bang. Death ends all. No re-birth or re-incarnation. And on and on!! Whereas the truth is SO VERY MUCH GREATER!!!!

We DO survive death. We DO get re-born. AND re-incarnate!!!!

Both creation and de-creation are CONSTANTLY going on!!

I got asked the other day: Will suffering ever end? The answer is 1. To the world. – After about 64,000,000,000 years! 2. INDIVIDUALLY? – As soon as you start working for GOD, and not The Devil!!!! 3. When will suffering end? WHEN we kill out our lower desires! AND when we resist the cravings of our LOWER SELF!!!! 4. OUR suffering(the individual’s) will START to end, just as soon as we HELP others, instead of HINDERING THEM!!!!

The world THINKS, that because evil and amassing money,etc. PAY so well NOW, that THAT will ALWAYS be the case!!


What FOOLS men are!!

The rule of wicked winning, ONLY applies IN THE PHYSICAL REALM!!!!

Once one is dead, a different rule cuts in!!

BECAUSE the next world(the one we RETURN to after SO CALLED death!!), is so much LIGHTER in weight, than THIS one!!!! Thus making it so much easier for GOOD folk to win! But so much harder for evil doers!!

What happens, is that good folk EVENTUALLY go to the UPPER half of The Spirit World. While the wicked EVENTUALLY go to the LOWER half of The Spirit World. In other words, Heaven and Hell!!!!(AND Paradise and Hades!!!!)

Sin increasing your SOUL weight!! Doing good, LIGHTENS it!!(This is IN ADDITION to the increase in the weight of the ENTIRE Spirit World!! So you see THE LOAD!!!!)
The Earth is not hollow because plumb lines diverge(when you THINK they should converge), but BECAUSE spinning FLUID masses in space MUST CREATE the very shape most of us consider SO RIDICULOUS.(When it is NOT!!!!)!!!!

The average person SCORNS the idea of a HOLLOW Earth! Yet, it is the solid Earth notion that IS the CRASS FOLLY!!!!

Simply because of “centrifuges” and “centripedes”!!!!

Man’s mistake is to listen to ALL voices within. When it is USUALLY The Devil’s voice that we hear!!(Because it is the newly dead so corrupted and contaminated humans that are NEAREST to the remaining living mortals!!!!)

GOD’S voice is almost impossible to hear!! YES!!!!

How we heed our lower self’s body promptings, instead of our higher self’s SOUL urgings!!!!

We ARE responsible for our OWN actions!!!! Like it OR NOT!!!!

Yes, even to the youngest BABY!!!!(Parents and guardians ONLY ASSIST them!!!!(Or should do(be responsible FOR THEMSELVES!!!!)

It is not our deeds that take us to Heaven or Hell, but our INTENTS!!(It is not just the road to Hell that is paved with BAD(not good!!) intentions, but the road to Heaven(by GOOD intentions!!!!).

This is why animals and fools GET FORGIVEN SO EASILY!!!!

And how GREAT a fool I am!!

A dog that rapes a baby, IS INNOCENT!!

A rich man who gives away MILLIONS, is guilty! Of trying to BUY GOD off!!!!

With Man, ignorance of the law is no defence!

But with GOD, this is not so(AND per God’s laws!!!!).

That’s it folks.




Vic Conway.


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