A1103. The Dew Machine.

Friday, 9th June, 2,006.


The Dew Machine

It is a scientifically well known fact of course that below the humidity dew point, moisture will condense on cold surfaces. And there is usually some moisture in the air. Pure water,too, given clean collection surface.

In Queensland, Australia, television, they spoke of a machine(Purchase Price: $300(Australian)!) that could be artificially induced to do that job maximally! I don’t know how it works, but presumably you super heat the air electrically, after sucking it in from outside. And then blow it into a refrigeration chamber, where any moisture condenses upon the inner walls, to trickle down, and drain out into a collector. 200 litres per day. Of pure water.(If machine kept clean inside.) Enough to keep the average person in drinking water, plus enough water for other uses too, domestically. Including watering gardens, driveways, cars,etc.

I wrote an article rather earlier on a much slower NATURAL method of collecting dew. Which also works. More than one method.(Not my inventions. But from some writer in Nexus Magazine, Australia.)

To do it artificially is of course a vast improvement.

Moisture laden air is not likely to run out for a long time!!

Dried air would keep getting replaced by moist air. Until the whole planet goes dry. Since the old moisture MUST go somewhere, in the precipitation, rivers, sea and evaporation cycle; ALL of the water on the planet would have to dry up before ALL air remained dry. Water cannot go out of existence, and, so, must always be available somewhere. Provided not too hot, nor too cold.

Some places on Earth are in drought. Some parts are in flood.

Australia, at least Queensland,etc. is in the worst drought for a hundred years.

So with re-cycled water, de-salinated water, bore water, plus dammed water in prospect, we may now add Artificial Dew Water!!

Communities could SHARE machines. In cases where some could not afford the $300. Say all in a block of flats pay a dollar each. And collect a two litre container of water a day. So it hardly likely many will die of thirst! In any case there is bottled water, beer,etc. And, if necessary water carts!!

Industries would have to use larger machines, of course!!

Or boil river and pond water,etc!! Perhaps distil.

I am for towing ice bergs up from The Antarctic!! Sell it to The Arabs. In exhange for oil!!

In two years, without rainfall, Queensland will run out completely. So alternative methods are A NECESSITY. Or die!!

It is amazing how necessity is the mother of invention, and even the thoughtless get driven to the fountain!

Similarly with petrol prices and shortages!!

And so the lack of oil and water, CAN be got around. At not too great a cost.

Dams just do not work in droughts, of course!!

And pump up your own bore water simply robs the collective supply!!

Re-cycled water, ex sewage etc. on tap! I am not convinced that this will be good for the community! However purified, there must still be a measure of pollution. And the prospect of drinking re-cycled COMMUNAL(and animal,etc.) dung and urine waters is not my idea of a pleasant drink! Even if the difference in taste is undetectable!! Trust the world to find the most unpleasant solution!!

No thanks!!

For babies,too?!

It is anti-spiritual!! And, I suspect, harmful THAT way!!

What is wrong with de-salination?!

Anyway, meanwhile, the water level restrictions bite steadily harder!!

There are wells, of course. Ordinary and artesian.

Trouble is it is left to councils etc. to decide for communities! And we know what councils are like!! With all their red tape and blue paper(documentation in quadruplicate,etc.)

Someone somewhere just isnt’t trying hard enough!! More than one, in fact.

Swimming pools and wasteful industries should just have to toe the line a bit!!

Irrate neighbours could be the solution for determined wasters.

More water lost from EMPTY houses?! Of course, vandals exist. Plus leakages!!

Collecting rain off roofs, into septic tanks,etc. – Only works when and where rain falls, of course!!!!

Few should be reduced to drinking their own urine!

Though if they did, they would be much healthier. And live much longer!!

How many knew that?

Of course, it does take a little will power, as (MUST be your own!) urine is not exactly like lemonade!!

Fish water and water out of your car radiator is DEFINITELY OUT!!(Poison!!)

We shall need all the water we can get our hands on. To fight fires!!

Especially with increasing numbers of arsonists and militants!!

Humanity seems to have a problem.

Can it be an immature lack of control of their lower natures?!

Doint evil is SO enjoyable!!

Soon we shall have Water RAGE!!!!

And blood drinking!! O.P’s of course!!!!

Anyone for The Pleiades, and beyond??!!(Mars is too dry. Venus is too hot. And moon is terribly dry,too!!)

Space ships will be at a premium soon!!

Union rates for pilots, of course!!!!


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