A1102. Where Mankind is going wrong.

Wednesday, 7th June, 2,006.


Where Mankind is going wrong.



A few more points on this subject.

Extra: 1. Humans don’t factor in God in to their programmes!! Not enough, anyway. All too often it is the reverse God, The Devil. At least his off-sider agent Pan. And very often some mythical religieuse monster!!!!

If we let God have a hand in our affairs, they do work very much better!!

Unfortunately, in the climate of nihilism under Materialistic Science, God seldom gets a look in. God is all powerful, how come IT loses out so? Because God has given Free Will. IT will not interfere with that!! Otherwise God becomes a tyrant. Which he is not!! It is The Devil that is the tyrant.

So because we leave God out of our equations, our affairs go from bad to worse. However, we REFUSE to learn!!!!

The Media is to blame for many of our woes. And The Governement. Plus Materialistic Science and Conventional Religion. This is true in The West. Other sectors have their own and far worse problems. Which of course they blame upon The West, especially U.S., The Jews, and the whites(The Caucasians, Europeans.). Political East and coloured skins are turning more and more against the whites, despite whites being outnumbered about 5 to 1.

Racism is trumpeted up in The West as a big issue. But like The Master to Slave relationship in Industry, the evil went away LONG BACK!!!! IT IS THE WHITES that are now being discriminated against. THAT is racism!!(Reverse racism.)

And it is The Masters who are being discriminated against by The Left Wing. Who STILL live in the nineteenth century!! When the workers WERE oppressed greatly!!(But now are CODDLED to death!!)

Stop living in The Past!!

It is The Employers who are having it so hard now!!

Especially whites. And particularly MALES!!(They are not committing suicide in droves for nothing!!)

No wonder we have Neo Nazis and GANG riots!!

Power games and ploys are going on constantly all over the place!!

Australia is bending over backwards not to offend immigrants.(Except their creators, The British, who have been taboo for many decades,now.)(They are not even recognized as migrants!!) Especially Muslims!!(I am Welsh, and looking towards The Southern Caribbean!!)(As it is so painfully CLEAR that either I am on the wrong planet, or am too soon!!!!)

Australia is being handed back to The Aboriginals! Despite their being set apart by THEIR SELVES!! They can’t handle alcohol.(I blame the whites for this.) They are re-taking Australia, DESPITE BEING BEATEN, under the guise of Sacred Lands!!(All land is sacred to them!!)

They are the most primitive race on Earth!! Treat their own kind like SHIT. And would burn all whites alive had they the chance!!!! They just have not got it in them to behave better!! FAR too primitive!! Which is OBVIOUS!!!!

The Torres Straits Islanders are far superior (to The Abo’s). The South Pacificians are brutal. Especially The Maoris.

The whites are the best race MENTALLY. The coloureds are best EMOTIONALLY.

Males are(on the average!) physically strong.

Females are(on the average) EMOTIONALLY strong!!

Females? Are over-rated. It is the MALE that is suffering far more and worse today! Emotionally. Even though it is still females who suffer so much at the hands of males, physically!!!!

A simplistic tar brush is being applied to a complex society overlain with COMPLICATIONS!!!!

Which, in desperation, I am trying to EXPLAIN to you all!!!!

Humans are always looking to some brighter tomorrow. Despite things constantly getting worse!!

There won’t be one!! FACE UP TO IT!!!!

Only the worst disaster EVER(including ever TO COME!!)!!

Why?? Because we cannot control ourselves enough!! We suppress and repress our GOOD emotions. But let the bad have full sway, almost totally!!!!

Aggravated by SOL, our sun, ELECTRO-MAGNETICALLY!! Hey! Did you know that the sun is warming up PHOTONICALLY. And has been for a thousand years NOTICEABLY. But the Kyoto Protocol MORONS STILL REFUSE to get the message!!!!(It is NOT MAN. It is THE SUN, ELECTRONICALLY!!!!)

We absolutely refuse to even curb our low emotions. And live almost entirely for our BODIES!!!!

We worship pleasure, and treat pain as if it were a monstrous evil!!

I am guilty too much myself. Which does not alter THE FACT!!!!

2. Self is top dog. We all work for ourselves. Nor is that wrong. But there is a higher self, and a lower self. We kill out the higher self. And promote the lower. Then we constantly ask WHAT IS WRONG!!

No, we are not blind(Not JUST blind!!). We just put our eyes OUT at the beginning!! Because we KNOW very deep down, that self is to blame. THOUGH NOT HIGHER SELF, which is our portal to GOD, WITHIN!!!!

We pay lip service to Truth, but CANNOT BEAR it!!

Lies are more popular than Truth!!

Hypocrisy and HUMBUG are rife!!!!

We SHIT upon our own doorsteps, AND THEN CENSURE GOD for it!!!!

YOU dig at all??!!

If you let in vermin, THEN YOU MUST EXPECT TROUBLE!!!!


3. I said that there was no HUBBLE LAW expansion(There was no Big Bang!!)(We live in an EVERLASTING universe!!). Which is true.

So what then is The Cosmological Red Shift??

It is The Cosmic HORIZON!!

We are not looking at an acceleration, but an angle of view out that grows as we look farther out!!

Of course there is a Higher Time!!(Eternity)

I call it my Wave Angle. I found it.

It is not a velocity system, but simply our view out to the HORIZON!!!!

Let me give you an analogy to SHOW YOU just how UTTERLY STUPID our TOP cosmologists are!!:-

Two savages were contemplating The Horizon of THE EARTH!! Dubbo, the sea be curved, man!! How can The Earth be flat?! Yeah, responds Bonso. You got a point there.(These two are THE LEADERS of the tribe on the subject!!) Which means…(with a hideous grin) that The Earth is expanding!! (The tribal leaders leap up and down at this. But the populace are not convinced!!!!)

Expanding per Hubble’s Law says Dubbo gasping.

Bonso goes hysterical. And both get worshipped by the tribal leaders. Who slowly whip the populace into agreement!!!!

(The Earth IS expanding. It is growing all the time, thanks to a constant INFALL of dust and debris from space! And,yes, that curvature proves it! Screams Dubbo hysterically!! Bonso lies on his back on the ground, FROTHING AT THE MOUTH.)

IDIOTS!!!! That horizon means that The Earth is round!! It does NOT mean that it is expanding.(Though it is!! For a very different reason!!)

A different kind of expansion!!

And so it is with not just The Cosmos, but ALL fields, all fields everywhere. Fields of objects. The CRS(Cosmological Red Shift) is simply THE COSMIC HORIZON!!

It is TOTALLY unrelated to the INFALL of dust and debris!!(Earth Analogue.)

A slow small expansion exists FOR ALL FIELDS!! (Including The Earth!!)

We have tied curvature to expansion, and glorified ourselves into almost TOTAL INSANITY!!!!

Do YOU follow at all, reader??

Hubble’s off-sider Slipher discovered the “expansion”. Of course Hubble took the credit. (Even Hubble rejected it!!)

Big Bang was tacked on later.

(We live in an INFINITE field of filaments within Spirilla.(And spirilla within Filaments!!)(Macro AND micro!!)

A monstrous explosion and expansion of a most MINUTE piece of matter!! That somehow became the entire UNIVERSE!!!!

Are you all barmy? Yet there is some truth to that “absurdity”!!

The SURFACES of ALL fields are round!!

At the same time, ALL fields expand!(Then contract). In short, they pulsate(oscillate)!! Constantly.

However, there is NO connection between curvature(horizon) and the small slow linear expansions that we do see!!

Except in the eyes of maniacs who seem starved of TOTAL appraisal!(I wonder why!!)

Objects move out from field centre LINEARLY. The FIELD does not expand.(That is simply ROUND!!). The objects IN that field, MOVE out(at first), from field centre. It is as simple as that!! And that is basically ALL that there is to it!!!!(It was POE(Edgar Allen) who first brought in Expansion!!(Einstein(everybody roll along the ground(ha ha)!!) knew that rotation causes, but could not grasp that 4d rotation could cause 3d expansion!!)(You should know what I MEAN. Though am not putting it at all well.)

Einstein is also over-rated!!

Hubble was deified.

And the human race sank even deeper into INSANITY!!!!

You dig at all, boys??!!

4. Dreams. There are dreams and DREAMS. Dreams are INTERNAL flat flimsy vague 2d affairs in sleep. Hallucinations in sleep.

But though dreamland is the auric world within, there exists a world OUTSIDE OF US, that resembles dreams, BUT IS NOT THEM!! That is The Spirit World. Where we came from at birth. Where we shall return to at “death”!!!!(The Spirit World is “4d”!! Though SUPERFICIALLY resembling dreams!! So we get fooled!!!!)

A vast difference between them.

How many channels on your TV set?

How many channels on GOD’S??(Via Nature’s.) The Universal 3d cinema feelies,etc!!!!(Which we live INSIDE of!!)

We THINK that there is just the one channel, Physical World. Ordinary Waking Life.

Why?? Are we men who have dreamed that we are butterflies. OR BUTTERFLIES NOW dreaming that they are MEN!!??



And The Physical is NOT the most real(substantial)(in inverted density!!)!!!!

You see, I know, but words fail me to express it adequately to you all!!!!

So I am regarded as stupid.

And each reality is adequate in its own right!! And each one is so real that it convinces us of its substantiality WHILE IT IS OCCURRING.

Yet we STILL buy the lie that ONLY The Physical is real!!


5. I was speaking of Man ikons(some of them)(In The West.) Used condoms. Empty beer bottles. Used syringes. Plastic bags. LITTER. Dog poo. And gobs(spit),etc. You know the sort of SHIT I am talking about?! Such hallmarks of an advanced civilization!!(I DON’T THINK!!)

I wish to add a couple more, as we “advance” further in cultural SHIT.

Tattoos.(Those hideous engraved markings on God’s pure given SKIN and flesh!!)

6. And 6. Piercings. I mean the new disgusting revolting practice of piercing tongues, flesh, ears, you name it!! With metal skewers,etc!!!!

All in the name of Individuality!!

How worthy of those BEREFT of Imaginations!!

If you think I am angry. YOU ARE RIGHT!!
Latest news(Ex Conspiracy Planet on The Internet): Bush is homo. Though the writer seems unclear whether he is speaking of the present BORN AGAIN Bush, or his Daddo!!

Words fail.

I could quite easily vomit my stomach’s inside RIGHT OUT!!!!


At our so-called CIVIL ization!!

Just who is kidding WHOM??!!


Then we wonder when Islam rises. And The West sinks!!!!

The new HITLER, The Iranian President(But it is that small band of CLERICS behind him, that is the root evil!!), is going to save us all!!(From our sex organs and so inflated STOMACHS!!!!)

With ENFORCED Islam!!

(Those with HEADS left on, that is!!)

GOD, give me STRENGTH!!!!

But I have news for you all.

My ASS ISTANT is squeezing me OUT(of existence)!!!!


Or do you REALLY want to PERISH!!!!

vicon@halenet.com(My e mail address)(It WORKS!!)


But Alice stood up TWO miles high!!



Vic Conway


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