A1101. The major mistakes of Mankind.

Tuesday, 6th June, 2,006.


The major mistakes of Mankind.



Humanity’s problems and difficulties stagger from bad to worse. They are clearly not getting better(other than technologically and for the wicked), but Mankind STILL keeps applying the old remedies THAT DO NOT WORK!!!!

I am trying to pinpoint the main mistakes that Humanity is making:-

1. Seeing God as The Devil, and vice versa! Then refusing to acknowledge either. (Simply because not visible to us.)(Man goes by what he can SEE,etc!!) Though to be quite truthful, it is Pan, The Earth God, that The Devil relies so well upon. And Peter Pan by God. Pan pressures us all to live for the body. Peter Pan, infuses us to live for the personality. Soul, really.

2. Seeing the body – as the self.

3. Convinced that death is the end!

4. Increasingly convinced that there will be no punishment for wicked deeds.

5. Amassing money,etc. Instead of the things of The Spirit (Of GOD).

6. Refusing to acknowledge spirits.

7. Refusing to acknowledge aliens and their ships,etc.

8. Attributing The Crop Circles to little more than two men. Or whirlies!!

9. Refusing to face up to the fact that The Political East is now in control of the world!!(Because you stopped Reagan.)

10. Swallowing The Jesus Saves myth(In The West.).

11. Swallowing The Big Bang nonsense.

12. Seeing everything reversed!!

13. Living for material union of bodies(sex), instead of spiritual union with GOD.

14. Believing only in Appearances.

15. Believing that birth was the beginning.

16. Thinking that all came from nothing.

17. Thinking that all will go to nothing.

18. Living for self, instead of God.

19. Backing appeasement and pacification to stop enemies!!

20. Drugs.

21. Dope(Medicinal drugs).

22. Believing the Government and The Media in respect of MAJOR things.(Which hide behind THE MANY minor facts.)

23. Believing that Darwinism,etc. is true.

24. Believing that white holes are black holes.

25. And vice versa.

26. Thinking that Time is Passage!!

27. Going for Seeing is Believing.

28. Going into Denial over unwelcome truths!!

29. Marrying The Opposite Gender, instead of CHRIST of GOD.

30. The obsession with Alcohol.

31. And smoking.

32. Disregarding Alternative Truth channels.

33. Disregarding Alternative Therapies. Etc.

34. Living in The Past.

35. Not learning the lessons of history!!

36. Scorning spirituality.

37. Materialistic Science.

38. Conventional religieusity.

39. So called Fundamentalism.

40. Especially with The Muslim Wahabee sect!!

41. Storing up the things of this world. INSTEAD of the next!!

42. Believing in irrational re-action, instead of reason and logic,etc!!!! And LOGIC THEOREMS. Plus the CORRECTLY interpreted evidences!!!!

43. Worshipping Technology.

44. Not realizing that Sport is increasingly WAR!!

45. Entertainment.

46. The way of the world.

47. Letting the wicked rule.

48. Letting children rule their parents!!

49. Going so much into DEBT!!!! Don’t go into debt AT ALL. Go into credit!!!!

50. Voting for worldly leaders, instead of God and Jesus,etc!!

51. Multi-culturalism.

52. Multi nationalism.

53. Ignoring invasion by IMMIGRATION!!!!

54. The ASS of a Law!!

55. Over-doing Political Correctness.

56. Refusing to face the fact that the sun is hotting up. Ex its electro-magnetic side!!

57. The Global Warming stupidity.

58. Turning a blind eye to Planet Nibiru.

59. Ignoring the evidence, past, that The Earth is about to GEOGRAPHICALLY INVERT!!!!

60. Calling priests Fathers.(Only GOD is Father!!)

61. Not believing in Ghosts.(Though 95% are phoney!!)

62. Not believing in Sprites.

63. Putting faith in violence.

64. Putting faith in unrighteous anger.

65. Not recognizing that the human race is so imperfect. SO unevolved,yet!!!!

66. Confusing own body heat with ambient temperature!!

67. Walking on the wrong side of the pavement!!

68. Parking on the pavement!!

69. Doting on dead bodies. Yet ignoring(so much)LIVING ones!!!!

70. Cremation.

71. Refusing to realize that you cannot take it with you!!

72. The increasing self centredness of humans.

73. The increasing selfishness of humans.

74. Worshipping a book instead of GOD. And churches before GARDENS!!!!

75. Believing that The Bible is The Word of God.(No!! It is the word(in a few rare parts) of inspired MEN!!!! But villains tampered even with that!!!!

76. Believing that you OWN your children!!

77. Killing out the wisdom of children! Like remembering past lives, and the seeing of ghosts,etc!!!!

78. NOT fighting evil!!

79. Labour Party. The union of THUGS!!!!

80. Failing to recognize that Democracy and Liberalism become Anarchy and LICENCE!!!!(Licence IS NOT Liberty!!)

81. Intellectuality is not Intelligence.

82. Intelligence is not Wisdom!!

83. Universities etc. churn out REBELS against Authority, not educated people!!

84. Activists take themselves too seriously!!

85. Use Dew Water!!

86. Boil the water off your roof!!

87. Find substitutes for OIL, or perish!!

88. Burning the boat to keep going!!

89. Not stopping Russia!!

90. Letting Islam survive!!

91. Christianity, not Judaism!!

92. Repressing women!!

93. Big bad U.S. is leading us all to total destruction, spiritual,too!!

94. Britain lost its way in 1943. To U.S.(It lost the war with U.S. because of King George, the mad king.)(Rhodes was South Africa’s hope!!)

95. Bolshevikism is NOT Communism!!

96. Bush and Blair were lost causes FROM THE BE GINNING!!!!

97. Howard and Clarke provide hope.

98. Nuclear is Australia’s only hope!! AUSTRALIA can lead the world!!!!

99. Indonesia is primitive and savage.

100. China is the new super power.(Already, West bows down to RED China. And Australia bows down to Indonesia!! Leslie and Corby WERE FRAMED!!!! The Indonesian leaders are cheats and LIARS. Howard is getting more like a monkey on a stick every day!! Probably Clarke(New Zealand)has a better chance!!!!

101. U.S. has the means but has grown too fond of soft living!!

102. Vainly hoping something will turn up to save us all!!

103. Yes, my web site.(I lead the POPULAR ESOTERIC field!!) But of course you(most of you) see foolishness in it!!

104. This life is a dream. Yes, a dream within a dream. From which we awaken to a super life in a super world!!!!

105. Propaganda ex Government and Media is BULL SHIT!!!!

106. Failure to observe a Second Government of hidden evil faces!!!!

107. Refusing to acknowledge that ALL has to be paid for. Especially WHAT YOU TAKE!!!!

108. Living for self above whole!!

109. The world is LOST.

110. It refuses to recognize GOD!!!!

111. Read and study my works!!

112. And SUPPORT me!!!!

113. History DOES repeat itself!!

114. WE have made The Devil, – GOD!!!!

115. One’s self is the wicked one!!

116. Play from Strength, NOT Weakness!!

117. Power is from GOD, alone!!

118. Earth is hollow.(All heavenly bodies and bolides are!!)

119. It is a double reverse helix!!

120. Psychic and occult exist!!

121. The universe is electric, plasmic, filamentary, helixial(spiral),etc.

122. Magnetism comes before electricity!!

123. Electro-magnetism is THE MEANS, though not the source, of SPIRITS!!!!

124. Time Travel IS possible!!

125. There is no Hubble Law Expansion!!

126. We re-incarnate(usually!!).

127. We even return to the year of our birth. But re-birth and re-incarnation are different. Re-birth is birth again of the current personality and body!!!! Re-incarnation is a new personality, and body, put down by the soul!!!! Both exist!!

128. ALL fields pulsate, expand and contract. Slowly. NOT of the field, but of the components, which spiral out from centre, their birth place!!!!

129. All goes in ramifying pairs. Identical twins!!

130. To find happiness, you must GIVE IT AWAY!!!!

131. What we do to others, will get done to us!!

132. Seek WHOLE joy, not impure pleasure!!

134. There is nothing new under the sun!! But re-hashed up.

135. Strength, not weakness. Gentle strength!!

136. The way up is down.

137. And the way forward – is back!!

138. For God’s sake, not yours!!

139. We shall awaken from this dream(nightmare), even as we awaken from dreams to waking life!!!!

140. The Proper Study of Man, is GOD. Not Man.(Which Alexander Pope averred.)

141. Silence is best. Too hard for me!!

142. No fool like an old fool!!

143. Who thinks he knows, knows no thing.

144. Let the child live!!

145. ALL things are indeed possible. Though not probable!!

146. It IS a game. But shouldn’t be.

147. All is simply views.

148. Your move.

149. Be all things to all men.

150. No thing to no woman!!!!

151. Thank you Nexus Magazine.

152. And The Philadelphia Trumpet.

153. Heed GOD within!!

154. Not dog without!!

155. For the sake of a nail, the ship was lost!!(Or was it a screw??)

156. Let me be your nail!!

157. The trick is not to buy the first bait!!

158. Buy the second.



Vic Conway.


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