A1085 All electric.(Cosmos.)

Thursday, 13th April, 2,006.


All electric!

We live in an electric universe, of spirilla(double reverse helixes to be more precise)(These are the building blocks of the universe!!) and space plasma. With electric currents flowing along the plasmic lines surrounding the lines of heavenly fields(stars, galaxies, whatever). Gravity is a mere weak adjunct!

Electro-magnetism, not gravity, is the main force. Gravity is top active over large distances, EM over small. Similarly in the world of the very small. Add in Static Electricity.(Note that static electricity is NOT static!!)(Page 43, Nexus Magazine, Science Section, first item, issue Oct – Nov. ’05, volume 12, number 6.)(I get a lot of my recent ideas from Nexus.)

My point here is that electro-magnetism is the main ingredient of the supernatural and supernormal worlds!!

I knew that an electro magnetic field, if it was strong enough, created a weightless zone around its centre, where things inclined to float about.(The secret of The Philadelphia Experiment,etc.)

What I didn’t know was that this could be extended! So that passive supernatural and supernormal activities occurred.

Before you jump to the conclusion that electro-magnetism accounts for spirits and aliens,etc. let me assure you that this phenomon(of weightlessness) is the basis for, not the cause of, spirit and alien,etc. activity!!

I can do no better than to refer you to the current Nexus on The Internet. Just dig out the appropriate article.

It is called “The Poltergeist Machine”. If you study this, AND Wal Thornhill’s article “The Electric Universe”(Page 51 of Nexus Magazine of June-July ’04, Volume 11, number four., you should get a better picture of The Universe!!(Note: Our universe is but ONE particle amid an infinitude!!

Creating a strong enough electro-magnetic field can create passive weightless effects. If you add Tesla Coils, van de Graaff generator, RF transmitters, signal generators,etc., you will have created the seance conditions for visiting spirits,etc!! Your very own seance room!!!!(But please note that the field with the devices attached is ONLY to create the CONDITIONS. It does not create spirits,etc! But if they are around and if they wish to illustrate their existence, they can do so!!(This is far superior to trying to find a good physical and materialization medium! They only work if their own personal EM field is strong enough! We all have them, but few have ones strong enough to produce PHENOMENA. Note that young people in puberty(apparently puberty amplifies greatly one’s EM field) can also supply such EM fields. They supply the FIELDS. The spirits,etc. may UTILIZE the conditions IF THEY WISH TO!!!! The EM field,etc. DOES NOT create the spirits!!

The authors of the mentioned articles will give you the details much better than I can.



Vic Conway.



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