A1082. A better and updated picture of Mad Cow.


Thursday, 6th April, 2,006.


How now, mad cow?

I summarize a better picture of the truth about Mad Cow.

Ostensibly Mad Cow is caused by infected infectious protein prions. Due to contaminated animal feed. And physical contact. Mass cullings to cure!

As with most other important subjects, this is a load of BULL SHIT!!!!

The orthodox conventional picture is completely WRONG!!!!

The cause of vCJD and BSE, TSE’s, otherwise known as Mad Cow,etc. and Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans. CWD in deer. Scrappie in sheep. – is MANGANESE!!!!(Poisoning. Of the brain!!)(With thanks and reference to Farmer Mark Purdey and Doctor Brown!!)(My sources in Nexus Magazine in Australia.)

All animals and humans(I don’t know about plants.) are susceptible to it. Certain pre-required conditions must exist:-

1. The presence of Manganese in the environment, or body concerned.

2. A deficiency of COPPER in the the prion proteins.(Can be caused genetically.) And/OR: Ororgano — Di-thiophosphate(Sorry, if not correct spellings.) (OP) Warble Spray Insecticides.

3. Plus INFRA-SOUND.(Through ears, of course.)

4. AND’OR light through retinas of eyes.(As well as up nose(another alternative).)
(We are also being lied to regarding many other important items, including Astronomy(Particulary Cosmology,etc. And ASTRO-PHYSICS!!!!), Iraq, Physics, Evolution, General Science, RELIGION(Especially Christendom.)(Fundamentalism!! Christian AND Islamic,etc. IDIOCY!!!!), Medicines and herbs, POSSIBLY vaccines and flourides, Ufo’s, aliens, alien abductions, crop circles,ETC.)(More anon.)

If you want to avoid CJD, or BSE or infected deer,etc.(All the TSE’s.) then find out if your area is manganese contaminated. If so, you need to GET OUT, and into a NON Manganese area!!(Manganese can be in soil. Coming out of industrial stacks.)(Manganese in pine CONES, infected deer!!)(NOT animal feed!!) GET OFF jet liner routes. ETC!!!!

(Foot and Mouth is another phoney. Not a lie, but exaggerated, as it is USUALLY little more than the flu, in animals.)

A lack of copper can(will) lead to copper deficiency in the prions!!(Due to lack of copper in the environment. And/or genetic weakness.)

What happens is that Manganese(Or, also, Lithium, Silver, Strontium 90, etc.)replaces the copper in the protein prions! They APPEAR(But are not in the normal sense of the world infectious!!)to be infectious. So manganese,etc.excess coupled to copper deficiency, THEN triggered by infra sound and/or light!!!!(Which fires off the PERMANENT bad electro-magnetism!!) – Is the cause of Mad Cow!!!! Big business, corporations, globalism, and vested interests is destroying us. Especially spiritually!!(Infra sound as in Jet planes! Low frequency sounds!!)(Plus (excess) light, especially FLORESCENT!!!!)

Note. Kudu (Via cannabilism) in New Guinea, NOT the cause. Though was fortuitously involved as a means of contamination, via eating infected human brains!!(Manganese in crashed Japanese planes, the root!!)(Spread by blowing up!!)

Vested interests protecting the wilful lies!!(As usual, and in most if not all important areas.) For money, power,etc.(Sadism, revenge…)

(Cancer is another scam. I mean the profiteering,etc. due to that.)(Many cures exist. But that is bad news for the scammers!!)

(Aids is reverse cancer, deliberately administered conjoint with small pox,etc. in Africa and U.S., to PROVE that an immune system destroyer was possible! EVIL idiots!! Medics deliberately CREATED Aids, to PROVE that it was possible!! They tested it out on BLACKS! In Africa and U.S.(New York,etc.) It worked(of course!!). NOT due to dirt, drugs, or anuses, nor homo-sexuality!(Is twice as common in women. Vaginas twice as vulnerable as rectums!!) But to the DELIBERATELY implanted viruses!!(Back in 1976.)(Though Aids not established until 1982.))

I don’t profess to be perfect. But I am sure enough that I am giving you a true, if rough, picture!!!!

Planet X business is another cover up conspiracy!! And Global Warming!!(CO2 is a FOOD, not a contaminant!!)(And cheap or free energy. From many sources!!)(Bad for big business, you see!!)

Were it not for aliens protecting us from asteroids,etc. WE WOULD BE IN BIG TROUBLE!! (Though we are being protected BECAUSE cattle for later devouring by reptileans VIA THE LITTLE GREY HUMANOIDS!!!!)

As the wit said – “Plants live off minerals. Animals live off humans.” – WHO lives off us? Aliens!!(We called them the gods.)(Yes, GOD exists. But unfortunately WE don’t!!(We NEED to co-operate with GOD, BECAUSE God gave us free will(or we would complain even more!). No,no. God is VERY MUCH alive! It is Man who is NOT BORN yet!!!!)
So why is it claimed that animal feed and contact is the source of Mad Cow? Because THE ROUTE of brain infection HAPPENS to co-incide with the normal transmission route of electro-magnetism in brains(and nervous systems)!!(Manganese creates an INFECTIOUS PERMANENT bad electro magnetism spread!!)(In the brain and nervous system.)(Triggered via infra sound and excess light!!!!) Thus superficial viewing and SHALLOW short-sighted thinking is the route cause. Coupled to innate sadism!! – The livelihood of many(farmers,etc. wiped out by mass animal cullings!!!! Not to mention the meat trade of butchers,etc.)(Farmers REALLY getting a hard time! But our concern for environment,etc.is misplaced! Nature is VERY SOON going to wipe the lot!!!! But aliens will protect a lot!! (The little greys.))(World MUST change(for the better), OR be expelled to inferior planet,etc!!!!)

Superficially it might look as if infection is proceeding ex animals via feed, and contact with animals. But it is neither!!

Modern industry is creating too much manganese(also lithium, silver)(Strontium 90 ex atomic explosion tests, and nuclear power plant disasters.(Cherynol in Russia, for example. And on Long Island in U.S.).

The so called civilization culture of Man is causing so many ills!!

We are DESTROYING ourselves.

If it is not stopped, it will BE stopped. By Nature, via self-defence mechanisms. Wiping us out, if necessary. And it looks as if IT WILL BE!!!!

Blame insecticides, especially Warble Fly Spray!!

Infected meat and feed safe enough, provided brains and nervous system parts NOT eaten!!

Therefore no sense in mass cullings!!(As with Foot and Mouth too.)
World’s biggest menace WAS U.S. With its very foolish foreign policies, coupled to its psychotic paranoia!! Ever since Reagan refused return. U.S.etc. versus Iran,ETC. face off!!!! But West will lose!! Hence broad smirks of Iranian leaders!!!! They KNOW they have West by the balls!!!! Indonesia and Islam right enough to defend their selves.

NOW it is Islam!!(Whole world turning against U.S.)(And they ask WHY!!)

RED China rising. But EU will rise soon.(To defend against national Muslim and Arab leader, Iran!!)(Now on the offensive on about eight KEY fronts!!)(Aided by North Korea, Syria, etc.)

Reason for invading Iraq? Middle East Oil, of course. But not only that!! There is a Stargate(“Worm” port hole for instantaeous travel to anywhere in universe. AND TIME!!!!) in Iraq. Wanted to find it before Saddam did!

Also to protect Israel, and surround Iran! As well as China!!

U.S. via Bush and Cheney,ETC. NOT altogether wrong!!

As East would rise anyway. Via Islam against world(not just against Christianity!)!! AND China. Aided by Indonesia, Vietnam, Syria, Cuba, Central and South America, Africa, Lebanon, Jordan(Egypt soon,too.). AND India, later. Japan to take advantage and rule Asia, including Australia and New Zealand. But China, later!!(Egypt and India to go pro Eastern!!)(EU to attack Islam. And CHRIST to attack humanity!!!!)

Heading fast, and faster into Third World War. The Energy(including fuel) war. Via ALL weapons of mass destruction. Terrorists leading. But they are basically trying to protect their selves against U.S. EXTREMISM!!!!(And Bush mental deficiency.(Though enormously improved! He had to!! He only stumbled constantly in speech when reading prompts not given. NOW he has learned to speak far better!!)(Voice of Cheney,etc. I suspect. Bush con man. How he gets his way. Rice, good though.)(Read NEXUS Magazine,ETC!!!!)

U.S. also after Caspian gas.(Hence its invasions in that area.)

Without oil and gas,etc. industry grinds to a halt!! The life blood of nations!!

Australia NEEDS to sell uranium!!(Labour traitors!!)

Even if we do not use it ourselves!!

Not just to China. But India,too. ETC!!

Howard doing a great job! But I THINK will be driven to resign by old age, Labour, Costello and international foes, like Indonesia, etc!!!!

Big changes ahead. In the OFFING!!!!

Either Australia embraces Uranium,etc. OR fast becomes a third world nation!!

Indonesia DELIBERATELY going to war against Australia!! Indonesians HATE us. And with very good reason!!!!

Fortunately BAN BANG is not all that bright!!

We NEED the most up to date fighter planes, and EVERYTHING else!!(Australian coast line too long to defend!!)(It is Uranium,ETC. or be taken over AND PERISH. Spiritually, as well as physical HORRORS and TERRORS. Take your pick, folks. Better WAKE UP!!!!)

Danger of U.S. aiding Indonesia against us! Which is why(Britain useless!) Howard is embracing China, now!!

Indonesia will commence invasion of Australia(New Zealand, later), by fishermen and illegal entrants(AT FIRST.)!!!!(Australia VERY STUPIDLY thinks that all its flattery and aid will make enemies let us off!! LIKE HELL they will!!!! WAKE UP!!!!(We are STILL nailing our own coffins!!!!)(With us inside!!!!)

We have NO ONE to defend us!(Bar John(Howard),etc.)(Which is WHY Indonesia is going on the offensive!!)(They intend to SWAMP us!!!!)(Don’t let Labour in, or we WILL become part of Indonesia empire, FAST!!!!(Costello not bad!! COME ON!!!!) Except China and Japan!!

Keep in mind that Indonesia HATES and LOATHES us! Because we were stupid enough to “liberate” East Timor, and now East Papua(East Papuans using us against Indonesia!!)!! Also to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. And become a U.S. stooge! Plus drug peddling(SET UP by Indonesian customs!! LIARS!! And CHEATS!!!!) Etc.(Corrupt nation!!)(Especially courts.)(Schappelle Corby and Leslie were INNOCENT. But framed!! Leslie wise, but Corby too proud to bribe way out,etc!!!!)(STOP selling out our souls to appease Indonesians, the savage barbarians!!!!)

Schappelle is slowly dying to protect her high principles.

Remember that all coloureds(wrongly called blacks) HATE whites for colonialism,etc!! And are going for REVENGE!!!!(Population of Australia, about 20 million. Pop of Indonesia, 200 million. (PLUS each Indonesia equal to at least TWENTY Australians!!!!)Without counting other enemy nations, like Malaysia!!)

We MUST arm to teeth, go into selling uranium,ETC. world wide. And suck up to China, and Japan, TO SURVIVE!!!!

U.S. won’t help us! Nor will useless Britain.(Had too many Labour(union thug leaders,etc.) governments!!)

BUY the VERY BEST fighter planes, ETC!!!!(Psst. Our only hope is to MAKE atomic,ETC.weapons. And USE them, if necessary. It will be necessary all right. Beazley, and especially Crean, would hand us over on a plate to Indonesia, AND China!!(Still RED, you know!!)(Stop being so hypocritical and talking HUMBUG!!!!)(Australia is fooling nobody BUT ITSELF!!!! Too bloated on LYING PROPAGANDA!!!!)(And beer and sport,etc!!!!)(A nation of COUCH POTATOES!!!! With their big fat stomachs!!!!)

Labour traitors!! The bully boys!!!! THUGS. Stand over BASTARDS!!!! Unionists!!!! AGAINST all Godly and conservative folk!! Whom they kill and destroy!!!!
Beazley has had it. Of course!!

Crean hardly an angel! Horribly negative. Very nasty bit of work!!(Beazley not much better, but is too beaten up to be much good now!!!!)

But a woman prime minister might sell out to Indonesia,etc!!!!



Too many negative types being allowed too much of their own way!!!!

Little grey aliens may help us(Australia)!

Grim future, starting WITHIN a few months!!

WAKE UP Australia. And New Zealand.(Are doing so a bit(waking up). Selling out to Maoris and Asians!!!! IDIOTS!!!!.) AND world!!!!

Going into denial, and burying head in sand is worse than useless!! O Fools!!!!

Ironically, immigrants may save us from Labour!!

They have much common sense(Immigrants)!

Yes, a VERY good time to leave the planet!!

Oh, you FOOLS. For not listening to me!!

U.S. menace through Haarp weapon, and Space Control.(Weather AND seismic control, plus MIND control, too!!). But Iran is being raised up to counter this! By The Lord(The spiritual LAW!!!!)!!!!

Bad aliens, via bad humans, via Illuminati,etc. via evil faceless humans are ENSURING that we fail!!!! – Fail the energy and spirit rise ex New solar,etc.cycle starting up in twelve years, and Aquarius, ETC!!!!

Big space and international wars imminent!!!!

Devil cannot destroy God, so is destroying humans!!!!

I need your HELP folks, to KEEP GOING!!!!




Vic Conway.


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