A1081. Which way water swirll down your sink?

Tuesday, 4th April 2006.


Which way water swirl down your sink?

PLUS Man’s general position now!

Check it out. If you are in Southern Hemisphere, it should go down clockwise. If in The North, anti-clockwise. Due to Correli Effect.(Liquids, and gases, get dragged after the solids’ vector, via gravity attraction.)

If ever you do not know which hemisphere you are in(!), just let water go down a plug hole. Give it a while to settle into a fixed vector. If it goes clockwise, you are down south. If anti-clockwise, you are up north. General rule.

If you are lost, and don’t have an electronic satellite position finding device, nor a compass(near either pole, increasingly unreliable as you approach pole), but have a non-digital(old fashioned) watch(which is going, with correct time!), then you can find out which way North is, by pointing 12 at the sun.(If cloudy, take the best estimate you can, or wait for cloud to clear.)(If at night, locate Pole Star (Polaris) if up north.(Gives you north.) And the confluence of The Pointers if down south.(Gives you south.)(Or wait until sunrise!)(If cloudy.) North(South, if in Southern Hemisphere.) will be half way between hour hand and the 12.

If you are lost, but have a map, you now have a chance! Sun’s position in the sky at noon will give you longitude. Stars, if night is clear, and you know your stars. Should give you some idea. Exact positioning, you will need instruments. Sextant, for example. Hard if not on calm sea. Or flat land.(If at sea level.)

Advise satellite global position locator!!

Back to vector of water swirling down hole:-

How can it have two directions? Because when on opposite side of Earth you are looking at ground from the opposite direction!(Which reverses clock and anti clock wises.)

This is similar to looking in a mirror! (Though different principles involved.) Mirrors do NOT convert(turn left to right, or right to left)! They APPEAR to ONLY after the viewer TURNS the object to be view AROUND. Or his self(mentally).(Writing and print,etc. is only backwards AFTER you turn it around to view it!!)

The turning around with mirrors equates with which side of The Earth(or whatever globe) you are on, with water going down plug,etc.hole.

More obvious with cameras and camera obscuras. Which turn left to right, and right to left, when viewed.(Via turning yourself around MENTALLY to enter your image!)

So it depends which side of globe you are relative to.

The absolute view stays the same. You get the absolute view by yourself going WITH the water, or whatever is on the water. It will be the SAME direction, north or south. OF COURSE.

Because a straight line if you are NOT on the rotating field. A curving line(Correli) if you ARE on it.

I now make the following observations. Which, if you are an average person, you will disagree with.(Because authorities, media, academia,etc. have misled you. Deliberately. To have power over you, so to manipulate and exploit you!!)

1. Comets are not dirty ice balls, but PLASMA balls!(I think TWO kinds of comets: Dirty ice balls(ex off ocean of some planet, like the planet that ONCE was between Jupiter and Mars, for example, but blew up) AND plasma balls. Separately.

2. Space is electro-magnetically very much alive.

3. We live in a PLASMIC universe.

4. Gravity is not only not a force, but is not the dominant force(electro-magnetism is).(Gravity is due to pressure of graviton particles, ex white holes, on way down black!(All luminous objects have white holes at cores. All non luminous objects have black! Continual circulation, as with bath, with tap on AND plug out!!)

5. We also live in a VORTEXIAL universe. All basic entities go in helixes(spirals)(double ones). DNA for instance. And BOTH macro and micro BASIC entities!!

6. There was no big bang.

7. There is an expansion(followed periodically by a contraction, thus pulsating), but it is slow. NOT by Hubble’s Law! Has NO THING to do with Doppler’s Effect!(There is NO SUCH THING as OPTICAL doppler.(Though there is such an AUDITORY effect.) ALL astronomical fields expand, and then contract.(I KNOW via my astronomical distance finder. I PLOTTED the unverse!! MY CLAIM IS RIGHT!!!!

8. Hubble’s Law EXISTS. But is simply the observer’s angle of view to the HORIZON of the field he is on!(Rather like on Earth,etc. when viewing over a flat surface.)(I call it Wave Angle.)(NO connection with velocities!!) ALL astronomical fields have these Hubble Laws. Or Cosmological Red Shifts.

9. Erosion is both gradual AND sudden(periodically). Cyclic solar periods exist. Of various sizes. We immediately live in a 6,500(about) year one. (Cycles within cycles. And wheels and cogs etc. within such!!) Our current one is only NINE years from its end(In 2,011 A.D.). Each new cycle starts with a huge cataclysm. So BEWARE!! (The Earth inverts GEOGRAPHICALLY.(Which is WHY it inverts magnetically.) So does the sun. It already has.)(Correct for our calendar being 3(possibly 4) years too advanced!!)

10. The Crop circles are messages from aliens.(VERY few are hoaxes.) The majority are designs that are next to impossible to duplicate!

11. Life in the universe is numerous and diverse.

12. We most certainly DO survive death! Since we are only temporarily inside of our material bodies.(Death is simply its vacation. Death is actually a birth. Birth was the death!!)(Rather like being in an old fashioned diving suit!)(Which ALSO happens to be LIVING.)

13. The Spirit World is material, but of FINER matter than this physical one. Otherwise very similar looking. But functions very differently.(We don’t ENTER a dream, but LEAVE a DREAM!!)(Though actually, material birth(what men CALL death) does not confer an awakening! Only MENTAL awakening occasions material waking!)

14. Re-incarnation is the general rule. Few exceptions. Re-birth ALSO exists.(With re-incarnation humans get born again, same souls, new personality. Not necessarily on this Earth.) (With re-birth, you return to you old birthday, but CAN re-live life differently. Unfortunately personality does not remember, being a new one! But SOUL remembers!! So tap in to soul for guidance!!)(As we do not want to make the same mistakes again!)(In between births, we change genders, as a rule.)

15. Global warming is due to solar flares and cosmic rays(and electro-magnetism), amongst other things, but NOT Man!!(Statistics deliberately misrepresented for THEIR vested interests!!) Nor even(though of some account, but little) from Surface Nature(Forest fires and volcanic eruptions.). How come?? Because though Surface Nature(worse than Man) and EVEN Man DO put out SOME carbon dioxide and methane, it is insignificant in comparison with what solar flares do!!(The main culprit.)

16. HELL most certainly exists(As does Heaven.) Qualification for going there is to do more evil than good! You go to a level(plane) that is PROPORTIONATE to your negative imbalance. Thus the less harm you do, the better!! And CONVERSELY!!

17. George Bush means well, but is LACKING!!(Mentally, though not emotionally.)

18. An active figure head.(Cheney,etc.immediate architects.)

19. The West is in decline. Only a few years to end. The East is rising. Led by Iran, and North Korea. But China will take over. Backed by Russia, soon.(U.S.(Loving soft living and material comfort and gratifications far too much.)(The East,etc. is far more used to hard life!!)(And is out for REVENGE(but MISPLACED, as West(Caucasian) actually did a lot more good than harm!!)!!!! So, BEWARE!!!!) lacks will AND STRENGTH to stop Iran,(and Syria, Lebanon and Jordan) North Korea, China, and even Indonesia! Australia(and New Zealand, long since) is sucking up to Indonesia, AND ESPECIALLY China.(To survive!!)(As West won’t save them now!!)

We are heading with increasing speed into the third world war. Because U.S. has gone bad.(Though Eastern and Middle East(ESPECIALLY) are far worse!!!!)

20. West will act TOO LATE(yes, paper tiger, no will to fight, TOO SPOILED by indulgences), and get demolished!! Australia MAY survive. And may even LEAD!! IF John Howard stays in power!!(Indonesia(via DELIBERATELY created EXCUSES)(Out to humiliate and finally invade Australia!!) is TURNING AGAINST Australia WILFULLY. Because not forgiving East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan, nor drug running attempts(which are INDONESIAN plantings!)(Indonesia corrupt. Terrific liars!! And cheats.) Basically barbarian savages. Yet VERY intelligent. Much more honest than Australians!!).)

21. China next super power. With Islam in the interim, led by Iran,etc.(In league with North Korea!!)

22. Australia will need Japan for protection!(At a price, of course.)

23. BIG changes in offing!! BE READY!!!!

24. I see Howard exiting within a year. Costello replacing. VERY briefly, though a quite good man. But Labour being re-elected next time. Led by neither Beazley, nor Crean!! Our first female prime minister.

25. More and increasingly big BIZARRE events will occur.(Because Earth rising spiritually and energy wise!!)(As both NEXT Solar,etc.cycle AND Aquarius, move in, along with Astrological influences!!!!) Starting up within the next few months!!

26. Many will leave it too late to change sides, and get re-born on a lower planet!(Meanwhile failing to qualify for evacuation by aliens!!)

27. Some will qualify to re-incarnate on a higher planet.

28. Aliens will rescue some of us in their discs and cylinders.

29. Aliens often save parties from trouble!!(Because THEIR cattle! For later DEVOURING,ETC!!!!)

30. World is STILL fast asleep(mentally) and DREAMING. Dreaming that it is awake!!

31. Europe, led by Germany will rise and become strong quickly.(To combat Islam!!)

32. Watch out for rogue planet Nibiru!!(Of enormous size, bigger than Jupiter I understand. Beware gravity tides and rocks, and red dust, and poisonous gases, and burning fire,etc! But it is not so much Nibiru, but its RETINUE of satellites, as big as Earth, and bigger, that will be biggest danger. Even if they only pass closely, as they will!!(Either Nibiru, or its TWIN.)(Neither are Planet TEN!!)

33. We were created by God, via The Elohim(high aliens),and THEN via The Annunaki aliens.(Genetic engineering.)

34. GOD certainly exists, but is VERY hidden. God, The Infinite High One, The Great White Spirit. Our immediate God is THE SUN!! Divine spirit and energy.

35. Humans, in general, are very stupid of course.

36. Ice Age will start up within 9 years. Already moving in!!(Created by the heat. Yes!!)

37. There is no global warming(OVERALL). But the TROPOSPHERE(lower atmosphere) is warming up, faster and faster. While the Stratosphere is cooling down. Conjointly, no change!!(Or not much.)

38. Darwin wrong! Creationists(and Intelligent Designers), – wrong. Interventionists, right. Via alien genetic manipulation, periodically!! Small jumps via Re-incarnation. Big jumps via aliens. This for animals and plants periodically, as well as humans!!!!

39. Things will change faster and faster. And no man will be able to stop it, only delay it a bit.

40. What is wrong with Man? No thing! In course of evolution. But best kind is INDIVIDUAL AND SPIRITUAL!! Man is SO backward. VERY unevolved(spiritually).

41. Yes, Earth is hollow. All the globes are!!

42. It is SOLID Earth idea that is SO STUPID!!(Because of centrifugal force when in fluid state! Hurling most matter to the side! Leaving, via centripedal weaker force, a small plasmic inner sun, CORE!! THINK!!!!)

43. Sea will rise about 440 feet. Mostly via melting ice.(Current small rise is due to thermal expansion.)

44. I know most of you will disbelieve me. But in for huge SHOCKS.

45. I am only giving you a little bit!

46. Euro will replace dollar. Gold rises, and oil, as crash approaches. But Credit after Futures and Bonds.

47. I give rough pictures. As exactly as I can. Do not expect me to be PERFECTLY right. Nor to be responsible for your welfare. Each of us is responsible for self!! Accountable to GOD.)

48. Probable, as no thing is absolutely certain!!

49. Great Islamic Uprising IS ON!!!! WAKE up!!

50. And the two cataclysms within NINE years!!

51. Change Past!(Via Time travel.)

52. THEN alter Future(for better, or PERISH).

53. Cosmic Joker? Yes!! US!!!! For ignoring GOD!!!!

54. The world is WRONG!!!!(Change immediately OR PERISH!!!!)




Vic Conway.


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