A1080. Concerning Evolution.


Sunday, 2nd April, 2,006.


Concerning Evolution.

World has it wrong.

I am referring to Darwin’s Evolution.

According to Darwinism, which is what most of the public believe, all creatures are evolving via jumps, through survival of the fittest, by natural selection. The evolution of the species. Kill or be killed.(You cannot go by just ONE place. The Guadelope islands.)

It appears to be wrong, as The Creationists have noticed.

The Creationists hold that God made it all, as is, in six 24 hour days, consecutively, and rested on the seventh. A Saturday. Christendom celebrates Sunday.

Their Authority: The Church. From The Holy Bible.

Trouble is The Bible is not the word of God, but the word of Man!!(At least most of it is.)

What men have done is re-hash and CONDENSE, simplified(things are complex, in the detail!), knowledge handed down. (We know how much a story gets changed even in the one transmission to another party. What chance has knowledge that is 2,000 and more years old, via many languages, and many editions, with about 400 years from oral memory, got!!)(God protects it? And provides Man a means of salvation??)(God,too,works through LAW! God protects, but through LAWS, not absurdity!!)(Salvation can only be through men INDIVIDUALLY!! Jesus only saved his self. Jesus guides. CHRIST, the spiritual sunshine of GOD, (our sun being the most immediate agent)(spiritually, as well as materially). Self responsibility should apply. It is up to us to save ourselves(as Jesus SAID!!), by GOOD WORKS. Via karma!!(Bad deeds lower our spiritual vibrations! Good deeds raise them!! Thus we DO go to Heaven or Hell, in proportionate degree, even before death, but Paradise or Hades,etc. AFTERWARDS!!) Christendom has re-hashed on other country (like India, for example) legends of CHRIST, (Even as The Jews re-hashed Egyptian discoveries!!). There were four Jesus of note, 2,000 years ago. Thomas and The Dead Sea Scrolls,etc. are the authentic ones. But via Paul,ETC. Rome stole the FORM, and mixed in other countries’ old legends. To create Christendom, after dropping Origin, Re-incarnation, Unified God, etc.)(Christendom is anything BUT Christianity!!)(Paulism has little to do with Jesusism!)(Nor has Peterism!!)(What has a very wealthy temporal powerful,etc. Vatican,etc. got to do with what Jesus said about The Poor,etc??!! (It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle(Albeit the camel needles were narrow passages!), than for a rich man to enter The Kingdom of Heaven!! Religieusity is NOT religion!! Nor is religion spirituality!!!! Man has this problem: If the truth fits not his wish, then he TWISTS it. Too bad for the truth!! WHAT fools!!!!)(You cannot serve God AND Mammon(The World, especially money.)!!!!)(Gnosticism,etc. is good!!)(Constantine,etc. WERE NOT. Augustine got it wrong!!)


Supposing we get back to self-responsibility and common sense!!

Materialistic Science is saying one thing. Orthodox religion(Christendom,anyway) another!! Both opposed to each other.

Not only over Evolution.

Men believe what they WANT to believe. Seldom, if ever, the truth!!

Even Truth has its levels. Applicable only within those contexts.

There are also levels of belief!!

So humans fit belief, they CALL the truth, to their DESIRES!!(To what they WANT to be true. Not necessarily what is!!)

The dominant few seize power and brainwash and condition the people!!

This in all fields!!!!(Re: important matters. Speak true upon minor things. Thus giving the overwhelming impression that the major things are true too!!)(Because the minor truths by far outnumber the few major LIES!!!!)

Science INSISTS that species evolve biologically in jumps.

Yet missing links are conspicuous by their absence!!

Most of the claimed ones are fakes. Like Pildown Man for instance.

This is allegedly done via reproduction.

Genetic changes ex changes in the environment supposedly passed on via sex.

So that any offspring will have changed genes.

This doesn’t give much time for changed GREATLY genes to be passed down.

Some changes would get through. The small ones.

So perhaps this theory is correct.(Up to a very limited point.) Evolution is in jumps. Except that only small changes can be made at a time. (Because of so little time between birth and re-production.)And missing links are rather absent.)

God, who can do anything(so fundamentalists of Christendom claim), had no trouble creating everything AS IS. In just six 24 hour days. The Bible says so. So that’s IT!!!!(The god actually being the claimant, of course!! Hiding behind a MAN written collection of books!!)(Book of books!!)

Believe OR GO TO HELL!!!!

Believe AND go to Hell, I think. Even here on Earth, in the physical.

Intelligent Design. A newcomer to the block.

– Is Creationism disguised as Science.

It opposes Evolution(and, thus, Darwinism).

It SUGGESTS Creationism is the truth.

Creationism is unintelligent opposition to Evolution.

ID is intelligent opposition.

Creation insists that God made ALL as is in just six 24 hour days!

ID only SUGGESTS that that is so.

Whilst hiding behind confusion and vagueness.
I now offer TWO more explanations for how things came to be.

1. Re-incarnation.

All creatures have souls, or are part of a group soul.

The soul blueprints the changes encountered during the course of its life.(all souls do) It usually gets reborn, and imprints via its memory the changes UPON ITS GENES. Which, via overpowering resonance – changes the genes. This is a big jump. Hence the reason for the absence of missing links!!

2. Humans were created genetically by aliens.

They had the know-how to make sudden changes in humans, animals and plants.

Which explains the correct Evolution(which is not Darwinism!), and the sudden emergence of edible grains,etc. And the jumps TOO in animals.
GOD did create everything INTELLIGENTLY. Indeed, perfectly.

Not in six working days, but in six aeonic PERIODS!! Of one thousand(or thereabouts) MILLION years each!!(Note GOD can do anything, but is bound by ITS own laws!!!!(Even if those laws are not fully understood!! E.g. MIND rules, even DIRECTLY. Not Matter!!(Matter is Mind at a low level.(And MIND is matter at a higher and finer level!!!!))))

However, the best evolution(the only one successful for souls) is INDIVIDUAL EVOLUTION, not just of bodies, but of minds,etc!!!!
So all proponents are intrinsically correct!

The Creationists, via changing from 24 hour days to one thousand million year long periods.

The Intelligent Designers since they are disguised Creationists!

The Evolutionists(though not Darwinism). Because Evolution is true(biologically and mentally), but in JUMPS. Via Re-incarnation. Alien manipulation of genes being a SPECIAL addition!!

I am saying that Evolution proceeds in jumps via Re-incarnation.

AND that The Annunaki aliens(who look like us)(or,rather, we look like them(Let us make Man in OUR image!!) created humans, animals and plants via genetic manipulation, in a SPECIAL creation.(Under GOD, of course!!)

Occam’s Razor not applying in this case.

A happenstance exception.(Try to keep in mind that all is MIND, not matter!!)(And thus hidden mental LAWS exist!!)(Failure by some to observe them all does not preclude the possibility!!)

The Pleiadians and Beyond are humans who fled this planet(observing the spiritual deterioration) many millions of years ago.

Plus some human travellers, in ufo’s, are US from our own future!!

There are also creatures WITHIN The Earth(and most planets), AND creatures underground!!(The green Dermo’s and Termo’s for instance.)(Who sometimes kidnap humans and animals,etc. to violate, torture and eat!!)(Especially beautiful women!!)

There, are,too, strange creatures in the sea. I mean human like aliens. (Note that Dolphins,etc. are a branch of humans who went back into the sea!!)(They are advanced humans with fish bodies!!)

Naturaly evolutionists and creationists(including intelligent designers) CLASH. But this is due to their knowledge being too shallow, too superficial and short-sighted.

Once you all embrace what I am saying, you will come right!!
All creatures, including human, believe in what they think and teach. Else they would not believe it!!

The world has it wrong, because bad aliens via bad humans dominate most, most cruelly.

We need to break the spell, and throw off the shackles. OR WE WILL PERISH, BODY AND SOUL!!!!

Do I make myself clear enough, or do you think I am joking?!

I am Melchisedek, The High Priest of God, and speak for God.

I am not the only one. Some specializing better than I.

Note that I, MYSELF, am not Melchisedek, but that that SPIRIT is within me. At times, anyway. As are other spirits, at times.(God, Jesus,etc. CAN use some of us!!)
You had better WAKE UP, world, and FAST!! As we have only ten years left AT MOST. Before this AGE ends!! The growing HEAT, will be followed by an ICE AGE!!(Lasting at least a thousand years, making us start again!!)

It is very simple(in principle, though not in the details): Periodically, The Earth INVERTS, geographically, WHICH IS WHY it inverts magnetically!!

It does this every five or six thousand years.(The span of the geological strata,ETC!!!!)

And, thus, it MAKES IT LOOK as though things were created only a few thousand years ago!!

When The Earth inverts, part of the world WITHIN comes out, and part of our surface world GOES WITHIN!!!!

Via The Polar entrances!!

For instance, last time, about 6,500 years ago, Antarctica(which was Atlantis!!)(Now malformed by ice, flood and lava,etc., plus being upside down(Because Earth inverted!)) emerged through the southern polar hole. – And Nordland vanished through the northern hole!!

Nordland was a huge continent. Similar to Antarctica. Now just out of sight, but completely.

And now Antarctica is fully within sight.(Atlantis did not sink, it simply went down the polar hole!!)

It sank PARTIALLY under sea, yes. And under much ice, and LAVA!!!!

Which drove the inhabitants to flee to other lands. Which begat the great civilizations. (This happened in well spaced out WAVES.)(Hence the controversy!! Over different TIMES.)

Blue eyed blondes originated in Nordland. As did LANGUAGE,etc!!

First stop, after that, was, – Finland!!
There were four great periods: Paradise. Atlantis. Post Atlantis. And New Times.

We are in The New Times, AT ITS VERY END.

The last 6,500 years are split up into the last two times.

The previous 6,500 years were split up into Paradise and Atlantis.

Paradise was of God, ex Nordland.

Atlantis was of The Devil, via Antarctica!!

Paradise was the last Golden Age.

The next Golden Age will come a few thousand years hence, after the ice retreats to the new poles, and humans emerge from caves again!!

Via Stone Ages, Iron Age, Bronze Age…..

We did not come from apes! We were specially created via altered genes, done by aliens. The Annunaki. Now riding the approaching planet Nibiru. They will visit us, to check on their stock!!!!

Primates. Cro-mags. Neanderthals. Modern humans.

In that order. (The Sun men mated with Cro-mags to create Neanderthals(Who got driven within The Earth, by Modern Man. Along with Cro-mags.))

Humans have existed on this planet since about 800 million years ago.

Aliens gradually genetically improving us, in very big jumps.

The last manipulation was 6,500 years ago(about).

All creation is remnantal in us(study growing embryoes), but THIS EDITION of humans was not ex apes.

Moon gods mated with giant female apes. This spun off Cro-mags.(Along with hybrid monsters(now not possible), half animal, half human looking.)

The Moon gods mated later with Cro Mags, spinning off Neanderthals.

These gods being superior aliens. But of a low order.

Sun gods mated with Neanderthals, creating us.

The Annunaki aliens, high order.
Note that Earth’s races, Red, Yellow, Brown, Black, White, Green and Blue are from different planets. Not all in our Solar System.

The Reds, were first wave from Venus(WITHIN Venus!!). SUB Continental Indians were second wave Venusians. Caucasian whites, The Europeans were the third wave from Venus. Superior to the other colours!(I am interested in truth, not prejudice.)

Whites ARE mentally superior to the other races. Though spiritually inferior.

Maybe WITHIN Earthers are orange.(Completing the spectrum!!)

At first, long living giants were produced.

Gradually, as we degenerated spiritually, we had shorter lives, and shrank in stature.

The gods like Earth women. And mated with the whites.

I am providing a rough picture.

The Falls were were from higher vibrational levels.

African Lucy was not the first human. Though she existed, she only spawned Africans.

Each continent has its own “Adam and Eve”(tribes, not individuals).(Simple people simplify things. For easier assimilation by the simple minded.)
I hope you all have a better picture now.
Note that the reason it is claimed that the last ice age ended about 10,000 years ago(There are no waterfalls older than about 10,000 years!!), is simply because MOST of modern civilation cultures are in The Northern hemisphere. When The Earth inverted last, about 6,500 years ago, the THEN north became our present south(hemisphere).)

Because most of the south is water, there is little evidence of the last inversion. Though plenty of the last but one inversion!! Hence evidence of the penultimate ice age’s end, but not of the southern one of 6,500 years ago!!

Every inversion brings about an ice age!

The heat wave CREATES the ice age. Though there are about 16 or more causes for the ice ages.

It is sad to see the world believing that all is well, when it could hardly be worse!!

Unfortunately, most men believe in dragging out a miserable existence for gold and power,etc. and greed. Rather than face the truth and face only panic instead of eventual PANDEMONIUM!!!!

Wipe out will occur within 10 years!!

Via two cataclysms: 1. Nibiru the rogue planet’s arrival via gravity tides, and rocks,etc. Including red dust and poison gases. 2. The inversion of The Earth!!

It is no use ignoring what I say!

Or you will suffer more, eventually!!

I know what I am talking about!!!!

Aliens intervene to save deserving parties at times.

WHY do you think the weather worsens, INCLUDING seismic!

It is NOT chance co-incidence!!

(Cosmic rays from space,etc. help cause global warming.)(Main cause is solar flares, and resonant surface electron storms!!)

Nor is Man the cause of Global Warming. Nor EVEN Surface Nature(Forest fires and volcanic eruptions.).

We are all part of a great living jig saw puzzle.

Let us help one another for the human race. Not indulge in a stupid rat race and dog fight,ETC!!!!

The world’s present state is beyond comment!!

It is so idiotic.

And evil, worse than that!!

It is no good taking refuge in denial!!

Because you will suffer WORSE, later on!!

Men cannot bear the full truth!!!!




Vic Conway.

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