A1077. Get more miles to the gallon.



Saturday, 1st April, 2,006.


Get more miles to the gallon!

A high efficiency implosion system.

Super carbs.

In view of the rising oil prices, I publish this article. The invention is not mine. It is the discovery of one Allen Caggian Copyright 01. He is asking for help. Because persecuted by vested interests’ parties.

On pages 49 to 51, inclusive, of (Australia) Nexus Magazine, Vol.9. Number 2. Feb – March, 02. (Back issues obtainable by ringing Nexus(In Australia), (64, I think it is.) 07 5442 9280 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              07 5442 9280      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Or e mail editor@nexusmagazine.com(add .au if outside of Australia))

The first LETTER in The Science Section.

How many miles per gallon does gasoline(petrol) normally produce? I know it varies per engine,etc. 20, 30, 40(miles) to the gallon? Mr. Caggian claims to get 111 to 113 mpg! Which, in view, of the rising oil price, and stranglehold threat by Iran, may be of interest!! Now that is quite an increase.

Refer his fuel implosion vapourisation system.

He says his car gets over 100 per gallon, and does not pollute the air.

However Big Boys are trying to make him, and his invention – disappear.

I think this is sad.

The trouble(well, one of them!) with this world is that jealousy and envy AND GREED,etc. drive some of the dominant ones to suppress this sort of thing. A very common fact.

However, with rising oil prices, and threatened shortage, I was hoping that even the oil companies,etc. might see some sort of advantage EVEN TO THEMSELVES, now!!

I don’t know. But some party or more might see a loop hole here.

So I mention this persecuted man.

Anyone care to take this opportunity on??

It has been patented.

Full general information on super carbs\high mileage fuel systems, go to inventor Bruce McBurne’s website: http://www.himacresearch.com

Via Electrifying Times. Also visit their website at http://www.electrifyingtimes.com for details of more revolutionary technologies.

Best of luck.



Vic Conway.

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