A1068. Anti-cancer. Some kinds,

Friday, 10th March, 2,006.


Anti-cancer, etc.(Some forms)(Attacks all kinds.)

A note.


Selenium Drench Concentrate(Liquid selenium).

Obtainable from Veterinary Product Suppliers. In Australia, anyway. In Perth, I think.

Take on an empty stomach every morning.

Takes several months to cure.

Tested successfully with a number of people.

The SALE of Selenium is prohibited in Australia. But the TAKING of it – isn’t!!

You take 10mg’s of Selenium per ml as sodium selenie.

One teaspoonful to two litres of water.

OF which mixture you drink 226 mls.

Or two thirds of a 400 ml.(mil.) breakfast cup each morning. On an empty stomach.

No side effects.

Not after seven years!

Note that this is only a note. The main article that I did, I have mislain.

I learned this information from an article in (Australian Branch) Nexus Magazine.

Hopefully, I can find that article again. And give you the reference.

It is (this mixture) is also a cure for Aids!!

I have found the article!!

It is titled: Selenium: A cure for Aids and cancer. Part one. Page 27. Nexus (New Times) Magazine. Volume 11, Number 1. December 2,003 to January 2,004.(Back numbers are available. From Nexus Magazine, P.O. Box 30, Mapleton, Queensland 4,560, Australia.

Tel. 07 5442 9280 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              07 5442 9280      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Fax. 07 5442 9381


I am hoping to find Part two.

A second cancer cure is also in Nexus Magazine:

Page 19. Nexus Magazine. “The New Medicine of Doctor Hamer.”.

August-September 2,003. Volume ten, number five.

(MANY good articles appear in Nexus Magazine!)

I failed to find part two(of the first cancer cure). But possibly obtainable via Part One!(From Nexus Editor, Duncan Roads.)

Vic Conway.


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