A1056. Anti-Gravity,etc.


Saturday, 18th February, 2,006.



I am now able to explain nearly all supernatural and supernormal occurrences with ease.

It is no big deal. And there is no real mystery!

Consider: Gravity is caused by a downpour(all round) of GRAVITONS. This being so, a counter spray in the reverse direction by RADIONS, ex an electronic force field, will neutralize the graviton pressure, and thus cause flotation WITHIN the field, along with much else “supernatural”!

This explains The Philadelphia Experiment,etc. Phenomena. And poltergeist,etc.activity! All you need is a FORCE FIELD! Readily produced by a rotating instrument of some kind or other. Done by an electric generator.

Incoming(from all directions, via pressue) gravitons are neutralized. And then of course, objects WITHIN the field lose their weight, and can float or be moved EASILY. By mortals AND spirits! Directly, or via pseudo-pods.(Ectoplasmic materialized extension rods!). Hardly mysterious!

Magic is not absurdity. It is simply NOT UNDERSTOOD laws!

Consider many natives when first meeting colonists. Who displayed matches and magnets, mirrors, etc. It appeared to be “magic”. In actual fact, it was simply due to laws UNKNOWN to the natives!!

Similarly with the supernatural!

I can explain all supernatural phenomena IN LIKE FASHION!!

As for The Spirit World. It MUST exist! Nothingness being impossible(as is ALLNESS!), then there cannot be an end(nor a beginning!) to ANYTHING. Including (Orbital) Vibratory levels, and MULTI-DIMENSIONAL Density levels!!

That is all that The Spirit World, ETC. is! Other levels of (orbital) vibration! Similarly with Density(Or Fineness.)!!

What IS impossible is that ANYTHING can come from OR GO TO Nothingness and Nowhere!!

All things are VIEWS!(Not an actual reality!!)

An indefinite going on, rather than infinite!

Material science is thus utterly absurd!!

And is in fact a resentful IRRATIONAL hog-wash presentation.

It is materiality that is the idiocy, NOT other (orbital!) vibratory levels.(The Spirit World is just ONE!!)

And religion is simply some great person’s philosophy reduced to icons by the many who are unable to understand the NEAT philosophy!!

Far from being some awful wrong, sex is a good thing! However, higher things like Love Romance and Love for Man, and love for GOD, are even better!!

It is religion through the church in its low power,etc.determination that has caused so much harm!!(THEY want full pews. More money,etc. Unfortunately, Earth is VERY unevolved, and so it is that LOW PEOPLE rule! However, in the world beyond death, things REVERSE!! It is the high people who rule there. At least in the UPPER reaches, they do!!!!)

What HARM does sex, even between same genders. And masturbation,etc. do?? Very little, if any. But a lot of good!!(Naturally it is not good to become UNBALANCED about it! And is perhaps BEST left until in The Spirit World!! As we DO need to WORK. For Man. AND for GOD!!!!)

Best risen above, of course. But let us not lose our proper perspective.(Nor a right sense of proportion.) Sweets may not be the ideal food, but they are hardly HARMFUL!!(Unless to excess!)

Unfortunately, it IS a fact that Pan(of The Devil) rules in the physical. But in The Spirit World, it is GOD who rules the higher levels!! This occurs via “The Illuminati and “The Freemasons”(I believe. But not absolutely sure! Re: The Freemasons.).
The important thing is to do more good than harm. Then you will not go to Hell.(Hell DOES exist. But it is not the extreme jaudiced Hell of Christendom!)


This has to be to cater to the low people. That they may develop too. Thus building SCAFFOLDING from which ONE DAY to build a better nature!!



Vic Conway.


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