A1054. My New Astronomical Distances and Masses,etc. finder.

Sunday, 12th February, 2,006.


More on my Astronomical Distance Finder.

I most strenuously urge you all to study my very numerous writings on this all important subject!

I have made a further interesting observation.

First let me re-iterate: There are TWO 2-1’s! Regarding “velocities”. One is due to the fact that all spectroscopic devices render a “velocity” reading which is TWICE(exactly) the actual figure. – Due to an anomaly INSIDE OF the spectroscope itself!!(It is NOT actually a velocity, but simply the ANGLE of the wave’s receipt to the viewer!!)

The other 2 – 1 is due to the fact that “velocities” are (exactly) TWICE magnitudes, due to the fact that all fields are round, upon which surface we live! Thus after seeing past half way out(around), we are getting nearer home again! And,so, with magnitudes being the chord distance, and “velocities” the ARCS, such “vels” will always be read as TWICE mags, after adjusting for Pi!! And thus all mags need multiplying by Pi/2!(To provide the correct distance, which IN PRACTICE, is the ARC distance, for the same reason that we do not measure THROUGH The Earth, but AROUND it, for all distances!!(It being the same cosmically.)

What I do is equalize mags with vels.(Because the distance found by magnitudes SHOULD equal that found by red shifts!) We can THEN, via the equation, solve for any unknown in that equation. Distance, for example!!

However, knowing about the TWO 2 – 1’s, ETC., numerous adjustments have to be made TO ACHIEVE EQUALITY!!

Once these adjustments ARE made, then we have an equation, and, as said, we can THEN solve for any single unknown factor!!

I did this, and was able to produce the most marvellous charts, lists, diagrams, maps, etc. By using the CORRECTED data!!

We need to HALVE all “vels”(actually wave angles) to correct for the spectroscopic anomaly, AND halve all “vels” again – to correct for the fact that all “vel” distances are being read at TWICE what they should be!(Owing to us only seeing HALF way out AROUND a round field!!)(The Pi adjustment also needs to be made, of course.)

However, there a number of OTHER adjustments that ALSO need making. I have detailed these elsewhere.(If you check back, you will find them.)

So divide that “velocity” figure by FOUR.

Do that for starters!!

As said, this applies to ALL astronomical fields, not just the galactic,etc!

Our initial equation is Mags x “Vels”, square rooted, equals distance!(We have to square root Mags x “Vels”, because we are dealing with a geometric situation, not a linear one! Once that is done, we can simply do the equation Mags = “Vels”.( = distances). AFTER adjusting for pi. AND doing ALL the other NECESSARY adjustments!!

For Masses, these, being linear, we only need to divide mags PLUS “vels” by TWO. To get the equation Mags = “Vels” = Mass.

OR multipy Mags by 2 x 2 = 4!(Basically)

I must make a correction, inasmuch as I said that we needed to(basically) only DOUBLE the mags! (No. They need quadruplicating!)(On account of the TWO 2-1’s with “vels”, which is rendering a figure FOUR TIMES what it actually is!!)

Mags are viewed ACROSS the field. “Vels” AROUND.(Because light,etc. radiation travels STRAIGHT ACROSS, not around the surface AS WITH “vels”!!)

So! Allowing for the equalization of mags and “vels” scales(Mags rise in multiples of 2.5, whereas “vels” only rise in multiples of 2!)(This then boils down to multiplying mags by 3.2, instead of 4.)

Please correct and adjust.

Vic Conway.


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