A1053. McPherson alien abduction mystery.

Sunday, 12th February, 2,006.


McPherson alien abduction mystery.

Kurt McPherson, one of those allegedly abducted, appeared in the film(or video) “The Spring”. Which was produced in 2,000. (Which is AFTER the alleged abduction(Which occurred(if it did)in 1997.)!)It was definitely him. But the name of this actor is not the same name as the name of the actor claimed to be playing the part of Kurt McPherson!

This does not necessarily mean that no alien abduction took place. Though it certain weakens the abduction case!

Two possibilities now exist: 1. It really was fiction. 2. The abduction took place, but one(Kurt) or more of the abductees WAS RETURNED to Earth, probably with their memories erased! Though it is strange that Kurt should take up ACTING(of all things!)!! Possibly a co-incidence.

If the abductees(if such they were) were returned to Earth SOMEWHERE ELSE, and without memory, then they might not have returned home because of their amnesia! Nor have any memory of the abduction!(Please note that abductees are usually returned to Earth!! With memory of the event erased(but only of the event!).)(The aliens take them aboard their space(and or time craft) temporarily, for observation and experiments.(Much like we humans do to some animals, sometimes.)(The aliens usually probe, disregarding all pain(which is severe). And sometimes impregnate women. If males, they make them impregnate THEIR women(sometimes)!!)(Note that these humanoid aliens are creating a new race of mutants. Crossing humanoids with humans.)

It would be interesting to speak to the actor in “The Spring”, and ask him if he remembers being abducted(if his memory failed, he would give himself a new name of course, thus explaining the DIFFERENT name for the actor to the one alleged to be the actor for Kurt McPherson, in Alien Abduction.(Why else would he change his name?)

It is thus probable that The McPherson family still live on Earth SOMEWHERE, but simply do not remember being abducted, or anything else(or they would have returned home(which they did not do))

On the other hand, if it was indeed a very clever fiction(I note that ufo’s are usually DISK shaped, not disk ON TOP OF SOMETHING ELSE!!)(Which is the ONLY fact that makes me doubt abduction authenticity!!), then WHY has the news of Kurt ACTING in “The Spring” not been promulgated??!!(I saw the film or video called “The Spring” on Television just a few days back! It was definitely Kurt! Channel 7. Queensland, Australia Television. Check for yourself!!)(Even his voice was the same!!)

So we now have a mystery WITHIN a mystery.

The biggest puzzle of all is why no one seems interested!

The answer being that in view of the nature of the subject, it is taboo to discuss it!!

UFO’s and aliens are just infra dig to the world. And are dismissed, and the subject avoided!!

Vic Conway.


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