A1035. Cancer,etc. cure. Claimed.

Saturday, 10th December, 2,005.



I understand that there is a cure for cancer out. What is the name of it?

Meanwhile, I have obtained what seems to be very effective treatment against cancer AND other ailments from Nexus Magazine! (A different cancer cure.)

I refer any readers to (Australia) Nexus Magazine Volume 13, Number one. December(05) – Jan. In Global News. Page nine of that issue! Block article.(Obtainable at SOME newsagents.)

Got cancer?(Any kind!) Or know of anyone with cancer? First find out if they WANT to be rid of it!! If so, may I recommend the following treatment(Not mine, but that of a Western Australian farmer.):-

The alleged cure is called Selenium Drench Concentrate. Obtainable from veterinary product suppliers. In Australia, anyway. Anyone can purchase it.(On sale in Western Australia, at any rate.)

Though Selenium is prohibited for humans, it is used to treat animals!

Some say that humans are animals, so would there be a problem?(Even though I know humans are NOT animals. Though in some cases that can be queried!!)

It seems to work.(It cures.) Takes several months.

It has been taken by humans with no side effects. Even after several years. So I think it is worth a go!

It may also PREVENT cancers,etc.

It is liquid selenium.

The active constituent is 10mg of selenium per ml. as sodium selenite. The dosage is one teaspoonful to two litres of water, of which mixture you drink 226 ml. or two thirds of a 400 ml. breakfast cup, each morning on an empty stomach. Expect it(but no guarantees(not from me, anyway)!) to clear up the cancer(it has worked for bowel and prostate cancer, and skin cancers) in several months.(As worked out by The Western Australian farmer.)

(Source: E mail from Keith, dated February 26, 2,004, sent to NEXUS Magazine in mid 2,005.)

It has worked for a whole series of cancer sufferers. But I suggest, if interested, that you read the short article!!

It would be strange if it did not also prevent(as well as cure)!

Too good to be true? Well, I can only report what I have read.

For years the sale of selenium for human consumption has been prohibited. (Note, not the TAKING of it!) Selling it for ANIMAL consumption is not prohibited. If you are suffering bowel or prostate cancer, or some skin cancer, or ANY kind of cancer, or other serious ailment, will YOU quibble??

We look after ANIMALS. But not humans. Ostensibly because the money bloated pharmaceutical companies and medics will lose some if it gets known!! Their profit lies in keeping humans sick! So they do everything possible in that direction. And MOST successfully.

Anyway, dear reader, I thought I’d tell you!!



Victor Conway.


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