A1034. Complex universe.





Friday, 9th December, 2,005.


Complex universe.(More so, after death, in The Spirit World!!)

Man thinks that we are simply 3d bodies in 3d space, with a mysterious thing called time!

This is only a small part of the fuller picture!!

What Man calls Time is actually only the PASSAGE of time! Which Nature and he measure spatially.

The universe is composed of much more than four dimensions! There are SCORES of dimensions. And at least a dozen GROUP dimensions!!

We are MINDS in a vast, infinite, complex MIND(Called GOD.), and universe.

During life we are inside this 3d shell, our physical bodies. After ITS death, we function as spirits in The Spirit World. What dies at what we call death is our physical body, not our spirit! Nor our soul, either.

Sometimes we leave the physical body temporarily. Mostly during sleep. Dreams are auric imagery. But projections and excursions are NOT dreams!!(Though we often call them that.) Dreams and exits from the body are two completely different things. In dreams we view our auric imagery. During projections and excursions we COME OUT of our physical bodies.

There is a vast difference between the spirit world and a dream. A dream is an experience in sleep we may leave to wake up into the physical. Death is the opposite of that! THIS life in the physical is the dream(comparatively)! A SUPER dream. From which we awaken in The Spirit World after death!! Coming out of dreams is a rising UP TO the physical. Death, and temporary exits from the body is a rising FROM the physical, into The Spirit World!!!! Going UP much farther. Dreams are below our normal waking state. The Spirit World is ABOVE it!!

In dreams we are INSIDE OF our auric fields(auras). In death we are OUTSIDE of our physical auras!!

The two experiences, though superficially similar, are quite different.

Projections are exits (partial) from our physical bodies into the ORIGINAL of the physical world.(Which LOOKS like a carbon copy, almost completely!!)(I call that world The Spiritistic World.) Excursions are exits from the physical body into The Spirit World PROPER.(The Spirit World.)

When we “die”(leave our physical bodies permanently!), we remain on Earth. But rise to a slightly higher plane of it. Planes are fifth dimensional levels. (Orbital vibrations.)(Not actually vibrations at all. But ORBITALS!!)(They merely LOOK like vibrations.)

It is a MINOR thing, and there is NO BASIC change in our perceptions.(There is still sense data and motor impulses. We still see trees, houses, mountains, flowers, and so on.)(And is RELATIVELY physical! It is A material world!!)

It is NOT the big deal WE make of it!!

We do it after every life time. Have done it countless times before. It is but an INCIDENT!!

We simply return to the world we left at the birth of our bodies!

What we call Home.

(Currently we are in EXILE, down here in the physical.)(Down here we are able to evolve much faster.)(Because the hardness of the physical life drives us to pull out all the stops!!)

The Spirit World is NOT an imaginary world. It is far more real than this physical realm!

There is a vast difference between Mind and Imagination! Mind is Super Material. Imagination is merely imagery in our mental auras!!(It is like trying to equate clouds with MUD!!!!)

Immediately after “death”(It is ONLY of the body!), we are in the spiritistic carbon copy looking world. Though dead we are still in THIS world!! (Not JUST on Earth!!)We need to COMPLETE the journey! Upwards into The Spirit World PROPER!! That can be hard!!

“Death” is simply a rise in(orbital) vibration. At first a very slight rise. But we need to make the second and larger rise in orbital vibration to get us into The Spirit World PROPER. Otherwise we are still not Home!! We NEED to get back to the comforts of home, and NOT stay with the perils of the half way world, the spiritistic world!!

How does one do that? We need to do TWO basic things: 1. Ascend into the sky far enough into, and perhaps even above, Cloudland. 2. We need to raise our orbital vibration. / Ascending into the sky FIRST is probably the best way.(Doing one OR the other, is NOT enough!!)

It is done by Prayer, Meditation, deliberate attempts to raise our vibrations, etc. Heading for The Light.

You may enjoy The Spiritistic World! But remember that you are not where you should be!!(And are losing time!!)(Whilst exposed to various subtle dangers.)

Ask mentally for help if necessary!!

So rise into the sky higher and higher, praying intensely as you go!! Heading for The Light. Glad of any help to get there!!

Climbing into the sky ONLY, will not be enough!! All you will find are CLOUDS.

That is NOT The Spirit World.

The reason is very simple. There is a series of concentric Earths(and everything else!!). Concentric FIVE dimensionally!!(But this includes materially!!)(Cross sectionally!!)

The Spirit World Earth is larger than the physical one. Consequently to pass from the physical surface of Earth, to the Spirit World Earth’s surface, you need to go UP 3d wise. AND 5d wise!! Simultaneously.

If you don’t climb 3d wise,too, you will find yourself in the bowels of The Spirit World Earth, which you may not like!!(Rather like being perhaps a hundred miles below the physical Earth’s surface!!)

If you ONLY climb 3d wise, you simply find CLOUDS!!(And above.)

DON’T go the other way!(Down) Or you reach the unhappy land instead of the happy one. Hades instead of Paradise!!

There is no thing magical about it! It is all very scientific and logical!!

You will be able to float and fly(without wings), so it will be no problem!!

You may or may not get help. Many get help even without asking.

The hard bit is raising your (orbital) vibrations.

Much like tuning into a radio station at a higher frequency! Only the receiver IS YOU!!(Your mind so to speak. So raise the vibrations of your mind 5d. AND raise your spirit body up into the sky 3d wise!! That is all there is to it!!)

Now many die and don’t do this. (Usually out of ignorance.)Consequently they wander about Earthbound for an indefinite length of time, which can be centuries!! Between two worlds. Usually confused. And suffering.

(It is strange how Man often rejects two big facts: 1. Life on other planets. 2. Life after death. Yet both are really to be expected. No big deals!! Different countries, basically. That is ALL it is!!)

In life our conciousness is hooked on to a particular atomic orbital level.(This is the orbital vibration bit.) All “death”(and projection and excursion) is, is our conciousness hooking on to the next orbit vibration level up! Very hard to do!! Lots of space inside atoms, so plenty of higher orbits available!!

WHERE is The Spirit World? Well, for a start it is NOT anywhere in the physical!! Rather, the physical is inside IT!!!!

(It is MERELY that THE SURFACE of The Spirit Earth is higher up 3d wise, simply because it is a larger planet form!)

We have been living in a POND.(As a fish.) And death is analogically coming up out of that pond, and living in the tree tops!!(As a bird!!)(So trying as a bird to swim about the surface of the pond, is not exactly the name of the game!!)

You will not find the trees ANYWHERE inside of the pond! So it is no good looking THERE!!!!

When we die, the first thing that occurs is the slight change to the energy level of the physical. Later, we rise to the SPIRIT level!! At least we do if we have enough sense!!

You see, these things are really small fry facts!!

Going to another country to live is not exactly a world shattering event!

Important, but not everything!!

Just picture seven or eight Earths(Etc!!) one inside of the other. 5D wise!! ONLY CROSS-SECTIONALLY is it 3d wise,too!!

The Spirit World isn’t just up in, and a little above, Cloudland, but stretches ALMOST to The Moon!! A very big place indeed!!

Mindlets living inside of MIND. GOD.

The bodies living in space, with time, bit is a mere trivial ADJUNCT!!

Ghosts are simply spirits trapped in The Spiritistic World(Earthbound), which NORMALLY only clairvoyants can see,etc. But who(ghosts) sometimes DENSIFY their spirit bodies enough for them to become visible,etc.to ordinary mortals!!(They may do this conciously or subconciously,etc.)

They are spirits who once live in the physical, on Earth. Lost and confused. They need help, including ours!! They need to be informed of their true state. And directed upwards towards The Light!! As simple as that. They may not even know that they are dead.(What the world CALLS dead!!)

They are then partially visible,etc. Because half in the other world, and half in this one!!

Their behaviour is often bizarre because they don’t know what they are doing!! Plus have a very different kind of body!!

They should not be feared!!(They once lived among us!!)(With a physical body. The only change has been LOSING the physical body. But the physical body is simply the outermost garment that we wear. They are now in their next finer body up, the spirit vehicle!! They have bodies. But not physical ones!!)

They will be benign or malign, just like they were when alive!!

They naturally hang around their old homes,etc. And graves. Because they STILL like their homes!(Some hang about their graves, because they hanker after the physical body, now a CORPSE!!!!)(After death, you too may still consider your house, your abode!! And linger in it!!)

If you cannot handle it. Get a medium to speak to them!!

I have left my body, AND seen ghosts.(They are real all right!!) Many occasions.

Between personal experience and long intense study, I know the facts very well!!

The world is largely ignorant, and many disbelieve in these things. Therefore, I speak out!!

Dying should not be feared(when its time comes, I mean). But enjoyed, if possible!! You are going home. Your tour of duty is over.(You came here for some purpose(or purposes) or other. Now hopefully achieved. And you can go home!!)(It is as simple as that. Definitely not the end of YOU!!!! ONLY of your physical body!!!!)

The paramount thing, though, is not simply Survival(after death), but survival in Paradise!! (I assume you like pleasant things, not unpleasant!!)And that depends entirely upon HOW YOU HAVE LIVED DURING LIFE!!!!

So get WELL away from your now(then) dead physical body!! That was never YOU!!

Just a garment you wore to contact the physical!!

Naturally conditions are very different in The Spirit World. But you will in time learn the ropes!!

All it is is a finer grade of Matter!!(It is STILL material, but not PHYSICAL material!!)(Though it will SEEM physical!!)

And life goes on MUCH the same!! Little change.

Loved ones met again.(I mean those who died while you were alive!!)

Animals too. So you can see old pets again, TOO!!!!

I say these things more as a matter of FACT, rather than to comfort. Though naturally I am glad if you are comforted by these things!!

Men fear death, in particular because they THINK that it is the END of all they knew and loved. But, you see, IT IS NOT!!!!(Note: Death ITSELF is not painful. But the terminal ailment(or whatever) that led to it very often IS!!)

I suppose one also fears HELL. As few of us get through life without making SOME mistakes, and doing SOME sins!!!!

Hell DOES exist!! But it is not the kind that used to be painted so dismally by Christendom!!

If our evil outweighs our good, then we will go there.(Sooner or later!!) To some appropriate level. Temporarily. Once we have PAID our debt, we can go free, and ascend into Paradise!! Though not the orthodox Hell, make no mistake about it it is VERY unpleasant there!!

I say this again now, because I NOW have a much clearer picture of the facts!!
I hope this helps you.


Vic Conway.


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