A1024. What is wrong with Mankind. AND A.1023. Some falsehoods clung to by Mankind.


Thursday, 1st December, 2,005.


What is wrong with Mankind??


Actually there is no thing wrong with Mankind. It is at a very early stage in its evolution. It is learning, slowly, hopefully!! In the interim, everything is as it should be. Live, and learn!! (The hard way of mistakes if you will not learn by reading,etc.(Precept.). Earth is a very backward planet, spirituality.(Spirituality is what counts!!)

Man is learning to rise from lower self to higher self.

That is basically about all it is.

Evolution is the name of the game. Personal evolution, especially!!

Evolution of the mind,etc!!

God is not angry, nor punishing us. But if we break laws, we must expect to suffer. There are NO exceptions!! Nor is anyone immune!! Spiritual as well as physical material laws!!

God is so much bigger than us, that we cannot see IT.

Bad religion is largely the result of the baddies grouping together, and lording it over the rest of us!!(Naturally they POSE as goodies, out to help you! In a world SO unevolved and backward, is it not REASONABLE to EXPECT the baddies to group together and work to destroy us so that they may benefit?!)

Consider The Council of Nicea. About 525 A.D. The Church(Of Man!!) cast out the wise Origen. And rejected the sound tenets of re-incarnation,etc. Unpleasant emperors and popes ruled cruelly thereafter. The Church begat by Paul,etc. is NOT the church begat by Jesus CHRIST!! THAT was continued best by the apostle Thomas,(the disciple Jesus loved?) and The Dead Sea Scrolls,etc!!

Which is the best religion? I think Christianity is. But actually all the big twelve are simply re: different aspects of High Life. And equal!!

Men tend to think of GOD as a super man. One devoted to pampering us!! Man made God in his own image!! If God does not oblige, too bad for God!!!!(Man needs God to COVER for him!!)

How foolish. It is not like that!!

God is a POWER, rather than a Being. Impersonal. Universal. Way above human concepts. Not really interested in our follies!! A sort of SUPER energy!!

Pure Spirit.

Embracing all things. Out of which Mankind, and all else came.

True, there are lesser gods! And certain powerful individuals have got us to worship lesser gods. Which some times is necessary(as an adjunct)!! But the highest GOD must not be forgotten!!

Christianity sort of includes Judaism because Jesus was a Jew!(But there is no real connection between the two religions.)

Jesus was a man, who rose to become a super man. Not his self, God; though God certainly indwelt him, and so fully!! God indwells all humans, and all creatures for that matter!!!!

Humans make the common mistake of ending up promoting the vessel, instead of the contents!!

Humans are so short-sighted.

Today, Humanity is being raised to a higher level. It involves necessary risks as sometimes quite different paths get confused for higher levels.

The only one who can raise us up, IS us!! How nice to think and hope that God will do it FOR us!! God will HELP, but not do it for us!!

Things do not just happen by chance. They have to be worked for, and the rules adhered to as strictly as possible!!

If we would rise on evolution’s ladder, and be more successful.

Alas, men live as if matter and money were the most important things, and that there is no tomorrow!! A most tragic mistake. BECAUSE they wrongly think that THEY ARE their bodies!!

The Devil, who wishes to destroy Mankind, to hurt God(his arch enemy); naturally works all out to drag humans down to the lowest possible ways! (The Devil is another collosal entity too big to be seen!!)

The trouble is Materialistic Science has taken over from a religion gone too absurd for most people. But now we are throwing out the baby with the bath water!!

And gone to the opposite extreme!

So we reject(many of us do) any after life, and Heaven. And more and more just do what our lower self and body like!!

The end can only be destruction!

Actually, what most of us are doing is simply going by what others do. With television,etc. misleading us more and more. Consequently we are becoming increasing confused and lost!!

What others do should not be the guide! But what GOD says to do!!(Though all go to Hell, do I need to?!)

This is paramount!!

It is rather too late in Hell, afterwards!!

The Church,etc. long since having gone materialistic itself!!

So we have the blind leading the blind. And both destroying their selves.

I observe Mankind thinking that somehow everything will be all right. But it won’t be! (Much the reverse!!) Only WE ourselves can change the situation!! As everything has to obey the basic laws!!!!

Humans(so many) are thinking that everything is going to turn out fine no matter what we do! Because it always SEEMS to!!(It has in the past. But that is because of God’s great patience and tolerance!! Not because it is never going to happen!!)

We are of course being constantly brainwashed by the dominant powers via the media! To believe that everything is all right, WHEN IT COULD HARDLY BE WORSE, and is acceleratingly WORSENING!!!!

The public are becoming increasingly uneasy. THAT is most understandable!! But of course the politicians keep playing anything unpleasant DOWN, and painting the rosiest picture. The result can only be eventual DISASTER!!!!(By which time THEY can vanish and take their best very enhanced chances!!)

Somehow, despite plainly worsening weather,etc. And rapidly deteriorating human affairs. Somehow, things are going to pan out all right!!!!

Those who speak true, and who are constructive, are shut out as much as possible!!

BECAUSE so many humans, who dominate, are listening to things that promote the lowest MENTAL conditions. Because such suit their tastes! And thus The Devil, via Pan(The Earth God) is winning HANDS DOWN!!!!

So what do we do?!

Collectively, it is about as near hopeless as it can get!!

INDIVIDUALLY, any and all CAN save their selves! IF they immediately and ALL OUT apply certain rules to their conduct!!

We need to save ourselves. Not just materially, but SPIRITUALLY(ESPECIALLY that!!)!!

Because Heaven and Hell DO exist after death. And these ARE related to our actions!! Individually!!

It is just too bad for the body, sooner or later, anyway. But we CAN make it as painless as possible for our SOULS!!!!

The necessary saving feature is basically to do all that we can to help others. By God!!

Not of our self!!

In other words by the higher self, not the lower!!

At the same time, to best achieve this goal, also try to save the body. By best dodging the fast growing woes!!

To best do this, individuals NEED so badly to be well informed of THE TRUTH. Not the rubbish so much spouted by THE MEDIA,etc!!!!

I go down struggling to the best of my ability to help you, and thus myself, achieve these things!!!!

Of course it matters. It matters so much more than ANYTHING ELSE!!!!




Victor Conway.











Thursday, 1st December, 2,005.


Some falsehoods clung to by Mankind.

There are about fifty main big falsehoods that Humanity treats as true or sound, with consequently bad results.

I ennumerate as follows:-

1. No God. Nor Devil.

2. No life after death.(No life for the mind after the death of the body.)

3. Love,etc.is weakness.

4. Magic and Miracles are phoney.

5. Jesus myth.

6. Matter is superior to mind. And rules it.

7. Goodness and Highness are foolish.

8. No life before birth(before conception too).(No life for the mind before birth and conception.)

9. Sex is the thing to live for. Just go for all low pleasures and joys!!

10. Big Bang.

11. Expansion.

12. Dark Matter accounts for 99% of the universe.

13. Dark Energy accelerates the expansion.

14. Religions are superstition.

15. Live for lower self. And body.

16. Money and possessions above all.

17. No Hell or Heaven.

18. No Paradise or Hades.

19. (Materialistic)Science is the thing. And Technology.

20. Eat, drink and be merry.(For tomorrow we die.)

21. War!(Use force to get your ends.)

22. Alcohol is great.

23. And nicotonic smoking,etc.

24. Drugs.

25. Sport.

26. Entertainment.

27. Power,etc.

28. Avenge!

29. Marry, and produce children!

30. Compulsory education.

31. Compulsory voting.

32. Compulsory trade unionism.

33. Anarchy!

34. Live in debt.

35. Sin.(Disobey God.)

36. Live any old how.(Make mistakes.)

37. No fairies.

38. No UFO’s.

39. No aliens.

40. No angels.

41. Avoid work.

42. Let it all hang out!

43. Live now, AND don’t pay later!!

44. No life on other planets,etc.

45. No wonders, marvels, signs or significances.

46. Spirituality is stupid. And so is Philosophy!!

47. No birth control!!(To Hell with it!!)

48. More and more traffic. Stuff the roads right up!! Until grid lock!!!!

49. Be lawless, if you can get away with it.

50. And all other things like this(The preceding 49.)!!

51. To Hell with The Ten Commandments, and all the others!!

52. Disobey all Authority.

53. Disregard LOGIC!

54. And all sensible things like that!!


Recognize any?




Victor Conway


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