A1021. Don’t get trapped after death.


Wednesday, 30th November, 2,005.




Don’t get trapped after death!!



There are a number of pitfalls and dangers after death.



One danger is getting trapped in your apartment, because no window open! (Always leave a window ajar several inches!)This may sound absurd, but immediately after your body dies, you(you in your spirit body, the next finer vehicle up five dimensionaly)) find yourself in a more or less duplicate version of the physical world! Actually, it is the physical that is the copy.


Leave a large enough gap for your spirit to slip like smoke out of! Or you will be trapped in your apartment for a while!(Whether you live alone OR NOT!! As living mortals will no longer be able to help you!!)


Dying is much like leaving an old fashioned diving suit. You spiral out of it. Leaving your body(now a corpse) behind. It was only a SHELL. Albeit three dimensional.(Similar, but 3d shells,etc., to crustatean and some insect shells, and some animal skins!!)


This is the counterfeit world.(Or, rather, the physical is the counterfeit world!)(The almost carbon copy world we enter after death is really the original.)(A small few things may differ. Like colours and shapes and patterns.)(But hard to notice.)


We tend to think that we ARE our bodies. But that is not so! They are merely vehicles we wear temporarily(Entered during conception, or at birth.) in order to contact the physical world! For whatever purpose or purposes we came here from the spirit world to try to achieve.


The spiritude(to differentiate from spirit world PROPER) world is actually STILL this world. But a finer and original version of it.


If you do find yourself trapped(as a spirit)in your apartment, realize that people cannot see(etc.) you!(Barring the few who are clairvoyant,etc.) All your attempts to communicate with mortals will be in vain. They can pick up your thoughts though(so you can try telepathy), but they may think that it is their sub-concious mind!


There are only two ways out of your apartment if you did not leave a sufficient gap. 1. By densifying your spirit body enough to be able to catch and turn the doorknob(or open a window!). 2. By thinning your spirit, so that you can pass through the wall, or whatever!(This will happen of its own accord, if you wait long enough!)(As your spirit body is gradually vibrating faster and faster.(In life the physical body forced it to vibrate at the physical level!)(Once freed of it, your spirit vehicle will gradually rise to its own natural vibration!))


You will be able to see your corpse AT FIRST. (Not later.)Keep away from it, as it still contains your ghost.(Which will not exit it until about 22 hours after death. When it does it will merge with your spirit, and it will then have trapped you in a cold, damp, dark, misty world. Even foggy. So avoid this at all costs, as it is very hard to escape!)


So you need to escape from your apartment, at least from your ghost, as quickly as possible!!


Low spirits may try to drag you off to Hell.(Though good and also ordinary spirits may try to help you. Learn to distinguish!!(I mean from the low spirits.)


Do NOT try to re-enter the physical body(which will be dead).(Because of the danger of your ghost, which is inside of it, at first.(And later, as the ghost stays with or near to the corpse after death for ages.)


Once you have passed OUT of your then dead physical body, you will need to realize that you have left your physical body, but not the physical world level. You need to reach The Spirit World Proper. To do this you must raise your vibrations.(Meditation and Prayer work. Or direct work at vibration raising.) Or, you can try to enter The Spirit World Proper by ascending high enough into the sky.(You will be able to float or fly up without wings.) You may eventually see The Spirit World Proper. But do not RELY upon this method!!(It may not work for you.)


The Spirit World Proper is the world you left to get born. Your HOME.(We are in exile down here in the physical.)


I hope I have made these things clear enough to you!!



Head for THE LIGHT. The light of Heaven.


If you fail, call out for assistance telepathically. Keep calling out. Help should come sooner or later!!


The big danger is of going to Hell. (Though not the religious Hell of Christendom, it is still a very nasty place. To be avoided at all costs!!)(It is avoided only by living more for others than for self during life. So watch your life-style!!(Religion is distorted, not wrong!!) Getting out of Hell will be hard.(What happens is that good deeds lessen the weight of your spirit self, while bad deeds increase it.(Also creating karma for future lives!!) And you float FIVE dimensionally to the appropriate level of The Spirit World. Or you can enter Hell by climbing down three dimensionally.(Just as you may enter paradise by climbing UP physically.))


I believe these things are taught, but in now obscure ancient language and terms, in The Egyptian and Tibetan books of The Dead.


I am trying to give you the pitfalls in the modern idiom.


Some people live in their corpses, IN THEIR COFFINS, in their graves, after death. Because they THINK that the physical body IS them!! Though dead physically, and then a spirit, they do not realize that they are NOT their physical body(Nor their ghost!!).


The danger is of getting trapped by YOUR OWN ghost. Which will then merge its now slowly rotting double of you(It was your energy field in life.). You could stay trapped by it for years, decades, centuries, even millennia.(Indefinitely!!) So DON’T get trapped by it. Keep far enough away from your corpse.(The ghost has an operating range of perhaps fifty feet. (About 33 feet, I believe. But CHECK!!!!)But MAYBE more. So keep at least that far away from you old physical body!!)(It IS possible for you, or another party, to operate your corpse!!)(Then making you a zombie.)(Which is most unpleasant!!)


Heed what I am saying, and you should be all right!!


All sorts of strange entities abound in The Spirit World. So be ready for them: Nature spirits(goblins, for example), humanoid aliens, fairies, and those Earth creatures that have passed on(animal and human). Spirits are THERE, but not normally visible,etc.to mortals. On account of their vibrating faster(or slower!) than physical entities.(In much the same way as you cannot see spokes of a spinning bicycle wheel!!)(But they are still THERE!!!!)


I can assure you, these things are SO!!!!


Only at your peril will you ignore what I am saying!!








Victor Conway.

















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