A930. My Exact Astronomical Distance and mass,etc. finder and other subjects.

June 7, 2011


Friday, 30th September,  2,005.

Article A930

My EXACT Distance,etc.Finder. I continue.


     For those hardy souls who have fought their way this far, I go on:-


     I am starting at Point 1,000, as I have lost track of what point number I am on!!

     Of course, I’m human.  I THINK.

     1,000.  If you plot(on a graph) 1.6mag against “vels”, you should get a surprise! You should a rather neat diagonal!!(For ADJUSTED v, apparent magnitudes.(I mean adusted for Mv, absolute magnitude!(Of course.)  And velocities AND obscuring matter, plus g.e. and u.g!!!!))

     In the case of absolute magnitudes, these being virtually masses, intrinsic luminosities, or inherent brightnesses,  you should again find a close correspondence!!

     1,001.  Humanity is at The Technological Crisis.  That point where the inhabitants of a planet or some such, take a wrong turning and get destroyed.(They destroy them selves.) This occurs very often out of the multitudes of planetary civilizations because obsession with the material exceeds the spiritual too much!!

     At such a cross roads, this planet, Earth, now finds itself!!

     The odds are very much against us!!

     However, this notion of many planetary(or some such)civilizations destroying their selves is not exactly true!!  Reason being, that SOME humans usually survive. And that these fight their way back up again, multiply, and they are on their way again!! So this TOTAL destruction business is not true(Only in exceptional cases.). Materially, anyway.

     1,002.  Now here is a point I find very interesting:  Termite mounds in Australia point south. Even though the sun is to the north!! Why??(Termite mounds elsewhere(if any) should also have a similar anomaly. Even if it is the reverse case!!)


     Even termites like sunshine. So why are they turning their backs on the sun?!

     THEY DON’T!!

      But every few thousand years, The Earth inverts!!

      This bears it out. There are many other things that bear out the periodic cyclic inversions,too!!

       1,003.  NATURAL equals spiritual.

       Though natural equals instinctive!!

       I mean that often doing the what comes naturally is more mental than instinctive!!


      1,003. Men(and women) all speak false to some extent or other. To speak the truth all the time, is about impossible. We all(or the vast majority) bow to some fear or other some times!! 

      Tell the truth(all the time), and you won’t live six months!  I doubt you would last that long!!

      We tend to protect our IMAGE. The pretentious face that we turn to the world!!

      This necessitates at least a little dishonesty.

      Of course, there is no need to go overboard. If only because the resulting Hell is that much greater!!!!


      1,004.  Did you know that you can die, and not know it?!(Note: If you “die”, and still live, then you didn’t die!!  I do not agree with those who think they died and returned to life. Though I am highly aware of a hereafter(actually therethen).)

      I do not mean because you are no longer concious! I mean DESPITE being STILL concious!!

      This is because both the spiritistic world(the inbetween world) and the spirit world can be so much like this one IN APPEARANCE, that many get fooled. For quite some time, sometimes!!

     1,005.  We are all in a great PLAY, acting out various roles!!!!

     1,006.   Have I reached the end?  What?! In a world without end!!!!

     1,007.   This is the road I chose. Because God chose it for me. And being of God, was best for me. Which I saw.

     1,008.    It is not my wish to force my views upon anyone. But I will think of those who wish to climb higher!!


          I will conclude with a riddle:-

          Are we on the outside looking in(or out?)? Or on the inside looking out(or in?)!!

          1. Personally. 2. Globally.

          I will take 2, first. Are we on the inside of the planet looking OUT. Or on the inside looking in??

          You say we are on the outside looking out. If only because we see the stars,etc. And the moon.  I think you are right.

          What about those on the inside looking in(Since they can hardly look out.)?  Then those down there(and there are many), will see the central small red sun. In a permanently lit sky. Though not always blue!!(As with the surface viewers.)(By inside here, I mean those WITHIN.(Not to be confused with those INSIDE of The Earth!!))  

          Those on the inside sometimes find it lit up. By luminescent rocks,etc.

          WITHIN The Earth, and all the heavenly bodies(AND GROUPS THEREOF!!), with few exceptions, if any, unless collapsed; then The Within is outside, not inside!! Because still part of the outside surface.  That is that all geodes, or bolides, are double reverse helixes.

          The inside is of course INSIDE. Though The Within has its own inside!! You dig?!


          2. Personally.

               Do we see outside of our bodies?

          Or inside of our brains??


          OR INSIDE OF OUR MINDS!!!!

          We see outside of our bodies. But inside of our minds.

          We do not see inside of our brains. Unless skull removed and we use a mirror or mirrors, and someone pokes around!!


          Our bodies, plus heads, with brain,etc. contents. Are inside of our minds!!

          Our brains are inside of our minds.

          But our minds are not inside of our brains.

          I will leave it there. And wish you all The Greetings of The Seasons. I refer to Christmas and The New Year.

         DON’T EAT BIRDS!!(Danger of bird ‘flu.)


         NOW perhaps you will believe me!! Ho HO!!(Santa’s coming!!)

         Now save this planet!!




        Victor Conway.









Friday, 30th September,  2,005.

Article A929

I continue The See Upside Down O’Scope.


               Did you read the earlier article? Did you understand it?

      Well, there is more to come. We go deeper!!

      The SUDO (See Upside Down O’Scope) device inverts ALL that we see!(Not the face, which it hides.) Against what(does it invert everything)?  Against your gravity feel, and your inner body orientation feel. In other words against the outside and inside gravities!!

      How can it do that? If optical inversions leave all as before!(Since there is no OPTICAL reference point not inverted!)  To be honest, I don’t know!!)

      All I know is that if you wear a SUDO, you will see everything upside down!!(And later, after take the SUDO off, you will AGAIN see everything upside down!!)

      How the….????

      It simply turns the view image UPSIDE DOWN!!!!(I don’t know its principles.)(But it should not be hard to work out.)

      Which results in an inversion NOT against any optical reference(as you cannot see your face!), but against your outer and inner senses of GRAVITY!!

      Presumably it inverts the view against the device’s frame seen through!! But as the frame looks the same, inverted or not, you simply see THE SCENE inverted!! Subtle!!

      Very clever.

       You feel the right way up, via outside and inside gravities(of body). But SEE upside down!!  So it feels as if gravity is coming from above! The sky! This confuses your mind. Which tries to make sense of this. And takes an average 20 minutes to do so!! Meanwhile you feel and act MAD(in that respect)!! As you cannot reconcile seeing with gravity orientation!!  You try to go under stiles visually, as you feel your way over them!(Things like this.)  The result is naturally CHAOS!!!!

       Finally, the view out matches the gravity vectors’ feel!!

        And you are normal again. DESPITE wearing the SUDO!!

        Naturally, when you finally remove it, you will see upside down again. You will see and feel gravity vector exactly as you did WHEN WEARING THE SUDO!!!!

        It passes off after about twenty minutes.

        There IS NO SUCH THING AS UPSIDE DOWN!! NOR RIGHT WAY UP!!!! They both look the same!! As there is no external reference. (Except the device’s FRAME. So your mind got fooled donning the SUDO, AND WHEN TAKING IT OFF!!!!)


        Please explain to me how THE BRAIN could get in on the act!!

        Basically a wiring device(The heart is merely A PUMP.(It is the spiritual heart that does the loving,etc!!))  No camera or camera obscura there! NOR does the brain invert! Since you (your body) don’t invert!!

      Supposing you argue(as a materialist, who thinks brain and mind are the same thing) that the brain inverts the view of the eyes. (Tell me HOW!!)Otherwise, the outer world IS upside down, which does not make sense!! (On the other hand if right way up and upside down look the same(because no reference point IN THE FIELD OF VIEW), then when eyes invert view, they see as before!!(Or, rather, THE MIND sees or interprets,  AS BEFORE!!!!   No need to invoke brain! BUT WE MUST INVOKE MIND, because SOMETHING has to be PROVIDING the MENTAL CONSTRUCTS of right way up, and upside-down!!)))(Keep count of those brackets,now!!)(Note that the mental constructs are different, being opposite ideas in the mind. But the optical views of right way up and upside down, are THE SAME.  Therefore view and interpretation differ.)

      It is amazing how even the simplest things become complex in the EXPLAINING!!(Not just a words’ problem, but an IDEAS’ one!!)


      It simply means that the brain is not the mind! And that MIND DIRECTLY(as well as INDIRECTLY) RULES Matter!! And, since, then therefore mind must rule body, we survive death. And for ever. AND ALREADY HAVE(FOR EVER)!!!!

      There is no way out, other than to separate mind from brain!! There is no need for brain(other than to transmit messages, both motor and sensory) IN THE INVERSION ASPECT!!!!

      So what’s the answer?  The answer is(No, it is not a trick via words! NOR ideas!!) that Materialism is Bunk!!  And yet, though Mind and Spirit,etc.exist, ALL is SUPER material!! All is matter, but there are MANY grades of matter!! Dense, fine, and so on!!  You understand?? If not, WHY NOT????


     In other words matter IS MIND.  And MIND IS MATTER!!

     If the brain can do what I claim the mind HAS TO BE doing, you need to explain to me(and to everyone else) HOW a (basically) mere set of wiring can both invert AND INTERPRET what the eyes see!!(And the body feels!! ETC.)

      Which raises another very interesting item:-

      Mind and brain are two different entities. Now, is the mind in the brain, or the brain in the mind??  (Humans have over simplified everything you see!! For convenience.  AND FOR comfort. Comfort to those who  CANNOT BEAR for Materialism(The Non Super kind!!) TO BE WRONG!!!! And Spiritualism,ETC. to be right!!!!)

      The brain is in the mind!(Only matter is in the brain!)  (Consider Joe’s brain!!  An article of mine. If you open up a brain, while the patient is concious, you can via mirror or mirrors get him to see his own brain! Ah,yes, he exclaims, MY OWN BRAIN!!  Now if as materialists argue the mind is in the brain, OR that there is NO mind!!, they have a problem.   WHERE is this man seeing his brain?  In his eyes? Or in his brain??  OR IN HIS MIND????  Naturally his eyes see it(via a mirror(or mirrors)). Ah, but WHAT is seeing through eyes??  Eyes alone are merely camera obscuras. We need A VIEWER!!  Brain or mind. Or both????  If brain, then this is odd! That brain sees itself!!

     Does brain see brain in brain, or in MIND??

     Tricky, isn’t it!!


     If he somehow sees his brain inside of his brain(!!!!), then we have A PROBLEM!! WHAT are his eyes doing outside of his brain?  If his VIEW is in his brain?!  Eyes in brain??  Absurd!!   I think brain inside of SAME brain is even more absurd!!!!  So we have to invoke MIND!!!!  And a mind that is distinct from the brain!! Furthermore, though the brain(and eyes) is in the mind, THE MIND IS NOT IN THE BRAIN. Nor in the eyes!!

     When Joe(or whoever) sees a view( I have heard from materialists(who else?!) that Joe IS his brain!(So what is the rest of his body?), WHERE DOES HE SEE IT? According to Materialism, it is inside of his brain!!  (As the eyes are merely camera obscuras!!)(Not even cameras.)  Let us grant this for a moment. Then somewhere inside of the brain, sits a man viewing the outside world.(Through HIS eyes, of course. Another set of eyes.)(And inside of the second man inside of the brain of the original man, sits a third man. All Joes!!!   And so on, ad infinitum!! You see what I mean??!!

      And, furthermore, the Joe(or who ever) that is doing the FIRST viewing of the infinite regress series IS HIS SELF INSIDE OF A LARGER BRAIN!!!! And so on, AD INFINITUM!!!!


      You see the problem better now??


      On the other hand if we can place brains(and everything else) inside of minds, then the problem resolves WITHOUT invoking infinite regresses!! BOTH ways,too, to boot!!!!

      The brain, AND EVERYTHING ELSE,  is in THE MIND!  In the mind of The Viewer. Even and including indirectly as when he views his own brain via a mirror or mirrors!!

     Though ALL is in GOD’S MIND, all other views are only inside of the minds of the viewers concerned.


     Cake, anyone??

     How about Tennis??



     And on this happy note, I must leave you!!(Albeit happy only for Mentalists and Spiritualists,ETC.)

     My old man used to ask me how long a piece of string was. And how many beans make five!! But I know now why the chicken crossed the road. It was to speak to his wife.  Still can’t work out that one about Jack and The Beans talk.  I keep visualizing Jack talking to some beans, and the beans talking back.




     Victor Conway.

















Thursday, 29th September,  2,005.

Article A928

The Metamorphosis of some insects.

A parallel to what happens to humans!!


          I am thinking of butterflies, flies and moths,etc. in particular.

     Now let me try to get this right. The four stages in their life cycle: 1. Cell in egg. 2. Grub.  3. Larva. 4. Imago.  With butterflies(they are prettier), this is caterpillar and butterfly for the last two stages. Any critics?? 3 goes to 4 via the chrysalid stage. How does 1 go to 3?   Anyway, I have put down grub. A sort of(guessing) earlier chrysalid stage. Yes, I expect I have it wrong. But it is an attempt.

     With humans, we go 1. Cell in the uterus. 2. Embryo(various stages)(Foeutus in later stages.) 3. Human in the body. 4. Human spirit.(Out of the body. Permanently!!)(It is seldom permanent. We re-incarnate, unless so advanced that we move on via consummation with God to a higher stage of development!!

         My main concern here is stages 3 and 4. We are well familiar with what we are in life. But the materialist thinks stage 4 is permanent( as a corpse, then a skeleton).

        Stage four is(I say, again.) a spirit in The Spirit World!!

        So now we are larvae, caterpillars,etc. After death, we become butterflies(I mean spirits).

        Remember the words of Confuscious?  I had a dream last night. I dreamt I was a butterfly.  Now I do not know whether I am a a butterfly dreaming that it is a human, or a human who dreamt that he was a butterfly!!

        Dreams reflect The Spirit World very often. But seldom ARE it!!

        So get clued up you materialists!!

        Glad I got that off my chest!!

        Notice how truth is becoming fashionable.(Well, with some!!)

        Heard of the story of the honest man and the liar? One always told the truth, the other always told lies.  How can one tell which is which?? Listen:-

        Says the honest man: I never lie! Says the liar: I always tell the truth!!

        The trick is to question them: First, ask one(we do not know in advance which is which!): Are you telling the truth?  He will say Yes. They both will say yes!! Give one of them a cake. (In full view of the other.) Ask A(one of them): Is that a cake B has in his  hand?  Not the  one you gave the cake to.). He will answer No.(As he cannot tell the truth!!)  Now ask B the same question.  He will answer Yes, being honest!!(Note THEY MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!!!!)  To confirm, ask A (who has no cake) is that a cake you have in your hand? He will answer yes, of course. B will answer when asked if A has a cake in his hand, No.   The honest man is B. We have found out.  What other way is there to find out which is which?? Now the person we relate this unlikely tale to will not have seen the cake, but will only know that ONE, not two cakes,   were issued(because you tell them so). Therefore two cakes cannot be out, when only was issued. Therefore one is a liar. Which clearly is A.




        Victor Conway.








Wednesday, July 29th, 1998.

Article A927



Our eyes are cameras(two, so stereo-scopic). So they invert their images.

Why,then, do we see things the right way up??

Is the world upside-down?? That we see things the right way up!!!!


     See my earlier article/s,too.

     The orthodox explanation is that the brain re-inverts!!

     I didn’t know brains were cameras!!!!

     I reject this. Besides, it is the mind, not the brain that does it!!!!


     Is the brain a sort of digital, that not only repeats the image, BUT REVERSES IT??!!


     Now to understand the question(and the answer), it is necessary to understand inversion!!

     Draw a square ABCD. Inside it, concentrically, and symmetically, place a second square, EFGH. Have side E below side A. This shall be our definition of upright.

     Obviously if you don’t have an external reference, then up-right has no meaning!!


     When we view the world, we describe the view as UP-RIGHT. But what is the external reference?? You wouldn’t call it(the view) upside-down, would you!!

     WHAT is the view the right way up against??

     Your view of your face??


     If the world inverted, but not your face, then you should get worried!!

    But supposing your face inverted,too. How would you know the difference??(Between the right way up AND UP-SIDE DOWN????)(!!!!)


    You look out through your eyes. You see your face(nose,cheeks….). And you see the world of non-(your)body!!!! Is the external reference then your face??!!


     Apparently so. For if EVERYTHING inverted(including your face), you would notice NO DIFFERENCE. NO CHANGE!!!!

    Wrong!!(Though not optically!!)


    We can test this. By inverting EVERYTHING!!!!

    No. I do not mean stand upon your head. In any case, your face,too,would then be upside-down.


    Use an “upside-down o’scope”!!

    This is an optical device which inverts the viewed scene. Face AND ALL!!!!(Either that or it cannot see the face. The  result is the same!!!!)


    This has been done!!

    What happens?? We see EVERYTHING upside-down!!



    It cannot be the face!!!! This is the point.


    Is it from FEELING our body’s orientation??

    No. Because it is not strong enough and/or not connected enough!!

    Memory?? Against WHAT????


     If you continue to wear the device, a strange thing occurs. You ADAPT to the view. AND DO CONSIDER IT UPRIGHT!!!!(Against what??!!)


    However!! You have inverted everything. So how can it again be up-right!!!!


     And what changed, that your view has changed??!!


     It cannot be anything material. So it must be mental.

    The mind has put everything up-right again!!!!


    THERE IS NO WAY(Brain and/or mind!!!!)!!!!


     So what is going on??

     Now remove the ‘scope!!

     Once again EVERYTHING will seem upside-down!!(The face does not enter it!!)

     Later on, the mind will AGAIN adapt, and you will consider everything up-right!!


     Now whilst wearing the scope you will attempt to go under fences, and over birds,etc!!(In flight!!)Naturally!! Because you view(if only mentally)EVERYTHING as upside-down!!!!

     You go mad!!


     What is the answer??


     In other words upside-down and right way up are MENTAL PERCEPTIONS, not material ones!!!! NEITHER OF WHICH CAN BE  TRUE. BECAUSE THERE IS NO ORIENTATION.(BECAUSE THERE IS NO EXTERNAL REFERENCE!!!!)

    It is all in the mind. BUT NOT THE  BRAIN!!!! And the mind can change over!!

    The mind simply makes us feel comfortable.

    If things get inverted materially, it will MAKE the view(mental)upright!!!!


    It is an idea or notion IN THE MIND.

    Which we can feel comfortable with!!!!

    When trying to go under fences, and over birds,etc. in flight, we are going by memory,then!!


    Relating to the new MENTAL orientation. Which is wrong,of course!!!!


    There simply is no right way up and upside down!!!!

    It is an idea in our minds. And right-way-up idea provides comfort.

    Similarly with left-right!!(But not re versal!!!!)


    Mirror images would seem normal eventually(IF YOU KEPT LOOKING INTO THEM. HENCE THE DANGER!!)!!!! But you would go mad.

     Thursday, September 29th,  2,005:-


     This proves mind over matter. And therefore life after death!! For ever,too.

    Did you understand?(I have lost my earlier articles, unless they are part of a different article!!) So I must go over parts again.

    Let me start again: The eyes(both) are camera obscuras(as they take no photographs!). Therefore what we SEE must be an inversion. But! This implies that the world is upside down. Which is nuts. How unlikely!!

    The world has to be upright. IF ONLY BY DEFINITION!! But the eyes MUST invert. Therefore WHAT has re-inverted the scene? The brain? But the brain is NOT a  camera obscura! The MIND,  a very different thing, is the cause!!  Yes!!

    However, it is even more complex than this!!

    The world is the right way up, or all is mad!! The eyes invert. The mind RE-INVERTS. Not the brain.(The brain, in any case, is simply a sort of telephone exchange, motor and sensory.(The heart is merely a pump.))(It is the MIND, not the brain that does all the stuff!! The brain is basically only WIRING!!!!)

      We CALL our normal view upright. To give it a name.  We call any inversions upside down!!  If you stand upon your head(I mean of course do a head stand, not put your feet upon your head!!), then the world will LOOK upside down. And people may grin at you. However, the reason for the inversion is that you are using your face as A REFERENCE!! Because everything else has inverted IN REFERENCE to your face(you see your nose,etc.). But NOT your face, of course! So the world is upside down!!

      What is needed is a device that CONCEALS your face from your eyes’ view. Such a device exists. It is called a “See Upside Down O’Scope”. Sounds good. Put one on, and go out for a walk!!  Everything looks upside down. Despite the fact that you cnnnot see your face!  Yes, it is strange!!  You now try to walk OVER the flying birds,etc!! And of course you feel AND LOOK(to any onlookers), – MAD!!

     If any onlookers do not understand the purpose of the queer device you are wearing!!

    Bear with this!!

    (My logic seems lame with simple things like the liar and the honest man, and Mirrors. But it demonstrates how it works!! It also works with more complex riddles.)

    Keep on wearing the device, and after a while a very peculiar thing happens. Everything suddenly seems normal!! That is, – upright, again. THOUGH YOU ARE STILL WEARING THE UPSIDE DOWN O’SCOPE.  Now isn’t that odd!!(Be honest now!!)(It is right. It has been tried!!)

    Finally, highly amused(perhaps), you go home, and take the thing off!! AND NOW EVERYTHING LOOKS UPSIDE DOWN!!!! Even though you have gone back to normal. And are no longer wearing The Scope!! For about twenty minutes you will go crazy again. And any onlookers will be convinced that you are mad!! Poking the mantlepiece instead of any fire. And so on!! Kissing your wife’s feet, instead of her head!!

    It eventually wears off, and once more all looks normal: Upright.


    So what happened?!  The answer is NO THING!!!!  You see, upright and upside down BOTH look the same!! BECAUSE!! If you invert EVERYTHING, including your face, you have NO REFERENCE POINT. And upside down has NO MEANING!! Likewise with right way up, incidentally!!

    In other words, right way up, and upside down are MENTAL CONSTRUCTS we utilize, to avoid going INSANE!!!!(In this respect.)

    There is no such thing as upside down. Nor of right way up. EXCEPT in reference to SOMETHING else IN YOUR FIELD OF VISION!!!! It’s right!!

    The question is: WHAT provides the mental construct?! The answer is NOT the brain. It is THE MIND(yours) that does all the behind the scenes’ stuff.(All that brains do(being essentially wiring) is send messages(motor and sensory))! Which proves mind over matter(directly, I mean, not indirectly!!). And life after death,etc Magic, miracles, and so on!!!!

      Now See Upside Down O’Scopes may be a little hard to come by! So visualize these things!!

      There is no such thing as up or down, you see. Except as a mental construct, against some reference! Take away that reference, and you are lost. And can go mad!!

      For instance, if you are under water in the pitch dark, and turn over and over until you don’t know which way up you are(assuming you cannot detect your air bubbles!), then you will NOT know(Unless perhaps by gravity! And/Or inner orientation!) This is dangerous, and you could drown!!!

     Now imagine that you are way out in space, far from Earth AND SUN, AND MOON,ETC.  Spin around(we will assume that you can breathe, and be warm(so in a suit,then)), until you don’t know which way up you are. Which star is the sun?(We are so far away that it looks like a star!)(And which way is up??)

     Think about it!!

     You won’t know. Unless through gravity and/or inner body orientation.

     The point is: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS UPRIGHT AND UPSIDE DOWN!! Except via a reference in your field of vision!!

     However, you have inner body feeling. And you can feel gravity. Either or both of those might tell you.

     But optically, there is no way, WITHOUT A VISUAL REFERENCE IN YOUR FIELD OF VISION!! (To distinguish!!)

     You see the moral??




    Victor Conway.


A932 and A957. My New Astronomy. Distance and mass,etc. finder,etc.

June 7, 2011






Friday, 7th October,  2,005.

Article A957

My EXACT Astronomical Distance,etc.FINDER. SIMPLIFIED. CONDENSED. Continued.


     I forgot many important things!(But all written down somewhere!!)(I mean in my articles.)

           One I haven’t forgotten: Wave form Light,etc.(EM, Electro-Magnetic Radiation) travels in STRAIGHT LINES!!

        Light,etc. travels in straight lines! It has no reason to do anything else!!

       When people say that light bends, they mean PHOTONIC light bends when passing large enough masses!!(In that non-existent mental construct we call space, with what YOU THINK is mystum time PASSAGE!!)(Neither space, nor time, exist!!  Except in our world of phoney appearances. Ah,yes. There are LEVELS of truth, you see!!  But I fear I speak to a brick wall!!)

       Straight light, the two 2-1’s, knowing that only one fifth of quasar,etc. red shift z’s was due to distance(My wave angle, H.L. The old CRS, Cosmological Red Shift!!!!), realizing that vels equal mags in the warpages!! The correspondences of all factors!  (I am trying to recall what I have forgotten!!) The Wave Form on the 100 fold magnified vels co-ordinated.(Was a zig zag before!!). Some strange significance there! The planetary shape of ALL fields!!  YES!!!!    The VAD(sorry, not VDA), The View Angle to The Field Centre.  Flat galaxies due to vibration dimension showing!!(Taking the place of the third spatial dimension!! YES!!)  Small expansions of all fields. NOT of space and time per se!!  The instantaneous velocity of light,etc. And gravitation!!  The existence of Hyperforce, a sort of close in gravity! EM and electric everything!! No big bang. Orthodoxy has black and white holes reversed!! In a BI-FURCATING universe, not a colliding one. You got violence on the brain!!)(Too much wrong television,ETC!!!!) Milne’s Second Time. Is my T2, Time Two!! Etc.  Heterogeneous universe, not homo!!  Photonic light,etc.travels at c/pi. Wave form light REGISTERED at c!(Because that is the maximum velocity we CAN register!!)  Eintstein nearly completely wrong. Friedman,et al, far worse!! G = R, basically. Cosmological Constant(Cosmic Factor).  Hubble’s Constant is 50(But check 55).  Quasars 100(Check 200!) x closer than thought!!  Arp right(so far as he goes!).  Azimov right. Hawkins wrong!! Hoyle often right! Lerner, right. Alfven,  right!!  Hubble’s Law applies to ALL fields! We only see out to limits of our own meta-galaxy, not cosmos!  By universe they meant OMNIVERSE. Why not say so?!  I confirm Guth’s five inflations!! My expansion-contraction pulsations IN all fields has NO THING to do with the orthodox expansion notion! NO ode! (No OPTICAL doppler effect!). Blue displacemnet not red shift!!  The internal structure of spectroscopes NECESSITATES a doubling of “vels”. That needs halving!   All fields are round 4d disks. We only see out half way, chord wise.(ALL of the way arc wise!!). TWO kinds of distance, arc and chord!!(Around, and through!!)  Orthodoxy and conventionalism completely STUFFED!!!! Theory of no thing but CRAP!!!!  No Big Bang.  CRS, Red Shift is our view of fields’ HORIZONS, not an expansion!  (Earth too is expanding via dust,etc.infall!! But nobody is stupid enough to confuse the horizon curvature WITH AN EX PANSION!!!!(Similarly in parallel celestially. Hey ho!!  Come on you guys, you are UP THE WALL!!!! RIGHT up it!!  All because you prefer expansion and BIG BANG(Boom! WHOOSH!! Mentality!!!!) to The TRUTH!!!!  You are all BARMY!!  No recompense is worth selling your souls to!! IDIOTS!!!!  Stay with God and Truth, Love,etcs!!!!)

              Anyway, I saw that mags travel chordwise via straight lined light,etc!!!!

      Will THEY ever  LEARN??!!

        But they DON’T WANT to learn, you see!!

        Prefer their very stupid ideas!!

        I am referring to the orthodox and conventional(who be all).

        So you see how it is, chaps, a bit, I HOPE!!!!

       We see the stars AND EVERYTHING up there in the night sky WHERE THEY ARE, not where they were!!

       You will need to re-write Astronomy,etc. But just change the terms!!

       You worshippers of hyped prestige BALONEY!!!! Spawn of universities,etc. As a side line to very destructive ACTIVISM, et al!!!! What is the matter with you all?? The way to Heaven, is by good works, not destruction!!  You are taking matter TOO SERIOUSLY!!(It is only low grade MIND!!!!)

       Anyway, get it RIGHT,now. While we still have a planet LEFT!!!!

       We are SO ruled by LIES, that we see the truth as FALSE!!!!

       The Reptilian aliens through the humanoid little greys and the mutants rule us, and are devouring us soul, AND BODY(as they slowly conquer us(Mars already gone(I mean The Martians)); via The Illuminati and The Freemasons,etc.ETC. via The Faceless evil monsters who manipulate, exploit, and DRAIN us, at every turn. And none worse than the religieus monsters!!!! Aye!  Meanwhile VERY materialistic so called science holds the EVIL fort!!!!


      Alone in the universe, MY BIG TOE!!

      Spirits exist all right. SO DO SPRITES. Fairies and all that!! Yes.

      Man does not know so little. He knows nothing but HORSE MANURE!! About which he knows practically everything!!!! But that is about ALL he does know!!!!  Cuckoo, cuckoo!!!!!

        Of course I am brassed with you all!!

       You ignore me. Think I am a big very sick joke!!!! So you will learn in Hell(sic). While I weep from even lower down. As God holds me by the ankle!!

       Yet see not your OWN faults!!!!

       GOD is so big, that we CANNOT see IT!!!!  Aye.

       I waste my breath as usual?!

       You crucified Jesus. You burned Bruno ALIVE.

       Get a LIFE, for God’s sake!!

       Yet you think you are so wonderful!!!!

       I don’t want your praise. I JUST WANT YOU TO MAKE SOME REAL PROGRESS!!!!

      Your idea of progress is to go down as deep as possible into idiocy and HELL!!!!

      Yes, readers I note you are just beginning to look at the real issues!!

      Like Earth Changes,etc.  ARE you??  Man is not to blame at all for global warming(Not even Surface Nature is!!(Volcanic eruptions and forest fires(Mostly by lightning, ARSON and carelessly left camp fires and cigarette butts!!!!). THE SUN is!! (Ahoy, there!!) ELECTRONICALLY!!!!

      A cyclic super winter that comes every few thousand years. Beginning with massive heat FROM THE SUN, electronically, warming us up FROM BELOW. Not above, you silly people!! Lava, magma, rock, sea, atmospheres. THAT is the sequence. Not the reverse you so worship!!

     The ground is warming up.

     And our brains are undergoing increasing storms!! Thanks to electrons etc. coming in harmonically growing masses FROM THE SUN!!!!



     That is why the whales, the dolphins, the seals,etc. are beaching their selves!! Dis-orientated, not suicides!!

     Aided by Man’s sonics under water!!

     But of course, we believe what we like, not the truth!!  Well, the rest of you do. Bar very few exceptions!!!!


     AHOY THERE!!!!

     Got any chum, gum??!!

     Victor Conway.(You swallow lies wholesale! But reject the truth with the most VICIOUS CONTEMPT!! Come along, Earthmen!!  OR PERISH!!!! And MOST horribly!!!!…)








Saturday, 1st October,  2,005.

Article A932

My EXACT Distance Finder,etc. SIMPLIFIED!!!!


            Allow for VAD, View Angle Distortion!! Either way!! Sun Centre to Field Centre. Or Field Centre to Sun Centred maps.


     What is the advantage with doing the mean of both reds(arcs) by my wave angles, your Hubble’s Law  and chords(blacks), magnitudes??

     I thought to get the best result by taking the mean!

            Infinitesmally better, maybe.

            However, singles are about as good!!

             The TRUE REAL velocities are very small.(Distant H.L. of candidate LESSNear H.L. of candidate.)(In other words the old velocity variations!!)

            Colour(the SMALL velocity allowed)(and less obscuring matter, g.e., u.g. And even mass!!)is the best.

            The small velocities will be poor on account of various and varying VECTORS!!

            Adjust v, Apparent Magnitude!! Obviously it is compounded by Intrinsic luminosity(Unless already allowed for!! Watch for that!!). And TAKE OFF gravitation effect, universal gravity, etc.

            (Olber: The curvature of space AND TIME, will also dim the light!!)

            There are FOUR good factors. Even used as singles!!

            W.A.(My Wave Angle.)(Orthodox Hubble’s Law is ALMOST as good!!)

            ADJUSTED v, Apparent Magnitude.(See above.)

            T4.  This is the fact that the spin rate of fields is Mass of the candidate to the power of four!!!!(Something like this.(I may not have it quite right. But it should easily be found out!!j)


             Vels are poor!!(I mean the real, true small velocities!(Hubble’s Law, or My Wave Angle, are ANGLES of VIEW out, NOT velocities!!(Wave Angle(The old “vels”) equals Mass via the fact that all works through bubbles half way  through the field surface! And that mass and “velocity” are simply equal angles of view through these bubbles!!!!))))

            Correction: I said that to get chord distances you divide by 2(or vice versa). No! You divide by Pi/2!!(Just the once.)(This for general warp(circumferential(of field concerned)curvature or geodesic. It is only for LOCAL warps that you cast out Pi/2’s repeatedly, until too little is left to cast out!!)

            This is because the ratio of circ to diameter chord is Pi. But since my chord distance are at maxium  ONLY  HALF WAY AROUND(Out To Far Point)(After that we are getting nearer home again!!) You also need to divide that Pi by 2!!

            Do NOT take short cuts.

            And listen to ALL that I say!!(However absurd looking. However trivial!!)

            I have been right through this thing.

            You have’t!! Or you would be half out of your mind by now!!!!(Because of the INCREDIBLE results!!)

            The evidence is consistent. The theory is coherent. And both fit perfectly!!!!

            USE The Homer Guide!!(EVERY time!!)(To get the MATHEMATICAL ORDER of the result.)(The number of decimal places. The number of 0’s before the decimal point.)

            Remember to BLOCK CONVERT the reds, the old “velocities”!! To get the average. In order to GROUP EQUALIZE each and ever individual value!!

            Use 40 candidates each time. Not too many(‘lest you confuse the result). Not too few, ‘lest you have to scant a picture!!

            Astronomy Catalogue TWO,etc.

            Use TWO digits each time!!

            06, for example, where necessary.

            Don’t worry about e logs.

            Log(Napierian) the graph per the old “vels” though!!

            I have made it as easy as Pi,now!(DIVIDED BY TWO!!)

            Pi is almost the secret of the universe!!

            Phi is about the rest.

            I have reduced the thing to its simplest terms now. And should be VERY easy. The difficult part will be overcoming the old emotional resistances. Sheer disbelief,etc!!!!

            Believe me or PERISH!!!! Spiritually first. Then materially!!!!

            All values, bar mass and derivatives will be View Angle distorted of course!!

            Though we see from Sol(more or less), the actual view is from The Field Centre!!

            The angle between plotted Sol and Field Centre is The View Angle!!

            ALL factors discerned from the observer will be View Angle distorted, because derived mainly from Sun and not Field Centre!!

           You must allow for this!!

            Remember I have ALREADY allowed for the queer anomalies, and the self cancelling pairs!! Take my word for it. I have reduced it to this!!!!

            The fact that I get such EXACT results tells me that I have missed no thing!!

            Why, and how, did Orthodox Astronomy go wrong? 1. They want lies,not the truth!!(To retain power,etc.) 2.  They THOUGHT they had allowed for space and time curvature, WHEN THEY HAD NOT!!!! 3. They think that they have removed extinction effect(obscuring matter), BUT THEY HAVE NOT!!!! 4. They cannot BEAR to have the quasars (those seen, for the most part) CLOSE BY!! Because this sinks Big Bang!! And THEY prefer B.B. to Truth!!!!(Because they simply refuse to grasp the obvious fact that white hole(and black hole) quasar(and blassar) GRAVITATIONS are enormous!! FOUR FIFTHS of RED SHIFT!!!! All fields. YES!!!! 5. Though results repeatedly disclosed a 2-1 discrepancy(Due to the spectroscopic device ANOMALY!!), they preferred to ignore this, and make The Hubble Diagram a square graph!!) 6. They cannot grasp that fields are round. We see reds(H.L.etc.) AROUND the arcs. But magnitudes’ wise ACROSS Hyperspace,etc!!  7.  They will NOT realize that neither space nor time ACTUALLY EXIST!!!!  8.  Nor that em (light,etc. AND GRAVITY) travel INSTANTANEOUSLY, NOT at c.(Note photons travel at c/pi)(But relevantly these only exist at the eye!!)(waves travel at c)(ACROSS(not around!!) the field concerned. 9. Hubble’s Law applies to ALL fields!! Not just the galactic,etc. 10.  We live in an open stellar cluster!! 11.  Einstein et al was almost completely wrong. 12. Friedman,et al, far FAR worse!! 12. No GENERAL Unified Field!! 13. Vibration exists as a Dimension GROUP!!!! 14. They cannot bear Group Law!! 15. Time two, etc.(Milne saw it!) of Level Two(Not Einstein’s Relativity!!) EXIST!!!! 16.  We see the backsides of everything out there. And even our own selves AS WE ARE NOW, out there!!!! 17.  4d rotation produces 3d spread.(They won’t have 4d!)(To produce the denied Radiation(Einstein twigged it.) Force!!)  18.  Vibration NOT TIME, is The Cosmic Radial. In ALL fields!!  19.  They wrongly trust Trigonometric Parallax!! 20. They wrongly trust The Distance Modulus,etc!!!! 21.  They are stupid MATERIALISTS!!!! 22.  They reject Arp, Milne, Hoyle and Azimov! But embrace Sagan, Eddington, Jeans,etc. 23. They reject Lerner. 24. They reject Alfven!! 25. They are obsessed with Gravitation.(The wrong one of four kinds!!!!) 26.  They reject Plasma. 27. They reject Vortices!  28. They reject an Electric Universe. 29. They reject me. 30. They reject Truth. ETC. 31.  They won’t have GOD.(But they’ll have The Devil!! Unawares!!) 32.  They think all non professionals and their stooge amateurs are sacroscant and that all the rest are cranks and crackpots!!!! 33.  They think we live in a colliding universe. No! It is bifurcating,etc. 34.  They think black holes are white holes,and vicky verky. 35. They think the universe is CHAOTIC!!!! 36.  They are A CLOSED SHOP. 37. With permanently SHUT minds!! 38.  They think we see out about TEN TIMES further than we actually do!! 39.  They think our local Meta Galaxy IS The Universe. 40. They think our cosmos IS THE ALL. But The Omniverse IS INFINITE!!!! 41.  They think the universe is closed. 42. And finite. 43.  They see their own faults IN those they reject!! 44.  They don’t THINK. Not deeply enough!! 45.  They,ETC. are the morons who have seized power, rather than face their DEFICIENCIES!!! 46. They believe in chance coincidence, instead of law and order!! 47.  They have confused Man’s affairs chaos with Universal disorder!! 48.  They think sense is born in universities and the like!!!!(When it is idiocy that is born there!!)

       Ya see, comrades??!!

       My old man’s a dustbin, he wears a dustman’s ‘at. He wears O’Crikey trousers.  And he lives in a Council Flat! (An old ditty.)

      All together now!!






      Victor Conway.

A958. More on my astronomical exact distance finder, and sundry matters.

June 7, 2011


Wednesday, 12th October,  2,005.

Article A958

Still more on My EXACT Distance Finder. Also Pyramids and Mind DIRECTLY over Matter!!

Part of My New Astronomy. ETC.


          The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, IT IS STRANGER THAN WE CAN  IMAGINE!!!!


     Be incisive, that is the way. To get the truth!!

     We are upon a sinking SUPER TITANIC!!!!

     The Titanic had two problems: Ice and fire. Ice through the hull of the bows. Plus coal on fire(which it had since leaving Liverpool)(Usual in steam ships, but only through stupidity!!).

     The Earth has two main problems. Ice and fire.  Fire from the sun in the form of solar winds of electrons increasing per HARMONIC PROGRESSION!!!! ETC.  Downloading excess charges to the planets. Including The Earth!!

     Ice in the form of Antarctica and Little Antarctica. Which is UNBALANCING The Earth, aided by its pear shaped BUMPS,ETC. NOT via the weight of the two to thrre mile ice, SO MUCH, BUT THE UN-STABILIZING Earth, EX the SUN CHARGING UP OUR EARTH’S CORE!!!! Causing via wider and wider GYRATIONS, the SPECIFIC GRAVITY CENTRE to move too far off centre. LEADING TO AXIAL TILTS!!!!(Like a bouy on the sea!!)(If you change its centre of gravity enough, you will then change its angle of vector ON that sea.(In The Earth’s case this is SPACE, and the plane of the planets and their satellites,etc. IN that SPACE!!!!)

     The dangers with ELECTRONIC fire from the sun is that it is heating up The Earth FROM BELOW!!!! Per Harmonic Progression!!  Hotter magma and lava. Hotter rocks. THEN hotter sea. FINALLY hotter troposphere!!  Plus increasing the WHIRL (which is destabilizing The Earth’s CENTRE OF  GRAVITY, leading to axial TILTS and speed(of spin AND WHIRL(gyration) AND ELECTRIC CHARGE through anode and cathode magnetosphere and core.(The Earth(all of the heavenly bodies are!!) is a ROTATING ELECTRO MAGNET!!!!) Global warming(which will lead AFTER melt down!) to a STOPPED Gulf Stream(Freezing Western Europe!!), an ICE AGE(!!!!)(VIA at least eleven different causes!), plus harmonically increasing downfall from ABOVE(DUST AND DEBRIS!!),  PLUS the brains of animals and humans experiencing harmonically growing BRAIN STORMS(From the electron flow through brains(and everything else) ex the sun ELECTRONICALLY!!!!) AND last but not least(but greatest!!) CRUSTAL DISPLACMENTS for thousands of miles, first over a thousand miles northwards, and then four to five thousand miles southwards. (THIS happens EVERY 6,392 YEARS!!!!)TERMINATING IN THE EARTH INVERTING COMPLETELY!!!!(Geographically!! Which CAUSES the magnetic inversion!!) ETC!!!!(This is a periodic cyclic event every 6,392 years, caused by the cyclic peaking of explosions at the centres of galaxies,ETC. pushing huge energy charges DOWN all the spiral arms(Not just of The Milky Way, but of our local closed stellar cluster!!!!). When?? About THIRTEEN YEARS hence IT PEAKS!!!!(Yes, it is ALREADY ON, and has been since about 1998!!(The true YEAR is 2,002(or even 2,001), NOT 2,005.A.D!!)(You check with Little Pebble through The Internet!)(A Roman Catholic Organization.))))))


       Our current WORSENING(per harmonic progression!!(as is everything else!!)) weathers(metereological AND seismic, AND volcanic,ETC.) is caused by Global Warming(Greenhouse gases warming is NEGLIBLE!!!! INSIGNIFICANT!!!!   By both Man, AND Surface Nature(Forest fires and volcanic eruptions.)!!!! A drop in the ocean!!!!

       Now if that wasn’t enough, THIS TIME, we shall ALSO get The rogue(Missing Planet!!) planet Nibiru passing us very closely TWICE!!!! It ALONE will cause a disaster(catastrophe) about equal to that of the fast approaching EARTH INVERSION(and THREE crustal displacemens)(AND three axial tilts!!!)!!!! The “Comet of Nostradamus”(He also forecast the NOW upon us Great Islamic Uprising(Terrorism? This is THE TENTH ARAB uprising!! Dedicated to THE DEATH (by suicide) by ALL Muslims, to the DESTRUCTION of ALL infidels. Not just Christian, but ALL other religions and philosophies, or NONE!!!!))(Bah!! Earthmen.  You make me SICK.  With your SELF stopped up EARS!!!!)

       It is NO GOOD going into DENIAL, and trying to pretend that all this not happening!! IT IS!!  As we enter THE WORST TIME EVER KNOWN(AND EVER TO BE KNOWN ON EARTH)!!!!

      What we are currently suffering, tsunami, earthquakes, droughts, floods in other places, more and bigger hurricanes,etc. Mankind increasingly disturbed. AND the animals. And so on AND SO ON…  all of this is but FLEA BITES compared with WHAT IS TO COME!!!!(Peaking in just THIRTEEN YEARS!!!!)(Oh, yes, O comrades!!!!)

       And still we have IDIOTS who refuse to see that the cause of Global Warming IS NOT Man!! But THE SUN, ELECTRONICLLY!!!! Wakee, WAKEE!!!!

      To HELL with The Kyoto Protocol – WHERE IT BELONGS!! We NEED all the fossil fuels,ETC.(Carbon dioxide is what plants THRIVE on. Greenhouse Effect is needed too. Without it we would perish, and be like Mars!! WAKE UP!! ) U.S. and Australia,etc. ARE RIGHT. To defy the world call to Kyoto Protocol.(The main threat is from Methane. Ex animal and human gastro orifices!! Especially via FARM animals!!!! Yes, it is adding up. PLUS industrial methane!!!!)(This is the main greenhouse gas!  CO2 EXCESS is PEA NUTS!!!!)

      By the way, it is not something that happens within 100 years, BUT TEN!!!! 10 years!!

      Yes, AN ICE AGE!! Ironically caused by Global Warming. That warming up FROM BELOW caused by The Sun, NOT MAN!!!!

      Elementary Physics. AND BASIC LOGIC!!  GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!!

      You (Humanity) are being CONNED by fact distorting villains and FOOLS, who have vested interests, along with the trade unions and other ACTIVISTS in causing all the woes they can, TO STOP THE INCOMING GOOD changes NOW COMING IN FROM THE SUN,ETC!!!!(Yes!! What is happening is A GOOD THING!! Without it, there would be a CATASTROPHE(a cataclysm is NOT a disaster, but a CLEANSING and RENEWING agent of Nature and Earth.(Species ARE NOT dying out!!(Other than Man!! Who is facing material and spiritual DESTRUCTION!!!!)(Because of his life-style, yes!!)  (He has made God non-existent, his self God, and The Devil OVER ALL!!!!)  Huge spiritual and divine and religious revivals, and secular, will occur!!  And the strangest but most wonderful new things!!!!Plus what some call The Rapture!!!! As GOD intervenes to save The Earth.  NOW BEING TAKING OVER BY HUMANOID ALIENS, for handing over to The INVADING (Currently invading ORION(We are part of ORION!! YES!!!! I know via my distance finder and maps,charts,graphs,tables,ETC!! HEAR ME!!!!))(There is also a SUPER ORION. You know Orion’s Belt(Three stars in a straight line!(Well we form a T junction(from centre!!) from the centre star WITH THAT!!)(Plus in and with The SUPER ORION, too.(The Abo’s are right!! Arcturus is the nearest star! Just two light years away(Astronomical ETC data is all wrong!!). It is Sol’s twin. And Andromed galaxy is Milky Way Galaxy’s TWIN!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!))))))


     The Reptilean aliens(Like in the films Independence Day,ETC.) are devouring us body AND SOUL!! Plus using our women’s WOMBS as incubators for fresh reptilians. Yes!!!! We are CATTLE on this Earth farm!! Being handed over to The Reptilians WHO BROKE THROUGH FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE, via an explosion(by a gigantic mistake), from ANOTHER GALAXY in a PARALLEL universe!!!! Yes.(Information coming via channelling from good aliens!!)


     We have NO time to lose. Our only hope is reach The Pleades AND BEYOND. This can be done from The Spirit World!!

     Superstitious religiEUSE bilge has got it wrong and distorted now. After many hand downs. Not God. – GODS!! (There is no Supreme Being. But there is an HIERARCHY of THE GODS!!!!(And The Devils(DEMONS).)  Especially not the tribal monster of The ancient Hebrews!!

     The Elohim are huge space beings, balls of brilliant blue light. The Jehova are some of the gods who inspired the humanoid aliens to create humans by melding with THEIR SELVES!!(This sort of thing is creating human and human like races THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE.(Locally,we are a ONE OFF.  But some of us went to The Pleiades MILLIONS of years ago, to escape the growing tyranny of FALLING MAN!!!! And the best went beyond The Pleiades!!)(We are being visited by OURSELVES from The Future!!)(The aliens do this too, and are using time LOOPS to traps us in TIME!!(Time TWO exists,too!!)(Milne’s Second Time!!)(And Space,ETC.)(So they can best devour us!!)(The point is:  That the last time around, we made terrible mistakes(Atlantis,etc.), and are returning FROM THE FUTURE(many of us are), TO TRY TO CORRECT OUR AWFUL ERRORS!!!! Yes.)


    The Nephelim is another name for The Annukai(The aliens who created us, and who are NOW riding the rogue planet Nibiru(The former Missing planet from between Jupiter and Mars(Where the asteroid belt now is.(I wonder why the asteroids are there? Fools! (DON’T listen to the orthodox and conventional tools of The Illuminati,etc. who are BRAINWASHING and CONDITIONING US with THE OPPOSITE to the truth. LIES!!!!)(To keep us down in their power. We are SUPER CATTLE!!!!)It is because THEIR surface blew off in a SUPER thermo-nuclear war between two states. Using in desperation UNTESTED super thermo nuclear weapons. (They ignited(Nuclearly, via deuterium!)(In circumstances of DENSE neutrons, this IS POSSIBLE!!)  Our moon is a chip off the old block(a part of Earth), created when Nibiru SIDE SWIPED us as it shot past the orbit of Mars!  NOW on a 3,600 year periodic very eccentric cycle.(Not to be confused with Tenth Planet, WHICH ALSO EXISTS(in a very distant orbit around the sun), and has a moon.)))))(The Nephelim(Niburu is still their home, ex the days when it was between Jupiter and Mars.) are coming to visit us(by hopping off for a while), to see how their cattle are getting on!! THEY WANT us to be warned(presumably why I am allowed to tell you!!), SO THEY CAN KEEP THE CATTLE IN GOOD SHAPE, FOR EATING AND DEVOURING by their masters, The Reptilians(who can disguise their selves in any shape)(they themselves being so horrible!!)!!!! I am telling you all this so that you will wake up from your very STUPID DREAM, and SAVE YOURSELVES.  Because I CARE, not because I am a scaremongering LUNATIC!!!!  STOP seeing things in terms of the lowest common denominator!! COME ON!!!!


     I am sounding the alarm for Mankind, whistleblowing and beating Drake’s Drum(Drake of Britain sounded a drum when The Spanish Armada was sighted!!) like MAD!!!! HEAR ME!!!!

         Please excuse the odd typographical errors.(Correct number of brackets,etc!!) As I concentrate on getting the true facts OUT TO YOU ALL.


        Earth men, you understand SO LITTLE!!

        You have it ALL WRONG!!!!

        Superstitious religieuse BILGE has, down the ages,  DISTORTED the truth so badly. Almost out of all recognition now!!

        I myself am an ordinary human being. Average. Ordinary. But a channel and a medium!! For aliens and spirits, respectively. The gods are behind it all. Trying to save Earth. Especially THE ELECT in it!! – The VERY brave noble few GOOD SOULS. Whom the rest of humanity are so gleefully mistakenly killing(whilst they idiotically elevate the evil doers!!)!!!!(Crucifying Jesus. Burning Bruno ALIVE. And so on…AND SO ON……….)(Jesus’ sin? He tried to help Humanity! And he whipped the money lenders in The Temple built to worship GOD!!!!(That was too much for The Ancient Hebrew PRIESTS!!!! So they horribly and most cruelly murdered Jesus, but free the MURDERER Barrabas!! Yes!!)

        I get inspired by GOD(understand), and THEN work out scientifically the details of the GEMS I am receiving!!!!

       Bar a very few web sites, I LEAD THE PACK!!!!

       I HAVE the basic truths of what all the others are telling you. The VERY FEW other esoteric parties!!!!(Because I WORKED IT ALL OUT SCIENTIFICALLY!!!!)


       I have lost track of my main thread, now.

       I will edit, and get it back.(I have done so, NOW.)

       No. This is not a mad invention of mine, but the BASIC TRUE FACTS of what is happening to us all!!!!

       I am under such pressure and pace, that I am obliged to condense all worked out inspirations under this one article!!

       I continue, leaving the current subject for now:-


       Pyramid Power!!

       Do pyramids have some mysterious power? I will tell you: The BIG pyramids have. (ANY shape would do!! But pyramid shape was a good ancient idea for simple buildings!!)  The secret of the power of the pyramids IS NOT IN THEIR SHAPE, NOR THEIR SIZE, BUT THE SIMPLE FACT OF THEIR ALIGNMENTS with THE CENTRES OF THE CELESTIAL FIELDS!!!! Where GOD is! (Via viewing tubes INSIDE OF The Great Pyramid. To Orion(ORIGINALLY!!(It was built about 12,000 years ago. The stellar constellations have moved in The Zodiac round a lot SINCE THEN!!!!))  Hence all THE POWER!!!!(GOD CANNOT HELP US MUCH SO LONG AS WE KEEP WORSHIPPING THE DEVIL!!!!))(Why doesn’t God help us. Well God IS DOING HIS BEST. (Are WE??)  No. We are doing OUR WORST!!!! With deliberate MOST WILFUL GLEE!!!! Aye!!)(God HAD TO put The Devil over us, BECAUSE WE ARE SO INIQUITOUS!!!! That’s right!!)(Our problem is not Material desires(which are bad enough!!), BUT the fact that we think we have NO SOULS!!!!


       What about the little pyramids some believe can sharpen razor blades, freshen milk and fruit,etc?  They DO have a slight but SIGNIFICANT effect, yes.  Born of THE PYRAMID SHAPE, which via GEOMETRY increases via RETENTION the energy charges that are around!!

      I am being guided!!

      So there are TWO different good influences at work: 1. Via Alignment with The Celestial Centre of our local Meta Galaxy!! (And all points BEYOND.)2.  Via the geometric SHAPE, of pyramids. Utilizing via retention of the electric energy charges around.(Stonehenge,etc. similarly. They are ELECTRIC BATTERIES!! Charged by the sun at sunrise!! They NEED renewing!!)(Also the power leys, the special VIA VIBRATION HAMMERING SET UP ones!!!!)

      Size matters pro rata, of course. But basically makes no difference.  The big pyramids are big because of practical convenience necessity!!


      We have heard of mind over matter INDIRECTLY. But I do not mean that!!(Where THINKING is extolled to overcome some difficult situations.)

       (Mind is that which is in our field of VIEW!! Mental and/or material!!!!)

       In my hypothetical(but possible) case of looking at one’s OWN BRAIN(See my earlier articles.)  Where a man, via mirror or mirrors views his own exposed(during surgery) BRAIN.  My question to you is: Is mind in brain, OR IS BRAIN IN MIND??!! Hardly both.

      My argument is that if the brain IS IN THE MIND, how can it also be that the mind is in the brain??!!

       The brain, even all of it, can be viewed this way VIA one’s OWN BRAIN!!

        I say via because brain cannot view brain, but MIND(yours or anyone’s) CAN!! Via one’s brain, out through the eyes, AND THE OTHER SENSES, of course!!

       Therefore I am saying that MIND is the superior factor! THOUGH brain,too, be necessary. Despite it only being a sort of telephone exchange(wiring set up!).(The MATERIAL heart is MERELY a pump!!(The physical heart is. The emotional heart is in THE EMOTIONS, along with THE MIND. In a SUPER material world, where such high things are far above mere material entities!!)(Therefore Materialism is only sound SO FAR AS IT GOES!! But that MIND RULES DIRECTLY!!  Not brain!!   (Therefore we survive death, as do all creatures, AND FOR EVER!!!!),)))

        Materialists will of course close the eyes WHICH THEY HAVE PUT OUT, and GO INTO DENIAL!!!!  Which they are obliged to do when faced with UNBEARABLE(to them) facts!!!!

        Time Mankind GREW UP!!!!

         Especially now as Earth is leaping upwards(In JUMP – UPS), both in Good Spirit, and in Energy!!


         Both good and evil are infinite. We go according to where we WISH and WILL!!

         Good and evil are perpetually at war.

         Chaos exists only in the affairs of Men. It does not(except APPARENTLY, so often) in Nature!!


         Note: Corpse + Ghost = The original Being.(As does feotus plus entering SPIRIT.)

         Yes, corpses CAN be made to dance. Via possession by spirits.(Or aliens!!) Either the original spirit, OR others!!


         Yin and Yan. The Chinese idea. That Good and Evil,etc. are eternally locked one within the other, in constant battle. What is important is that YOU win that battle!!

         Picture a circle with an S shape running diagonally. One side is The Yin, the other The Yan. These are black and white. And constantly fight each other!!!!


         I struggle to read my illegible notes!

         As Earth and Mankind’s struggle to survive materially and spiritually intensifies and as harmonically increasing energy from the sun ELECTRONICALLY arrives, we all intensify our efforts.  Hence my growing efforts!! 

         Did you think GOD was joking(GOD equals The Good Hierarchy!)?

         Did you think I was a lunatic OUTRAGEOUS liar, HELL bent on kicks via your worries born of my attempt to save you all??!!

         Don’t you think you should have A RE-THINK?? And THINK AGAIN??!!

         You are all so STUPIDLY MESMERIZED by those low souls with vested interest IN STOPPING GOD HELPING US ALL!!!!

         They are in the dominating group majority, because Earth is so backward. SO UNEVOLVED!!!! So devoted to INIQUITY, especially of the body.  BECAUSE IT SO FIRMLY BELIEVES THAT Matter rules mind!! IDIOTS!!!!  It really thinks there is no survival after death, nor life before it,etc!!  When such things should be OBVIOUS to those with even HALF AN EYE!!!! Aye!!


         I tell you the truth. As far as I can get it!!  And tell it!!  AS FAR AS I CAN SEE IT, of course!! WHO CAN DO MORE????

         As disasters increase HARMONICALLY(!!), I increase my efforts. And the world keeps on questioning(OR NOT!!)why God ill treats us, and why the weather is so bad, and why we cannot do what our LOWER selves like(!!!!), AND OF COURSE THE POWERS THAT BE, keep palming you off with PLAY DOWN, and REVERSE THE ACCUSATION moves!!!! How so enchanted and STUFFED UP with CRAP you get!!!!

        I could be wrong??  I COULD BE RIGHT,TOO!!!!(I rate chances of my being wrong at about .0001 recurring. Which is 99.9999 recurring RIGHT!!!!

        In practice, I am probably about 98.5% right!!

        How comforting to keep on DREAMING that we are AWAKE!! When we are actually FAST ASLEEP in a house almost now burned to the ground. As even our bed CATCHES FIRE!!!!


        If you are an IDIOT, who is blind to the fact that the longer you leave it, THE WORSE IT WILL BE FOR YOU, LATER!!!!


       These are not my words. But the words of those speaking through me!!

        Though no doubt I do influence what is being said, a bit!!

        I am human!!  And I make the odd mistake NOW AND AGAIN!!!!

        Though many now on Earth, ARE NOT!!!!(Human!!)

         Animals? What a discredit to the dear poor animals!! Who are oft times kinder than we are!! No, so many are becoming BEASTS, to survive.  Judge NOT. That YOU BE NOT JUDGED!!!!


         WAKE UP!!!!

        BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!

       I am simply TRYING to save you from the middle of a busy road!! To prevent you getting KNOCKED DOWN!!!!


        At The Judgement, ALL men shall be called upon to give ACCOUNT. Of their actions.(I include thoughts, and OMISSIONS!!!!)

        AND THEIR WORDS!!!!



       AND GRASP THE SIMPLE FACT THAT ALL ARE OUT FOR THEIR SELVES!!!! Including our leaders. Evil for the evil. Good for THE GOOD!!!!

       Which side am I on??


      NOW is the time, not next week, nor month… nor tomorrow. BUT NOW!!!!

      Or does your soul in HELL.

      AND the falling boulders TO COME…

     Mean so little to you??!!

     YOUR CALL!!!!





       Victor CONWAY.

A959. My New Astronomy,etc. TRUE Distance and Mass,etc.finding.

June 7, 2011

Friday, 14th October, 2,005.

Article A959

My New Astronomy.  ETC.


            I forgot to mention one very important item. Mapping my results in R.A. and Decl. (R.A. is Right Ascension. Decl. is Declination. Astronomy terms.  One is distance around, in hours and minutes and seconds. The other(Declination) is elevation ABOVE the horizon.) using my EXACT astronomical distance finder, I noticed filamentation. Filaments are everywhere. (They hit you in the eye with naked eye viewing, or telescopes and binoculars,etc. THEY ARE NOT chance line ups(Though SOME chance line-ups do occur!!))Strings of stars, anyway. I mean strings far beyond chance expectation!! One may at first think it is just a matter of joining up the dots. Well, it isn’t! No. It is too much of a co-incidence to have such neat strings all the time, and everywhere.
     The cause is Electro-Magnetic.

     The result of a combination of electro-magnetism and space plasma(Re: Alfven.)

     A spin-off production from the complex series of events in Electro-Magnetism(in this Electric Universe of ours(Gravity,too,is basically ELECTRIC!!)which Eric.J. Lerner describes so well, ex Alfven. In his book “The Big Bang Never Happened.”.

     You  will(if you go into this far enough!) notice certain shapes resulting on the maps: 1. Vortices. 2. Pairs(both close and separate)that are identical in all respects. (Ex bi-frucations!!) 3. S formations(or backward S’s).  4.  The filaments. I am not saying that other distinct characters do not appear, but the four mentioned are prominent!!

     I expect these phenomena in all classes of astronomical object.(Many amazing things turn up. To which you should add the amazing finds of Lerner and Alfven. As well as Azimov and Arp.(Not that there aren’t others from other top scorers.(I refer to the real scorers, not the orthodox hyped up ones.)

     My EXACT astronomical distance,etc. finder is my most important contribution.

     Reflect, not just think!!

     I find levels of truth,though. And at each level, many wonders and marvels do turn up.(You need to remember WHICH level you are working on!  Let me put it this way: There are levels of truth. And there are levels of APPEARANCES.(Which are “true” for those at that level!!)

     Emotionally unbelievable things. Yet mentally(if you take the trouble to check!) undeniable!!

     I realized that my initial New Astronomy Course was far too hard for the average person. So I did a much simpler and briefer short course. On My Exact Astronomical Distance,Etc.Finder and other amazing items.

     Hardly anyone believes me!

     And fewer still take the trouble to try to find out!!

     Yet, it is without doubt the most important discovery in Science EVER. And, I imagine, ever to come,too!!

     It opens up everything.

     In addition to that, because it is so radical, anyone who studies this finds their self getting closer and closer to GOD. And also becoming more and more successful in life!!

     I put this down to being so in tune with the pulse of The Universe!!

     Actually, the less Astronomy you know, the better. (Then there is that much less to UNLEARN.(The difficult lies less in my discovery, than in REMOVING ALL THE ORTHODOX CRAP!! Especially that of the last about 80 years!!!! A complicated overlay of BALONEY done to keep THE PEOPLE from THE TRUTH!!!! Theory of everything, my foot!! You will find that the conventional orthodox set- ups(Yes, all of them!!), are deliberate GET-UPS to throw us off scent. Away from THE REAL TRUE TRAIL!!!! Yes!!  The Mathematics you need to know is elementary. And the required LOGIC, is simple. (The Physics and Philosophy is basic.) Otherwise all you need is INTEREST, – and TIME.  Plus the freedom to tackle these things.(Which so few have!!)

      I, an ordinary man, simply took the trouble(a pleasure!!) TO FIND OUT all important true knowledge!!

      A daunting task ONLY if you don’t enjoy the search!!

      Otherwise, it is the supreme pleasure.(Mental pleasure.)

      The obvious path lies through finding out THE TRUTH about the important things of life and the world.  THAT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS!!!!

       Even knowledge about LOVE, and beauty and loveliness,ETC. depend upon finding out THE TRUTH!!!!(I put Truth above Love. And Liberty above Marriage.)

      I was told it couldn’t be done. I know now that that is rubbish.

      Don’t live in your mind, I was told. But ALL is MIND.  I know nowhere else to live. It kept me sane,too!!

      What I don’t understand is why so few others take up the trail!!

      The world is pathetically and tragically so UN-INTERESTED in things which should be PARAMOUNT in their lives!!!!

      I rant and rave, I know. But YOU WILL, TOO, once you see what I see!!

      It is the most important thing going!! My EXACT Astronomical Distance and Mass Finder!!

     Everything springs from that!!

     Search for the truth cry the few. I will go one step further: Teach it!!(ONCE you have found it!!)


     Some may say or ask: What good does it do? How will it help Mankind? 

     You will be astounded. By going to the heart of true knowledge, it gets the real set- up of life, and the truth about the universe. Armed with these two, you can live a successful life!! But you have to remove all the nonsense taught by the orthodox down the ages!! And then build properly. 

     In other words, you have to strip the engine right down, to find out what was wrong, and then re-assemble it, CORRECTLY(which it most definitely is not at present!!)!!!!

     I went through stages. 1. I obtained a good basic General Knowledge foundation. 2. I then found out what orthodoxy and conventionalism were teaching the world. The important things and issues.(Note: I divide into two compartments. a. The knowledge of the true facts about the universe. b. The application of the true knowledge, to enable anyone to live successfully and happily!!)

     3.  I then sought the truth.

     4.  I now teach it.

     Four very bad things: 1. Television,etc.(Unless very selective!!). 2. (Bad) Politics.(Note: There is a good kind.(So hard to find in this world.))  3. Economics. 4. Education beyong Primary School!! Not that there aren’t others, like Political Correctness,ETC.(Living by the book is fine IN THEORY.  In practice, it has VERY definite limitations!!!!)

     A very bad (handed down) habit: Equating mind and brain,etc!!

     Another very bad thing: Putting the body and material things before the soul and THE GOOD SPIRIT in Life!!


      It took a long life time.

      Expect no quick-fix.(Far too many of those around. But of what use, if you have to pay even more dearly LATER??!!)

      (Four VERY important things humans overlook: 1. GOD. 2. Survival of bodily death. 3. (Usually) Re-birth. 4.(Usually) Re-incarnation.(Note: 3 and 4, are not the same thing!!)

      However, IF you are interested, then you will enjoy following in my footsteps, and eventually go past where I reached, and refine!!

      So many people want things easy and INSTANT, these days. Well, you won’t get that from me!!


      No pain, no gain. WORK is the secret of success!! Also apply COMMON sense, and HORSE sense!!  Do useful and productive things. Mental work is the best. And the hardest!!(Most exhausting.)

      Mind you, if you let GOD in to your life, you will find that the hard SEEMS easy!!

      There it is.

      All the talking in the world WILL NOT repace THE WORK.

      It is God’s allotted task for me.(I believe!!) Etc.

      What yours is, I do not know. But if you lack one, try this!!

      Good hunting!!

       It is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness.


       By the way, another great boon, but taken up by so few, is Urine Therapy.  It usually adds about an average 20 years to one’s life. And healthy years!!  You need to start before too far gone towards senility though!!  Not everyone’s cup of tea, or glass of wine, if it PAYS(and it USUALLY does), why not try it?  It won’t make you younger, but you can expect it to slow down the ageing process. And boost your immune system greatly.(Handy probably against Bird Flu!!)(It even fights cancer, and is successful against SOME kinds.) Side effects DO sometimes occur.(Like nausea, insomnia, vomiting, migraine, depression…) If you can stick it out, and ride through those, then you may win through. One’s OWN urine is beneficial because you are returning a day later what the body has temporarily rejected by way of excess. Urine is NOT waste, though it does contain SOME. Not too much for the body’s defences. Also ureaic acid does exist. Again not too much for the body’s defences.(Plants, for example, die fast, if urinated upon!!)(But we are not plants.) Build up intake gradually from 50 mls to 500, and even more ONCE USED TO IT. But DO NOT exceed 750.(As then the waste and ureaic  acid WILL start to have a deleterious effect!!)(It kills GANGRENE in a few days(if you liberally apply your OWN urine about four times a day, to it.).) I am talking about the usual average expectancy.(Exceptions will always exist. So no guarantees!!)(Not MY discovery. But so good, am just passing on the pith of it.) There are a few things it will NOT cure. But they are very few.  Supposed to work on warts. However, it did not work on mine!!

       So many strange things in life are wise. But the world of course(the powers that be), naturally run down these things.(However, they are promoting(basically)things that are good for the body, but bad for the soul!! Whilst resisting(all out) those things that are good for the soul. You may have noticed!!

       It(applying one’s own urine(not just drinking it!!)) is neither dirty, nor foolish!!(As with sex,etc.(The basic idea is to LOVE out of sheer gratitude and appreciation!!))All things God has made, including through Nature, are beneficial. They have a good reason!!(Trying to give up sex,etc.(Before you are ready.) can and often does RE-BOUND. Making you more an addict than ever!! That is what happened to me. Sex,etc. are things that need to die natural deaths(IF they are going to. Otherwise, by trying to force the pace, you may find yourself deeper in than ever!!)(You have to be READY for such advances. VERY few are!!)(Male or female.)(Many mental ills spring from taking self denial TOO FAR. You may go neurotic,etc.(Or psychotic, paranoid, neurasthenic…)  Also one of the GROUNDS for cancer IS self denial taken to excess!(It has to come out somewhere!)(And cancer is the way for it to come out against one own’s body!!)

       In The Christian Bible, it says(somewhere): “Drink out of the living waters of your own cistern!!”. That is one for the literalists!! Materially, that can only mean one’s OWN urine. It MUST be your OWN!! Fresh. Best time is 3.30 a.m.

       Spread out the intake, and SIP it. As it is a drink NOT exactly enjoyable!! You have to steel yourself to drink it. But USUALLY it pays off!!!!

       Prudery is worse than sex. Because it is hypocritical. Inasmuch as you become more concious than ever of this lower function. But try to make out you are not thinking about it!!(Whereas you are ALL OF THE TIME,then!!)

      ENJOY all that God and Nature have provided. God is not called Providence, for no thing!!

      Your own inner nature, and gut feelings will tell you when to do this, or NOT to do that!!

      There should be no shame or guilt in natural functions. Alas, there too often is!!

      God made a PERFECT Universe. Even if many humans do not see it that way!!

      So many confuse the affairs of men with our OFF ANGLE views of The  APPARENT Universe!!!!

      I have tried to speak on all things. As all things have their place!!

      The time to rise above Nature, is when it comes NATURALLY!!!!

       Thank you.




       Victor Conway.

A1021. Don’t get trapped after death.

June 7, 2011


Wednesday, 30th November, 2,005.




Don’t get trapped after death!!



There are a number of pitfalls and dangers after death.



One danger is getting trapped in your apartment, because no window open! (Always leave a window ajar several inches!)This may sound absurd, but immediately after your body dies, you(you in your spirit body, the next finer vehicle up five dimensionaly)) find yourself in a more or less duplicate version of the physical world! Actually, it is the physical that is the copy.


Leave a large enough gap for your spirit to slip like smoke out of! Or you will be trapped in your apartment for a while!(Whether you live alone OR NOT!! As living mortals will no longer be able to help you!!)


Dying is much like leaving an old fashioned diving suit. You spiral out of it. Leaving your body(now a corpse) behind. It was only a SHELL. Albeit three dimensional.(Similar, but 3d shells,etc., to crustatean and some insect shells, and some animal skins!!)


This is the counterfeit world.(Or, rather, the physical is the counterfeit world!)(The almost carbon copy world we enter after death is really the original.)(A small few things may differ. Like colours and shapes and patterns.)(But hard to notice.)


We tend to think that we ARE our bodies. But that is not so! They are merely vehicles we wear temporarily(Entered during conception, or at birth.) in order to contact the physical world! For whatever purpose or purposes we came here from the spirit world to try to achieve.


The spiritude(to differentiate from spirit world PROPER) world is actually STILL this world. But a finer and original version of it.


If you do find yourself trapped(as a spirit)in your apartment, realize that people cannot see(etc.) you!(Barring the few who are clairvoyant,etc.) All your attempts to communicate with mortals will be in vain. They can pick up your thoughts though(so you can try telepathy), but they may think that it is their sub-concious mind!


There are only two ways out of your apartment if you did not leave a sufficient gap. 1. By densifying your spirit body enough to be able to catch and turn the doorknob(or open a window!). 2. By thinning your spirit, so that you can pass through the wall, or whatever!(This will happen of its own accord, if you wait long enough!)(As your spirit body is gradually vibrating faster and faster.(In life the physical body forced it to vibrate at the physical level!)(Once freed of it, your spirit vehicle will gradually rise to its own natural vibration!))


You will be able to see your corpse AT FIRST. (Not later.)Keep away from it, as it still contains your ghost.(Which will not exit it until about 22 hours after death. When it does it will merge with your spirit, and it will then have trapped you in a cold, damp, dark, misty world. Even foggy. So avoid this at all costs, as it is very hard to escape!)


So you need to escape from your apartment, at least from your ghost, as quickly as possible!!


Low spirits may try to drag you off to Hell.(Though good and also ordinary spirits may try to help you. Learn to distinguish!!(I mean from the low spirits.)


Do NOT try to re-enter the physical body(which will be dead).(Because of the danger of your ghost, which is inside of it, at first.(And later, as the ghost stays with or near to the corpse after death for ages.)


Once you have passed OUT of your then dead physical body, you will need to realize that you have left your physical body, but not the physical world level. You need to reach The Spirit World Proper. To do this you must raise your vibrations.(Meditation and Prayer work. Or direct work at vibration raising.) Or, you can try to enter The Spirit World Proper by ascending high enough into the sky.(You will be able to float or fly up without wings.) You may eventually see The Spirit World Proper. But do not RELY upon this method!!(It may not work for you.)


The Spirit World Proper is the world you left to get born. Your HOME.(We are in exile down here in the physical.)


I hope I have made these things clear enough to you!!



Head for THE LIGHT. The light of Heaven.


If you fail, call out for assistance telepathically. Keep calling out. Help should come sooner or later!!


The big danger is of going to Hell. (Though not the religious Hell of Christendom, it is still a very nasty place. To be avoided at all costs!!)(It is avoided only by living more for others than for self during life. So watch your life-style!!(Religion is distorted, not wrong!!) Getting out of Hell will be hard.(What happens is that good deeds lessen the weight of your spirit self, while bad deeds increase it.(Also creating karma for future lives!!) And you float FIVE dimensionally to the appropriate level of The Spirit World. Or you can enter Hell by climbing down three dimensionally.(Just as you may enter paradise by climbing UP physically.))


I believe these things are taught, but in now obscure ancient language and terms, in The Egyptian and Tibetan books of The Dead.


I am trying to give you the pitfalls in the modern idiom.


Some people live in their corpses, IN THEIR COFFINS, in their graves, after death. Because they THINK that the physical body IS them!! Though dead physically, and then a spirit, they do not realize that they are NOT their physical body(Nor their ghost!!).


The danger is of getting trapped by YOUR OWN ghost. Which will then merge its now slowly rotting double of you(It was your energy field in life.). You could stay trapped by it for years, decades, centuries, even millennia.(Indefinitely!!) So DON’T get trapped by it. Keep far enough away from your corpse.(The ghost has an operating range of perhaps fifty feet. (About 33 feet, I believe. But CHECK!!!!)But MAYBE more. So keep at least that far away from you old physical body!!)(It IS possible for you, or another party, to operate your corpse!!)(Then making you a zombie.)(Which is most unpleasant!!)


Heed what I am saying, and you should be all right!!


All sorts of strange entities abound in The Spirit World. So be ready for them: Nature spirits(goblins, for example), humanoid aliens, fairies, and those Earth creatures that have passed on(animal and human). Spirits are THERE, but not normally visible,etc.to mortals. On account of their vibrating faster(or slower!) than physical entities.(In much the same way as you cannot see spokes of a spinning bicycle wheel!!)(But they are still THERE!!!!)


I can assure you, these things are SO!!!!


Only at your peril will you ignore what I am saying!!








Victor Conway.

















A1024. What is wrong with Mankind. AND A.1023. Some falsehoods clung to by Mankind.

June 7, 2011


Thursday, 1st December, 2,005.


What is wrong with Mankind??


Actually there is no thing wrong with Mankind. It is at a very early stage in its evolution. It is learning, slowly, hopefully!! In the interim, everything is as it should be. Live, and learn!! (The hard way of mistakes if you will not learn by reading,etc.(Precept.). Earth is a very backward planet, spirituality.(Spirituality is what counts!!)

Man is learning to rise from lower self to higher self.

That is basically about all it is.

Evolution is the name of the game. Personal evolution, especially!!

Evolution of the mind,etc!!

God is not angry, nor punishing us. But if we break laws, we must expect to suffer. There are NO exceptions!! Nor is anyone immune!! Spiritual as well as physical material laws!!

God is so much bigger than us, that we cannot see IT.

Bad religion is largely the result of the baddies grouping together, and lording it over the rest of us!!(Naturally they POSE as goodies, out to help you! In a world SO unevolved and backward, is it not REASONABLE to EXPECT the baddies to group together and work to destroy us so that they may benefit?!)

Consider The Council of Nicea. About 525 A.D. The Church(Of Man!!) cast out the wise Origen. And rejected the sound tenets of re-incarnation,etc. Unpleasant emperors and popes ruled cruelly thereafter. The Church begat by Paul,etc. is NOT the church begat by Jesus CHRIST!! THAT was continued best by the apostle Thomas,(the disciple Jesus loved?) and The Dead Sea Scrolls,etc!!

Which is the best religion? I think Christianity is. But actually all the big twelve are simply re: different aspects of High Life. And equal!!

Men tend to think of GOD as a super man. One devoted to pampering us!! Man made God in his own image!! If God does not oblige, too bad for God!!!!(Man needs God to COVER for him!!)

How foolish. It is not like that!!

God is a POWER, rather than a Being. Impersonal. Universal. Way above human concepts. Not really interested in our follies!! A sort of SUPER energy!!

Pure Spirit.

Embracing all things. Out of which Mankind, and all else came.

True, there are lesser gods! And certain powerful individuals have got us to worship lesser gods. Which some times is necessary(as an adjunct)!! But the highest GOD must not be forgotten!!

Christianity sort of includes Judaism because Jesus was a Jew!(But there is no real connection between the two religions.)

Jesus was a man, who rose to become a super man. Not his self, God; though God certainly indwelt him, and so fully!! God indwells all humans, and all creatures for that matter!!!!

Humans make the common mistake of ending up promoting the vessel, instead of the contents!!

Humans are so short-sighted.

Today, Humanity is being raised to a higher level. It involves necessary risks as sometimes quite different paths get confused for higher levels.

The only one who can raise us up, IS us!! How nice to think and hope that God will do it FOR us!! God will HELP, but not do it for us!!

Things do not just happen by chance. They have to be worked for, and the rules adhered to as strictly as possible!!

If we would rise on evolution’s ladder, and be more successful.

Alas, men live as if matter and money were the most important things, and that there is no tomorrow!! A most tragic mistake. BECAUSE they wrongly think that THEY ARE their bodies!!

The Devil, who wishes to destroy Mankind, to hurt God(his arch enemy); naturally works all out to drag humans down to the lowest possible ways! (The Devil is another collosal entity too big to be seen!!)

The trouble is Materialistic Science has taken over from a religion gone too absurd for most people. But now we are throwing out the baby with the bath water!!

And gone to the opposite extreme!

So we reject(many of us do) any after life, and Heaven. And more and more just do what our lower self and body like!!

The end can only be destruction!

Actually, what most of us are doing is simply going by what others do. With television,etc. misleading us more and more. Consequently we are becoming increasing confused and lost!!

What others do should not be the guide! But what GOD says to do!!(Though all go to Hell, do I need to?!)

This is paramount!!

It is rather too late in Hell, afterwards!!

The Church,etc. long since having gone materialistic itself!!

So we have the blind leading the blind. And both destroying their selves.

I observe Mankind thinking that somehow everything will be all right. But it won’t be! (Much the reverse!!) Only WE ourselves can change the situation!! As everything has to obey the basic laws!!!!

Humans(so many) are thinking that everything is going to turn out fine no matter what we do! Because it always SEEMS to!!(It has in the past. But that is because of God’s great patience and tolerance!! Not because it is never going to happen!!)

We are of course being constantly brainwashed by the dominant powers via the media! To believe that everything is all right, WHEN IT COULD HARDLY BE WORSE, and is acceleratingly WORSENING!!!!

The public are becoming increasingly uneasy. THAT is most understandable!! But of course the politicians keep playing anything unpleasant DOWN, and painting the rosiest picture. The result can only be eventual DISASTER!!!!(By which time THEY can vanish and take their best very enhanced chances!!)

Somehow, despite plainly worsening weather,etc. And rapidly deteriorating human affairs. Somehow, things are going to pan out all right!!!!

Those who speak true, and who are constructive, are shut out as much as possible!!

BECAUSE so many humans, who dominate, are listening to things that promote the lowest MENTAL conditions. Because such suit their tastes! And thus The Devil, via Pan(The Earth God) is winning HANDS DOWN!!!!

So what do we do?!

Collectively, it is about as near hopeless as it can get!!

INDIVIDUALLY, any and all CAN save their selves! IF they immediately and ALL OUT apply certain rules to their conduct!!

We need to save ourselves. Not just materially, but SPIRITUALLY(ESPECIALLY that!!)!!

Because Heaven and Hell DO exist after death. And these ARE related to our actions!! Individually!!

It is just too bad for the body, sooner or later, anyway. But we CAN make it as painless as possible for our SOULS!!!!

The necessary saving feature is basically to do all that we can to help others. By God!!

Not of our self!!

In other words by the higher self, not the lower!!

At the same time, to best achieve this goal, also try to save the body. By best dodging the fast growing woes!!

To best do this, individuals NEED so badly to be well informed of THE TRUTH. Not the rubbish so much spouted by THE MEDIA,etc!!!!

I go down struggling to the best of my ability to help you, and thus myself, achieve these things!!!!

Of course it matters. It matters so much more than ANYTHING ELSE!!!!




Victor Conway.











Thursday, 1st December, 2,005.


Some falsehoods clung to by Mankind.

There are about fifty main big falsehoods that Humanity treats as true or sound, with consequently bad results.

I ennumerate as follows:-

1. No God. Nor Devil.

2. No life after death.(No life for the mind after the death of the body.)

3. Love,etc.is weakness.

4. Magic and Miracles are phoney.

5. Jesus myth.

6. Matter is superior to mind. And rules it.

7. Goodness and Highness are foolish.

8. No life before birth(before conception too).(No life for the mind before birth and conception.)

9. Sex is the thing to live for. Just go for all low pleasures and joys!!

10. Big Bang.

11. Expansion.

12. Dark Matter accounts for 99% of the universe.

13. Dark Energy accelerates the expansion.

14. Religions are superstition.

15. Live for lower self. And body.

16. Money and possessions above all.

17. No Hell or Heaven.

18. No Paradise or Hades.

19. (Materialistic)Science is the thing. And Technology.

20. Eat, drink and be merry.(For tomorrow we die.)

21. War!(Use force to get your ends.)

22. Alcohol is great.

23. And nicotonic smoking,etc.

24. Drugs.

25. Sport.

26. Entertainment.

27. Power,etc.

28. Avenge!

29. Marry, and produce children!

30. Compulsory education.

31. Compulsory voting.

32. Compulsory trade unionism.

33. Anarchy!

34. Live in debt.

35. Sin.(Disobey God.)

36. Live any old how.(Make mistakes.)

37. No fairies.

38. No UFO’s.

39. No aliens.

40. No angels.

41. Avoid work.

42. Let it all hang out!

43. Live now, AND don’t pay later!!

44. No life on other planets,etc.

45. No wonders, marvels, signs or significances.

46. Spirituality is stupid. And so is Philosophy!!

47. No birth control!!(To Hell with it!!)

48. More and more traffic. Stuff the roads right up!! Until grid lock!!!!

49. Be lawless, if you can get away with it.

50. And all other things like this(The preceding 49.)!!

51. To Hell with The Ten Commandments, and all the others!!

52. Disobey all Authority.

53. Disregard LOGIC!

54. And all sensible things like that!!


Recognize any?




Victor Conway

A1034. Complex universe.

June 7, 2011





Friday, 9th December, 2,005.


Complex universe.(More so, after death, in The Spirit World!!)

Man thinks that we are simply 3d bodies in 3d space, with a mysterious thing called time!

This is only a small part of the fuller picture!!

What Man calls Time is actually only the PASSAGE of time! Which Nature and he measure spatially.

The universe is composed of much more than four dimensions! There are SCORES of dimensions. And at least a dozen GROUP dimensions!!

We are MINDS in a vast, infinite, complex MIND(Called GOD.), and universe.

During life we are inside this 3d shell, our physical bodies. After ITS death, we function as spirits in The Spirit World. What dies at what we call death is our physical body, not our spirit! Nor our soul, either.

Sometimes we leave the physical body temporarily. Mostly during sleep. Dreams are auric imagery. But projections and excursions are NOT dreams!!(Though we often call them that.) Dreams and exits from the body are two completely different things. In dreams we view our auric imagery. During projections and excursions we COME OUT of our physical bodies.

There is a vast difference between the spirit world and a dream. A dream is an experience in sleep we may leave to wake up into the physical. Death is the opposite of that! THIS life in the physical is the dream(comparatively)! A SUPER dream. From which we awaken in The Spirit World after death!! Coming out of dreams is a rising UP TO the physical. Death, and temporary exits from the body is a rising FROM the physical, into The Spirit World!!!! Going UP much farther. Dreams are below our normal waking state. The Spirit World is ABOVE it!!

In dreams we are INSIDE OF our auric fields(auras). In death we are OUTSIDE of our physical auras!!

The two experiences, though superficially similar, are quite different.

Projections are exits (partial) from our physical bodies into the ORIGINAL of the physical world.(Which LOOKS like a carbon copy, almost completely!!)(I call that world The Spiritistic World.) Excursions are exits from the physical body into The Spirit World PROPER.(The Spirit World.)

When we “die”(leave our physical bodies permanently!), we remain on Earth. But rise to a slightly higher plane of it. Planes are fifth dimensional levels. (Orbital vibrations.)(Not actually vibrations at all. But ORBITALS!!)(They merely LOOK like vibrations.)

It is a MINOR thing, and there is NO BASIC change in our perceptions.(There is still sense data and motor impulses. We still see trees, houses, mountains, flowers, and so on.)(And is RELATIVELY physical! It is A material world!!)

It is NOT the big deal WE make of it!!

We do it after every life time. Have done it countless times before. It is but an INCIDENT!!

We simply return to the world we left at the birth of our bodies!

What we call Home.

(Currently we are in EXILE, down here in the physical.)(Down here we are able to evolve much faster.)(Because the hardness of the physical life drives us to pull out all the stops!!)

The Spirit World is NOT an imaginary world. It is far more real than this physical realm!

There is a vast difference between Mind and Imagination! Mind is Super Material. Imagination is merely imagery in our mental auras!!(It is like trying to equate clouds with MUD!!!!)

Immediately after “death”(It is ONLY of the body!), we are in the spiritistic carbon copy looking world. Though dead we are still in THIS world!! (Not JUST on Earth!!)We need to COMPLETE the journey! Upwards into The Spirit World PROPER!! That can be hard!!

“Death” is simply a rise in(orbital) vibration. At first a very slight rise. But we need to make the second and larger rise in orbital vibration to get us into The Spirit World PROPER. Otherwise we are still not Home!! We NEED to get back to the comforts of home, and NOT stay with the perils of the half way world, the spiritistic world!!

How does one do that? We need to do TWO basic things: 1. Ascend into the sky far enough into, and perhaps even above, Cloudland. 2. We need to raise our orbital vibration. / Ascending into the sky FIRST is probably the best way.(Doing one OR the other, is NOT enough!!)

It is done by Prayer, Meditation, deliberate attempts to raise our vibrations, etc. Heading for The Light.

You may enjoy The Spiritistic World! But remember that you are not where you should be!!(And are losing time!!)(Whilst exposed to various subtle dangers.)

Ask mentally for help if necessary!!

So rise into the sky higher and higher, praying intensely as you go!! Heading for The Light. Glad of any help to get there!!

Climbing into the sky ONLY, will not be enough!! All you will find are CLOUDS.

That is NOT The Spirit World.

The reason is very simple. There is a series of concentric Earths(and everything else!!). Concentric FIVE dimensionally!!(But this includes materially!!)(Cross sectionally!!)

The Spirit World Earth is larger than the physical one. Consequently to pass from the physical surface of Earth, to the Spirit World Earth’s surface, you need to go UP 3d wise. AND 5d wise!! Simultaneously.

If you don’t climb 3d wise,too, you will find yourself in the bowels of The Spirit World Earth, which you may not like!!(Rather like being perhaps a hundred miles below the physical Earth’s surface!!)

If you ONLY climb 3d wise, you simply find CLOUDS!!(And above.)

DON’T go the other way!(Down) Or you reach the unhappy land instead of the happy one. Hades instead of Paradise!!

There is no thing magical about it! It is all very scientific and logical!!

You will be able to float and fly(without wings), so it will be no problem!!

You may or may not get help. Many get help even without asking.

The hard bit is raising your (orbital) vibrations.

Much like tuning into a radio station at a higher frequency! Only the receiver IS YOU!!(Your mind so to speak. So raise the vibrations of your mind 5d. AND raise your spirit body up into the sky 3d wise!! That is all there is to it!!)

Now many die and don’t do this. (Usually out of ignorance.)Consequently they wander about Earthbound for an indefinite length of time, which can be centuries!! Between two worlds. Usually confused. And suffering.

(It is strange how Man often rejects two big facts: 1. Life on other planets. 2. Life after death. Yet both are really to be expected. No big deals!! Different countries, basically. That is ALL it is!!)

In life our conciousness is hooked on to a particular atomic orbital level.(This is the orbital vibration bit.) All “death”(and projection and excursion) is, is our conciousness hooking on to the next orbit vibration level up! Very hard to do!! Lots of space inside atoms, so plenty of higher orbits available!!

WHERE is The Spirit World? Well, for a start it is NOT anywhere in the physical!! Rather, the physical is inside IT!!!!

(It is MERELY that THE SURFACE of The Spirit Earth is higher up 3d wise, simply because it is a larger planet form!)

We have been living in a POND.(As a fish.) And death is analogically coming up out of that pond, and living in the tree tops!!(As a bird!!)(So trying as a bird to swim about the surface of the pond, is not exactly the name of the game!!)

You will not find the trees ANYWHERE inside of the pond! So it is no good looking THERE!!!!

When we die, the first thing that occurs is the slight change to the energy level of the physical. Later, we rise to the SPIRIT level!! At least we do if we have enough sense!!

You see, these things are really small fry facts!!

Going to another country to live is not exactly a world shattering event!

Important, but not everything!!

Just picture seven or eight Earths(Etc!!) one inside of the other. 5D wise!! ONLY CROSS-SECTIONALLY is it 3d wise,too!!

The Spirit World isn’t just up in, and a little above, Cloudland, but stretches ALMOST to The Moon!! A very big place indeed!!

Mindlets living inside of MIND. GOD.

The bodies living in space, with time, bit is a mere trivial ADJUNCT!!

Ghosts are simply spirits trapped in The Spiritistic World(Earthbound), which NORMALLY only clairvoyants can see,etc. But who(ghosts) sometimes DENSIFY their spirit bodies enough for them to become visible,etc.to ordinary mortals!!(They may do this conciously or subconciously,etc.)

They are spirits who once live in the physical, on Earth. Lost and confused. They need help, including ours!! They need to be informed of their true state. And directed upwards towards The Light!! As simple as that. They may not even know that they are dead.(What the world CALLS dead!!)

They are then partially visible,etc. Because half in the other world, and half in this one!!

Their behaviour is often bizarre because they don’t know what they are doing!! Plus have a very different kind of body!!

They should not be feared!!(They once lived among us!!)(With a physical body. The only change has been LOSING the physical body. But the physical body is simply the outermost garment that we wear. They are now in their next finer body up, the spirit vehicle!! They have bodies. But not physical ones!!)

They will be benign or malign, just like they were when alive!!

They naturally hang around their old homes,etc. And graves. Because they STILL like their homes!(Some hang about their graves, because they hanker after the physical body, now a CORPSE!!!!)(After death, you too may still consider your house, your abode!! And linger in it!!)

If you cannot handle it. Get a medium to speak to them!!

I have left my body, AND seen ghosts.(They are real all right!!) Many occasions.

Between personal experience and long intense study, I know the facts very well!!

The world is largely ignorant, and many disbelieve in these things. Therefore, I speak out!!

Dying should not be feared(when its time comes, I mean). But enjoyed, if possible!! You are going home. Your tour of duty is over.(You came here for some purpose(or purposes) or other. Now hopefully achieved. And you can go home!!)(It is as simple as that. Definitely not the end of YOU!!!! ONLY of your physical body!!!!)

The paramount thing, though, is not simply Survival(after death), but survival in Paradise!! (I assume you like pleasant things, not unpleasant!!)And that depends entirely upon HOW YOU HAVE LIVED DURING LIFE!!!!

So get WELL away from your now(then) dead physical body!! That was never YOU!!

Just a garment you wore to contact the physical!!

Naturally conditions are very different in The Spirit World. But you will in time learn the ropes!!

All it is is a finer grade of Matter!!(It is STILL material, but not PHYSICAL material!!)(Though it will SEEM physical!!)

And life goes on MUCH the same!! Little change.

Loved ones met again.(I mean those who died while you were alive!!)

Animals too. So you can see old pets again, TOO!!!!

I say these things more as a matter of FACT, rather than to comfort. Though naturally I am glad if you are comforted by these things!!

Men fear death, in particular because they THINK that it is the END of all they knew and loved. But, you see, IT IS NOT!!!!(Note: Death ITSELF is not painful. But the terminal ailment(or whatever) that led to it very often IS!!)

I suppose one also fears HELL. As few of us get through life without making SOME mistakes, and doing SOME sins!!!!

Hell DOES exist!! But it is not the kind that used to be painted so dismally by Christendom!!

If our evil outweighs our good, then we will go there.(Sooner or later!!) To some appropriate level. Temporarily. Once we have PAID our debt, we can go free, and ascend into Paradise!! Though not the orthodox Hell, make no mistake about it it is VERY unpleasant there!!

I say this again now, because I NOW have a much clearer picture of the facts!!
I hope this helps you.


Vic Conway.

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