What is gravity? Etc.


Tuesday, 3rd May, 2,011.




What is gravity? Etc.














Gravity is push force of protons seeking other protons. There are no gravitons.


Centrifugal Force is Magnetism! Magnetism from a moving object creating its electron stream.


Perpendicularly outwards.


SOME protons go inwards.(Centripedal Force.)






The centre of gravity of Earth is half way through the shell, the crust!!




A short distance down, not 4,000 miles!!








The Earth is hollow. As are all large globes AND FIELDS.






Radium and radio-activity provide light underground.




The inner central sun is plasmic.




It is The Earth’s core rather than a sun.




The shape of The Earth is double reverse helix. Rough dough-nut shaped.


There are two surfaces. As we approach the so-called poles, at about latitude 70 degrees, the curvature of The Earth sharpens. Later it sharpens again. Later still – comes a final sharpening – as the tube-way entrance to the Inner Surface of The Earth(contiguous with the outer!(It is all ONE surface!)) begins.




The two geographical poles are at least 400 miles, probably 700 miles, UP IN SPACE!!






And the magnetic poles are the RIMS of 1,400 mile wide entrances to the Inner Earth.




Compass needles point north(south at South Pole)as the pole is neared.




The compass needle pushes down as pole is approached.


Later it pushes up.




The reason for this is the fact that as the entrance to The Inner Earth is approached, there is more mass above THAN BELOW!!


Earlier there had been more mass below, thus causing the needle to stick down!






The dust encountered is from a volcano(or volcanoes just inside the northern tubular entrance.(Hybolea and Ultima Thule are two names for the inner land.) The inner land mass is about THREE TIMES the outer one!!






There is a shallow sea of fresh water. Where the fresh water ice-bergs come from.




The Earth Within is inhabited. The inhabitants live long healthy happy lives. Are very wise and technologically advanced. All life down there(though down is not the right word) grows to enormous size. About ten times the outer surface life.


This may be due to the plasmic nature of The Inner Central Sun. I do not know what is causing the prolific growth. Radium and radio-activity, something in the air, I don’t know. Can only guess. Everything is huge “down” there.






Temperature below is about 73 or 76 degrees F. Steadily. No winter, no night, few clouds. No rain,etc. No storms. This is The Earthly Eden early Man was kicked out of because of his iniquities.




Few know about it. 1. Because so seemingly unlikely. 2. Because of(two surfaces) the two thousand mile band of rugged ice surrounding both polar entrances. That, POSSIBLY aided by an holographic ILLUSION of such keeps all bar a tiny few OUT.




Some of the ufo’s come from there.




Germany built a Nazi base there.




The ruling group below are benign and peaceful.




There is also a small brown race. Ancestors of The Eskimoes.




Very strong. The Eskimoes and The Mongolians evidently came from Within.






China derived much of its ancient culture from The Mongolians.






The pollen found extensively on the snow up north comes from flowers within The Earth.




Temperature inversions enlarge some objects and cause one to see VERY distant lands.




One can come and go by air or sea or beneath the sea’s surface at both poles.




There is no latitude above about 80 degrees, north or south. The land is simply not there. Due to the curvature down and inwards.




The aurora are due to the inner sun shining out through the two entrances. Interacting with electrons in the air.


Centrifugal Force, and Centripedal inwards created the hollow shapes with openings at the top and cores. In all large globes, and in astronomical fields.








Apparently even the sun and the stars are hollow,too.




Of course centrifugal force ex the whirling fluids would necessitate that!




Apparently giant toadstools grow in caverns below. There is no excess heat!


The idea of molten core, semi molten magma,etc. is false.






Many vast cave systems apparently connect outer surface to inner!




Gold and precious stones are common WITHIN. Possibly all the precious metals are.






The universe is a FAR grander place than anyone has DREAMED possible.






The trouble is not God, but MAN!!






However, he will improve one day…





























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