Pea.B. CD Law. Astronomy.


Tuesday, 7th June, 2,011.




CD Law.








Basically CD law means that the diameter of a heavenly body times its circumference yields the diameter of the next larger heavenly body, or an orbit! There seems to be something in this:-




The diameter of The Earth’s Inner Sun is about 50 miles. Its circumference is 157 miles. Multiplied, gives about 8,000 miles. Which is the diameter of The Earth(The next larger object up.).




The diameter of The Earth, 8,000 miles. Times its circumference of 25,000 miles gives 200,000,000 miles. Which is the diameter of The Earth’s orbit about the sun.




The diameter of The Moon is 2,159 miles. So its circumference is 2,159 x 3.14 = 677,926 miles. Then 677,926 x 2,159 is 14,636,422 miles. No lead on there.




But The Moon is a lump chipped off The Earth. Irregular.








200 million x 3,14 is 628,000,000 miles. So 628 million x 200 million = 1,256 million million miles. I wonder what that could be??






Just trying to feel my way to a CD law.






Can anyone else?























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