Pea.a(The incredible synchronized harmonics of everything!)


Monday, March 30, 1998.







If you hold out a small pea at arm’s length, it will exactly cover the sun’s disk, and the moon’s. This is because arms, peas and the equality of disk size of sun and moon, are such as to produce just this result!!!!


Pineal glands and eye-pupils are the size of small peas.


Any idea as to why this incredible fit exists??!!


It is because of a marvellous gravitational law harmony, related to Titius Bode’s Law,etc!!


Peas are arbitrary, but pineal glands and eye pupils are not!!!!


Now the number of peas to a stadium is about 25,000. (The distance in miles around The Earth.)A stadium being one tenth of a mile. To the mile is 250,000. Which, in miles, is about the distance to the moon.


If you multiply The Earth’s Circumference by its Diameter, you will get 200,000,000 miles. Which is the diameter of The Earth’s Orbit around the sun.


You may think this is a co-incidence. But it is not!! There is a definite mathematical law related to physics, which not only produces this result, but has similar harmonics RIGHT THROUGH all sizes,ETC. of object!!!!


The universe is perfectly mathematical and geometric!!!!


Whoever designed this universe knew your arm’s length!! IN ADVANCE!!!!


If you search you will find these fits everywhere!!!!


The chance of the sun and the moon’s apparent sizes fitting so closely is about a million to one against(by chance).


Sleep well!!!!


However the moon does not fit into CD Law(Circumference times diameter law.).


This is because it is a captured body, and not a natural satellite.






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