My Report Two.


L.2. (My Report Two(not necessarily daily)I can only hazard a guess. Getting worse of course(in view of my findings). May be a break of months now. (Lots of after shocks though.) But can expect sooner or later a TENNER. And 9’s. Much later going to 11 and 12 or more on Richter Scale.




But more floods,etc. in Northern,etc. Australia.


I THINK Japs have solved cooling problem sufficiently TEMPORARILY.(Lot of dramatizing going on!! Exaggerating.) Drama pays big bucks and ratings,etc!!


Gaddafi looks like winning.


Four big earthquakes in the last six months, and many lesser ones – but increasing.


I expect a PARABOLIC increase. A sharp increase this year.(If you know shape of parabola.) And far worse next year. Then THE LOT goes.


But I THINK Nibiru(rogue planet) will miss us far enough. It seems to have arrived on SAFE side of sun FOR US.


However, the CORE of Phaeton is coming up. A bit smaller than Mars. Should pass close around 2,015.A.D.


But heat, cold, masses of electrons and the red dust should kill many BEFORE we reach the HARD stuff.(About 2 years or so hence.)


Need to dwell on POSITIVE side now. IF WE CAN!!




Increasing big changes, good and bad,coming up.








Vic Conway.(Monday, March 14th, 2,011.)



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