My New Astronomy. Part Three.


Sunday, 8th April, 2,007.






Part 3.



For the sake of any who might try to follow in my footsteps. By checking out my Exact Astronomical Distance Finder, I produce the following:-



Once I had obtained the new correct exact distances(and masses,etc.) – to ALL of the heavenly bodies and fields, I plotted two maps. One, – Right Ascension. The other, – Declination.(Fuller details of this and all else on my earlier plus old articles.)(Some details released recently.)(I mean BEFORE my new Astronomy articles.)


I knew that the orthodox distances,etc. were wrong because too compounded by many other factors(about thirteen altogether, I think).



Let me give you an analogy:-


Imagine that you are looking out to the headlights of an approaching car at night. You don’t know how far away the car is. Nor the strength of its headlamps. However, this is precisely what we need to find out!!


To compound things, it is a foggy night!!


And to this add about TEN more such compounding factors!!


THAT is the nature of the problem we are up against in Astronomy.(What is the exact distance(and mass,etc.) of the heavenly bodies and fields??)


The light that we see is NOT the intrinsic light, of course.


Yet, if we can work out the thickness of the fog,etc. And subtract these compounding values FROM what we see, we will arrive at the PURE value of the light as it leaves the car!!


And THAT is what I did!


Except that I had at least THIRTEEN compounding factors to work out and subtract!


My patterns,etc. SHOW that I succeeded fully!!


Marvellous patterns,etc. DO NOT just show up from ANY OLD METHOD!!




Once I had the pure red shifts(that is shifts NOT compounded by OTHER factors), I knew I could plot maps, and see what patterns(if any) showed up.(I EXPECTED vortices from my previous finds on expansion and big bang,etc.)


So when vortices showed up(in all fields!), I KNEW I was on a winner. But I also knew that orthodoxy and the professionals would reject me OUT OF HAND!!(Which they did.)(Not even bothering to check!!)


The world holds views IT LIKES, not the truth!!


And WILL kill you if necessary to stop you!!!!



With the aid of a mathematician I did my tables of new data, and then my maps,etc.


Finally I super-imposed Declination(doubled – as it covers only half the sky) upon Right Ascension! That is I super-imposed one map of plots OVER the perpendicular lot. The result was a 95% FIT!!(Doubling a half field view to cover the whole field is NORMALLY taboo!! But BECAUSE vortices look the same from all sides, I got away with it. It worked!! Because it fitted!!!!


Though you do have to rotate Right Ascension 90 degrees left, first. Because our view is so skewiff onto the local closed stellar cluster.(Very angled.)


Now, at first, such a result was ASTONISHING!!(How many would expect R.A. to fit almost exactly over Decl?!)(Understand! Of course R.A. and Decl DO NOT FIT!!

It is rather like expecting a tree to look the same from above as from a side!!(Only in this case, it is a vortex.)(Now even vortices do not look the same from above as from the sides!! Plan view is an S. Side view is a V. However! What I am trying to say is, that, in THIS case, (and I am referring now to our view of our local closed stellar cluster), BECAUSE our view of it is ANGLED(skewiff) about 50%(!), THEN the view from above WILL fit the view from any side. Simply because BOTH views are EQUALLY SKEWIFF!!(About 50%.) (Can you follow that?!) SO WE HAVE THIS STRANGE FIT.(But only in THIS peculiar stellar cluster field.)(There are also galactic,etc. fields, AND the cosmic(full) field.)


However, with THIS PARTICULAR VORTEX, both orthogonal(to each other) view angles fit well. Though not perfectly, as the degree of skewiffness(angled) is not EXACTLY 50%!! So I got very slight overlaps.


The Plan view(Right Ascension), and The Declination(side)view were sufficiently not skewiff – so I could read the S and the V.(A backwards S in this particular case.)


(From one side of these vortexial fields, the R.A. view is of an S. From the other the S will be backwards!! OF COURSE.)


In the case of our local stellar cluster, we(Sol) are VERY CLOSE to the centre of the field.


(I think now that I super-imposed one side view upon another!)(And obtained the backwards S and the V, after I plotted my maps.)(Something like that!!)


There are TWO view-(from) positions you see. One is from the centre of the field. The other is from the observer,in our case – Sol!



Some data gives from Sol.


And some from the centre of the field!!



By sorting out which is which, you derive TWO sets of maps.


In one set you get the backwards’ S, and the V.(View ex Sol, observer.)


In the other(from the field’s centre) you get a rough melee, which looks the same whichever way you look.(I think now that my superimposure resulted from fitting two different ex field centre views together!!)


All of which must be very daunting to those trying to understand, and possibly check!!


How can there be two view-from positions?!


It depends upon whether you use APPARENT magnitudes or ABSOLUTE ones!!


Apparent and “velocity” are from the observer.




Which seems crazy until you realize that the absolute magnitudes increase outwards from FIELD CENTRE, NOT OBSERVER!!!!


I realized this, and thus required TWO sets of maps. Each with R.A. and Decl!!!!


The white hole which emits the objects IS AT THE FIELD’S CENTRE!!


But our view out is from Sol, of course.




A trick I used with our local closed stellar cluster was THAT BECAUSE SOL IS SO NEAR TO THE FIELD CENTRE, THAT WE CAN USE IT AS IF FROM THE FIELD CENTRE!!!!


I said it wasn’t easy!!



It took me EIGHT YEARS basically.


It will take you(the world) about TWO MILLION!!


Though about six months IF YOU LET ME GUIDE YOU THROUGH, via e mails!!


The mental feat of all time!!!!




Making the necessary allowances, I produced a perfect VORTEX!!



I did stars, stellar clusters, galaxies,radio sources,etc. AND the quasars. Four different fields. VERY different to each other.


In each case I got these amazing vortices.


(In physics and electro-magnetism, plus the spiral galaxies, we learn that THE VORTEX is the common basic shape at ALL size levels!!)


From this and other amazing results I KNEW I was right.



Which professionals,etc. will HATE me and IT for!!


They want to know the exact distances, but THEIR phoney kind, NOT the truth’s kind!!


The universe is not a chaos at all!! But a vast mathematical and geometrical machine, with clocks and calendars built in!!!! Incredibly precise. Beautiful, lovely, marvellous and wonderful.


No expansions and big bangs. No contractions and little plops either.


Just these LINEAR GROWTHS(and linear shrinkages later).


Roughly like trees.



Orthodoxy reasons from false premises!


With faulty logic.


And supported by wrongly interpreted confirmations!!!!



I harp on this, because it is my biggest find. It is also the world’s most important!!(Astronomy).



APPLY this, my finds, and all will come right.


Mankind’s woes vanishing(in time).



The revelations from the maps,etc. are INCREDIBLE.


And a mathematician’s DREAM!!!!



Two great basic errors being made(In Astronomy, I mean.)by the professionals:-


1. That when we view out into space(Not back through time by the way! Because the velocity of light,ETC.(And gravity) is INFINITE!!!!) (Thus we see things as the ARE, and not as they were!), we do so only the one way.(That is by magnitudes)(Brightnesses)..(Light’s velocity gets MEASURED at c. This is due purely to the fact that velocities(and space per vibs!) cut out when the space time resultant is reached. Space and time being equal. Thus we CANNOT measure above that value, EVEN THOUGH THE LIGHT VIEWED BY IS FAR GREATER THAN c.(Being infinite.)


And 2. That there are no 2-1 velocity to magnitudes discrepancies.(But there are TWO!!)



We DON’T view out through space at all! We view out through HYPER SPACE!!


Along the CHORDS of the disk fields, which have round circumferences of course.


But MEASURE(Via Hubble’s Law) AROUND!! Along ARCS!!



We see RIGHT AROUND the field concerned. By CHORD views!!



ALL the fields have their Hubble Laws!!


They are MERELY our “cosmic” HORIZON views of the disk’s circumference.(Space per orbital vibration, NOT space per time(THOUGH s/t’s DO PARALLEL the s/v’s.)


Time TWO also exists.


Can you follow this, reader?!



We SEE across(hyperspace, not space!), by CHORDS. But MEASURE AROUND!!(Space is an illusion!) By ARCS!!!!




With Gravity being infinite in velocity,too!!(Gravity Waves)



THIS is why the astronomers are beset by mysterious 2 to 1’s!! And other anomalies.


Naturally I am not welcome in this world. Nor are my works.


Yet they stand proved and confirmed by the resulting patterns,etc!!!!



I admit that I don’t myself have the full picture perfectly. There is further work that the world can do!


But I have enough to know well that I have the main picture!!



Believe me, you can THROW out THE LOT(of Orthodoxy), and START AGAIN, using MY METHODS AND DATA!!!! – As it is completely wrong!!!!


Not just a little bit. But in its ENTIRETY!!!!



If you contact me by e mail( ) I shall be pleased to help any individuals or groups who take on the most daunting task(checking out my finds!!).


I know it is hard, because so complex.(Yet the routes are simple!!)


But the difficulty lies in the nature of the beast, rather than me!!


A beast with a nature so bizarre – as to stagger any mind!!


Yet I find it true with no doubt!!


My terms are naturally hard because so new.


And the simplistic writing style I PURPOSELY use, to make the going easier(for both sides), does not please everybody!!



I cannot help but glorify the work. Because it is SO ASTOUNDING!!!!


And therefore(indirectly) myself. Which most people hate. Of course.


Yet I HAVE TO do it!!


To get my message across in the most easily digested fashion!!



Oh, I could give you scores – if not hundreds, – of startling stunning revelations like this!!


In Astronomy, alone.


But also in my other discoveries. Which are many.



There is NO expansion!


NOR big bang,etc.



NOR Optical Doppler’s Effect.



How many claim that the Earth is expanding due to its curved surface?!





When we look out through powerful telescopes at the distant galaxies,etc. WE ARE SEEING THE BACK SIDES of the SAME objects VIEWED IN THE DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE DIRECTION!! YES!!



(The Sun ELECTRONICALLY is the cause of Global Warming, NOT MAN!!!!)(The demands of Kyoto will cripple us altogether!!)(Believe me, what is coming will be about 200 times worse, at least, than the scare now being put out by he orthodox global warming people! BUT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT!!(Since we CANNOT control THE SUN!!!!)(Though INDIVIDUALS can flee to Australasia!!)


I am exasperated by the fact that I KNOW my finds will save the world, save perishing humanity, if and when GOT OUT(I am resisted all out, of course, by this SO NEGATIVE world!!)!!!!


Compounded by my advanced age and condition!!!!



Hence my anxiety!!


Superficially I look bad, I know only too well.(There IS NO better way I can take!!)


However, you are VERY VERY wrong!!


You will need to CHECK OUT MY FINDS, to be sure, of course. Though you COULD take my word for them!!


We view out through Hyperspace, not space.


AND we ride OUR Moving Now along the time dimension concerned.



There are as many Moving Nows as there are moments in all time!!



Time is merely the perpendicular axis to the spatial one. As on The Earth, we have latitudes and longitudes. The verticals are space. And the horizontals are time!!(The time changes according to our zonal position around the globe!)


Similarly, to the illusion born of viewing out to some mysterious space, through HYPER SPACE, we each have our own TIMEAL NOW view!! AND separate time cog!!(As well as space,ETC!!!!)


Again I say, study my Mirror and See Upside Down’O ‘Scope articles(as they are the simplest!), to learn how I approach and solve the riddles,etc!!!!



If you look RIGHT BACK through all my articles, you will find many amazing finds of mine!!










Victor Conway.






























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