A1062. My comments upon my A1058 and A1059 astronomy articles

Saturday, 4th March, 2,006.


More comments on A1058 and A1059, my compacted distance finder.

Everything is in those two not too long articles!

I want to make clear that you use the two digits of orthodox data given in The Astronomy Catalogues. If one digit, then put a nought in front. For instance, if 6, then 06. It does NOT matter about the zeroes. Nor the fact that you will be compounding magnitudes with “velocities”!! They are RATIOS, which will be corrected later!!

We see the stars and everything where there ARE. Not where they were!!

We measure light,etc. at c velocity, because that happens to be the maximum speed recordable by us! It is the 45 degree slope resultant between space and time. Which is c.

Make sure that the stars you do are The Nearest and Brightest. These are the popular well known stars!! Do THEM!!!!

Gravity is caused simply by pressure of gravitons etc. out of white hole radiating energy out of the centres of all white objects(all radiating objects, like the sun) and finally goes down black holes at the centres of all dark objects. Pressure!! Inertia, similarly!! They are not forces per se!!!!

You can have no possible idea as to how much the baddies have sent us all off course!! Deliberately. Though even some of them say it has gone too far!! It has to be put right, and at once, or we shall all be completely destroyed.

(With my sex article, Best Sex, ENSURE that moths are not harmful at all!! I THINK they are safe enough.)

Hubble’s Law applies with ALL astronomical fields, not just the galaxies,etc!!

Knowing that THE CIRCLE is the basis, it easy to work EVERYTHING out!! And how best to live!! It is all so simple IN PRINCIPLE. Though the details become complex. But are currently overlain with STUPID man made complications!!!!

Find my latest quasar articles, and DO the quasars the four different ways that I have described!!!!

You will be astounded!!

Life was never meant to be the way it has become!!

We should all be living happily, not in growing pain and misery!!

Evil is not a natural thing! It was born through a mistake! An experiment that got out of hand!!

This is how evil starts.

Orthodoxy has got things almost totally wrong. The very opposite to what the true facts are!!!!

The Church is our biggest enemy!

Materialistic science limits us(for no good reason) to believe that ONLY three dimensions exist! But why should that be? Were you a 2d flatlander who could not see the third dimension, would YOU reject the third?! Man’s stupid argument is that we don’t see cannot exist!! Which is daft!!!!

Even art,etc. are governed by logic.

We with our eyes open to any extent, NEED so desperately to EDUCATE the masses, or at least the best among them to THE TRUTH!!!! Which is NOT what we are being taught!! To this end, I write my articles!! I need you to help me, dear readers. It is that or COMPLETE DESTRUCTION, and soon. Unless we change things immediately!!

We are being taught absurd things. Whereas the truth is sensible and wonderful!!

We need to meet craft with better craft, and fire with stronger fire!!

Sure, we are being given some amazing technology(by the aliens!), but at the price of being abducted for most painful experiments and sex mutations!!

I repeat: Not all aliens are bad. Any more than all humans are bad! It is a mixed bag. As with Humanity!!

Within ten years, a cataclysm will occur. Some humans will go to a better Earth. And some to a worse one!!

All works by cycles and seasons. And wheels and cogs within wheels and cogs!!!!

This growing heat(Due to the sun ELECTRO-MAGNETICALLY, not Man!!) will be followed by an Ice Age!!

I realize that my Astronomical Distance,etc.Finder is unbelievable, but nevertheless it is completely true and sound!!

As are all my finds. Many hundreds of them.

Everything was designed to go via being kind to one another. Not the reverse, as is the case so much on Earth today!!

We were meant to ENJOY the good things. Pleasures and joys. Happiness and Bliss. Even down here in the physical!! In The Spirit World, and beyond, it gets far better still, without end!!

There are no ends or beginnings!!

Things are so BASICALLY good. It amazes me that humans can be so bad!!

God is SO good! Yet so many humans are SO bad!!!!

There is NO need for this!!

There is EVERY need for goodness and highness though!!

We are with our current life style are simply heading faster and faster towards TOTAL destruction. AND SOON!!!!

We are NUTS!!!!

We are being taught to go a narrow confined limited way. Instead of receiving guidance from WITHIN. Multi-dimensional within!! God, soul, spirit, life,etc!!!!

Not body and brain obsession!!

Life is so much more than 3d!

3d exists of course, but is only a very small part of things!!(Just the surface of things. We need the DEPTHS,too. And the heights!!!!

We are not JUST bodies in 3d space, but multi-dimensional minds in HYPER SPACE and Time,etc!!!!

Yes, you disbelieve me? Why?? Because you have been so brain-washed and conditioned, hypnotized and mesmerized by others SO misguided before you from birth!! We don’t get much chance do we . Parents and guardians, teachers, political ministers and church ministers indoctrinate us with TRIPE and evil right from the start!! And now look at the mess we are ALL in!!!!

To HELL with the institutions and doctrines of Man!! Get married, have children. Go to war. Go to church. Buy a house. Go to university. Go to the pub, with the boys, drink beer and other harmful produts!! And so on, and so on!! It is all SHIT!!!! No good for us!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

We don’t HAVE TO obey, do we??!!

Ignore these idiots who tell us to go these bad ways!!!!

Are we unable to say No??

Sex is all right. And drugs are NOT SO BAD!!!!


You will only go to Hell(not the Church kind, that was!!)(THAT is an insult To God and Mind!!), IF you do more harm than good!!

There are those who go around doing a lot of harm. I know their destination too!!

If you disobey these clowns, all you will lose is your enemies!!(It is RIGHT!!!!)

My patience is exhausted!!

Vic Conway.


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