My astronomy distance finder, cont. LM5.


Sunday, 5th June, 2,011.










Some important notes!!










When doing astronomical distances and masses, if and when you do, it is most important to bring the z or quasar red shift figure up to two digits before the decimal point. For example 14.94.(If 6, put 06, not 6!)(You MUST show TWO digits!!) You do this by simply multiplying by 100!(Multiply the z value by 100!!)


This change in value does not matter because we are dealing with RATIOS, not actual values!!(It is not a case of adding apples to pears, but of reducing all their weights to RATIOS!!)(Then at the very end we obtain VALUES, by multiplying by the very wrong orthodox figures!!)(So worry not!)




When doing the nearest stars(do the NEAREST, when on the stars), use Astronomy Catalogue TWO(2).




BASICALLY I think that is about it.




What you are doing is applying a formula to orthodox distance values, which, bar with the CRS, The Cosmological Red Shift, – are VERY wrong.(The quasars are distanced at 100 times too far.)(Arp is right. Quasar though everywhere,only NEAR ones get seen. And these are at edges of our galaxy and near galaxies.)






Once you obtain the new distances, plot R.A. Right Ascension and Decl. Declination maps for stars in our local closed stellar cluster(found by me), closed stellar clusters in our Milky-Way galaxy, galaxies,etc. in our meta-galaxy,etc. And clusters of galaxies,etc. in the cosmos.




You will(with the stars anyway(because of slant against ecliptic) need to turn one of the maps, right ascension I think it is, 90 degrees to the left. Just rotate it one quarter turn.




With Declination just place an exact copy ALONGSIDE of Decl!(Which it is going to be anyway!(The field being symmetrical)) thus on one side of Decl.(Right hand I think it is.)(As it only goes up to 180 degrees!) over R.A. Right Ascension – to get the full field!!








When done, superimpose R.A. over Decl. – and note the amazing fit of the one set of objects over the other!!(They would fit very well ANYWAY!!)




Use Colour not Spectra(I mean Spectral Type(Do NOT use!! Too rough and erratic!!)!(Spectra are too inaccurate.)








Another thing I did was use Eddington’s Diagram(And/or The Hertzsrung-Russell Diagram and drop a horizontal line to one co-ordinate, and also drop a vertical line to the other co-ordinate – to get one set of values(reds I think) to change into another set of values(blacks, I think). Then did a scale of these.(I call “vels” reds, and mags(app) blacks.


I got one co-ordinate’s value, then dropped a perpendicular to the main sequence, – and then threw a straight line across to the other co-ordinate. THUS giving me the other value(on the other co-ordinate)!!






I use Arithmetic Mean(Half the sum of the terms) to get Masses, and Geometric Mean to get Distances.(The square root of the MULTIPLE – of the terms.)








I take the apparent magnitude and add it to the radial velocity.(Basically.)(Which I then treat with multipliers.)(See in my articles.)(1.6x


is the multiplier. I divide the result by 2.(I divide the sum of the terms, v and rv by 2.)






With The Distances, I do the Geometric Mean, which is the square root of the product. Same values as with the masses. (Ratios, remember.)








My basic diagram is The Hubble Diagram. I am equalizing ratios between apparent magnitudes and radial velocities. Care, as e logs are used here on the graph!!




Hubble’s Constant is 50.(Accept that.)(Because ONLY 50 will produce my amazing results!!)




It is basically a question of COMMON SENSE, and follow your hunches!!




I used another graph, but mulitplied by 100 to change a zig zag result into a wave form(which makes more sense!).(Basically mags against vels again.(They are NOT actually vels, though vels do correspond! But they are MY WAVE ANGLES. Angle of view out to the horizon of the field CONCERNED!!)




Most of these tips won’t make much sense now, but if you KEEP THEM IN MIND, they may spring to mind later if and when you come to a full stop!!








I obtain, in ALL fields(Note that Hubble’s Law works in ALL fields, not just the galactic!), spiral S’s(sometimes backwards) in R.A. and V’s(wedges) in Declination. Showing SPIRALS much like in the spiral galaxies.






I got spirals within spirals.(Everything goes in vortices, helixes, spirals…WHIRLS)


And FILAMENTS, everywhere!(Electrical.)










Amazing EXPECTED patterns(orthodoxy gets CHAOS)(So I KNOW I am right!!). In a PERFECTLY mathematical and geometric universe!!








You will find that EVERYTHING will go your way the deeper you go into this!! Reason being that doing this correctly PUTS YOU IN TUNE WITH THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. Resulting in benign influences coming your way!!!!












Plot apparent mags against absolute mags, and observe the astonishing results!






I plotted v(app mags.) against mv(absolute mags) with the nearest and brightest stars(the well known about 40), and found that an amazingly straight diagonal resulted!! MEANING that the farther away the star(per the well known main ones!) is from us, the greater its INTRINSIC LUMINOSITY is!


The answer to this puzzle – is that Sol, our sun, is VERY close to the centre of the field.(Hence the diagonal not being a completely straight line!)(The difference between that and a straight line indicates our closeness to the centre of the field!!)




TWO reasons you see for this wonder: 1. Sol, our sun is SO close to the centre of the field. 2. Which field centre all objects move away from – along a forwards or backwards S – getting energy from the enery placenta issuing from the white hole at the field’s centre converted into mass! And thus via more fuel, – get intrinsically brighter!!






Radial velocities are not from us, but from field centre. And intrinsic luminosities are not from us, but from field centre!!(Which in our case is The Rho Oppuchus.(There is a closed white hole there(NOT black!))










This must be about the most difficult riddle going.








Radial velocities(with our closed stellar cluster(the orthodox think that Sol is solo)) will slightly skewiff from us, because actually from field centre.(Same as intrinsic luminosities will be skewiff from us because from field centre, not us!!(The skewiffness should be ratio- wise identical.)






Rv, radial velocities are simple. As are absolute magnitudes(intrinsic luminsities, basically).






But APPARENT MAGNITUDES are complicated.




Being, of course, composed of ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDES(basically intrinsic luminosities, which is reduced by the obscuring matter(extinction effect), compounded by the distance away.(Leaving general curvature and local warp to be removed later.)


As I have said elsewhere, it is easy to get the O.M. off(Obscuring Matter.). Because The Reddening is to a similar if not identical scale. So simply translate The DISTANCE reddening(not the other kind!) into a SUITABLE obscuring matter scale, and deduct accordingly from the v(Apparent Magnitude).(Work out a suitable translation from distance reddening to distance blacking!!)


What you(we) are after is the TRUE apparent magnitude, of course!


Now plot THAT against SUITABLY STRAIGHTENED rv(radial velocities), and we should get a dead straight diagonal!!






This tells us that radial velocities decrease from the centre of the field(NOT US!!)(They only APPEAR to be from us, because we are so close to the centre of the field.)






You will find that it is not a DEAD straight line, because the Plan view(Right Ascension) picture is an S(sometimes backwards)(With galaxies we get a forwards S mostly, but a backwards S sometimes, simply because we are so close to the edge of The Milky Way Galaxy! Towards centre,galaxies line up FORWARDS S shape. Further out a BACKWARDS S shape!!).


So this is a complicating factor to allow for, it being a twisting S(or backwards’ S shape), and not a straight path!!






Master this and you should go places, but with angry resistance!!




Because this world HATES the truth, and those who purvey it.










Now did you follow that all right. Don’t worry, much will become clearer as you move along.










With the galaxies I got a colossal sloping(To the ecliptic.) disc shape – distinctly showing a META-GALAXY of galaxies,etc!! Really FASCINATING!!(Stick with it, and be stunned out of your mind!!)(It is like a GIGANTIC spiral galaxy!!)(But each object is a cluster of galaxies,etc!!)




All ecliptics, from stellar, stellar cluster, galactic, clusters of galactic – to meta-galactic(and beyond?) – appear to be lined up!!




So because of so many neat patterns – I KNOW that I am right!!










Hard going, LONG slog, hard not to go mad some times, but you will find yourself and your life transformed for the better. IF you stick with it!!










As I say the objects are NOT in a DEAD straight line, but curving to form an S(sometimes a backwards S).


With Declination(Decl.) it is a V, wedge shaped. Showing a SPIRAL.








The objects are speeding up slowly.(What I call a slow LINEAR expansion. Not any expansion of space time,etc!! (Little plops(so to speak!)from field centre, not big bangs!!) And GROWING, as they move out(diametrically) from the centre of the field(a white hole). Along an invisible placenta of ENERGY.




So they increase in mass, size, change in colour UP the spectrum, get faster,ETC. with distance out from field centre.(Because FED from the energy placenta!!)








Sol, us, is small and YELLOW. Because so near to the centre.(Of the field.)










We start with red dwarfs, at centre(In The Rho Oppuchus!), then yellow(I expect orange exists, but I found none.), Next comes green(found none, but may be there!), and blue,etc. As we reach the blue giants,etc.(Red, yellow,blue – are the three colours I found.)




So you can tell age, distance, mass, size, luminosity, colour,ETC. of any object – SIMPLY by its distance along the S, or backwards’ S!!)




There are no red giants!!(This is a misreading.)








Spacing increases increasingly.






There are lots of small stars.(Evidently spin off from the larger stars!!)






You will find that objects leave the white hole, travelling in opposite directions. Possibly having split.


They then SPLIT AGAIN!! Forming identical twins!( Everything goes in identical twin pairs.)






If the object is spinning VERY fast, it will split yet AGAIN. And then we get identical twin pairs separated by great distances!!






Are you following me all right??










I lost my maps,etc. So you will need to do new ones. But I recall the general picture.






Another thing I noticed, was that the distances between the objects measure d straight were per an amazing mathematical progression!


Also geometrically perfect.








Now this business is apparently similar with the stellar clusters, the galaxies,etc. AND the clusters of galaxies(which comprise the meta-galaxy).




I believe the meta galaxy in turn is one of a number – forming the cosmos. And universe.






I am convinced that we don’t stop there, but that many universes exist.






There is no end!!(Nor beginning.)








Not to space, nor to time.












Now I have given you just the bare bones – out of the top of my head, as they have come to mind.






But enough I hope to get you going.












It WILL mean a lot of hard work.








But so VERY worth-while!!






Remove the space time curvature by simply multiplying by Pi/2.






Remove the LOCAL warps by dividing(casting out, like 9’s!) by Pi/2. Repeatedly – until you can go no farther. Then the warp has been removed.




We only see HALF WAY out telescopically. Because after half way around, coming home again!!




But CRS, Cosmological Red Shifts(Remember, are wave angles,not velocities, the cosmological vels to parallel!), go RIGHT AROUND!!










Remember, we see STRAIGHT across HYPER space time!! ACROSS a(the) great THIN DISK shape. That of the spiral.




BUT – that Hubble’s Law(which use for ALL fields!!) is REGISTERED around!! (Hence the two very different sets of distances!!)








Light,etc. radiation travels INFINITELY fast.(We see all objects where they ARE, not where they were!). But is REGISTERED at c.






And there you have it!








Astronomy reduced to pie!(Pi!! Over two.)




Any problems just e mail me and shoot your questions.






You will be HATED mind, especially by orthodox astronomers, and many amateur ones too.




Devil is God of this world.


So the world, which worships The Devil, HATES the truth,etc!!


Remember THAT!!








Any questions.




Study my articles VERY carefully. They will tell you much.








Note that space-time is curved AND warped. So trigonometry CANNOT work!! So this throws out the Cepheid Variables and R.R.Lyrae routes, too!! And, of course, all else!!










A VERY different universe and omni-rerse – to what orthodoxy THINKS!!!!








All spectroscopic devices are structurally built so that they inadvertently show all radial “velocities”(actually MY WAVE ANGLES!!) at exactly DOUBLE what they should show! So halve those to start with. (But because I equalize mags and vels by multiplying MAGS by 1.6, no need to double, as already done IN MY FORMULA of course.)(Mags rise at 4/5th’s the “vels” rate, so I equalize mags to vels(ratio wise) by multiplying by 2 and removing a fifth. Thus by multiplying mags by 1.6, they are ratio wise now equal to vels!!) Removing double vels and taking(in equal ratio terms) 4/5ths mags(2v x 4/5ths is 1.6v.)(I am RATIO equalizing mags and vels!!)(Which is doubling mags AND multiplying “vels” by 1.25!)(But best to just multiply mags by 1.6 – which is doubling them AND 4/5th’s of them!)(Same as doubling mags, LESS a fifth!!)


There is another double you will need to correct for, by the simple fact that while TELESCOPICALLY we only see HALF WAY out(Because after half way around(circumference!), we are getting closer to home again!!), but that per Cosmological Red Shifts, we are seeing ALL THE WAY!!(THEY don’t stop half way. So! You(We) need to halve them. BUT ALSO NEED TO MULTIPLY BY Pi! To convert the curvature into a straight line!(In other words to equalize “vels”(They ARE’NT velocities!!)(But MY WAVE ANGLES(views to the horizon of the field concerned!) to mags, it is necessary to multiply the telescopic chord distance(diameter at maximum) by Pi.(In total, then we multiply the blacks(mags) by Pi/2!!)(xPi divided by2.) Got it??!!))






We need to get everything into the CURVED(Circumference, CRS, terms), because we measure around, not across!(But it depends WHICH terms you want, of course!)(Equalization(of ratios) is the key!!)(I am RATIO wise equalizing mags to vels!!)So multiply ALL arc measures by Pi/2.(As this Pi/2 business applies to ALL arcs to chords, NOT just the diameter!!)(Similarly by the way when viewing in the sky ACROSS. That across IS an arc(Of Hyper Space-Time(NOT space(space, and time, being illusions, as well as delusions)!!)(Telescopically OR naked eye!!)(Yes!!)





Use the orthodox value as A GUIDE to the ORDER of the result. That is the number of digits!)



Note that WELL!!

The so-called VARIATION(Mass and “Velocity”) upon Hubble’s Law needs to come off!(In fact the so-called VARIATION is THE TRUE velocity(now wave angle!)!! Be it plus or minus!!)



Note THAT WELL, too!!






And all the following:-(Down to Vic Conway, in small print.)





Furthermore, and note this incredible point WELL!!, when I halve the value of the two terms, I get the TRUE value, NOT JUST AN AVERAGE!! For the simple reason that one value is as much UP, as the other is DOWN. And, THEREFORE, yields the ACTUAL TRUE values, NOT JUST THE AVERAGE!!!!(Since deducting the ups and downs MUST leave the ACTUAL TRUE value! Which is ingenious!!)(I mean that the FACT is.)



Though it is an average, of course; – it is not JUST an average!!








There is something called Mass(and “Velocity”) EFFECT. Which needs to come off too.(I have FORGOTTEN now, what it is!(But it can be found in my much older articles on this subject!)


Another obvious item for removal is of course the obscuration(due to debris, dust,etc. with apparent magnitudes)factor!(Called “Extinction Effect” by Orthodoxy.)


Note that there is a VAST difference between viewing by X rays in a fog of water vapour particles, to material dust and debris in astonomical space!! You CANNOT compare the two!!


You may have thought it was impossible to determine that(for all its components). No! It is VERY simple: The reddening effect, r, is a measure of the amount of dust and debris in space, simply because of the reddening!! Using a suitable scale, convert this r into OM!! And use that figure!!


To determine PURE apparent magnitude is not easy. First you need to find out what the ABSOLUTE magnitude is!(Which I find by using the COLOUR of the light!)(Do NOT use Spectral Type!! Too inaccurate!!) Work out a scale. Then use the colour degree! Colour will change near enough with the mass. Which is a measure of the luminosity!! Convert colour value to intrinsic luminosity value via getting mass to get absolute magnitude.)


So (when obtained) SUBTRACT the absolute(do NOT use orthodox values, because very wrong!) from the apparent, magnitude. Then remove the obscuration factor. I called it OM, for Obscuring Matter, before. And the other factors.


There is NO slowing down factor. Simply because the field is not expanding. Not per orthodox values anyway!!(The so-called Slowing Down is in fact the result of accrueing OM(Obscuration Matter)!!)


Expansions and contractions occur with all fields. They are small(slow), and VERY different from the orthodox scene and values!!

That is about all the correction factors.(But MAKE sure!!)(By checking with my much older articles!!)


Light,etc. travel INSTANTANEOUSLY, by the way. NOT at c!(We MEASURE(wrongly) at c!)


Owing to a very curious anomaly, the result is ALWAYS in LIGHT YEARS!!


By the way, with the quasars and radio sources,etc., FOUR FIFTHS(EXACTLY!!) of the CRS Hubble Law value is due to MASS, and NOT “velocity”(Now known by me to be Wave Angle!!).(Though “vels” DO correspond! But ARE simply THE COSMIC HORIZON concerned!! NOT anything to do with the old velocities!!)


There is much more to it than this. Get the information from my old articles!!(But use THIS article for the very latest GENERAL picture!!) But the information given simply and briefly here should give you a good start!! And enable you to get a good general result!!


Very different scene, now!!


Use the first two digits of the astronomy catalogue data!! If 6, say, will be 06. Always make it TWO digits!!


Use “Relativity Effect” adjusted(1) values for all z’s.


Einstein Effect IS of course Gravitation Effect.(VERY great with the quasars and radio sources,etc!!)


I trust that you now BEGIN to see WHY Orthodox Astronomy is so VERY wrong!!


Trig values are wrong of course, because space is curved and bent, not straight!!(Since these trig values are BASIC, ALL astronomical values are very wrong!!)


Look at my Quasar articles. The latest ones!! Where I use FOUR quite DIFFERENT methods – to get the SAME results!!!!


The quasars are 100 times(exactly) closer than orthodoxy THINKS that they are!!


We only see the nearest ones. And these are about at the edge of our galaxy!!


I expect you will be astounded at my claims. But you WILL find them to be RIGHT!!


The result of a life time’s work.


There is a LOT more to it than this. For which details refer to my older articles!(But keep in mind that this latest article is correct in the general basic details!!)


A curious fact: Pure apparent magnitudes and absolute magnitudes are equal!!


As are mags and “vels”!!


If all astronomical objects(stars, for example) were at the same distance away, they would all look equally as bright.(BECAUSE the farther away, the brighter they are intrinsically!!)(And thus distance and intrinsic increase would cancel out!!)


The farther away(Keep each category of astronomical separate per evaluations!)a star is, the greater its intrinsic luminosity! Thus, because distance cancels out the increase(BECAUSE abs and app mags are equal!!), they would all look equally as bright if at the same distance away.)


It may be asked, seeing how simple minded and slow I am, why it is that the orthodox astronomers have not discovered the facts that I have!!(An obvious question!)
The answer is astonishing!!:-


We are ruled by bad aliens! They subtly impose upon us limitations to prevent us from advancing! Astronomers are no exception!


Why have they stopped me? A very good question. I would like the answer to that one, too!!


I can only conclude that God is protecting me!(Thus far, anyway.) Why does God not protect others? He does!! But I seem to be the only one to come up with so accurate an answer!!


Even down here on physical Earth, God rules!! God could beat evil any time He chose.(I mean for MAN.) Down here,too. He chooses not to to give the unevolved a chance. That they might develop too. Later to translate the evil scaffolding into good!!


I think that at the end of each Solar Cycle(such as now!), the good and the high are elevated by God to succeed. So that Mankind can preserve via time capsules,etc. for the next rising of Man(from caves and ice)!!


So it is not just that I have hit upon the correct answers(because the universe is basically so simple(based on the circle!) in principle(though becoming complex in the detail). Otherwise I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT!! But it is because(or so I like to believe) God is enabling those with good finds now to succeed in passing them on to Mankind in general.


And thus it is.


Note that My Exact Distance(and Mass) Astronomical Finder details given here IN PART, is merely the SIMPLE, GENERAL picture. To whet your appetite, and give you a CHANCE to get the rest.(Hard though that will be!!)


You could go A LONG WAY with only what I have given here! But much farther and better – if you take the trouble to GET the rest.(To be found in my older articles!! But latest will be best, of course. Remember that!! So work backwards.)


I am an average if eccentric guy who HAPPENED to like solving mysteries. Just simple ones. That is the only excuse I can find for someone like me doing all this!!


As I am most inferior!!


God helps me, that is all! Directly and indirectly.


God helps ALL who do the spade work!!


Not just me, of course.


I imagine very few e mail me now, because my advertizer(not me!) has made the e mail address look so forbidding!!


Those are my thoughts now.


Hopefully always improving.










I mentioned that there was also a factor I called Mass Effect(and “Velocities”(Wave Angle, actually.) Effect for the other method of obtaining distances(Out of “Vels” and App.Mags.) I was unsure about it. Could not recall what it was




Victor Conway.


Very important:-


Also do a chart of mags against “vels”.(Multiply the “vels” by 100. To magnify the y co-ordinate. If you have done it right, you should get a zig zag.(Which is actually a wave effect!)(You get the zig zag first. But when you multiply to magnify the “vels”, you get the wave effect!!)










AND that!!
















Upon The Earth’s surface, we measure around the surface circumference, not through The Earth.(I use that as a guide.)


It depends upon which distance you want, of course. The curved arc distance or the straight chord one.


We cannot see right around back to ourselves.


Though there is a galaxy diametrically opposite to us across the meta-galaxy – which is our TWIN GALAXY.


I believe THEY have just found it!!














Vic Conway.





























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