My astronomy articles reading order list!


Monday, 6th June, 2,011.










Astronomy articles advised order of reading!!








Article file reference names:(After this one, LM6) LM5, A1058, A1059. Then go: A1061,2,3,4,5, 6 and 7.




Next: A1071, 2 and 3.




Also BB15, 16 and 17.




Then A909(Three different ways to The Quasar distances!!)


And LM4 and LM1(Cosmology)




Then go LLNT4.(Nature’s Telescope(And Microscope.).)






Finally(when previous ones understood to the best of your ability)(As the previous articles are a much more readily understand condensation of this lot. A re-hash!!) read and study A911, A912, A913a, A914a.


And A813,4,5 and A817.














Vic. Don’t forget to view my maps. On WordPress!!(As I hope are all the rest of the articles.)





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