More on my(in brief) EXACT Astronomical Distances and masses,etc.finder.

Thursday, 2nd March, 2,006.


More on Brief Astronomical Distance Finder!

I mentioned that there was also a factor I called Mass Effect(and “Velocities”(Wave Angle, actually.) Effect for the other method of obtaining distances(Out of “Vels” and App.Mags.) I was unsure about it. Could not recall what it was.

I now remember what it is: It is the difference between The Geometric Mean and The Arithmetic Mean!! Please take it into account. In other words subtract(either way) main Mass figure from Wave Angle figure(The old “vels”.).(TRY it without(M.E. and “Vel”E. See if the patterns improve!)

When doing quasars and radio sources, you will have a z figure. Make sure Relativity Effect is allowed for. Ensure that a 1 precedes the figure.(They usually have done this.) What you need to do is to take the four digits (two immediately before and two immediately after) following the decimal point. (For example: .4100.)Multiply by one hundred(100).you then have 41. Use THAT figure! Later you divide by 100. This then puts it right. The purpose of multiplying by a 100 is to obtain a figure you can handle!!(Which is later removed.)

The orthodox data from the catalogues will be basically TWO digits. USE those, but CORRECT them, as I have explained!! We are not using orthodox data, only CORRECTED orthodox data!!

Keep a VERY close eye on all digits and noughts!! Omit none!! Basically we are using the two digits BEFORE the decimal point. With the quasars,etc.(Special case.) I had to multiply the digits AFTER the decimal point by 100 to get a useable figure, as so low. But then divided by 100 later, to correct!!(Four, because usually 00xy.)

Also do a chart of mags against “vels”.(Multiply the “vels” by 100. To magnify the y co-ordinate. If you have done it right, you should get a zig zag.(Which is actually a wave effect!)(You get the zig zag first. But when you multiply to magnify the “vels”, you get the wave effect!!)
Do 40 candidates for each category.(Stars, Stellar Clusters, Galaxies,etc., Quasars and Radio Sources,etc. Do The Nearest Stars!!

More will conceal picture. Less will not be enough!!

Use good Astronomy Catalogues!!

Do maps of Right Ascension, R.A. And for Declination. Decl.

Convert both to suitable and equal(to each other!) units, first.

Decl. only covers 180 degrees of sky. So duplicate result for the other side!(Just copy one side TO the other!!)

When done, superimpose R.A. on Decl.(Or vice versa.) Then rotate top field 90 degrees. I think to left.(But it may be right. Check!!) You should be astonished(if you have plotted correctly) at the incredible FIT!!)(The reason is very simple! All astronomical(and many other!) fields are spirals. Spirals have opposite sides much the same in pattern!!(But of course allow for the fact that our views will be half R.A. and half Decl!! Not being neatly in our view line.)

When you have the results, plot a circular map (which will have the sun in the centre)(Our star.)(Or galaxy, or whatever, if dealing with other categories.)(I used a scale of one centimeter to the light- year.)(With the stars. But say 10 (light-years!) for the closed stellar clusters, and 1,000 light years with the galaxies,etc. Something like that.)

When you have done the forty candidates(For R.A. and a separate map for Decl.), carefully observe the pattern. Which I found was a spiral. A sort of S. Maybe backwards.(It is a spiral in R.A. A V in Decl.(Showing a SPIRAL field.)(You should always get this.) What you now need to do, is find the centre of the field!(It won’t be the sun.) This should not be too hard. As it is the centre of the S.(Which I think is a backwards S.)(Simply(you should find)continue the spiral SHAPE onwards! It should run through field centre!!) With the stars(the nearest stars(a special category), you will find that Sol, our sun, is VERY close to the centre of the field.(Remember that initially the view is from the sun(of course). But we are not particularly interested in that view. What we do seek is The Centre of The Field CONCERNED!! This will turn out to be The Rho Oppuchus.(A dark dusty region of many red dwarfs.) Of particular interest is the ANGLE between Field Centre and The Sun. Get that! Also the distance from the F.C. (Field Centre).

If you measure the gaps between the different object, you should find(I did!) a marvellous mathematical arrangement, similar to The Titius Bode Law with the planets in our Solar System!! You should also observe an angled view of a vast planetary system of the FIELD concerned!!(Which is exactly what it IS!!)

Another thing to observe is that many object go in pairs!

(Remember that the orthodox figures are VERY wrong. All that they produce is CHAOS!!(Because wrong data!)(Which they THINK is the way things NATURALLY are!!)(However, using the correct figures, you will find the spiral patterns(Backward (or forwards) S’s in R.A. and V’s in Decl.)(Much like the spiral galaxies!)

You will get this in ALL categories!

Now don’t tell me that this is a fluke or chance co-incidence! As the odds against are so astronomomically great – as to boggle the mind to the very limit!! Besides, you will get the patterns EVERY time, with EVERY field!!

Naturally if you are an orthodox astronomer, or supporter(as most are), you WILL NOT LIKE IT!! It means having to completely change Astronomy!!(Re-write the books! Just change the terms. E.g. Wave Angle for Velocity,etc.)(AND change Cosmology and Cosmogony and Astro-physics!!!) You will hate me. Be that as it may. You will NOW have the CORRECT Astronomy!(Which is FULL of many wonders and marvels!!) Which should not only change the world(for the better!). But change the course of history!!(You will SEE. IF you do the plotting.(I am too old to re-do, having lost all my maps and charts, tables and graphs,etc.(Not bull, hard fact!!)(Due to my having to move so often!!))(It means a bit of work! But VERY rewarding!!)

You should also observe that the further the objects are from F.C.(Field Centre) the larger they are, and the more massive(mass amount), bright, faster, etc.etc.(Also! You will find that the colours of the objects go from red to blue, progressively!!(All the colours of the spectrum(or most of them)!! Spacing out mathematically!! As well as GEOMETRICALLY!!!!) Which tells me that the objects(stars, or whatever) are getting born at the centre of the field(in the case of the stars, as red dwarfs(hence all those red dwarfs there)) of minimal size, but GROWING as they proceed outwards along one of the two spiral arms(Which is what the S or backwards S is!)(Just like with the spiral galaxies!!)(There are no red giants!!)

So(if you do it right) what you will get is spirals(S’s or Z’s(backward S’s) in R.A. V’s in Decl.(Though these will be skewiff due to angled views!!) with the field maps, and amazing super-imposures,ETC. with the R.A. and Decl “clocks”.

Yes, surely the biggest scientific discovery of the century, if not EVER!!

As it MUST change everything!!

I had help from God, via aliens and spirits. They gave me the basic ideas. I worked out the details.

One clock is degrees and minutes(Decl.), the other is hours and minutes(R.A.).(Maybe seconds, too.) Reduce to units you can work with. AND get the two clocks to be as similar as possible!!

You will need to do it in these two stages, of course. First getting the vector(R.A. and Decl!!), and then the distance. USING MY DISTANCES!! DO NOT USE ORTHODOX DISTANCES, or anything else that is orthodox!! EXCEPT with The Homer GUIDE to know how many digits (mathematical ORDER) are involved!! Don’t forget the zeroes!!

Although we are initially dealing with RATIOS, we FINALLY convert to ACTUAL values!! So do not worry about ratios, rates and the fact that we are adding apples to pears,etc. sort of thing!! It all comes out RIGHT!!!!

You need to do The Clocks first. To reduce to useable units. And to equalize R.A. and Decl!! The main R.A. and Decl. maps are of course extensions of the clocks, using MY DISTANCES!!(I THINK I used orthodox distances when doing the clocks. Then worked out the correct data. Which I then used on the MAIN R.A. and Decl MAPS!!!!)

It took me about 30 years. So it is no overnight pipe dream!!

DO the practical side FIRST. Worry about the theory AFTERWARDS!!

I checked and re-checked, REPEATEDLY. Going very slowly, VERY carefully.

You may have observed that hitherto my Astronomical Distance and Mass,etc.Finder was extremely lengthy and difficult! Including so hard to follow!! Numerous long articles. Long back!!( Forget all that. Just use A1058 and A1059. They contain THE LOT. Compactly!!)

It isn’t NOW!! Not now that I have reduced it ALL into TWO articles. This one, and the preceding one!! A1058 and A1059. Therefore, I IMPLORE YOU, DO the plotting, irksome and long though it may be!! As this is the biggest scientific discovery EVER. And SO well worth the doing!! SO DO IT!!!! You have my full permission and URGING. Merely acknowledge(I am extending copyright to one and all!!) WHO did it(me)!!(You don’t need to contact me! Just get on with the job!!!! PLEASE!!!!)

So you need not NOW go back into all those many complex difficult articles on the subject. JUST USE THESE TWO!!

That is all.

Astronomy(indeed ALL human knowledge) is “all to ….(fill in the dots yourself!)”. Deliberately so. Thanks to bad aliens.(Some aliens are bad.(You get good and bad in all societies. ET, as well as human!!))(Humans are a one-off genetic production by aliens!)(Currently, humans are being crossed with little greys, to produce a new race of mutants.(Human sized.) The many abductions are partly for this reason.

The bad aliens have made all strata of humans bad, like themselves. And this has been so for as long as we have existed! We need to break the spell, and get back to normal. As things are ANYTHING BUT AS THEY SHOULD BE!!

I am getting away with it, and telling you(SO FAR!!), simply because of the difficulty in controlling The Internet!! But they will eventually control that,too!!!!

The faceless evil ones(humans!) of The Secret Government,etc.(The Illuminati. And Freemasons(not so sure about them!)) are trading humans in exchange for advance technology!!(“You give us the best technology, we will let you abduct our humans for VERY painful experiments, and cross breeding, and God knows what else!!) Yes, folks, THAT is HOW it is!!!!

Please note that things are best this way currently. God is allowing it, so that the unevolved may develop!! And we are VERY unevolved!! One of the most backward planets in the galaxy!!

God COULD at any time over-rule, and save Mankind. But not just yet!! As too many would be lost!!!!

If only because WE have CHOSEN The Devil!!(To rule us!!)

Which is why things are so bad, and getting ever worse!!

Though our bad weather,etc. is due to THE SUN, electronically!!

Get ready for the coming Ice Age!!

Any questions, ASK ME!!

No! I am NOT lying., and I am not crazy!! You will find that I am very VERY right!!!!

All the best!



Vic Conway.










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