LM8 Your response, please. To my telling you that 2012 IS Doomsday!!


Monday, 21st March, 2,011.














What is your response? To my telling you that Doomsday is about to begin??










It IS possible, right? That I am right.


I know it is, with about 99.99 recurring per cent.




Only 5% believe me. By the way I don’t sent these articles out to just you the recipient, but to as many others as I can. In the desperate, FRANTIC, hope that someone somewhere will SPARK an enquiry byAS MANY AS POSSIBLE!! THAT WE MIGHT SAVE THE WORLD!!!!


We are talking about the survival (or not) of ALL life forms upon this planet!


I know what I am saying LOOKS unlikely. But truths ARE very unlikely looking chaps!!


Shouldn’t you be checking this out. JUST IN CASE??!!(Just in case I am right!!)


About 1% bothers to reply. IF THAT!!


WHY would I KEEP ON AND ON repeating something were I not PRETTY SURE that it was true??


I have the future of ALL life upon this planet ON MY SHOULDERS. So OF COURSE I keep on!






I am the ONLY ONE on this PLANET who knows what is happening AND HOW to save us!!


What are you thinking? Too unlikely. AND I do not like it! So just disbelieve it – and problem solved!!




But supposing it is right??(I KNOW that it is!!)(For about as near to CERTAIN – as it is possible to get!! It is MORE unlikely that the sun will not rise tomorrow THAN THAT I am basically wrong!!(I am not saying EVERY detail I am telling you is true. Just that I am ESSENTIALLY right!!))






If I am right, and YOU fail to ACT(not just think!) in time, you could be hauled before the Council.(The GALACTIC council.) AND you could be DESTROYED completely!!





Now come along NOW, don’t tell me that you are able to rule out that I am right?!





HAVE YOU checked it out??






If not, HOW do you know that I am not right??




A statement of SUCH gravity SURELYwarrants A CHECK!!!!









I cannot do more than TELL you.

Do you think that something has to be uttered by some professional of Science BEFORE a thing can be true??


THEY are OFTEN wrong!!




Have YOU no idea how bad this world is??


Have YOU ANY idea of the MESS we are in??!!






The West has just attacked Libya. A sovereighn country. Like Iraq was. Yes, it is a MOST TRAGIC mistake!!(As was Iraq.)





The Arab league is now turning against us. And THEY could get support from Russia, China, India AND Iran,ETC. ETC. Who VERY possibly WOULD beat us.



I think this is the first step towards World War 111!




Libya is fighting REBELS. Who are Al Qeada! Colonel Gaddafi, like Saddam Hussein, is a GOOD man! It is HIS country. WE are interfering!! Let other nation’s RULERS decide what is best for their people’s!! (I think it is better that a few civilians suffer(if they do), THAN THAT THE WHOLE WORLD BLOW UP!! COME ON!!!!


Iraq and Libya are(or were!) FRIENDLY countries.




This is about SHOW!!


The West is afraid to attack its enemies, so it attacks SEEMINGLY out of line friends to try to scare our enemies!! But that doesn’t work!!




You are WRONG Hague!


And so is UNO(in the Libya and Iraq instances)and The Security Council!!!!




Peoples everywhere DO NOT know what is best for them! And certainly the slaves do not!! You need RESPONSIBLE minded ACCOUNTABLE people to rule!! NOT those who cannot bear Authority!!




Totalitarianism is BETTER THAN Democracy! But! Democracy is better for people who are responsible and accountably MINDED!!


You HAVE TO ENFORCE law and order!! Or Democracy sinks to Anarchy! As is happening more and more in The West!!








The West OFTEN puts its foot in it. Germany and Russia abstained. Too dangerous!!(Which of course IT IS!!)






Look at Obama’s position. Election in September. U.S. in TERRIBLE debt and deficit. Military supremacy handed over to Russia!! Protect the civilians. Oh,yes. Protect the civilians. But at THE COST of EVEN MORE civilian casualties??!! NOT the way to go, West!!






So U.S. HAS TO go the path of war to win him the election, to solve the debt and deficit problem, TO GET OIL(What is wrong with SHALE oil? Same with the Earth Elements.)(Up in North America!!)(Chasing Oil in The Middle East is going to be The West’s DOWNFALL!!)


Also to democratize The Middle East.




The Allies were good. But they are making TOO MANY tragic mistakes!! (Vietnam was all right. The mistake there WAS TO PULL OUT!! U.S. students sold us out!!)







Coming off the gold standard was another error. The Gold Standard acted as a Safety Reference!!

Ignoring General McArthur against North Korea, re RED CHINA – was another.


Invading Iraq was a TRAGEDY!!




Failing to hit Iran is another!!




When carried to EXTREMES, Humanitarianism IS A MENACE!!




Keep BALANCED, West!!






Same with Political Correctness, ETC.(All the VARIOUS activisms!!)








STOP IT, at once, West. Or you risk WORLD WAR!!




But THAT is what the West UNFORTUNATELY is willing to risk now, to get out of debt and deficit, to get oil,etc. and to spread Democracy,etc!! AND FOR OBAMA TO MAYBE WIN THE ELECTION!!!! Yes.








MARK MY WORDS. THIS will lead to World War 111. AND The West will (probably) LOSE IT!!






THIS is the war that The U.S. starts that leads to the destruction of THE WEST!!!!






YOU MARK my words!!










U.S. and Al Queda(Al Qaeda and Taliban were originally CREATED by The U.S!!)(The Secret Government did!) brought about 9/11 DELIBERATELY!!(To have an excuse to attack Afghanistan!!)(Target Bin Laden. Who is STILL at large!!)






We are NOT winning in Afghanistan!!(We will EVENTUALLY lose there.)







We should have attacked IRAN, not Iraq!

We should have attacked Pakistan, not Afghanistan!!




(We should have)Stopped RED China years back. AND Invaded North Korea.


Iraq and Libya are weak countries. So easy to beat!


We don’t attack the REAL enemies FOR FEAR of losing!!




We are TRYING to fool The Political East and our enemies but they are NOT that stupid!!(If at all!!)






Australia is HUNG. It doesn’t JUST have a hung parliament.


It needs to BOOT OUT these “Asylum seekers” and SO MANY immigrants!!




You are INSANE, Australia!!




Multi Culturalism WILL NOT WORK!!(In the long run.)




Humans are not ready for it!!








Do NOT drop Nuclear Power!! That is a risk THAT IS BETTER TAKEN!!


RED China,etc. will not drop nuclear power!!




Keep your eye on THE MAIN BALL, West!!






NO thing is risk free!!






Bring Corby home!!(SHE is not guilty. Foul customs staff were!!)






The West is going evil!!(Via Obama.)




So many of us go evil now, TO SURVIVE!!










But what about after death?? Yes, and Hell!!








The West may do well for a long time. But FINALLY fall!!












Democracy suits me. But I know STUPIDITY when I see it!!





























In Japan we have another Chernobyl at worst. Slight radiation, at least.





West, STOP leaning so hard in favour of not offending fools!!




It is better to die on the RIGHT hook, than a wrong one!!










Stop being SO STUPID!!!!












Thank you for listening(IF you did!!).










Check OUT my calculations!










Simple arithmentic.


A few minutes work!!








Not TOO hard for you I HOPE!!!!























































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