LM3. More upon why two suns seen!!


Friday, 27th May, 2,011.










More on why two suns seen.


Minor binary companion to Sol, Antoine, not Nemesis.








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Most astronomical objects go in identical twin pairs. Sol is no exception. Its binary star sun companion is Nemesis. About two light years off. Won’t orbit sun for millions of years.


However, there is also a MINOR star sun companion to Sol, called Antoine, complete with its six planets and their orbitting satellites,etc. Including SOL’S captured erstwhile planet Phaeton – which orbitted our sun between Mars and Jupiter – where the asteroid belt now is. Phaeton’s core(Is almost as big as Mars.) and Nibiru, Sol’s Planet X(Almost as big as Saturn.), which it(Antoine)also captured.




Phaeton’s core struck Earth millions of years back, creating our moon, after a thermo-nuclear war between two city states with untested weapons atomically ignited the deuterium (H3) in their ocean, blowing off Phaeton’s surface. This object is wrongly being called Nibiru. (Though Nibiru is also approaching us. Nibiru is currently just off Saturn. Due to pass us in 2,078.A.D.)(I think Phaeton will pass one million miles off us in 2,015.A.D.)(No idea really, just guessing. However, both Antoine, the second sun AND Phaeton’s core can be seen if you photograph, film, video or whatever the sun.)(I believe Vulcan crashed into the sun some time back. And minor planet Vesta is nowhere near.)




Phaeton is wrongly being called Nibiru.(This subject is extremely complex and confusing.)




Close study of our sun, by browser on Internet, on videos,etc. and the study of reports and comments should make clear that we do INDEED have two suns now(and soon will have two moons)(Phaeton will be the other.).






What we have is two solar systems merging! Sol’a(our’s)solar system AND that of minor stellar binary Antoine’s lot(of six planets). This merger began some years back, and will continue for some years yet.


The orbitting of our sun by Antoine and its retinue occurs every 3,600 years.


Phaeton’s core passing us at about one million miles should just about tear our planet Earth apart.(We can expect to see it close up like our moon, soon!)(Then we shall have two moons,TOO.)




This event is due to occur within a few years.(Apparently it is Phaeton’s gravity that causes The Polar Shift, THOUGH IT WOULD OCCUR ANYWAY due to the OTHER monster cataclysm(due centred upon December 21st, 2,012))




What we have occurring RIGHT NOW – is a once in 25 MILLION YEARS event, called THE EVENT. Which quite a few got born purposely at this time, to SEE!!




This explains WHY we are seeing TWO SUNS!(Understand: The angle of approach of the other solar system is very obliquely to our ecliptic.(Where few will look.) This, plus the fact that it(the second sun) is usually VERY hidden in the glare of our own sun.(Antoine is currently starting to orbit our sun!). And not many are going to see what is silhouetted against the sun, OR near to it!!




You can see Phaeton silhouetted against our sun, or very close to our sun.(Being called(wrongly)Nibiru.)(Nibiru can also be seen.)(Phaeton due to pass us(my guess)2,015.A.D. Nibiru due to come fairly close in 2,078.A.D.)(The grave threat is Phaeton, not Nibiru!!)






Until recently these objects could only be seen from near to The South Pole.


And that only in The Infra Red, and with Special Filters(the other sun, anyway).


Through telescopes!!






These objects are easily confused with the stellar,etc. back drop. And so hard to notice.


Which explains WHY so few have seen these objects SO FAR.




Consider too the fact that this once every 3,600 years merging of the two solar systems is being CONSTANTLY denied by the authorities.(Ostensibly to avoid panic, but really to keep firm control of us.)




However, they are going to HAVE TO admit this, and MANY other things SOON, as the evidence is getting too undeniable!!






Panic should be awful.


But I say “Better a little panic,now. Than PANDEMONIUM later.”.




Humans are pretty tough, they can GET USED to a horror and terror even as great as this – given enough warning. THEREFORE


Whereas, if you don’t warn the people, the frantic pandemonium later could be worse than the main events!!




Now the OTHER monster SUPER CATACLYSM occurs once every 6,500 years.(What is happening NOW – is the happening of BOTH monster super cataclysms almost SIMULTANEOUSLY!!)




The OTHER disaster is due to the sun, Sol, rounding a spiral arm of the group of stars that it is upon.(No, not a spiral arm of The Milky Way Galaxy! But a spiral arm of a CLOSED cluster of stars THAT SOL IS IN.(Orthodoxy think our sun is a solo traveller)(I found this group by mapping the cosmos using CORRECT distances!))






The sun rounds this spiral arm once every 6,500 years.(This is what caused Mu Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon, and NOW US, HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, just starting up!!!!) Producing a HEAVE LURCH. We know as Centrifugal Force, which, because Earth,etc. accompanies the sun around the spiral arm, WE shall experience too(Like with a car going around a sharp bend.)(Also Motor bikes and cars riding the walls of death at fairgrounds,etc. . The centrifugal force will push the MAGMA up against the tectonic plates! Producing volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and heat. This is what is happening. Causing the growing disasters in ALL areas of life!(The alleged carbon dioxide by Man – is RUBBISH!! Plants could take FOUR TIMES as much – and THRIVE!! Methane is a bigger menace. And water vapour and cloud bigger still. So on top of the natural disasters, Man is adding an extra burden, especially to third world countries!!)


The TWO cycles occur together once every 25 MILLION years. So we are in for a double whammy. WHACK, WHACK!! Very few life forms(on Earth) will survive.




What they do each time, the survivors, they go down The North Geographical Pole. Which is the entrance to a 1,400 mile wide TUBEWAY. Leading down into The Great Within, where it is safer!(The Earth is hollow.)(Land, ocean and even a small red sun down there. A tropical paradise! No, not too hot at all!)


So leave a time capsule for those of 3,600 and 6,500 years hence!! To warn them. Even as we have been warned by various IN THE KNOW groups for a very long time.




Meanwhile wear my SPECIAL Faraday Caged HELMETS, to keep out the masses of electrons we are now encountering as we close in upon the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster!(Massive electron streams flow down these spiral arms alongside of the stars,etc.)(I THINK this is what is causing the mass animals death(humans,next).)




GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(Easier than down south.(One(HOLE) at each end of The Earth.).)I suggest Cruise ships preceded by Ice Breakers to evacuate choice species(including human)






Take CARE NOT to miss the tubeway entrance to The Great Within. It is only 1,400 miles wide!(Too big to distinguish. And too gradual to notice. So will need full attention!! Take bee line using gyroscopes from way back, a dead straight line, there are no landmarks. Point is compass bearings will be haywire!!)






We have two suns,now. And soon shall have two moons,too!!(Antoine is the second sun. Phaeton’s core(The horrible winged serpent of Horus.) will VERY SOON be the second moon!!






Take ARMS!!






No the two suns phenomena increasingly being reported is NOT due to sun dogs, lens flares, reflections, refractions, nor thermal inversions,etc! Nothing like this. Just a second REAL sun, Antoine!






Doom began September 1st, 2,010. And will continue for a few years, parabolically increasing, until ALMOST TOTAL WIPE-OUT of all life in solar system, not just upon The Earth!


Yes, the planet COULD get destroyed.








Two great events soon to occur: 1. Galactic Alignment.(When on Northern Winter Solstice, Earth, Sun and The Great Rift at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy all line up.(We have recently had a great planetary line up.) 2. The start of The Aquarian Age.


All cycles now ending, but fresh ones should be beginning. Great date is December 21st, 2,012.






These events are wonderful. But Man, in general, AND NATURE, cannot bear them. Too good for them. So they RE-ACT. And it is this RE-ACTION that is going to bring about DOOM!!






CHECK my proof and confirmation of my Geometric Binomial Sequence! I have proved at SUPER astronomical odds in my favour that 2,012 is indeed the year of doom. (

PLEASE CHECK MY PROOF IN MY ARTICLE L7! And CONFIRM CORRECT YEARS on the Internet!!)The NEXT prediction of my geometric binomial sequence!!







It is tempting to believe that this is just more rubbish from gullible fantacizers, but in THIS CASE – that is not so!!


That other sun is REAL!!








The Polar Shift has already begun. Starting with an usual disturbance of magnetic north on compasses,etc.(The Magnetic North is always changing, but this current disturbance is UNUSUAL!!)




There it is, chaps. This is IT!!(The END of TWO great AGES!!)






We gotta go sometime. We survive death, anyway!












My special helmets will also keep out the red dust NOW falling down through our atmosphere – from Phaeton’s Tail. Blown over us some time since by the solar wind!







Try to get governments to unite and do this. We can try!!












The alleged Noah’s ark on Mount Arafat, by the way, is a rock formation.








The other objects of Antoine’s Solar System are hard to distinguish from the background stellar field.








Beaching whales MAY be because of magnetic North changing as Polar Shift begins. But more likely I think due to sonar disturbances from U.S. warships.








Note that honey bees are dying. Because not able to use their magnetic field guidance systems. Due to polar shift causing magnetic north to start deviating now. That means flowers not pollinated. Animals die. And humans. We need to eat!!(I think due to Sun’s Magnetic Pole’s reversal. Plus the reversal(possibly) of other and LARGER objects and/or fields.)








Watch for stars EN MASSE starting to slide down. This will indicate that The Earth is starting to invert!!








Don’t be caught napping now!!



















































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