LM1 – Cosmology.

Sunday, 22nd May, 2,011.









Cosmology: There is no expansion! What we see is Cosmic Horizon! Angle of view, space per VIBRATION, not space per time!! Astronomy: Divide all distances and “velocities”(ACTUALLY space per vibrations)by TWO!! http://www.vicsesoterica.synthasite.com(Now vicsesoterica.com and conspiracytheorieshot.yolasite.com)(With the usual prefixes perhaps.)


I mapped the entire cosmos at all four main levels: Stars, Stellar clusters(closed), galaxises,etc. and clusters of galaxies.

The result was definite patterns – expected as per my theory!

The cosmos is composed basically of spirals within spirals(at all levels) and FILAMENTS!!

What we see(at all four levels), is across a spiral disk. S shaped to plan view and V shaped to side view.


Aside from a slow linear expansion from centre of field, diametrically flowing objects, along an invisible placenta of energy. Beginning as small red dwarfs, then growing as they move out along the arms of the S and V – until they become blue giants.

The Rho Oppuchus is at the centre of the closed stellar cluster that Sol, our sun, a star, is in. A dark region – where red dwarf stars are found. Sol, our sun, is quite close to this centre.

I found that everything goes in identical twin pairs. Some close in, some far out. Depending I believe on the degree of spin of the stars(or whatever) concerned.

The Cosmological Red Shift is not a velocity system at all, bu our view out the rim of the disk. What I call my “Wave Angle”.(Though cosmological velocities do parallel this!)


There is no expansion. No Big Bang(Just little plops.)


Light,etc.radiation travels infinitely fast, and is REGISTERED at c! Thus we see objects where they are, not where they were!


Telescopically, we see out across HYPER space,and time, per straight chords. But AROUND the circumference of the field per Hubble’s Law.(Which applies not just for galaxies,etc. but stars and their clusters,too!!)



Arcturus is the twin of Sol. Red because the intervening dust and debris lowers the vibration of the yellow light.


Andromeda is the twin of our Milky Way Galaxy.



Orion’s Belt is actually like a T, with Sol at the base of the T.


There is also, much farther out, a giant Orion’s Belt. Probably a co-incidence.


Everything is geometrically and mathematically perfect!!


Note that the 3d results obtained by orthodox distances(I get quite different distances by applying a formula to the orthodox ones.)(Space time is bent, and warped, by the way.)(You get the warps removed to get the straight chord distances by casting out Pi/2 continually!!)(Which you also need to do to the main space time curvature.)


I know my distances are correct AND accurate – because of the patterns.(All orthodox distances get is CHAOS.)


Unfortunately, moving around, I lost all my maps,charts,lists,etc. But I remember the main outlines, which I have sent to U-Tube via Twitter.(I have WordPress in there.)

(Please get my extremely important proof and confirmation of 2,012(Doom) on my article L7 on WordPress!!)



Via correct and accurate distances I also get correct and accurate MASSES,etc.


The quasars are 100 times closer than orthodoxy says!(Doctor Arp is correct. The quasars are everywhere, and of vaious sizs. But the ones we see are at the edge of our galaxy and nearby galaxies!!


Orthodox distances,etc.bar Hubble’s Law are VERY wrong.(H.L. is extremely accurate. ALMOST as accurate as my method.)

No wonder we are getting TWO different sets of distances!!


So astronomers may keep their right arms.(They said they would give their right arms to find out the correct distances!)


This is just a very brief survey.





Vic Conway.











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