LLNT4. Nature’s Telescope(and Microscope).


Wednesday, April 01, 1998.






I found it by accident. When I had a telescope once. An Astronomical One.


I forgot to take the dust cap off. I also did not focus from infinity or zero. I simply turned it upon the stars. And looked out. Furthermore, I was indoors, and looking through glass!!!! I was amazed at what I say. Big white disks!!!! (It was SO beautiful!!!! I looked for ages. Lapping it up.)


Now I forgot that one cannot see the stellar disks EVEN THROUGH A TELESCOPE!! Was I viewing planets, no. WHAT was I looking at??


It was quite some time before I realized that I had forgotten a few items. I quickly removed the dust cap, and focussed in. Also used my view finder. Now things were different!!!!


The question nagged me: WHAT HAD I BEEN LOOKING AT!!!!



It took me months to work it out.


I had seen the stars all right. But through glass, and through the dust cap, AND RIGHT OUT OF FOCUS!!!!


I had magnified the enlarged image that glass and dust cap naturally produced. A spread image. Plus right out of focus.


This satisfied me for some time. And gradually I forgot about it.


The years passed.


I then recalled that the images(the disks)were of different sizes and shades!!!!



It eventually(months, even years later)occurred to me that magnifying mere optical spread images would not vary both disk sizes AND shades!!!!


Now this of course is the orthodox explanation. One simply sees the spread optical images!!(And it sounds good.)


The question remained: HOW could the sizes vary??


The magnification of optical spread will only change the disk size. Not the shade!!


The hypothesis is, that a point of light will get spread by the atmosphere, then the glass, then the dust cap, AND BE RIGHT OUT OF FOCUS!!!! Now it is true that that point of light will vary in strength – according to the distance and brightness,etc.of the star. You would not see all stars as a disk of the same shade. The shade would vary, according to the brightness of the image arriving at the top of the atmosphere!!!!


I did not try it in focus.(How could one know,anyway.)


I did try it out of doors, and the results were a little clearer. But basically the same.


We do not see(even telescopically)stellar disks. We simply see POINTS of light. The COMBINED result of distance and intrinsic brightness(less the obscuring matter)(etc.)


Why then see varying sizes AND varying shades?? Shouldn’t they all have come out merely different sizes as the light got spread!!!!


How could atmosphere,glass and dust cap KNOW when to change size, and when to darken(or brighten)??


Being right out of focus would not vary BOTH factors either!! So what was causing it??


It was as though I was seeing the ACTUAL stellar disks with their light intensities proportionately apportioned!!!!


This seemed mad. I knew that my 800x telescope would not magnify the stars to show their DISKS if telescopes FAR MORE powerful than mine could not do it. I was getting apparent disks – much larger than the sun(!!)showing up!!!! THAT was no surprise. What was was that the SHADES of these disks VARIED!!!! The splash of light would of course vary according to the AMOUNT of light coming through. But it would be THE COMBINE of distance and intrinsic brightness, less obscuring matter,etc!!!!


I could not work it out.

Many years passed.


I kept returning to it. Without success.


There had to be an explanation.


Then I got it.

It was simple. But INCREDIBLE!!!!




The only explanation was that I was actually seeing the stellar disks, and their resultant intensities. I quickly worked out HOW:-


I knew it could not be the orthodox solution, of seeing mere spread patches of light.


The Earth’s Atmosphere was acting as a GIGANTIC LENS!!!!


Yes. Nature’s Telescope!!!!


Normally, the atmosphere SPOILS the view!!

Because it is usually so turbulent.


That turbulence would not spoil the lens, because so slight in relation to the whole!!


This did not make sense!!


It would need to be focussed in on a star!! Yet I had many, and clear!!


I remembered where I had looked. It was at The Milky Way!!!!(The central core, I think!!) Where red giants are common. I also recalled that there were MANY stars. I was at 800x magnification. Had I been simply looking at nearby stars, I could only have gotten a few bright stars into the view field!!!! Not so many as I was getting!!!!

Also I recalled that when I moved around that part of the sky, I still picked them up.

I worked alone, out in the country, at night. The night was clear. And any artificial lights outside were far away. All my own lights were off.

I did not have spots before the eyes. And I was sober. And not stoned.

There was nobody else around to play any pranks!!!!



Was I seeing the red giants in The Milky Way’s Centre!!


What else could I be seeing??


You see, the Milky Way Centre is big enough and deep enough, so that I would, over a wide angle, get many stars into my view!!!! And I picked up a sample by ACCIDENT!!!!


I looked for star spots. But did not see any.


I checked for colour. None visible.


These were shimmering like pearls.


Simply beautiful white disks against a black velvet.


The dust cap was filtering out THE GLARE!!!!


The window glass merely distorted the images a bit.


It had to be the AIR!!!!


I was not satisfied. One lens is not enough to produce a telescopic result!!(At any distance.)


Then I got it: The Earth’s atmosphere, and/or magnetic field, plus the sun’s magnetic field would form the full Nature’s Telescope!!!!(I even worked out the magnification. And it corresponded!!!! You could see the red giants at that size!!!!!!!!!!)



If you took the dust cap off, all you would get would be GLARE.


Going outside improved the view.(OF COURSE!!!!)


Now just consider: When an ordinary telescope(regardless of its power)views the stars, it just gets a scintillation(glare). No disks.(As a rule.)(Not with the stars.)


If you filtered out this glare, you would be left with a point of light. Not a disk!!(The Russians have managed to get some small disks, but these are a lot smaller than what I got!!!!)


By forgetting to have my telescoped focussed, I had it at infinity.(It works less well at the other focus. I think it was infinity that produced the best result.)


THAT way it would pick up distant stars, provided it had the magnification. My little telescope certainly did not have that power!! But combined with Nature’s Telescope, – YES!!!!



What was I doing!!


I was magnifying a tiny disk of light – produced by Nature’s Telescope, cutting out the glare(with my dust cap), and(particularly if outside)getting a good clear scene!!!!


What a stroke of luck!!

But it is not the first time my stupidity has paid off!!!!


You NEED the infinite focus!!!!(Or whichever one it is. Try the telescope right in AND right out!!!!)


It makes sense. The sizes and shades of the disks fit both the magnification of N.T. AND fit Red Giants,ETC. of different brightnesses.


So far nobody will believe me!!


It works!!


How else explain the two variable functions????


They have often(the astronomers)spoken about gravity lenses. Yes. We have a few ON OUR DOORSTEP. Now we can use them!!!!


It MAY work upon a few other objects too.

Why not give it a try!!


I cannot think of a better explanation.

Can you!!!!



You need the infinite focus, you need the filter, and you need Nature’s Telescope. Best out of doors. What more do you want!!!!







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