L25 The co-ordinates of The North Geographical TRUE Pole.

Thursday, 7th April, 2,011.





The Co-ordinates.





All right you may say(If you have decided I am not joking, not made a mistake(the arithmetic is too simple for that), “What are the co-ordinates of The Funnel Tunnel Entrance to The Tubeway to The Great Within?”.(The Earth being hollow.)


I have been asked for the co-ordinates. Well, since the Entrance is AT The North Geographical Pole(Similarly down south.), then they will be the co-ordinates of the geographical pole. Which, up North, are 90degrees North by 0 degrees the other way.

As I say: Make a BEE LINE for The North Geographical Pole, using a gyroscope from way back!(You go dead straight.)

On a round Earth it is quite straight forward to grasp exactly where 90 degrees North and 0 degrees the other way, is. The VERY top point of the world.


The snag is, you see, The Earth is not a sphere. Not even a rough pear shaped, a bit bumpy, sphere.

No. It is, as I said in an earlier article, A DOUBLE REVERSE HELIX.


I need to draw here, that shape.


As The Earth cooled with its molten contents flung to the sides by tangential force, it SOLIDIFIED IN THAT SHAPE!! Which is VERY HOLLOW.

It has an 800 mile thick shell, and a small about 25 mile wide plasmic spherical core at the centre(which wanders around a bit). The hollow is air and space. A few miles of atmosphere I believe, and then space right up to the red sun hot core!


That tangential force on the spinning globe also created giant double funnel tunnel tubeways at each end of The Earth, which lead down into the vast tropical paradise interior with its lands and oceans!! Not a lot smaller than the surface topography.


It is true that Phaeton’x core, as it passes, will damage the interior- as well as the outer surface, but since death is almost certain on the outer, need to take the risk within in preference to on outer!



The question now,is: How do I draw a DOUBLE REVERSE HELIX here?!


Will send as a separate file. Also one for the North Geographical Pole’s Double Funnel Tunnel.


So the difficulty with indicating the co-ordinates on a Double Reverse HELIX Earth, is that there is no simple rounded top to mark them on!! Nor bottom.

400 miles out in space, north and south, is hard to give co-ordinates to!!





Thank you for listening, if you did.







Vic Vicon Conway.



X(Where The North Pole is. About 400 miles up in space!)(Rather hard to give co-ordinates for!)


Sorry about the jagged outline. My poor penning, not as it actually is!

To enter The Great Within you have to proceed right around where I have jagged lines(NOT jagged in reality.) and go one 90 degrees around, and then another, before you find yourself upon the inner surface.


I have given a 2d cross section of a 3d reality.

That cross section would represent all cross-sections of the 3d reality.


The Double Reverse Helix shape is generally spherical, but with those two holes. One at each end.

Note that there is only the one CONTINUOUS surface!




All of Earth’s magma,etc. is within that thin shell.



The Earth’s core drawn to scale would actually be more like a dot.



Correction: The pole is not at X, but half way across the entrance(for both north and south poles).








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