K16. Some Doomsday events to come!!


Thursday, 6th January, 2,011.






















The world’s situation and prospects have been revealed to me: Too numerous are coming woes – to inform you of – other than as a list of POINTS:-






We live in a world so abundant with God and Nature’s goodness. Yet Mankind is so backward and unevolved that utter destruction will occur. Body and soul!!!!




1. Men have NO IDEA of the magnitude of the coming doom. Though are told the very reverse!!




2. THE Top horrors and terrors are the de-stabilizing sun, the blizzard of electrons, Nibiru, Phaeton, Mankind’s APPALLING de-generation,

and the fact that DOOM has just begun!!

3. Life depends upon honey bees. But they are dying increasingly. Why? Because of chemicals in insecticides destroying their immune systems, – causing them to get lost on way to collect pollen and return to the hive. Consequently many perishing that way.(when gone much land life perishes!)




4. Birds falling from the sky! Why?? Because of electron blizzard buzzing their brains PLUS the contrails being deliberately dropped increasingly upon us(To reduce world’s population)!!




5. We have HAARP, a secret U.S. weapon. That is controlling world.




6. Yes, contrails being dropped to kill us – to reduce world population. So necessary if we are to survive.(What a vain hope!!)




7. U.S. destroyed twin towers and Building Seven by implosions – to create an excuse to attack The Growing Political East domination. Secret hidden faces behind powers that be did. In collusion with Al Quaeda under Bin Laden. Purposely allowed to live!!




8. THEY(orthodox scientists) with The Hadron Collider are purposely creating the conditions before The (ALLEGED) Big Bang – to find out what caused it.




9. As well as creating mini Black Holes(Which by the way are GROWING in the bowels of The Earth!!). They need to be stopped!! But they are building a bigger and better Hadron Collider!!(They NEED destroying!!!! )


These are creating explosions in space as well as on and in The Earth!! Via time travelling atomic particles!!




10. Wikileaks is a mixed blessing. The question IS: Can the world HANDLE The Truth?? I don’t think so.




11. The Reign of Terror is coming. Soon to begin.




12. Catholicism is taking over Christendom. The last vestige of Imperial ROME!!(And Germany!!)




13. And Islam is rising to conquer the world!!






14. The Next Ice Age has just begun!!




15. The sun is approaching a region in space that contains a mass of FIRE!(Which must FRY us!!)




16. The Earth will soon PHYSICAL invert!!(Or at least fall upon its side. Which will be WORSE!!)(Because poles will move to India and Peru, or some such places!!






17. Nibiru to pass us in 2,078.A.D. Could destroy the planet via colossal gravity and magnetic tides at only one million miles distance!!






18. Russia dominates in thermo-nuclear,etc.weapons.






19. Vanishing oil!! Upon which Industry depends!!






20. Europa, under Germany, is rising, and should dominate West. Defeating Islam.






21. Australia and New Zealand will rule the world!!






22. Very few anti-biotics left – to combat disease. So all the old appalling diseases will return, worse than ever!!




23. Dengue Fever!(Swine Flu a deliberte hoax to profic Big Pharma!)




24. Cholera is spreading. Especially in Africa and Haiti.




25. Aids marches on. Re-surging.




26. Malaria spreads.




27. And drug resistant T.B. is growing.




28. Meicine is now to promote DISEASE. To profit Big Pharma. Best avoid clinics, hospitals and doctors,etc!!


29. Vaccines a mixed blessing.




30. Flouride.




31. U.S. Dollar to collapse.




32. U.S. to fall.




33. Return to Gold Standard being forced about






34. But Silver will far outstrip gold!!






35. World War Three, ETC.




36. The revolt of The People! But CRUSHED!!




37. Cyber war.




38. Hackers!!




39. Cannot win in Afghanistan. Worse than Iraq. Obama wrong.




40. Secret U.S. war in Pakistan.




41. Socialism via Obama,etc.(As well as rising Islam and Communism.)




42. Technological death ahead.




43. Tasers. Go public!!




44. Lasers. Insane use by hooligans.




45. The Galactic Alignment mob re-action.




46. Aquarius begins within 2 years. Mob re-action to that too!!






47. Beserk animals. All of them.






48. Marauding mobs.






49. Police States.






50. Martial Law.






51. Emergency Powers!!






52. Fall of U.S. Dollar,etc.






53. Phoney Boom as Dow expected to break through 12,000, again. Only to collapse back to 700’s. And eventually to THE ROCKS!!!!(Doouble Dip Recession coming.)


In a new and Greater Depression.






54. A New World Currency. Or The Chinese Yuan!!






55. Colossal changes. Mostly bad.




56. Wikileads to spread.




57. World water shortage.




58. World food shortage.






59. Alien take-over.






60. UFO’s increasing. Our crisis is attracting so many!! Alien civilizations gathering TO WATCH.




61. The BLIZZARD of electrons,etc.




62. NO Utopia around the corner!! Only the VERY reverse!!






63. Aliens stop our invasion of space.(To protect The Solar System – from our depradations!!)








64. Traffic FIASCO.




65. Rise of Al Quaeda and Taliban. Created and supported by U.S!!




66. THE EVENT has already started!! Worst time EVER(FUTURE too!!) for Man,etc. on Earth!


67 The Very planet could collapse.






68. Great Desertion by Authorities.






69. Increasing General INSANITY!!






70. Technological Expansion comes to a crashing end.






71. Evil’s rule.






72. CHRIST’S return. Defeats Man.






73. And God defeats Devil.






74. The current Phoney Peace to end.






75. Global Warming.




76. AND Global Cooling!!






77. Due to the electron blizzard!! NOT due to Man. Nor even Surface Nature(Volcanic eruptions and forst fires,etc.) Nor due even to the sun(except in small part).










78. End of Mayan Cycle 21.12.2,012.A.D.








79. And all current cycles.








80. 2,012.A.D. But 2,011 is the year of Terror!! The Terrible Day of The Lord!!






81. Man fails his technological crisis.






82. End of current Ayrya(n) “civilization”.






83. End has already begun!! With The Queensland Floods!!








84. Disbelief of The People!!








85. Deliberate lies by The Authorities.










86. And many false promises.












87. We are only being told Propaganda.








88. And The Reverse of The Truth!!










89. Devil’s onslaught not recognized.


STILL thought to be good!!












90. Second solar system RIGHT NOW invading ours!!








91. We are in the LAST DAYS!!










92. THIS is only the VERY VERY beginning of sorrows!!








93. Many purposely born now to WITNESS





94. General Emergency.







95. Rebellion of The Mob.








96. Crime to go into Over-Drive!!








97. Mercenaries.








98. Vigilantes.










99. Piracy to spread everywhere.








100. U.S. is collapsing.








101. Increasing mayhem.








102. The rise of Africa!!








103. World today – like The Fall of ROME!!








104. Phoney Boom to end.








105. Growing chaos.








106. Growing panic.








107. Pandemonium.








108. Unbearable changes!!








109. The End of Christmas!! ETC.










110. The Invasion of Australasia by Third World.








111. Asylum Seekers leading way.






112. Australia’s Political Labour’s FIASCO!!








113. Fool’s Paradise for world!!








114, We are all kidding ourselves!!










115. All manner of ills increasing!!








116. Good people to be tortured to DEATH!!!!








117. Worst time EVER upon The Earth!!








118. Devil fighting to THE LAST DITCH!!








119. Dark skins flood world.






120. Whites being destroyed.






130. The Coming Race of TAN!!(Mixed colours.)






131. Revolution.




132. World Starvation.






133. Disease everywhere.








134. Mass Hysteria.








135. ATROCITIES abound more and more!!








136. Reign of The Beast!(The most evil man.)








137. Depravity is increasing to peak.








138. Mankind failing to control itself!!










139. Alcohol flood.








140. And drugs.










141, Sex mania. And Sport mania!! Pub,etc.have replaced Church,etc.








142, World fiddles – and plays!!!!












143. Utter abomination fast approaching!!










144 Total confusion.










145, And mix-up.










146. Not good, – utter evil!!








147. Money, and material wealth, obsession.










148. World increasingly out of control.












149. Aliens will take over.










150. Wars,etc. will proliferate.








151. Increasing Hell on Earth!!








152. My death.








153. Goodness failing. Man’s goodness!!










154. Wildness increasing.










155. Secret control.










155, Man’s fantasy.










156. Elders return after end.










157. Increasing hedonistic FRENZY!!








158. Sheer and total UTTER DEBACLE!!!!








159. Strong good men failing in terror!!








160. End of the world – a good definition!! GOD help us all!!!!!








161. Many will go insane.








162. And many commit suicide!!








163. Yes, blood BATH,too!!!!










164. In a wave of utmost destruction and abomination, sacrilege and WIPE OUT!!!!








165. The world is going the WRONG way!! It is worshipping Devil, not God!!!!












166. Man is getting too frivolous instead of serious, and facetious instead of grave.(Especially at these times.) In The West at least.


















Victor Conway.


















































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